Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S – 05

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Misaka 9982 is having a very interesting day! 

 Welcome back to more Railgun S here on Metanorn! I can’t tell you how freaking excited I am for this episode since the last episode left off with Misaka finally seeing her clone for the first time along with a quick shot of Accelerator at the end? I will try to contain my excitement, but anyway time to start up the review of episode five with Highway joining in for some fun talks!

Hello for Episode 5 of Railgun S! Misaka finally ran into her clone at the end of episode 4, and we’re going to see how she reacts! Thanks to Fosh for letting me join him today!


My electric clone can (not) be this cute

railgunS (5)

Misaka 9982 super slapping powers are insane!

Fosh// Before I talk about Accelerator I have to mention the first half of this episode because it followed more of a comedic route thanks to some character interaction between Misaka and her clone. Personally I just loved how real it felt between them because I have two younger siblings that I tend to argue a lot with, but for Misaka and this is all brand new to her. So what was your favorite clone moment? I can’t really choose my favorite because I couldn’t stop laughing during the kitten rescue, fighting over the frog badge and of course the part with the mint ice cream? Damn there are a lot of fun moments between the two of them; however with the end of the episode it made me feel quite sad for the Misaka sister!

Highway// This episode was really a tale of two halves. First was the cute and semi-trollish first half, where MISAKA continually thwarted Misaka’s attempts to find out what was going on, primarily because she couldn’t answer the challenge password. But they did get free ice cream out of it, or at least MISAKA did. But the second half really did change the tone of the show, as could be expected.

Accelerator loves to play tag

railgunS (8)

Accelerator-“Tag you’re it!”            Misaka 9982-“I hate this game, Misaka says while eating rocks.”

Fosh// Yes indeed my favorite villain from the words of Index and Railgun is finally back in our daily lives to cause harm to each and every Misaka sister he can find, but how long will he stick around for? I assume that he will only be around for a few more episodes until Mr. imagine breaker arrives to give his usual speech before punching someone in the face, but in this current timeline I don’t think she knows about Touma right? My mind is a bit cloudy on that subject right now. Ever since we got introduced to Accelerator I have always wondered what would happen if Misaka ever fought him? Would she win or do their unique powers interfere with each other making it impossible, but I always figured he wouldn’t kill off the original because whoever is running the experiment needs her DNA to create more clones or does Accelerator not consider the real version to be a threat? Honestly I don’t remember much about her previous encounters with Accelerator other than I recall her saying something about not being able beat him in a one on one match?

Highway// I think everyone knew what we were getting into in this second series of Railgun when we found out that they were doing the Sister’s storyline, but I don’t know if this was what I was really expecting. Maybe it’s because my memory of Accelerator is tempered by his actions in the Last Order storyline later in the first season of Index, but geez, what an asshole. I do remember when watching Index that his status as ‘the’ Level 5 they’re trying to uplift to Level 6 probably didn’t help temper his sense of ego and entitlement, nor his personality, but the amount of brutality and inhumanity on display here was quite a bit more than I expected. I really thought it was out of character for Railgun as well, and I can’t say that I really enjoyed it.

Extra fun with Railgun S

railgunS (2)

Those hands are used to shock her enemies!

railgunS (6)

Accelerator is so smooth~

railgunS (7)

or he just doesn’t care what you have to say.

railgunS (9)

I was waiting for Accelerator to bust out in song during this scene.

End thoughts

Well this was a really interesting episode with Misaka meeting her first clone while spending an entire day with her, but the ending was quite depressing because Accelerator wasted no time in literary taking the clone apart with his bare hands! That said I think we all knew that was going to happen anyway right? So what did you enjoy more this time? Accelerator showing his evil mug or did you enjoy watching Misaka get trolled by her clone? For me I felt the whole episode as a whole was very entertaining and that song at the end made me feel like I was watching a Railgun movie! I assume we will have a few more episodes of Accelerator versus Misaka until Touma arrives.

Quite the stunning episode, and at least a little out of character for this series. Also out of character for Railgun was that we had yet another episode where it was all Misaka. Yes, it was Misaka and MISAKA, but when all we see of everyone else in the cast is 3 minutes of Ueharu answering a call from Misaka, again I worry that the series is losing the focus of what I liked about it so much. I do realize that the fighting with Accelerator is not the place for Ueharu or Saten or even Kuroko, but I have to admit I find it a little disappointing to me that the storyline is basically turning the series into Index. It also doesn’t help that we basically know where this storyline ends, so I don’t know how they’re really going to deal with that in a new manner. Disappointingly, I find myself just hoping they get through it quick, and that’s not really a feeling that I like to have with a series.


railgunS (10)

You made Misaka angry! You should feel bad Accelerator!

Misaka versus Accelerator! FIGHT!


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51 Responses to “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S – 05”

  1. PanzerJäger says:

    I have to say, Accelerator was brutal to say the least. Really should have made it quick and clean combat, not a weird game of “tag”. I hope Misaka gets some excellent revenge upon him, maybe a rail gun attack to screw him up.

    However I enjoyed the light comedy between the twins, like stealing the ice cream and fighting over a badge. And the first time that Misaka 9928 is introduced was good.
    Misaka: “who are you?”
    Misaka 9928: “meow”

    • Sheep says:

      I hope Misaka gets some excellent revenge upon him, maybe a rail gun attack to screw him up.

      Nothing like that ever happens. Seriously.
      Please don’t be too disappointed.

      • PanzerJäger says:

        I wouldn’t be disappointed if nothing happens, just I believe the loss of a kamerad should not be taken lightly, especially when they where killed in such a sadistic manner. Sort of like when Eren got taken in attack on Titan, Armin should have used that fury to avenge his fallen kameraden, however whatever happens happens. I’m waiting to see the outcome of this battle though since the original Misaka should be smarter than the clones.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Accelerator for best villain ever, but yeah sadly don’t hold your breath for Misaka kicking Accelerator’s ass! unfortunately that is left to Touma…

      Yeah Misaka’s interactions between Misaka 9982 was the best as far as comedic moments xD

  2. Sheep says:

    Quite the stunning episode, and at least a little out of character for this series. Also out of character for Railgun was that we had yet another episode where it was all Misaka. Yes, it was Misaka and MISAKA, but when all we see of everyone else in the cast is 3 minutes of Ueharu answering a call from Misaka, again I worry that the series is losing the focus of what I liked about it so much. I do realize that the fighting with Accelerator is not the place for Ueharu or Saten or even Kuroko, but I have to admit I find it a little disappointing to me that the storyline is basically turning the series into Index.

    Not really surprised about this to be honest. The original manga is more straightforward about Academy City’s shadowy side.

    IIRC Kiyama Harumi’s storyline wasn’t resolved in the manga until the anime happened. The Level Upper arc served merely as an introduction to the events of the Level 6 Shift; the writers wasted no time in introducing the Sisters arc right after that. Harumi’s students would still be in a coma right now if the author of the series didn’t come up with an anime-original arc suitable for the fluffy direction that the Railgun anime took.

    • Highway says:

      I don’t know if I’d call it ‘fluffy’, but I would say that I found it much more palatable than this style, which I didn’t like in Index either.

    • Gecko says:

      Hm, interesting.

      Also, hi Sheep! Welcome to commenting! Nice to see someone else using an animal name 🙂

      • BlackBriar says:

        Do mythical creatures count? As in skylion?

        • skylion says:

          Part lion/Part Eagle. All awesome…

          • Highway says:

            Better than Part Lyin’, Part Feeble. That wouldn’t be awesome at all.

            • BlackBriar says:

              Hahaha, yeah. That epic image would go down in flames.

            • skylion says:

              Guys, c’mon, there is no credible threat to my awesome…

          • Highway says:

            Now, Part Lyin’, Part Feegle would be well on the way to awesome, if ye scunners can nae be goin “waily waily waily!”

            • skylion says:

              I would love to be Part Lyin’ Part Feegle. I’m Aching to.

  3. skylion says:

    Yeah, the timing of the arcs is just plain odd. It makes me wonder if certain staff members had ideas in mind years ago that are just now being implemented, like “No, we should have done the sisters arc this way….”

    That being said, I don’t follow all the source material all the time, and am addicted to the Index Wikia just to keep up with all the terms they throw around like unruly children throwing popcorn during a Saturday matinee.

    All those things being said, I very much enjoy the entire episode. MIKASA knows how to troll, and she can do it with such subtlety. I think she’s been watching and learning each and every time she goes out (I’m treating all the clones as one beastie), and has twigged on not only to get Mikasa involved, but getting her friends involved as well.

    With Accelerator, oh he is back to true form. Forget that wishy-washy LOLi watcher he became. This is the true form.

    • sonicsenryaku says:

      The sisters arc was planned years ago during the release of the third LN of index; part of the reason the railgun side story was made was to elaborate on what actually went down during the sisters arc

    • Foshizzel says:

      Being a huge index/railgun fan myself I kind of forgot a few things about Accelerator and Misaka’s first time meeting, but thanks to that wiki page I started to remember a few things! Also agreed this is the true Accelerator at his most “evil” until he eventually hooks up with Last Order and his new team xD

  4. HannoX says:

    I thought this was a good episode. The interaction between Misaka and Misaka 9982 was great. Anyone who’s seen Index knew how it was going to end, which made the time with 9982 poignant. We also know that a number of more sisters will die before Accelerator is taken down.

    However, I do hope that they reach that point quickly. I want them to get back to Misaka interacting with her friends. Even more so, I want to know what happens with the sisters after the expirement is cancelled. Yeah, we saw the loli sister (#0?) living with Accelerator rather like Index with Touma. But what about all the other sisters? I want to know at least some of what’s going on with them.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Sad but so damn true! I guess for those that followed Index probably knew ahead of time not to get attached to that sister and you are right Accelerator will have to kill a bunch of clones.

      Agreed I love this backstory stuff with Misaka and the whole clones arc, but at the same time I look forward to the happy moments with her friends and of course more Saten?! Yes please <3

      I can't wait to see Touma appear even though WE ALL KNOW how he deals with Accelerator anyway xD

  5. sonicsenryaku says:

    The focus on Show ▼

    This is railgun at its best and if nakai tatsuyuki can continue this pace, it will make me forget a good amount of the flaws in execution of the index/railgun series

    • Foshizzel says:

      True that! This is probably the darkest side of Railgun and to think Misaka keeps all this pain inside her without telling anyone? I can’t imagine how depressing that must be for her and the fact that she doesn’t tell her closest friends? Yeah good job xD

      • HannoX says:

        The pain she keeps bottled up inside her is probably why she came up with the self-sacrificing plan she had in Index on how to stop the expirement. When you think about it, she has a real savior complex. How many times has she taken it upon herself to save someone, whether it be a girl harassed by a group of boys or the victims of Level Up or Academy City itself? In the former case and a few others Judgement could handle it, but she takes it upon herself to do so. Of course, that’s what makes her a heroine. And in some cases she’s the only one who can do it.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Good point HannoX you are right about Misaka helping random strangers, friends and Judgement as well when they are in trouble just like the first episode of this new season as we saw Misaka jump from a window to save Erii’s friend? I guess that explains also why Misaka doesn’t join Judgement because she has seen the darker side of Academy City.

  6. ajthefourth says:

    Fosh, I love that you mentioned the sisterly interaction between Mikoto and her clone. That was my favorite part of this episode. ^ ^

    As an aside, although I know of the events/what happens with the Sisters Arc, I have never actually seen the first season of Index, so this is all new to me and I love how Railgun is executing it.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I think that part was a lot of fun watching them interact! Misaka totally plays the role of older sister quite well even though her clone was totally messing with her xD

      First season of Index briefly talks about the cloning and experiments because Touma eventually pops up to lend a fist against Accelerator and I think we might see more of the clones getting killed off?

      I know the clone that died this week is 9982, but the ones that Touma chats with in season one of Index are Misaka 10031 and 10032 which tells me Accelerator will be busy…

      Thanks for the comment!

  7. CarVac says:

    This was my favorite episode of anime thus far this season. The comedy was gold, and the darkness was deep and powerful, just the way I like it.

    That’s part of the allure of the Raildex universe: the chuunibyou powers you can imagine having yourself, and then the veil of darkness that hides behind the lively, modern city. It gives you a sense of “fighting the machine,” where the higher-ups are out to do what they want to do, at almost any cost to the people in the city. After all, that’s the situation Mikoto and Touma are in, and it makes you really root for them as protagonists.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I feel the same about the episode as well. Great comedy and lots of darkness with Accelerator vs Misaka 9982.

      Yeah that sounds about right!

  8. belatkuro says:

    but in this current timeline I don’t think she knows about Touma right? My mind is a bit cloudy on that subject right now.

    She met Touma in the first season of Railgun if that’s what you’re asking. There’s an episode where she fought Touma and sort of lost and that part where Touma saved her and a little girl from the gravitron bomb. That was pre-amnesia Touma though as the earlier parts of Railgun happens before the start of the Index timeline.
    Currently in the timeline, Touma is in the hospital, recovering from that battle in the second arc of Index s1(Aurelios and Himegami) and already lost his memories.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hmmmm gotcha! That always confused me, but thanks for reminding me about the memory loss parts because I almost forgot about that…damn….

      • skylion says:

        He got them back soon enough, so forgetting him forgetting is something you can….forget..

        • Highway says:

          Did he get them back? I thought he just continued to bluster through without them. I also thought it was dumb that he hid that from Index. They had all of what, two weeks of history together? That’s not exactly a lifetime of memories.

          • skylion says:

            Being Touma, he could have just blustered thru, right?

            Yeah, two weeks or so seems about right. Just the timeframe when you start to regret taking in that stray cat…

        • belatkuro says:

          No, he didn’t get back his memories. He’s been living without it ever since the first arc of Index. It’s like one of his major secrets and only a select handful knows about it.

          And it’s only one week, the time they spent together in the first arc. First arc of Index runs from July 21 to 28(Railgun timeline is currently August 15 FYI).
          But this is Touma really. Knowing a person’s history and sufferings and he’ll get so attached he’ll go through hell and back to save that person.
          And he hid that fact because he doesn’t want her to worry about her and blame herself since if you don’t remember, it was the Feathers of Light caused by her that made him lose his memories. So yeah.

          • Highway says:

            Ahh, no I didn’t remember that. But Index is annoying, so causing her some mental anguish is fine by me…

            • skylion says:

              Yeah, that got me too.

              ..and Index is about as annoying as half a dozen other anime characters that are highly favored…so I never felt the need to hate on her…

            • Highway says:

              I dunno, for some reason she stands out to me as singularly annoying, maybe the only other character in her class is Yamada from B Gata H Kei. No, not even that. Maybe Nai from Karneval. Yeah, that’s it.

            • skylion says:

              Ouch, that is low right there…

  9. BlackBriar says:

    The first half seeing both Misakas acting like real siblings was nicely done. And the clone made herself seem like the elder of the two. For someone who’s supposed to have the exact everything of the original, the clone’s personality is the exact opposite. It’s like seeing everything Misaka wouldn’t do.

    The interaction between is what made seeing the clone being tortured and killed so painful. I knew that it was coming but the feeling still hit pretty hard. Nobuhiko Okamoto is back again as the white haired lunatic. Seriously, I’m beginning to catalog pink haired girls as stalkers and white haired guys as psychopaths (Pink haired girls: Yuno Gasai, Megumi Shimizu; White haired guys: Shougo Makishima, Accelerator, Devil Survivor 2’s Alcor/Anguished One). I forgot what a cruel bastard Accelerator was back then but the remineder made the thought of him being taken down by Touma is sweeter in comparison.

    • d-LaN says:

      You take tht back! Alcor is not a psychopath >3<

      • BlackBriar says:

        The intelligent, reserved ones usually turn out to be psychotic. I’ve seen that so many times that I immediately jump to that conclusion.

        • d-LaN says:

          Trust me. I am familiar with the game. He ain’t one.

  10. Gecko says:

    I was not expecting that second half. The music was done well though. I watched it twice because I realized the music had been timed really well. As for Accelerator, I did not watch Index (hated that chibi nun girl, made it through 5 minutes of the first episode and stopped.) So he’s new to me, and I don’t like him. No thanks. Go away.

    Also, if he needs to kill 20,000 clones, and based on some of what he said (like “oh I thought that there was only one?”) makes me wonder how plausible it is. That’s 54 years at one per day. If he could kill 10 per day it would take him ~5 years. Not sure what they were thinking. Obviously not basic division.

    The first half was nice though. There was a good contrast between normally-raised Misaka and clone MISAKA and the two had some really nice cute scenes. My favorite was the button, especially when clone MISAKA was reaching for it at the end since it really showed just how much a day with someone who cared meant to her.

    • BlackBriar says:

      You won’t get a true grasp of Accelerator’s personality if you don’t go through both seasons of Index. It might be a chore for some but it’s worth it.

      So he’s new to me, and I don’t like him. No thanks. Go away.

      Show ▼

      • Highway says:

        That’s just too high a price to pay. Totally not worth it. 🙂

        He’s not an awful character, and probably the best one in Index Season 1 (certainly better than Touma or Index). But really, you’re not supposed to like him at this point. I mean, he’s pretty much a psychopath, no?

        • Sheep says:

          …he’s pretty much a psychopath, no?

          He’s somewhat, kinda ‘good’ right now, but his many years of involvement with Academy City’s horrible side definitely left a huge and ugly mark on his mental state. Right now, one wrong move would probably send him back to his old habits.

  11. skylion says:

    Show ▼

    • BlackBriar says:

      It was like Frankenstein owning his own monster. Totally brutal.

      • PanzerJäger says:

        Good, if accelerators own creator doesn’t like him then I’m happy. Teaches him a lesson. I bet he wasn’t so high and mighty then.

        • skylion says:

          The relationship is complex, and awful to behold. I recall watching the last two episodes of Index II and feeling dreadful. Fights usually involve mutual hatred or enmity, but this one was just sickening by the fact that they wanted to hurt each other…

        • BlackBriar says:

          Amata Kihara never liked Accelerator nor did he ever have any qualms about killing him, only that he regretted not doing so back then. To him, Accelerator was just a lab rat to test his theories. The guy comes from a morally screwed up family of researchers.

  12. elior1 says:

    it will take very long time before tomua will apear again acording to the date this episode was

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