Kakumeiki Valvrave – 07

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Saki looks amazing with her new flight suit!

Hooray time for some Valvrave talks on Metanorn! So which character will get the most focus this time since Saki took over last time?


 Surprise side characters

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Aina-“Sempai finally noticed me! I hope we can get married one day.”

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I love the expressions on Marie and Shoko’s faces.

After seven episodes I think most of us have adopted the idea that NOTHING bad happens in the world of Valvrave for the main characters like with Shoko in the second episode? We all thought she died, but that was not the case! Sadly this theory does not apply to the side characters like Mr. Moses who got nuked by Q-vier last time? While we are talking about characters croaking! This week blew me away with the loss of the shy and quiet Aina!? I mean sure she is a side character but damn I actually cared for her, but is she really dead? I know the whole mess with Shoko’s “death” has most of us shouting “YEAAAAH RIGHT SHE IS NOT GOING TO DIE!” and with the loss of Aina, could this be an official starting point that pushes the characters to finally take things serious? Like Saki who has done everything for herself just to become famous? I could SEE the others characters finally stepping up their game and possibly forming an official Valvrave team, which has me thinking back to my original idea of an election based arc with the students voting for people to become pilots. I still have my mind set that either Raizou or Yuusuke will fill those roles, but we might as well add Kyuuma to the list who I assume was either dating Aina or was just her childhood friend? That said I remember the preview for the next episode showed Kyuuma getting angry at Haruto? I assume he will blame him for the loss of Aina, but honestly Kyuuma should direct his anger towards L-elf and his team that caused the first Valvrave to appear in the first place.

Fun with Valvrave

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Haruto is super protective of Red Valvrave-chan

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I guess this is a fine ship~

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Saki what are you doing?

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Something for the fangirls of Haruto x L-elf to enjoy!


Show ▼

End thoughts

So did anyone else scream when they saw that scene with Aina floating past Kyuuma and Haruto? I certainly hope she did not die, but at the same time maybe something like that NEEDS to happen to motivate the others to take their situation serious? I just want to see if anyone on my short list of Valvrave pilots comes true in the next few episodes. Besides that important scene what is going on with L-elf lately? What is his deal in all of this? Is he even going to rejoin his team at some point or is he sticking around to keep an eye on Haruto and did he get through to A-drei who totally does not need a damn eye patch! Because his eye is fine and what the hell was he taking pictures of because we saw lots of giant test tubes filled with mecha parts? I hope they do not say that the Valvraves are alive like an Evangelion unit. Before I wrap up these end thoughts what the hell was that scene with Saki at the beginning of the episode? Was that a preview of the future two hundred years from now or was she filming a movie? My mind has me thinking that it was a commercial because that is something she would totally do! Just kidding! I think it really was a preview of the future because if Saki and Haruto are true vampires I assume they live forever? Also what is the golden seven? I assume that is a codename the other Valvraves? I guess we need more damn episodes to fill in the blanks…


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Kyuuma-“I THOUGHT WE WERE A COUPLE!?”             Haruto-“Sorry bro I am paired with L-elf”

Everyone hates Haruto part two!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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46 Responses to “Kakumeiki Valvrave – 07”

  1. skylion says:

    Wow, this one was all over the map. Like every episode of this show, it’s either so bad it’s great or so awful it’s terrible.

    Honestly, Aina was a cheap death. Unlike that other anime we all love to hate, at least this one does it’s killings early on?

    I cannot tell you what is going on. Typically programs give these things called clues and evoke patterns with foreshadowing. I guess Sunrise wants to be all hipster and be there in the anything that sticks to the wall style, before it get’s cool.

    Other than that, I don’t think we will see another Valvrave pilot next week, they gots dorama to simmer.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Valvrave is a trip sometimes xD

      Yeah I suppose you could say that Aina got guilty-crowned in the end huh? Yeah she was getting really close to Haruto and I often thought if anyone died it would be a toss up between Aina or Marie because sadly those characters don’t DO a whole lot for the story.

      Yep next week will be drama aka EVERYONE hating on Haruto!

  2. HannoX says:

    I’m assuming the scene with Saki at the beginning was 200 years in the future. So how did she get to that point and will this anime show us that?

    I suspect Aina is dead. Something like that is needed to drive home to the other students that their situation is very serious and they need to start taking it serious if they want to survive. I would suspect most of the next episode with be filled with angst as that sinks in, but perhaps by the end of it they’ll realize that despite what Haruto says about no one else getting in a Valvrave they’ll realize the others must get pilots. But will we see the other pilots volunteer/selected next episode or the one following? There’s just no way the other Valvraves can’t get pilots at some point and that point must be approaching.

    What was that with Takahi and the student council president? I suspect that wasn’t Takahi in her body and I can’t see Haruto doing that. So unless there’s another body switching vampire we don’t know about yet, that only leaves Saki. Was she trying to find out if she could have feelings for him or was it for the opposite sex? I still suspect she’s a lesbian. Naming her Valvrave Carmilla after becoming a vampire just seems like a bit too much of a coincidence. And let’s not forget that last episode she used Haruto’s body to come on to Takahi. Although I suppose she could just be using other’s bodies to tease people for some reason and I’m reading too much into it by thinking she’s a lesbian.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I think we’re really reading too much into why Saki named her Valvrave Carmilla. She could have done that to symbolize being the first female Valvrave pilot and as a tribute to being a vampire because Carmilla was the first official female vampire of the genre.

    • Ceyrai says:

      I actually thought that Takahi probably has some kind of relationship with/feelings for Satomi (I actually am going for the arranged marriage angle, they seem influential enough), and that moment she had with (whom she thought was) Haruto confused her quite a bit. (Or maybe I just read too much shoujo manga?)

    • Foshizzel says:


  3. Highway says:

    After proudly flying her death flag earlier (come on, Haruto doesn’t call ANYONE else “-chan”) I wasn’t surprised when Aina turned up dead.

    The convenient gravity of that room just ticks me off to no end. “We can totally float all over the room, but this beam on Haruto has gravity so we can’t get it off!” They couldn’t come up with some OTHER stupid reason to have Haruto bite L-Elf? “Oh no, we spilled all this quick setting glue and you’re stuck in it!” “You need to stay here and play tiddly winks!” “Janken says it’s my turn to get bitten!” (Notice I don’t complain about the never-seen force field I assume is keeping that room from the vacuum of space. At least that’s handwaveable.)

    L-Elf has the tact of a toaster. If he’s so smart and can predict all sorts of stuff, maybe he should predict that if he made a better argument he’d have more success convincing people to go along with him.

    • Irenesharda says:

      I honestly can’t really understand the weird gravity there. Maybe it’s similar to how a person is weightless on the moon and yet a moonrover, flag, ect. stay put?

      Also I do know that one of those beams had skewered Haruto’s leg and pinned him to the floor, so maybe it was lodged so L-11 couldn’t move it? (I’m trying…really I am. 😛 )

      As to L-11’s social ineptitude, most who are his level of genius have horrible social skills since their minds are usually operating on such an analytical, objective level. His training doesn’t require him to be nice to others. All he has to do is present the facts. If the person doesn’t go along with him, he either kills them and/or initiates plan B.

      • Highway says:

        If the moon’s gravity worked that way, then there’s no problem with this show. Problem is the moon has gravity just like everything else, it’s just much less than the Earth (about 1/6). People aren’t weightless on the moon.

        (I will skip the explanation of how people in Earth’s orbit are not ‘weightless’ either, merely falling at the same rate that they are going around the Earth)

        Like I said about Shingeki no Kyojin this week, pretty much the only answer to why anything is the way it is in this show is “F*** Yeah, that’s why!”

        • Irenesharda says:

          I know the moon has gravity to it, and that people are “weightless”, I was just trying to give a half-hearted explanation for the fact that the module has different types of gravity depending on the location. 🙂

          Anyway, there still the fact that Haruto’s leg is stabbed through to the ground by a broken beam. It would be to jagged and cumbersome for L-11 to remove it easily and there wouldn’t have been enough time to save Saki.

    • Chevalier says:

      The beam isn’t “on” Haruto. It’s piercing through his leg.

      That’s why L-Elf though about amputating the leg.

      There are two beams in that scene:

      a) A thin beam which is partially blocked by the larger one, but which went through Haruto’s leg.

      b) The larger beam which acts to censor the wound caused by the smaller one.

      Certain people, like yourself, are wrongly assuming is the one L-Elf wants to remove.

      The problem isn’t the gravity.

    • Ceyrai says:

      Let me try my hand at this gravity conundrum: possibly the beam was held down by a complicated bit of debris that, while possible to remove by one person (i.e. L-Elf), would require too much time to do, since they ARE in a situation. Well, I figured it could be that coz he mentioned he didn’t have time to lift the beam…

    • HannoX says:

      The beam may be weightless due to no gravity, but it still has mass and having mass means it has inertia. Even if it wasn’t piercing Haruto’s leg its mass and inertia would prevent L-elf from lifting it off him.

      • Highway says:

        Nah, nothing has that much inertia in no gravity, especially when he’d have something to push off of. The worse thing is that the room has *no* gravity when you’re not touching a surface, or when you don’t want to touch a surface, but has full gravity when you want to.

        And if it’s the one piercing his leg (which one could hardly be expected to know about, given that the other one was blocking it)… PULL IT OUT! Onoz, it hurts him. He’ll heal. The point is that it’s a continuity breaking plot mechanism of convenience, just like so much else in this show.

        • HannoX says:

          Inertia is not depend upon gravity; it’s dependent upon mass. And the beam still has mass even in no gravity.

          • Highway says:

            True, but that’s more of an issue with a moving mass, not a mass that’s resting in your frame of reference. Starting motion is much easier than canceling motion, and in the case of something like that beam, imparting a force on it would move it enough to get off of him. This wasn’t a giant slab of anything, and the acceleration needed wasn’t much, nor was the displacement. So the force required to move it off his leg in zero gravity was well within the abilities of a normal human, not to mention better human L-Elf.

  4. Irenesharda says:

    Well, this show took a dark turn suddenly. It seems every time L-elf and Haruto meet, blood gets spilt.

    This episode started interestingly enough. We see that as this show begins the first year of the Third Reich, in the beginning of this episode we go to the 214th year! (For the love of God! How long does this war last?!) Saki is seen slightly older looking, matured, with a new pilot’s suit and an overcharged Valvrave 4, and she’s still fighting against Dorssia mech. She then looks at a picture in a locket saying that it’s been 200 years now. I’m assuming the picture is of her sweetheart, but it’s up in the air as to who it is. But since that person’s no longer alive, I’d say either that person didn’t become a pilot and therefore immortal, or if that person did become a pilot and then probably sacrificed their life. That person lives until 14 years from the start of this series which would have made that person having died in their late 20s-early 30s.

    Yet, after that shot from the future, we go back to present day and see that despite finding out about the rest of the Valvraves, everything goes smoothly. Haruto and Saki are still keeping their secrets and Shoko agrees. L-elf then comes out of the woodwork and begins his plan to militarize New JIOR in order for them to be ready for the war at hand. He tries to go through Shoko, but she’s not having it. He then decides to take over the school by force. While the students try to take him out, he beats them with ease and then goes to face Haruto down in the mecha room, who was there with Aina.

    Haruto is such an idiot at times, it seems at this point he all but forgot there was a Dorssian soldier running around in the school. He should have anticipated this.

    However, their meeting is cut short by A-drei showing up who it seems was actually sent there by Col. Cain. It seems A-drei may have plans of rebellion himself as he says that L-elf was supposed to be his right-hand man. I don’t quite know where that will go, but who knows. He IS a prince, so maybe he wants to take over? L-elf seems to just want A-drei to stay out of things and that he has his own plans. However, Q-vier shows up and everything goes downhill from there.

    Q-vier doesn’t care who he takes out. That kid is wayyy too gun-happy for his own good. The Dorssians are again attacking the school and this time they have another plan. A pinned and injured Haruto make an alliance of convenience with L-elf and L-11 allows Haruto to use his body to pilot the Valvrave. Haruto then comes to Saki’s rescue following L-elf’s notes and he realizes that together he and L-11 would be unbeatable.

    Kyuma goes down to retrieve Haruto’s body, but is in shock to find his girlfriend Aina has become collateral damage. She is the first supporting character to die and I must say her death flags have been waving for a while now. I thought that they might twist it a bit and have Kyuma be the one who died and her pilot the mech, but when I see her in this one I knew she was going to bite the dust. She was way too nice to ever consider becoming a pilot. Poor thing died gruesomely too. (and yes, she’s definitely dead, in the uncensored version, we see her body is more torn up than first thought. Also, you can follow her to the very part she was killed, she never got into a mecha thus never becoming a space vampire. She’s not coming back from that.) And this assures me that Kyuma will certainly be one, if not our next pilot. He might even be a rival for Haruto since he seems to be blaming him for Aina’s death.

    Lastly we get quite the emotional scene from Haruto in L-11’s body. L-11 seems to carry around an old weathered picture of a girl who’s the Dorssian princess, with the name “Licht” written on the back. Seeing the picture stimulates such an emotional response that L-11’s body and unconscious mind weep heavily over seeing it and Haruto doesn’t even know why. So is the Princess named “Licht” or is that L-11’s real name? The next episode seems to suggest it’s the princess, but I’m not sure. (Sigh, that’s just what we need…another character named “Light“…)

    But if the Princess is named Licht, then who’s Liselotte? And the way L-11 was crying over her, I would have thought she was dead. And she seems more like a sister to him than a lover and friend by his response. So is he related to the princess and thus also to A-drei? Are they all like half-siblings or something?

    The new ED was good, I liked the fact that it’s actually animated. It suggests that indeed L-elf and Haruto will be a team, and that Cain might know a whole lot more than he let on. Also there’s a pretty malevolent silhouetted figure behind Valvrave-tan, I wonder who that is? So many different developments this episode. This was a pretty good episode and I can’t wait for the next one!

    I give this episode an 8.95/10.

    • skylion says:


      Yeah, after seeing that image, I think I’ll stick to ecchi for my uncensored..

      • Highway says:

        I’m not a fan of gory stuff either. I thought it was obvious enough she was dead. I don’t see why having an arm severed means you’re dead any more than not (other current shows with similar issues of plausibility being neither here nor there).

        • Irenesharda says:

          Most mecha shows I know don’t have a person in that death pose and visibly maim them if they’re going to bring the character back. Also, it’s not just that her arm is completely severed, if you look closely, you can see her side is completely ripped open. She’s missing a chunk of her waist. Earlier they also showed her completely consumed by a fireball. I really don’t think she’s coming back after all that, even if she is a Sunrise mecha anime character. 🙁

    • BlackBriar says:

      L-elf then comes out of the woodwork and begins his plan to militarize New JIOR in order for them to be ready for the war at hand. He tries to go through Shoko, but she’s not having it. He then decides to take over the school by force.

      The way L-Elf used his emotionless logic to justify his motives, it’s exactly how I picture Ledo would do things if he was able to have his way with the Gargantia fleet to fight the Hideauze if he had the same prowess. Also, they are awfully alike in both appearance and personality.


      • Irenesharda says:

        L-elf and Red already have quite a bit of fanart together for just precisely this fact. Though I have to say that I think L-elf is more like a walking killing “machine” than Red ever was. He does have humanity, but he keeps it buried so far below the surface that we have only seen him truly show emotions subconsciously. However, I do think that the two could trade places and no one could ever tell the difference. 😉

  5. BlackBriar says:

    A 200 year time skip has to have some kind of significance. However, Saki is still very sexy, more so with her flight suit. For her to live so long and not age a day, she really is a vampire.

    Letting the entire student council know about the other Valvraves was a dangerously stupid move to make, one that should have been a no-brainer to avoid. They should have at least told Shoko or that female teacher. Those two may be a bit too carefree but they’re trustworthy enough in my book. I saw the president trying to “commandeer” them bit coming a mile away. Other than L-Elf, there needs to be some surveillance on him because I just know he’s going to screw things up.

    Aina’s death may be a shock to some but I couldn’t help feeling underwhelmed with the entire situation. She was sweet but it didn’t hit as hard as I thought it would because in my opinion, she wasn’t developed enough for me to care that much about her well being. Compared to Hare‘s tragic death in Guilty Crown because she had as much screen time as the leads and had a greater sense of purpose like making sure Shu didn’t become the monster he eventually became because he had power, this pales heavily in comparison.

    • Irenesharda says:

      I think they are saving the “Hare-like” death for the climax/season finale of the series. Aina was just the beginning in all honesty and serves to not only give the students a dose of reality that they’re within a war and to set a different tone to the show, but her death will also I think, serve a push for another Valvrave pilot to come to the forefront.

    • Highway says:

      It could be either ‘possible future’ or ‘definite future’. If it’s ‘definite future’ it doesn’t bode well for L-Elf’s ideas of revolt.

      Plus, I gotta say: 200 years of fighting the same jackasses from Dorssia? What a suckass life. Seriously, you guys can’t come up with something better to do? Plus, I’ll just point out that 200 years is an awfully long time for an empire in a highly developed world. Like impossibly long. But I’ll just add that to the list of impossible things in this show.

  6. zztop says:

    I’m only watching Valvrave to see how they’ll answer the questions it raises, chiefly,
    1)What IS the Valvrave?
    2)What does L-11’s revolution entail? How does Haruto fit into his plans?
    3)What HAVE Haruto and Saki truly become?

    Valvrave still hasn’t introduced the girl in L-11’s photo yet, have they?

    • Irenesharda says:

      1) I think the Valvrave are half mechanical and half-supernatural. A large clue was given this episode when Aina mentioned spirits and how they would grant the pilot the ability to possess another body and be immortal. Another clue is in the names they throw around. We have already realized that “Valvrave” might relate to the “Valravne” of Scandinavian mythology. There is further the fact that the planned spin-off manga for Saki also mentions “Valkyries” which also have to do with Scandinavian mythology and Valkyries and Valravne actually do have a connection between them. We won’t know anything concrete until they show more, but I’m guessing that there will be a spirit part to this.

      2) L-11 is trying to change the course his country is currently on as he probably believes it will only cause it to fall to ruin. He is also doing this for Licht from the picture. I don’t know fully what it entails but he has mentioned more than once allying with the ARUS.
      As for Haruto, he states that the young man will become his “right hand” which could mean he wants him to be his primary weapon against Dorssia, but also as his partner in this fight against the empire.

      3)Oh, that’s actually been stated on the website. They are beings called “Magius“. however if that’s just the term they chose for their brand of space vampire has yet to be decided.

      And no, they have yet to officially introduce the girl yet, though we know she’s a Dorssian princess. I think she’ll be fully shown next episode.

    • Highway says:

      My guess is that she’s the princess that L-Elf is in love with but she’s gonna be marrying A-drei and he can’t stand the thought of being A-drei’s right hand man and standing around while A-drei is bonking the girl he loves. Cause a whole country’s revolution is a fine consequence for loving someone who’s got to marry someone else.

      • skylion says:

        Well, perhaps he has political aspirations in addition to getting the girl.

  7. Ceyrai says:

    I’m rather sad about Aina’s death, mostly because Aina x Kyuuma was my Valvrave ship (I don’t wanna get involved in the Haruto ship wars). Why do my OTPs get sunk a lot? Guh. Anyway, I figured she was raising a lot of death flags but I didn’t think they’d just go “Screw it, no time to kill her off like the present.” She didn’t lack for screen time, sure, but I never thought she’d be important enough to kill off in the first place (until all the death flags anyway). In any case, this is probably bumps Kyuuma up the Possible Valvrave Pilots list, especially with the next ep having him angry at Haruto (likely blaming him). He definitely has a bone to pick with Dorssia now.

    I really don’t know what to make of that opening scene with Saki though. It’s ridiculous enough for me to think it was a dream sequence, but when there was no follow-up to it, it just seemed like a Big Lipped Alligator Moment. I don’t know. Need more scenes to properly label this foreshadowing. As for her fight later on… while I’m disappointed that she needed Haruto to save her ass (just Saki-biased mostly), this should get her thinking further at how she’s not all-powerful.

    L-Elf being a “prophet” of sorts is being pushed into our faces too much. I’m kind of getting annoyed by it – I’m sure there are better ways of telling it than just outright labeling him that. I’m also disappointed that his plan of closing off areas of the school didn’t really seem to lead to anything except a one-sided confrontation with Saki and Raizo.

    (Still, L-Elf using Haruto as a meat shield was HILARIOUS.)

    The face-off between L-Elf and A-Drei is rather interesting though. My theory is, A-Drei is some kind of heir or deposed heir to the Dorssian government, while the princess is his sister and possibly a hostage for his good behavior. L-Elf might be a childhood friend of theirs, which might explain his seemingly close relationship with A-Drei and the princess (to the point he would cry for the latter). A-Drei and L-Elf probably have different plans of how to rescue her (probably a A-Drei/Suzaku and L-Elf/Lelouch parallel), which is why they’re at odds now?

    Anyway, can’t wait for the next ep, as usual. I guess it’s really taken a darker turn now that one of the secondary protagonists is dead and it’ll probably make the students realize how dire their situation really is.

    Oh, before I close, my crackship Saki and Shouko seem to be developing their friendship further, which is something I really like. Also I really need something to legitimately ship now that KyuumaxAina blew up though L-ElfxDorssia-hime seems like a good second choice and I HAVE CHRONIC SHIPPING SYNDROME OKAY

    • Irenesharda says:

      Well A-drei has been confirmed as a Dorssian prince already and the pink-haired girl is a princess, so its obvious they are siblings in some degree, as to how L-elf figures in there I don’t know. According to A-drei’s bio, he and L-elf were rivals in the Karlstein Institut, but eventually the two became friends. However, that poses the question how L-elf knows Princess Licht?

      I have a theory that L-11, A-3, and Licht are possibly all siblings/half-siblings, but A-3 doesn’t know that. Licht and L-11 do however and something happened to separate them. But that’s all speculation at this point.

  8. BlackBriar says:

    While we won’t get any information about the time skip anytime soon but we will at least get the chance to better understand Saki’s past and therefore what lead to make her current personality what it is since she will be getting her own manga series.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yah I heard about Saki getting her own manga series and I assume it follows her childhood and eventual start as a idol? I think it will be very short though.

  9. BlackBriar says:

    For those who haven’t thought about it, there’s a twisted sense of humor going on here. Aina was killed by Q-vier, we all know that but remember their voice actors: Q-vier: Yuki Kaji; Aina: Ai Kayano. Already this show has a Guilty Crown-esque feel and if you look at things from a different angle, it’s like Shu killed Inori.

    • Foshizzel says:

      It was Yuki Kaji’s destiny to kill Inori eventually! Maybe she will turn into a ghost and kill Q-vier? Ahahahah

    • Irenesharda says:

      And he didn’t even kill her on purpose! I’m shocked! LOL 😛

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yeah totally an “accidental death”

        • BlackBriar says:

          Next time there should be a sign that says “Beware of red head psycho shotas” to avoid any future “accidents”.

      • BlackBriar says:

        It was simply a case of the wrong place at the wrong time.

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