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Cirque de Syrop

This week on Cirque de Syrop…

spring13-highwWelcome back for more of Zettai Bouei Leviathan. We’ve had two weeks at the beach, but not two weeks of fanservice. So what’s been happening with the dragon girls?


 Vacation time!

The tired one isn't doing all the work

Someone’s not pulling their weight

So they managed to get everyone to the beach, between Bahamut wanting a vacation, Jormungand hiring on to carry Bahamut’s luggage, and Leviathan seeing a specific beach in her dream and inviting herself along on the trip. And the usual beach happenings go on, usually with humorous results like Syrop taking a volleyball spike to the, well, everything, Castle Syrop being demolished by the space meteor watermelon, frolicking in the ocean. Normal beach episode stuff, made funny by the character interactions. Bahamut continues her ojou-sama posturing, insisting that she didn’t bring food for ‘hirelings’, so Jormungand decides to catch some fish, something that Bahamut can’t do. I think it was her little Bahamut flag, smiling away, almost mocking her. The fish were attracted to the Syrop flag. The only thing Bahamut catches is an octopus that proceeds to steal her top…

The wrong beach, or is it? 

Aquafall Defense

The Aquafall Defense Force finally assembles

After not recognizing the beach she was looking for from her dream anywhere, Leviathan finally sees the place after the tide goes out. The other thing she finds is a mysterious ‘kid’, with blue hair and pointy ears. I don’t think it’s too out of bounds to say that this is her beloved Onii-chan, who she’s been missing since the beginning of the series. But another uninvited guest arrives in the form of the giant monster we’ve been seeing in the exposition parts of the show. Swearing revenge for their swamped barbecue, we finally get to see the first full-fledged fight of the show, with all three girls transforming and fighting the Toripu and the Lucasite. Unfortunately, they all run out of steam before they can mount any real attack on the Lucasite, but do manage to drive it off when Leviathan throws her spear in its eye, but it takes the spear with it.

The Aquafall Defense and the mysterious plan


Bahamut doesn’t really stack up to the others in a swimsuit…

Something that I’ve been wondering about the series is how the power of the girls stacks up to the strength of the invaders. We got a little answer in Ep. 3 when Leviathan was able to destroy the large bug Toripu, and Ep. 6 gives a bit more of an answer to that, in that they were able to repel all the Toripu released, but didn’t have enough strength left for the Lucasite. Could the girls destroy the Lucasite at their full strength? That certainly seems to be a possibility, and something that I would have scoffed at when Syrop first brought the idea around. It has always kind of felt like she just found the first three magic users she could and went with them, but perhaps these girls are actually it. We haven’t really seen any of the other women use magic in our limited exposure to them, and we’ve been told that men can’t use magic. And Syrop did say that she’d been looking all over, but also that it was all of 3 days and nights. I suppose this isn’t the type of show to wonder too deeply about, but I am somewhat glad that they’re showing their relative power. Perhaps with more practice and an actual reason to do better, we’ll see more development of their magical abilities, like we did this episode. And the mysterious kid, or is it Onii-chan, certainly has a plan for them, as he says they’re going in the right direction.

Pet Fairy

The Pet Fairy of Aquafall


Zettai Bouei Leviathan continues to mix in light humor with light story for an engaging and amusing show. It’s still in that comfortable place, a ‘base hit’ as someone described it, and is still worth watching. I’m interested in seeing where the plan that ‘onii-chan’ has is going to take them, and whether he’ll give Levi-tan’s spear back. And can Mu-tan and Syrorin both expand their abilities? Finally, who can come up with a nickname for Jormungand?

Mysterious kid

And he’s not even giving the spear back.


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16 Responses to “Zettai Bouei Leviathan – 05-06”

  1. skylion says:

    Bahamut doesn’t really stack up to the others in a swimsuit…

    This rarity is a gift…

    • BlackBriar says:

      Hahaha, she drew the short straw in the bust category. She, however, gets points for moe.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    It’s obviously a trap. Never a stranger who suddenly tells you where to go for whatever you’re hunting down. Such things bite you in the rear later on. I’d bet that kid has some connection with all the Lucasite appearances.

    Even if it did look epic, throwing something as irreplaceable as that spear was a sign of not thinking things through. Leviathan needs to be more strategic.

  3. Liza says:

    That poor BBQ. *sniff* You will be avenged. The Aquafall Defense Force is committed to avenging you!

    • BlackBriar says:

      I doubt we’ll see any avenging. Weren’t we all waiting for the meat to be avenged in Attack on Titan when the Colossal Titan appeared to no avail? *sob*

      • skylion says:

        Phil Coulson Lives!

        • Highway says:

          As long as it’s not Phil Barnett, that guy sucked.

          • BlackBriar says:

            Dear lord! Don’t even mention his name. It brings back bad memories and I was almost there being able to forget about that bastard.

      • Liza says:

        Shhh. That will be avenged someday as well! Sash will see to that! She is currently underground planning the perfect revenge.

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