Kakumeiki Valvrave – 10

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I think Raizou wants to become a Kamen Rider!

 Welcome back readers to another thrilling episode of Valvrave, but sadly we only have two damn episodes left before we say good bye to all of our favorite characters, thankfully the second half will pick up in the fall anime season which has me quite excited! Anyway it is time to start the review.


I’m back again for another episode of Valvrave! This time: space shagging! I don’t know how they do it, but the Valvrave writers just keep coming up with the most ridiculous and random things ever. Hats off to those crazy people.


Teamwork in space!

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Are you jealous of  Raizou’s awesome bike? I know I want one!

Now that we have our team of unique Valvrave pilots what happens next for them? I suspect things will go the route of Majestic Prince in terms of the main characters butting heads and arguing about the team set up aka who is the right leader for their team, but that kind of thing usually happens in anime when you introduce a team element to your series or will Valvrave do something different? I kind of want to spend more time focused on the new space vampire team and less with the normal students doing everyday high school stuff, but that is just the mecha side of me wanting more battles and less high school drama or do you enjoy the blend of battles and drama so far? I will admit this series is not the best when it comes to “story” because it feels random most of the time. So what would you like to see more epic space battles or random high school drama?

Space Vampire Lovin’

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Well, what happened between Haruto and Saki was pretty much a big deal; but rather than focusing on the act itself, let’s instead think about why it happened and what it means. My personal theory is that Haruto was being controlled, or at least driven, by the mysterious “guide program” lady. We’ve seen that for whatever reason, she seems to have this fascination with sex. And no coincidence, this started when Saki stole a kiss from Haruto before she became a space vampire herself. Then, we’re also told that Haruto’s Valvrave is the only one which has the “guide program”, and he’s the only space vampire we’ve seen lose control of himself so far. Put that all together, and I’d say it’s no coincidence. Maybe his little episodes are caused by the “guide program” in some way. And since she seems to have a thing for sex, I guess it’s no surprise Haruto pounced on Saki like that. Of course, it’s possible there’s more to it than just that; we really don’t know all too much about the Valvraves in general. Maybe the other space vampires will start having feral moments of their own, but until we actually see that happen, I’m going to stick with my theory that the “guide program” is singling out Haruto to induce some sexy time.

And on the note of info on the Valvraves, we are given a little bit of background from the mysterious Kibukawa. Apparently the technology was derived from “information particles” called “runes”. We’ve previously heard this word mentioned by Cain when it was revealed he might be a space vampire himself, but that’s about it. Even Kibukawa isn’t privy to any further details, so at this point it’s all just meaningless techno-babble. Maybe the “guide program” is an embodiment of the runes? Who knows! Anyway, it’s nearing the end of spring season, and I highly doubt these matters can be elaborated upon much in a satisfactory manner before the end. And if I didn’t already know Valvrave is going to have a “second” continuation season in fall, my opinion of the show would be rather low by now despite the ridiculous entertainment factor. But that’s not the case, and I do know that there will be a continuation in fall, so I’m fully expecting the answers to all our questions to be delayed until then.

Shoko for president of space!

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Shoko-“Bow before your new master! Err I mean president!”

Oh hey look I was right Valvrave is doing an election based arc even though I originally thought they would do something like that to pick the Valvrave pilots, but currently the students are electing a representative for the school that would deal with all the politics because Namami feels that she is not cut out for that kind of role right now. So who is running anyway? We have Raizou, Satomi and of course Shoko who I personally feel is the perfect choice because she did get the ball rolling on the school becoming their own independent nation; however at the same time Shoko has kept everyone in the dark about her father being either missing or dead? Part of me can’t really see HOW that would affect the overall story of Valvrave, but I suppose the writing team needed to give her some kind of plot that would ultimately bring her closer to Haruto? I know in the past I have always mocked the fact that Haruto and Shoko as a couple; however this week reminded me that these two characters will probably end up together in some cheesy way before the series ends or will the final events of this episode prevent that from happening ? I mean if they can keep it hidden things will be fine, but I have a feeling that Saki will throw all of the blame on Haruto for doing what he did to force the two of them to stay together because we all know Saki has a thing for Haruto…

Extra Valvrave fun

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L-elf likes older men? Sorry Haruto you missed your chance.

valvraveeee (3)

At least potato chip-kun can’t cheat on you Shoko.

valvraveeee (5)


valvraveeee (6)

Someone please give Haruto a snickers candy bar…

End thoughts

Damn this was a freaking crazy episode of Valvrave even though most of the episode was focused on electing a new represented for the school which of course Shoko will win, but the mystery surrounding the AI on Haruto’s Valvrave has me interested because Takumi said it was special and what about Cain’s comment that his life is running out? Does he need the power of a Valvrave to continue living? I really hope we get to learn more about that before this first half wraps up in two weeks. I suppose I should talk about the final moments of the episode because I am doing my best to dodge it and no rape does not make me feel uncomfortable I just kind of sigh when things like this happen in anime it ALWAYS causes a up roar of anger! So why did the writing team feel the need for it to happen in Valvrave? Honestly I have no idea why other than a messed up way to have Saki and Haruto officially hook up as a couple, but I know people will say it wasn’t his fault because he in some beast mode. I think the biggest debate from this whole episode will be did Saki try to fight Haruto off or did she allow it to happen as a way to protect Shoko? I guess this will be a tough debate because we don’t really know what went through the minds of the writers.

Before I sign off, it’s worth bringing up none other than Shoko. There’s a bit of drama about her father possibly being dead, but who cares about that. What I want to know is how she will react when she finds out Haruto has been banging space vampire idol girls. Ok, I’m being facetious, but I do wonder how she will take it, if she even finds out. I imagine if Valvrave wants to maximize the drama, it could have her learn what transpired between Haruto and Saki when she goes to confess to him, and all of that would of course take place in the last episode before the break. I would feel so bad for the poor girl if her confession were ruined in such a way, but it’s possible she’ll stay strong, shrug it off, and formally challenge Saki for Haruto’s attention instead.


valvraveeee (9)

Saki-“While we were busy Shoko became the president.”                        Haruto-“………….”

Shoko wins the election!?


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49 Responses to “Kakumeiki Valvrave – 10”

  1. Ceyrai says:

    About the teamwork, I feel like the only one who will be butting heads with anyone is Raizou, since he’s obviously the rebel among them and for some reason has a pretty high opinion of himself. I think that Kyuuma will probably be the “rational leader” type (given he’s the sempai), who will still look to Haruto to make certain decisions considering he’s the one with the guide program.

    Ugh. Saki’s rape. That was horrible. I can’t say whether or not that was a necessary plot twist right now ‘coz we don’t know the repercussions yet, but I think the presentation wasn’t horrible in itself. They didn’t show much skin (or sound for that matter coz it was juxtaposed with Shoko’s speech). I just feel like if it wasn’t Saki, it would’ve been Takahi or even Shoko. It would be the worst if it happened to Shoko – that would completely ruin their relationship – but it happened to Saki, who is tough and knowledgeable of Haruto’s situation enough to be able to take it better. It’s still terrible, and I hate that it happened to my favorite character, but in terms of emotional handling she’s the best “choice” among the 3 girls.

    Oh, and honestly, I hate it when fans treat the scene as Saki’s “fault” somehow because she didn’t fight back. Not only was it dangerous for her to fight back, she also probably knew she couldn’t stop it completely, only redirect it upon some other hapless female. But yeah, she’ll probably use this situation to be closer to him. I’m slightly upset about that but that’s really how Saki’s character is.

    Anyway. As for Shoko becoming Prime Minister – as soon as I heard there would be an election she was already the winner to me. She obviously has the best connections, and it was her idea to be a separate country in the first place. I was actually surprised why she wasn’t already the Prime Minister as soon as that happened (well, I suppose the student council would be opposed to that).

    Still, I must be so long graduated from high school that I don’t see her school festival idea awesome-r than Satomi’s 7Rs, especially when they’re fighting for their survival. Also, what do they intend to do when they spend most of their supplies on that festival? Honestly. It was a dumb ass idea, but what you’d expect from a bunch of high schoolers. I may like Shoko more than pompous Satomi, but really, he has a better head for these things than her. She should at least leave the actual administration duties to the student council.

    • Irenesharda says:

      That’s true regarding Shoko’s “plan”, at first her spontaneity was kind of cute, but now it have to agree with Satomi.

      Shoko does know how to play to the high school crowd, but there’s a reason you don’t put high schoolers in charge of a country. You need a plan for a country’s future, not a “school festival”. I knew this New JIOR thing wasn’t going to last, but I have a feeling it’s coup de grace is coming extremely soon.

      “You only live once”, hmm? Well, you can’t say they weren’t warned.

    • Highway says:

      The first rule of ruling: The first thing you gotta do is get into power. There’s no ruling if you’re not in power.

  2. PanzerJäger says:

    Shock and awe tactics. That’s all I have to say.

    I agree on the belief that the valvrave is controlling Haruto. I think that the AI actually got this “idea” when it saw Haruto and Saki kissing in the valvrave cockpit. I think that the later episodes will be about Haruto controlling and teaching this personal guide system. And thunder’s bike. Where can I get one? And I also wonder, what will happen to Shoko if she learns of Haruto’s actions, would she still accept him? Another good episode, apart from the last few minutes. Still shaping up to be a good series. And who will pilot the purple valvrave?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Shock and awe indeed!

      Truth I feel the same way that Haruto wasn’t in control over his actions thanks to that sneaky AI! As for Shoko I have no idea how she will react if she finds out what happened >.<

      • PanzerJäger says:

        I think she’ll find it hard to accept at first, but then come to understand the situation and the factors involved and forgive and even maybe help him to prevent it from happening again.

  3. zztop says:

    As controversial as ep 10 is, I’m still interested in seeing how this event will fit into the overall narrative of Season 1, carrying on into Season 2.

    We now know Unit 01 has a degree of sentience, in the form of OS-tan and that it can experience what Haruto feels to a degree(as seen by its response during the…Incident.)

    The question now is whether the other pilots will be susceptible to such urges in the future, or whether Haruto will be the isolated case in this one by virtue of Unit 01′s uniqueness.

    • BlackBriar says:

      The question now is whether the other pilots will be susceptible to such urges in the future, or whether Haruto will be the isolated case in this one by virtue of Unit 01′s uniqueness.

      All of Haruto’s troubles is because of his Valvrave’s OS manipulating him with her misunderstandings. Since the others don’t have one in theirs (maybe not yet), they’re pretty much in the clear. Saki’s been holding up good until now and she’s the second space vampire convert right behind Haruto.

      • Irenesharda says:

        I had a theory that since according to background info, VVVI is the only original Valvrave that was found as-is instead of built and all the others were assembled based on its design, perhaps what Haruto was injected with made him a full-blooded vampire Magius, while the others became more of “half-bloods” since their VVVs are copies.

        So the others don’t get the same urges and effects that Haruto does, but they do still have immortality and are still part of the Magius “race”. Which is perhaps why Haruto reacted to only Saki this way. They’ve mentioned the “reproduction of the race” so I have a feeling that this all might have to do with that.

        • skylion says:

          Yeah, until they clear up more about that nutty OS, then we are still in speculation.

          As a comment below says, perhaps it is trying to make more space vampire. It wants those space vampires to reproduce, and since Haruto has hit on both genders, perhaps gender is not a thing it has to worry about. So, yaoi bait…

  4. Oori says:

    I would actually agree to PanzerJäger’s theory about the Valvrave AI guide is controlling Haruto in this sense. Though something piques my mind is that, the AI did not actually mention anything that is hinted towards sex previously but it did mentioned about hunger. Well you could try to say that is a indirect hint, but it was too vague back then. The series haven’t actually hinted or explained what does the AI guide necessary existence so I guess we need to wait for this. Hopefully we can get a bit tad more answer before the first season ends.

  5. zztop says:

    On the Dorssian side of things:

    I strongly suspect that Cain was instrumental in bringing the current Dorssian Fuhrer to power, overthrowing the old Dorssian monarchy, and organising its military into the powerhouse depicted in the series.

  6. skylion says:

    Well, that got messy in a hurry, that’s for sure. Geez, Valvrave, never gonna settle for the typical are you?

    They’ve made the romance plot almost to complex, IMO. Saki is a character that knows what she wants, but it constantly being shown up by other characters. She wants the spotlight, and she wants to be the one to choose who she shares it with. She has manipulated herself into a corner. But any clear side of right or wrong are made fuzzy by the suggestions made by VVV-tan.

    So she wants it, but not like that. She gets what she wanted, but not how she wanted and, and he is either let of the hook for being compelled by forces beyond his control, or not.

    Since it is all conjectural at this point, I won’t come make any conclusions yet. Other than this might just be a candidate for cheap cliff-hanger melodrama.

  7. HannoX says:

    Of course Shoko is going to find out about the Incident. Too much possibility for drama there for the writers to pass it up. I suspect she’ll find out in Ep. 12 and much of next season will be devoted to how the three of them deal with it.

    I agree that I think the AI in Unit 1 controlled Haruto during the Incident. So why did “she” make it happen? Does she just have a thing for sex or is there more to it? Does making more space vampires somehow come into it? I assume the reason behind it is something else we’ll learn in S2.

    While Saki struggled some at first it wasn’t very much and then she seemed to accept it. Did she really want it or did she see it as a way to gain some control over Haruto? Given her personality, background and some of the things she’s said, I can see her trying to use the Incident to her advantage.

  8. Highway says:

    I’m actually not sure how much Saki is interested in Haruto. Her attitude toward him seems less “I’m interested in him” and more “Shouko likes him, he likes Shouko, but I’m not that interested in other people being happy.” She seems to be less wanting to be with Haruto, and more wanting to just be the person in the way.

    And what happened seems like something that all will regret. I don’t know how much Saki will use it as blackmail. She knows Haruto wasn’t ‘there’, and so maybe she won’t blame Haruto himself. The impact of it will be more determined by what happens moving forward from here. Does Haruto become an insatiable monster? Or is the one experience enough? How much did the AI push it, or just revel in what happened? Perhaps there’s more to the interaction of the AI and the pilot.

  9. Kyokai says:

    Hey guys, you are in too deep *pun intended* to drop the bomb on this show. It’s too late to drop this so let’s sit all together in a circle and do a seance to calm our souls.

    Seriously, though, I’m not surprised as Valvrave has been upping the ante on shock since first episode. Almost reminds me of table-chan from Code-Geass or Shinji fapping in EVA. This is nothing new and though Haruto’s body did it, it was never him in control. Also let’s not forget that Saki didn’t resist (she’s a space vampire yo!), rather empathized with Haruto. Still, this will add to lots of drama, which might even spill to second season.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Also let’s not forget that Saki didn’t resist (she’s a space vampire yo!)

      True, it looked like she was trying to comfort him because she knows he’s suffering from something he can’t overcome. You could call it self sacrifice. And this is going to sound odd coming from me in particular but vampires are meant to represent violent sexuality. Thematically, this is relevant and makes sense.

    • belatkuro says:

      Also let’s not forget that Saki didn’t resist (she’s a space vampire yo!),

      I would say that she was still resisting up until she said that it was a curse. She was trying to push him away before Haruto ripped her clothes and did the deed. Her hands were also still on his shoulders on that scene right before she said it and proceeded to embrace him.
      Well, the whole issue is what’s the buzz right now and people are still arguing back and forth over it. Different people won’t view the same thing the exact same way so I’ll just leave what I thought about it.

      And I’m also in too deep(*wink*) in this already to bail out so don’t worry. It’s still fun and enjoyable to watch. Plus the forums are a riot to read so that adds more to the entertainment.

    • Irenesharda says:

      My estimation is that she resisted but when she realized there was nothing she could do, she just let it happen. She knew Haruto wasn’t in control and that this was a part of the curse that they bore. It was rape, however both Haruto and Saki were victims.

      • skylion says:

        For the given value of the word “resistance” To me, on one level, she might have wanted to go in this direction, but not on these terms. Like any woman, she would want much more control of the situation.
        But I would have more sympathy for her, and I do have a great deal already, if she wasn’t set on using the act and the reactions afterwords for her own uses.

        • Irenesharda says:

          I disagree. I think that in the beginning she may have been looking to use everything and everyone for her own fame, but I really think that all that changed after this. At the end of this, she looked and sounded like a broken soul. In the preview, she looks completely flaccid, like she’s died a little inside.

          I think when she said that “this really is a curse” that she realized that the contract was nothing that she expected and her life as she once thought it, is now over.

          How she will face this in the remaining few episodes I don’t know, the preview doesn’t show her fighting and I wouldn’t be surprised. However from the timeskip we know that she heals and becomes a much wiser and mature woman as well.

          • skylion says:

            I have to admit, that that is another good take on the subject.

          • BlackBriar says:

            All of what you said is true. In the end and through Haruto’s suffering, Saki finally realized the gravity of her choice and what it means to give her humanity.

      • Sumairii says:

        This. Neither of them consciously wanted it, so as Irene says, it was technically rape for both parties. Not something you see everyday.

    • Karakuri says:

      …I had almost forgotten about table-chan in Code Geass.

    • Highway says:

      People drop shows for the dumbest of reasons, and frequently it’s ginned-up outrage to cover for the fact that they just don’t like a show (when I was watching Hanasaku Iroha, I read so many reviews that said “I dropped it when they had bondage in the third episode.” What? That? That made you drop it?) It’s straight up excuse making to me. People don’t want to feel like its their ‘fault’ they didn’t like a show. So they take umbrage at something that they think gets them off the hook.

      I honestly didn’t see where this was beyond the pale for this show.

      • BlackBriar says:

        That’s what I find completely ridiculous and childish at that. If you don’t like a show, just say so and drop it. It’s not anyone has a gun to your head forcing you to watch it. And some dropped shows because of bondage? Come on! There are animes out there aimed at certain audiences so you’re bound to hit on something out of the ordinary. Some series have scandalous content yet people continued to watch them. What about the Nisemonogatari toothbrush scene? The “overly passionate kissing scene” in Campione! between Godou and Erica? The bondage scene in C³: Cube x Cursed x Curious with Kirika Ueno? Did anyone drop those shows because of what they saw in them? I don’t think so. Some people just want to make a huge statement over something purely insignificant. Personally, I see no problem with what happened in Valvrave either.

      • skylion says:

        Well, it’s no better than not picking up a show with even giving it a proper go. I find it interesting (in a sociological manner) how people can hate and loathe something, they have never even experienced…..Internet Disassociation Theory and all…

      • Sumairii says:

        Yeah, I honestly found that bondage episode hilarious, which it was. I say people who get worked up about stuff like this are silly, but people will be people.

  10. Bonk says:

    It’s like Guilty Crown on weed.

    The space shag was made all the more funny by the valvrave girl squeeing and saying “HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

    • d-LaN says:

      Heck, even GC didn’t went this dark on its first part and VVV jumps all over it.

      Is tht suppose to be “HNNNGGGG”? XD

      • Sumairii says:

        I figure it was just “H”, since that’s “ecchi” in Japanese. But I’m not the Japanese expert. Maybe someone better qualified can shed light upon this?

    • BlackBriar says:

      As if. Valvrave blows Guilty Crown clear out of the water. But if there’s any comparison, the rape scene could be compared to Shu violently ripping the sword void out of Inori’s chest so he could use it to avenge Hare’s death.

  11. BlackBriar says:

    It’s troublesome knowing there are only two more episodes then we’ll have to wait until Fall for the second half. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if this show kept playing until the end of the year. It’s my guilty pleasure for Spring.

    To be honest, now that there are more pilots, I don’t much care for the regular students anymore. My focus is on finding out who the next pilot will be and wanting to know the status of the other two missing Valvraves. Students are students. What they do is fairly predictable so cutting their screen time for more of Shoko, L-Elf and the pilots is hardly a loss. Of course Shoko was going to win the election. A cute, honest yet naïve girl like her always wins the crowd in anime. I’d watch out for that student council president, though. He looks ready to pop with insanity.

    What a curveball! I didn’t see that almost rape scene coming at all (mostly due to the fact there wasn’t a preview last episode). At this point, being Saki is purely suffering. Poor girl. She became a space vampire and Valvrave pilot to gain instant fame but continually gets upstaged. She secretly wanted “quality time” with Haruto, a chance suddenly came up but it was nowhere near how she wanted it (though she willingly gave in). Most all, thanks to her hijacking Haruto’s body last time, she’s put another girl on his trail. All this sums up the term “You can’t have the cake and eat it, too”.

    So Haruto is the only one fighting his inner demon thanks to his Valvrave being the only one with the OS that is manipulating him. What I can speculate is that while in manufacture, Haruto’s Valvrave was the first in line to be truly completed and the others were on the path but were missing the OS to be installed and the first Dorssian invasion put the process on hold otherwise Saki would have been going berserk about an episode right after she turned. And I think Haruto is still undergoing a change. He was losing himself recently but the time he attacked Saki, his eyes turned red and actual fangs were shown.

    • Irenesharda says:

      The thing is, that they we’re warned by the contract they signed. Once they signed they gave up the right to refuse orders made to them by the “Facility” who some are thinking might be the OS-tan herself. What’s so interesting is that everyone’s EULA said the same thing, and despite them all not having little OS girls, this cannot lead to anything good. This means that none of the pilots have the right anymore to refuse the Facility’s orders. No matter what they may be.

      I actually thought this episode really hit base with the plot. Like the students of this school who have been kind of treating this war like a joke and being saved by blind luck, only Haruto has been taking this contract with Valvrave seriously. Everyone else has blown it off.

      Saki’s look of devastation as she realizes what exactly their contracts mean, really hit home in the development for her character. She held the “giving up of their humanity” as all fun and games, and is finding out that it is anything but. They are not “holy spirits” they are the damned.

      Sadly, I don’t think Saki will ever be the same again. I noticed in the time skip she looked quite reserved and mature than she did at present. It was just something about her eyes and her softer voice that seemed to show that a lot had happened to her.

      Little did I realize that her turning point into a whole new level of maturity would start 214 years earlier… 🙁

    • zztop says:

      I’m with you on the ‘2 more Valvraves’ topic.

      That said, I’m hoping they’ll introduce a bit more backstory regarding Dorssia and ARUS before Season 1 ends. I’m curious how Princess Liselotte and existing Dorssian royalty exist under the Dorssian Fuhrer’s reign,the details of its Red Thursday coup, as well as potential secrets the ARUS President’s holding on to.

      And of course, hopefully more detail on Dr Tokishima, the Valvrave developer that Kibukawa alluded to several eps ago.

      • Irenesharda says:

        Honestly, I think the ARUS is there just to have some other entity for Dorssia’s archenemies. Japan JIOR has to be the pacifist, neutral country, but Dorssia has to have someone to fight. They don’t seem to factor in the story anymore than that.

        I’m actually really interested in JIOR, who doesn’t seem to be on all the level at this point. The more they reveal of this VVV project, the more I’m suspicious.

  12. d-LaN says:

    That contrast bet Shoko winning the election and Saki becomes “one” with Haruto… This is not wht I expect for the Haruto x Saki/Shoko ship to progress…. Not at all ;_; VVV OS-TAN WHY

    OK enough abt tht let talk abt other things.

    >I was hoping tht Nanami-sensei is secretly some kind of badass lol. But then again this is VVV.
    >Shoko, that is not how you eat snacks >_>
    >Liking Marie despite her being side character. But she shows up next to Aina in the OP >_School festival stuff is reminding me of GC ^^;

    @Fosh yeah no kidding.

    Btw here the next week preview. So we have Satomi dead flagging, Saki stops Shoko call, Cain final counterattack and the possibility of Shoko x L-11. SUNRISE!

    • Irenesharda says:

      One thing I just now noticed was that the phone Saki hid away, is her phone. Saki and Haruto have similar rectangular models except we see in episode 2 that Haruto’s is bright blue and Saki’s is peachy pink. Shoko was probably calling her to find out what was going on and why Saki is acting completely different, and if I was Saki, Shoko would be the last person I would want to talk to.

      • skylion says:

        Indeed, the last. With that in mind, the guilt she is going to carry will be quite large. It also complicates the rather easy phrase, “Shoko won.”

      • d-LaN says:

        Nice observation skill. That makes sense I guess.

  13. Irenesharda says:

    My oh my…wow.

    So Haruto has finally sated his hunger, and it wasn’t a hunger to eat, it was the hunger and the urge to reproduce. (Which is kind of strange, since until Takahi, he’s been attacking mostly males, which don’t really help in the reproducing department…)

    A theory I read after watching actually made some sense. Perhaps its because she’s a female Magius?

    With all the others that Haruto attacked, he didn’t try to rip their clothes off or anything, he was just trying to bite their necks. Look closely at each time, with L-11 (twice), Kyuma, and even Takahi, he is only trying to (or did) bite them.

    The only one he wasn’t trying to bite, but instead assault, was Saki. It’s possible that because she’s the only female one of his kind there, that in his most ravenous vampiric state, he sought her out for reproduction, rather than food (which is how his instinctual self views everyone else)?

    Well back to the plot, Haruto has now left adolescence behind and been thrust unceremoniously into adulthood, and unfortunately it was against his will. This single night will forever change his relationship between Saki and Shoko. Shoko might be his true, first love, but Saki will now always be his first woman. And Saki…I honestly don’t know what I can say. No girl should ever go through something like that…curse or no. In fact, I thought it profound when she said that they were “cursed” after all, refuting Aina’s belief that they were some kind of “holy spirit”. Having to go through a horrible experience like that, I can see why she’d have little faith in anything right now. I honestly don’t know what to make of what’s going to happen next between them all. This is truly a damning situation.

    Other than that, we learn about the “runes” which involves the movement of information, We learn more about what JIOR was doing, and they are beginning to sound fishy to me. And election is held for the new prime minister of JIOR and it is no surprise that Shoko won. She has had to bear the fact that her father is most likely dead, but still she goes on. However, with her rise to power and her going to confess when she gets to the moon, she has added another death flag to her already numerous supply.

    As I figured, the next two episodes will lead to the climax of the story with everything coming to a head at the moon. We discover that Cain’s fleet will be going to fight one more time and this time Cain himself is going out there. That’s not a good sign. We learn that Cain is the right-hand man of the Fuehrer who replaced the royal regime 20 years ago. However, if Princess Liselotte is still treated as royalty at the time she met L-elf which happened later than 20 years ago, then how did this whole coup d’etat occur?

    Anyway, they can explain that later. We learn that H-neun is doing some suspicious acts of sneaking around, along with Kriemhild. What’s going on with them and who’s on whose side? Things are becoming very complicated at this late stage of the game for Valvrave.

    We have indeed reached a precipice in this story, and we will have to see if Valvrave can soar to new heights, or will it crash and burn?

    I give this episode a 8/10. What shall happen next?

    • Sumairii says:

      Yes, I have to agree with your assessment that he didn’t try to bite Saki because he saw her as a potential mate instead of a potential food source.

      On the note of Cain, and comments above about the two missing Valvraves, I’m thinking the obvious that perhaps Cain is hanging on to a Valvrave of his own. That makes one of the missing two. As for the other, anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

  14. BlackBriar says:

    This is very awkward typecasting. I’m sure most already know Saki is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu but I bet some already forgot she also voice Asuna from Sword Art Online and she, too, was violently assaulted. Coincidence?

    • skylion says:

      She was also, Mitzy, from Tonari, who had to face (a very flat) a threat of rape…

    • Highway says:

      I think that’s more just a confluence of “Very popular actress” and “Bad overused plot device”. We’ve also had it happen to characters voiced by Hanazawa Kana (Binbougami) and Mimori Suzuko (Btoooooooooooooom) in the recent past, and probably quite a few others. Get people who do a lot of roles and it’s going to happen.

    • Sumairii says:

      I wouldn’t say this was typecasting. I can’t even fathom typecasting rape victim characters. That would be just too dark.

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