Aku no Hana – 09

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Watch in amazement, as the town suddenly gains a population!

Wow, we’re closer to the end of the spring season than I realized. Only 4 episodes left for Aku no Hana. …And I have no idea where they plan to lave this thing off. Though that’s nothing new for this series.

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Nobody understand his PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN

I know I’ve said this before, but Kasuga is such an idiot. For the 3974oth time this plot, Kasuga is getting himself into even bigger trouble by running away from everything. If he had talked things out with Saeki before, obviously it wouldn’t have been as bad as he feared it would be. And even if he didn’t do that, if he had just talked to Saeki now, maybe he could have avoided having her shout what he did at the window, postponing his mother confronting him about the ink (because I’m sure Saeki yelling just confirmed her suspicions, if anything). Though once again, Saeki’s ability to accept people (or at least Kasuga) was probably still driving him into a corner. Saeki’s words of wanting him to come to school and talking about what he did was confrontation. We all know by now that Kasuga absolutely hates confrontation. Nakamura’s words in the first couple episodes to him about being a cowardly rat or whatever she said may have seemed harsh at the time, but she turned out to be absolutely correct. Even now, he’s still running away and going with Nakamura looks like he’s making a choice, but he’s still desperately avoiding responsibility and all of that.

I think this is the most we’ve seen of Saeki’s feelings and she’s still proving to be the only character of the main trio who’s not making stupid mistakes with their lives …unless you count the fact that she’s still hanging on to Kasuga because lord knows why(though actually, her reasoning should be explained in the next episode). She still accepts Kasuga even after learning that he was the one who stole her uniform? She’s more upset about him not telling her? KASUGA, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY FROM THIS GIRL. Saeki has been nothing but good to Kasuga and yet he’s so scared of absolutely everything, he’s losing everything he wanted at the beginning of the series.

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This is all definitely coming too late though since Kasuga finally coming eye to eye with Nakamura seems to have been life changing for him. As for Nakamura herself, she seems…nicer now that Kasuga has become her ally of sorts. Kasuga seems to find some comfort in being around her, and I imagine even more so since she stopped confronting him (and is the only one not doing so at this point). Plus that line about having him accompany her instead of it being the other way around seems like the kindest thing she’s ever said to him. Though she’s probably acting nicer since he’s her only ally as well. She might not have quite the same loneliness as Kasuga has since she doesn’t seem to care as much about anything, but that doesn’t change that Kasuga seems like the only person even partially trying to understand her. Everyone else in the series only seems to accuse her of things or tell her off.

Well, you can definitely say that Aku no Hana has moved away from the uniform stealing, since that doesn’t seem that relevant anymore. Yes, it was the trigger, but now, the themes the plot is covering seems to be more like responsibility and …er, youth I guess. If Kasuga was older and (maybe with that age) more mature, would he really be making the same mistakes? Would the relationships still be as awkward? I think a lot of Aku no Hana happens because the characters are still pretty young and haven’t developed who they are yet. …Or I mean, obviously they have a sense of who they are, but Kasuga obviously has questions about where his place in the world yet. Which is why I think that the story Aku no Hana works well with the fact that these characters are only in middle school. It’s the ideal time to make mistakes since people are generally still trying to figure life out at that age, and there’s not as much responsibility as something like highschool where you have to think about the future and responsibilities.

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“We’ll just wander in a vague direction. It’s a foolproof plan.”


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4 Responses to “Aku no Hana – 09”

  1. d-LaN says:

    Watch in amazement, as the town suddenly gains a population!

    Schrodinger Town?

    And wow, this got to be the most unpopular show of the season.

    • Karakuri says:

      Well, the storyline pretty much depresses everyone who watches it and 90% of the people who commented on the first episode’s post were just complaining about the animation style. I think the numbers have only dropped the further this story goes xD

      • Highway says:

        Yeah, I can only take so much of “And Kasuga acts like an idiot again…” I think the show’s ok, as an experiment, and the style is ok for an experiment. But the story is just really not most people’s cup of tea.

      • d-LaN says:

        Unfortu8bately I had to backlog AnH in favor of other animes tht i have fallen behind. But I do plan to finish it someday*, maybe it flows better if i marathon it? Or will I be defeated by the MAXIMUM AWKWARDNESS 1st? oh well.

        *Welp I said the same thing abt F/Zero too but my only achievement so far is I watched the dub ver of EP1 XD

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