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We seem to be experiencing some turbulence and shadow demons, so please fasten your seatbelt.

Oh thank God my exams are over. Time for summer-lovin’ and blogging until I have to go back to school in September. I’m a bit out of it still (my head’s still full of gene and enzyme names) and don’t have too much to say about this episode, so here’s a short post. A short, kinda late post. Gomen ne, minna…u_u

One of the biggest questions this episode had me asking at every turn was “friend or foe?”. Yes, “why is this chick suddenly in a glowing kimono?” also ranks up there pretty high, but I’ll get back to that later. Her relationship with Miyuki is one of the only clear ones aside from her blood relatives. Although Miyuki would rather babysit a hive of swarming bees, he would never just abandon her if she was in danger. What I got from this episode is that even though Miyuki is bitter, he will still grit his teeth and help Izumiko. Although the entire meeting arrangement is for his own benefit, he does go slightly above the bare minimal requirements to achieve this. He holds Izumiko’s hand to calm her down. It’s a tiny, tiny gesture of kindness, but it’s better than nothing. He may hate her, but at least he’s not skimping on his duties.

Red Data Girl 009

On the other hand, Wamiya and Yukimasa still throw me for a bit of a loop. I tend to be suspicious of everyone thanks to the genres of anime I usually watch, so I don’t trust either of them yet. Yukimasa may claim to be helping Izumiko when he really is after something. Unfortunately, he refrains from telling us so many details that I have no idea what he could possibly take from a Goddess, but he still is extremely sketchy. He beats his own son, keeps secrets, stops Izumiko from meeting with her mom, and then appears shrouded in a black miasma. Even if they’re just setting him up to look shady and he’s really nice, I still think he’s a jerk. However, I think Miyuki will discover that Yukimasa has selfish intentions and then feel morally obligated to protect Izumiko out of his own sheer will.

Then there’s Wamiya. Izumiko seems very fond of him and he’s the nicest male on the show thus far, but there’s something off about him. Again, he might not be a foe, per se, but he’s certainly hiding something. I suspect he has some spiritual powers like Izumiko and can tell who and what she is. Furthermore, I think it’s becoming more and more likely that he can either turn into a crow or can control one. I re-watched the first episode and there’s a crow stalking Izumiko at every turn. The preview for the next episode also reinforces that notion. I wonder if he’s trying to get Izumiko away from Miyuki from some reason.

Red Data Girl 001Red Data Girl 010

What’s interesting about how the show is progressing so far is watching Izumiko get trapped in the flow of all the other characters. She still hasn’t grown a spine yet, so she’s at the mercy of Miyuki, Yukimasa, her mom, and everyone else around her. I get the feeling all these new characters that are being hinted at will all try to force their own ideas onto Izumiko, and she will eventually be so confused that she will have no choice but to make up her mind herself. As annoying as it is to see her acting so painfully weak and obedient, I think it might push her to a breaking point where she finally gets sick of just being a sheep. With the appearance of her Himegami self, I’m eager to see that change occur.

Although it was only for a brief moment, I was glad to see some of Izumiko’s powers. RDG has been exceptionally shy at revealing what’s actually going on here and what these characters are capable of. It’s making me a little frustrated that we’re being led through the dark without much of an explanation. It was about time to prove that Izumiko wasn’t just an electronic-breaking freak of nature and a genuinely powerful person of great importance. Will Miyuki respect her a little now that he’s seen what she can do? Haha, we’ll see how generous the little jackass feels next week, I suppose.

Red Data Girl 012

Hmm, not bad.

Preview: Despite being dismissed, it looks like Miyuki won’t be changing schools again. Maybe he wants to find out more about her? Then again, he just seems to be continuing his angry, rebel streak and punching random students in the face. On a side note, it appears Wamiya was never really a student.

Red Data Girl 014

Caw caw motherfucker.


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16 Responses to “Red Data Girl – 02”

  1. Liza says:

    All I can say…this episode had Miyuki fanservice! XD The Goddess probably wanted to look too. Silly Yukimasa for telling Miyuki what the Himegami can and cannot look at.

    The Miyuki and Izumiko moments were adorable and I loved how he comforted her and believed her even though from an outside point of view she was acting very irrational.

    • Overcooled says:

      He’s so scrawny that I would hesitate to call it fanservice, but I bet Izumiko was happy too, heh.

      Miyuki has some kindness deep down there somewhere. It’s nice to see he’s making baby-step progress instead of suddenly becoming her best friend one week.

  2. Karakuri says:

    Okay, Miyuki isn’t SO bad after all. Yukimasa certainly looks suspicious now though. I believe his dedication to the Himegami and all, but that evil miasma was certainly something.

    As for the crow thing, I didn’t even notice that there was one stalking her the last episode. That’s interesting as well.

    • Liza says:

      He’s just a silly tsundere. XD

      Maybe he’s some kind of spirit? From the way he was talking(trying to remember since it’s been a wile since episode 2…) it seemed like he was a servant of Himegami for a long time. Maybe he picked up some “evilness” along the way?

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, you can’t help but raise your eyebrow at Yukimasa at the very least. He didn’t do a good job clearing up that situation for them either.

      I only noticed the crow when I watched the episode the second time, so it was easier to spot with priming. It appeared at least 3 times.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Miyuki still acts like a huge jackass but at least he’s spending enough time around Izumiko to start lightening up. That attitude and voice of his together sounded bitterly familiar and now I know. His seiyuu is the same as Shiki’s Natsuno and I’m also really not a fan of that character.

    The question for me is: Can Yukimasa be trusted? I seriously doubt it. Every time he appears, it shows that he has some ulterior motive in mind, doesn’t try to hide it based on the smirk on his face and he’s even seeing that his own son is becoming an obstacle so he’s conveniently “relieving” him of his duties. Not to mention that chant being used on Izumiko was highly suspicious.

    Also, I don’t trust Wamiya so far as I could throw him. His attitude is a bit too polite for my taste, psychopaths are usually the overly polite types of people (Blood-C’s Fumito, Psycho-Pass’ Makishima, Rinne no Lagrange’s Moid, Robotics;Notes’ Kimijima Kou) and his conversation with Izumiko indicates he wants to put a rift between her and Miyuki and probably wants her for himself. There’s a good chance he knows that she has powers, mainly that she’s a to-be-expected vessel for that spirit princess.

    • Overcooled says:

      He’s..getting there…sort of. Slowly. I always think of Uchiyama Kouki as being Natsuno, even though I heard him in Soul Eater first. I find that I like his tone of voice and how it sounds but his acting sometimes falls a bit…flat. He seems to be doing well as Miyuki though, which is a nice surprise.

      Well, glad I’m not just being paranoid. I wanna know what’s up with those two. So many possibilities…

  4. joojoobees says:

    I don’t trust Yukimasa either, but frankly, complex characters make shows more interesting. The show is building an interesting setting. I want to see them keep this up!

    • Overcooled says:

      I prefer characters that aren’t just one-note all the way through as well. I’m quite enjoying RDG, which is probably why I’m so impatient to learn more! TELL ME ABOUT YUKIMASA ALREADY!

  5. Ishruns says:

    Is that pedo bear in the plane?

  6. Highway says:

    This really might be my favorite show of the season so far, and if not favorite, it’s top 3. I just love the atmosphere they’re building, and the way Izumiko is being presented.

    • Overcooled says:

      Ah, same here. This is top 3 material. It’s slow, but I prefer it being more deliberate and planned out than just racing through material.

  7. Gecko says:

    I get the feeling that Yukimasa is up to something as well, he just seems a bit off as well as rather controlling to be all good. He wouldn’t be so controlling of everyone. Not to mention how he scared Izumiko and Miyuki and her never met her mom– which seems to be some kind of “catch them first” plot. He has mentioned being a monk a few times, so it’s possible he could be trying to get the spiritual level of Izumiko for himself and become a Buddha of the mountain monks, or something similar.
    Wamiya as well is pretty suspicious- and the preview seems to be telling us that it isn’t all good for him either. But I’m a bit less worried about him.
    I really like this show so far, I only hope they can keep up this characterization the entire way through as well as give us the details to fill in the story.

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, it’s like everyone’s out to get Izumiko because she’s so powerful…yet easily corruptible given her state. Yukimasa is the most suspicious at this point for sure given everything he did this week. Hmm, I wonder what he wants that power for…

  8. D-LaN says:

    Screw Miyuki and Yukimasa, I prefer Izumiko x Wamiya (so far).

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