Zettai Bouei Leviathan – 10-11

Pretty Onsen

Life is all rainbows and fountains

 spring13-highwWelcome back for more of Zettai Bouei Leviathan! The season is winding down but this show is still delivering that cute action. What have our heroes been up to?


The Master of the Volcano!

The Cute Fire Drake


Is so cuuuuuute!!! Doesn’t everyone want a little 6” high dragon guy? Unfortunately, he’s teeny-tiny, and the volcano is weak, because he’s sick. I thought for sure the ‘secret medicine’ would just happen to be the volcano curry, but it turned out they needed to get three items (it’s RPG quest time again). So of course they split up, but this time they all draw lots to see who gets what, and that results in everyone going to a quest that would be more suited for another girl. Yet, they all decide to tough it out and come back with their item.

The Volcano is restored

And to think that she doubted them!

And of course, making the medicine requires chopping, water, and fire. Pretty convenient, that. Thankfully, that cures the Master of the Volcano, and NOW the curry comes into play, to make him big again. Let’s never mind that the girls are standing right next to a wall of magma, and not getting burned. But the volcano is restored, and so is the hot spring at the inn. As thanks, they present the girls with a pendant they had in the storeroom, and it turns out to be an evolution stone, which immediately picks Leviathan. So is her magic stronger now?

Return to the Temple

Everyone transformed

Not Transformed Yet…

Now that they’re betting on Leviathan’s supposedly increased magical power, they go to try to beat the Lucasite back at the temple. But it’s making progress at breaking through the temple’s barrier, and eventually does, while fighting the girls. They make some inroads against it, but Bahamut’s still not very effective, her aim is bad, and her judgment is pretty poor. If Leviathan’s water magic is holding the Lucasite, she shouldn’t blast it with fire, just making all the water steam away. And that’s if she manages to hit it, rather than pelting fire on Jorm. And Leviathan just doesn’t seem much stronger, until everything’s about to go totally bad.

Levi-tan Evolves

Leviathan’s new look

Of course, she evolves right as she needs it. I actually don’t like her new look that much. The blond hair, blue dress, and red spear just clash, and her previous transformed look with blue, white, and gold was so well put-together. But you can’t deny that now she has more power, and she holds the Lucasite while Jorm delivers the final blow.

Water Frog

The Happy Water Frog Dance

 They also get an assist from some unlikely helpers: Jorm’s little sisters. Providing some comic relief this episode, they show up and go on a search for water at the temple, eventually climbing up to the top of the fallen rocks and finding a frog statue with no eyes. This also finally provides an explanation for those pac-man looking symbols that have been all over the temple, as the frog statue is sitting on a lily pad. Getting the eyes back in, the girls start the flow of water, and get some back to “Kero-chan” (it’s funny that they call Heqet the exact same wrong thing that Jorm does), allowing her to get the barrier back up, and saving Heqet’s life also.


The day is saved!

But how did Metal, Ragon, and Rudra know that big sis and the others were there? That same kid, who seems to be one of the gods of the pillars, told them they were. And as they walk away, the temple is on its way to restoration, with the giant floating islands rising into the sky again as they are thanked for their hard work.

Heqet's got something on her mindOr maybe a LOT of something

Heqet’s got an idea of what she wants…



So what’s coming up next? We don’t know yet. There’s not really any preview, and they wrapped up the story pretty tightly. We do have two more episodes, and I’m going to guess that given their increased power and confidence, the girls are going to have to fight another big battle. Perhaps they’ll wrap that early storyline, with the scouts sent from the town to the landing site for the Toripu, into the finale, and truly make it the Aquafall Defense. I’m hoping to see Bahamut stop being useless, but I think stopping being whiny is a bit more than we can ask for. Plus, it’s funny. Speaking of funny, there were some amusing parts in these episodes, like Ragon’s “Oh no I’m dying!” when she’s bleeding, and dropping the frog’s eyes on their feet. Also, Syrop and Bahamut celebrating together when Jorm and Levi-tan killed the Lucasite. And everyone’s efforts to keep Jorm from calling Heqet “Kero-chan.” The last two episodes will be covered in the last post, so see you then!

Comedy Duo

Maybe the next episode will be the comedy team of Syrop and Fire Drake.


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5 Responses to “Zettai Bouei Leviathan – 10-11”

  1. br0 says:

    >Doesn’t everyone want a little 6” high dragon guy?

    No thanks, I want Syrop^^

    • Highway says:

      Well, she can be kind of mouthy, but her “Nani?Nani?!?!” is pretty endearing.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I think I’d like having a little 6” high dragon. People have exotic pets so having a dragon would be one step further.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    I had to laugh when a flashy entrance at the volcano had to be made for such a small fry of a dragon. There’s was no doubt his pride had to be taking severe blows for such an embarrassing appearance.

    Having the girls search for parts of the medicine in environments that are opposite to their elements was an interesting move. It would have been dull if they were placed where their elemental abilities easily prevailed. To be blunt, it was as if I was watching a Pokémon setting where you’d face an opponent that has an advantage over you and you’d have to use skill rather than brute force.

    The fight against the Lucasite was too short lived for me. Having it a little longer would have been welcomed but what’s done is done. I don’t really like Leviathan’s new form either. She has gotten stronger which is nice and all but it would be nicer if she had at least a different wardrobe instead of being a mashed up mess of colors that don’t go together.

    • Highway says:

      Well, when your episodes are only 20 minutes including OP and ED, you can’t make a fight go that long. Especially when one of your fighters is totally weak like Bahamut.

      I thought the ‘drew lots and everyone ended up at the thing that was hard for them’ aspect was interesting, especially given the RPG-like setting. It worked for character growth, but I know that in an RPG, players would think “who is the best to do this, send that person”. Different motivations: Wanting to show characters level up versus just wanting to get it done.

      I was actually pretty surprised at how jarring Leviathan’s outfit was. The show really has had great wardrobe designs, and that was just outright bad. I think a lot of it was the blond hair just didn’t work, because her dress wasn’t much different (some extra gold trim was it). And Red is Bahamut’s color, not Leviathan’s, so having a red spear and gem felt out of place.

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