Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet – 03

Gargantia 03 - Lukkage

Hot yuri of the future!

spring13-jrowIndeed, we’re here to talk about another fine episode of Gargantia, which released just before Earth Day. We talk about the crew’s concern about Red killing all of the pirates from last week, Lukkage’s age and the big action scene that took place in the second half of the ep. Enjoy!


Yarr! Time for some Piracy on the high seas with the crew of the Gargantia, but will they be afraid of Red or kick him out? Just kidding he is a main character after all right? Like always I hope you enjoy the mini talk on this amazing episode!


Extra fun with Gargantia

gargantiaaa (1)

Red-“I really like this humans choice in clothing…yes…”

gargantiaaa (2)

Lobster Pirates sounds like a restaurant.

gargantiaaa (3)

Amy looks like she was about to turn on her yandere side.

gargantiaaa (4)

Deep fried friendship for the win!



A girl for every age range, but I will stick with Bellows!

Red joins Gargantia? Maybe?


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36 Responses to “Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet – 03”

  1. No way the girl to the right from Amy is 15 or Lukkage is 19 lol

    Amy’s little nuances when Bellows was trying teach Ledo on Earth you don’t take human life without a just cause. Also dat curious face!

    A really good episode overall but I’m still mixed on Gargantia’s policies regarding pirates. I mean it seemed like Bellows and that other girl were going to get raped but at the same time Ledo’s power is awe inspiring.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahhh the wonderful world of anime where 15 year old girls have giant boobs and loli characters kick ass! I mean I always use Bleach as an example because they say Ichigo and Orihime are just 15 at the start of Bleach? Yeah right “15” my ass…

      Dat curious face of Amy <3

      True it is odd seeing how Gargantia treats the pirates, but at the same time Red's actions in episode 2 just pissed the pirates off even more >.<

      • Irenesharda says:

        Hmm, I thought they started off as 16 at the beginning of Bleach? Cause aren’t they like 18 at this point? Oh well, it’s been so long since I’ve read/seen Bleach. (Dropped it after the Aizen/Ichigo battle arc)

        None of these ladies look their ages. I would put Amy and the younger girl at 15 and 16, Saya at 17 or 18, Bellows at 19 or 20, Rakkage looks like she’s around 30, and Ridget around 25.

        But yes, anime world where they like having every teenage girl look quite a bit older than they supposedly are….

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yeah by this time the main cast of bleach is older, minus the 100% Shinigami who I think quit aging if I remember correctly? Lol

          • Irenesharda says:

            The Shinigami age very, very slowly, so people like Rukia and Renji look to be in their teens, but they’re really centuries old. And yeah, the last time I read Bleach, Ichigo and company were in their last year of high school and about to graduate which makes them 17-18. Yeah, I even think there was a time skip after the Aizen/Ichigo arc, and so that’s why they’re older now.

    • Jrow says:

      Saya is pretty well-endowed for a 15 year old. It’s gotta be tough lugging those things around and having boys stare at her.

      Ridget seems like she should be a bit older than 22, something like 25-26. It’s not that big of an age difference, but her look is quite matured compared to the rest (and I guess by that, I mean she shows the least amount of skin).

  2. Irenesharda says:

    Well, we finally get to see the next episode and it was quite interesting. Not as good at the first two, but still good.

    Red took the dressing down by the crew really well, and he and Bellows all made some interesting arguments. But you can tell that he really doesn’t actually care all that much, he’ll agree as long as it gets him a place to stay. However, I can’t help feeling that Gargantia was acting very ungrateful towards him. He save their lives and their stuff, but instead of thanking him they just blame him for their next worry. And even when he’s proves that he can pretty much take care of nearly anything, all they say is, “why should we have that strange boy helping us?” It was really irritating and infuriating!

    It would be different if they were simply afraid of Red. I can see that. However, they mostly seem to treat him with disdain. Saying that they should kill or get rid of him, looking down on him as if he’s primitive one. Did you not see what he just did? He not only saved your crewmates, but he saved their cargo and did it while having 0% collateral damage. That’s amazing! But no, let’s kill him.

    Ridget actually seems to be the only one who even voiced the possibility that he could destroy them all if he wanted to, and have no problem with it. Yeah, you might want to think about that, before you go and make the space soldier mad, Gargantia! He didn’t have to go out there and risk his life, he did so of his own accord. And…it’s through his own accord that Chamber doesn’t just go off and attack all of you and take over. However, if they ever do threaten Red, I have no doubt Chamber will defend him by all means necessary. Chamber said in the beginning that his sole purpose is to assist, protect and look after Red.

    He’s such a good onii-chan! 😛

    The battle at the end was good with the pirates, however they really kind of came off as cartoony. Their mechs looked stupid, and none of them did anything really interesting. In fact water-skiing lobster woman’s was the worst.

    Chamber of course was awesome as always, but I wish they would have let him go all out, especially when the battle escalated. Seeing a mech just beat up things with its hands looks stupid, and it’s not what a mecha fan like me comes for. There are times when you’re going to have to take lives Gargantia!

    And therein is the big division in the fanbase on this episode. Gargantia is quite hypocritical and their priorities are stupid. You can say “no killing” all you want, but when it all hits the fan, this is a kill-or-die situation, and you’re going to have to kill some people. Period.

    Gargantia says that the reason that they don’t get rid of the pirates is because of the balance, however this is no different then paying off the mafia for “protection”. Do they really want to keep living under the threat of being pillaged, plundered, raped, murdered, and enslaved every day? Pirates are a bunch of bullying parasites that are only going to understand shows of power. Instead of attacking with Chamber’s full power which would have not only devastated the pirates but sent a clear message that Gargantia shouldn’t be messed with. Pirates are smart enough to know to then go after smaller prey.

    But no, the only use Chamber as a floodlight warning system and have Gargantia’s fighting forces which is millions of times more inferior, fight the pirates, using machine guns and cannons? Yeah, so you give the guy who has vaporizing lasers a “no-kill” order, but your own guys get to use guns and cannons, that WILL kill, maim and injure? And not only that but not only are Gargantia killing the pirates, but because they don’t have enough fire power, their ships are destroyed and they suffer mass casualties and are boarded and close to being taken over. And you know how all that could have been avoided? Let Red and Chamber go out DURING THE DAY when you first took note of the pirate fleet, let him do what he does and take the pirates down by surprise. Cause you know what? Those pirates don’t hold a “life is precious” policy and they are coming for blood.

    This is after the fact that they mention that these are “all” the pirates gathered together in one fleet. And guess what? You get them: no more pirates, no more living in fear, and any other stragglers will think twice about trying to even touch you. Also, you wouldn’t lose any of your own men in trying to defend your fleet, and the captain wouldn’t have had to risk sacrificing himself and thus the entire Gargantia fleet, to a pirate queen who would have ravaged and enslaved the populace anyway.

    But nooo…I guess cannons and gunfire are much more humane than vaporizing lasers. Right Gargantia?
    I hope all those lives you lost were worth it.

    Ridget seems to be the only smart one on the ship as she’s the only one who instead of complaining about the awesome might of Chamber and Red, thinks to actually talk to him and find out what he wants from them, and then asks him for something in return for it. It’s called an ALLIANCE, Gargantia! Look it up! And

    Now, with that rant out of the way… 😀

    I did enjoy the cultural aspects they included, such as the fact of Red learning the meaning of the phrase “thank you”. And that they keep feeding him “animal corpses”. I wonder what it is they eat in space? He doesn’t seem to think of fish or chicken as food, but simply as trying to mix with the locals. Also it looks as if Red is beginning to learn so words too.
    I don’t think he’s learning it as fast as you think, he’s doing it at a normal human speed. He heard the phrase “thank you” several times and when he finally asked Chamber about it, he understood what it meant and then could express it himself. If you’re wondering why Red is always looking downward, Chamber supplies a written text in the Alliance’s language for Red to read of what the other person is saying on this holographic screen that comes up in from of him. So, I highly doubt he can read Earth’s language yet, or even understand a lot of what their saying, but he’s trying. Although I’m perfectly okay with Chamber continuing to translate!

    So while this episode for me was not as good as the previous ones. In fact, it shot this show down from its “#1 Mecha Show of the Season” spot, down to #2 (Valvrave is now at #1), it was still an interesting experience. I really do hope that Urobuchi is writing this as I need a dark twist or turn, and I need it soon.

    But I vow, if Red becomes another Kira and this show becomes laden with another heavy-handed “killing is wrong” mecha series message, I will drop-kick this show into the next COUNTY!!!

    Anyway! 😀
    I give this episode a 7.95/10.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Another epic comment Irenesharda! I always look forward to reading your thoughts on Gargantia and Valvrave <3

      Yeah I completely agree with your thoughts on having Red take care of the Pirates in his own way, but it seems as if Bellows and the other members of Gargantia kind of turned Red into their personal guard dog! I mean sure I can agree with Bellows that killing is wrong even if they are evil pirates; however at the same time they aren’t exactly being nice by going all out against Gargantia like that. I honestly think they are afraid of him just like you said and I really hope they don’t turn him into a wimpy dude, but why not have Red disable their ships? Surely that could work better instead of wiping them out because I imagine resources for repairs are short in that world for those big warships.

      True! Chamber would totally protect Red if Ridget or anyone else tried to make a move against Red’s life, but given their reaction towards the events of episode two I guess they are 1000% scared of his giant robot.
      Chamber ftw <3

      On the subject of melee combat mecha versus those warships, I totally agree with you it does look completely dumb in this series because we are used to the pew pew laser spam combat seen in the very first episode, also the CGI just looked bad and Jrow is right the hand drawn stuff is much better; however I guess it is easier to fill in the blanks with CGI instead.

      As for Red learning the language yeah I suppose he isn’t learning it THAT fast and I figured he was reading the text on his little screen following along so maybe he is just naturally talented at learning new things, but I have a feeling that is where Amy’s little brother will give Red a history lesson about earth? I imagine some kind of information trade in the works? Chamber gives them info on space and they return the favor or something like that? LOL

      For me I have #1 Valvrave #2Gargantia #3MJP for now, but it makes me sad to remember that Gargantia only has 12 episodes while the other two have over 25 episodes!? That said I know Valvrave will have 12 episodes this season and pick up again in October! So technically MJP will outlast the other two giant robot shows.

      Nice score as well I would give it roughly 6/10 because of the lame robot versus ship combat and yes the robots are not that amazing looking minus Chamber because he is always awesome.

      • Irenesharda says:

        MJP isn’t hopeless…I hope. If someone on their writing crew would step it up, it has potential. Right now, it’s just a boring parody (but with potential).

        And I was being generous with my score, Gargantia has entertained me thus far, so I’ll give it time to recover.

        And you’re right, I think there was a better way Chamber could have handled it then just going one ship at a time and trying to tear them apart. I’m sure he could have had his lasers simply decommission all the ships would have succeeded in having no losses on either side. And it would have sent a clear message to them. But no, they didn’t do that.

        I think instead of complaining about Red and making him feel like everything is his fault, they should have taken the beginning of the episode to talk with him and understand what it is he wanted from them and negotiated with him. But they save that for near the end of the episode instead and practically cripple Chamber’s capabilities in the process with their orders.

    • Sumairii says:

      I have to agree; I was also annoyed at the whole “not killing” notion that was forced onto Red. The Butcher is well-known for his philosophizing, but this seemed to me a very poor and unconvincing attempt.

      I for one actually hope that we don’t get the usual dark twist. It would be a breath of fresh air to see Urobuchi do something different from his usual formula, as successful as it’s been for him.

    • Highway says:

      This was actually one of the times that I thought it was handled in a nuanced way. Along with what I said below, I don’t think it’s hypocritical at all to say “We don’t want to kill you, and won’t kill you unless we are forced to.” Red has no history with those pirates, but Gargantia does. It’s entirely possible that their storming of Bellows’ ship with guns drawn is just as said: negotiating. And the people on Gargantia know that and have worked out appropriate responses. All negotiation is theater – You say how much you want something, the other person says how much they want it, and this is done using various histrionics and symbolism.

      The confounding factor here was that Amy asked Red to ‘help’ Bellows crew, and they all had different assumptions of what that meant. To Red, that meant any means necessary. To Amy, that meant ‘help like our crewmates would help’. Giving Amy some credit, they’d *never* seen the offensive capabilities of Chamber. They think it’s just an advanced version of their own mechs. And they didn’t even see any obvious guns or weapons on it. So in the heat of the moment, the consequences could easily be lost of asking for that help.

      And yes, there are quite a few messages besides “I’m going to kill you” that can be sent with machine guns and cannon fire. Let’s think about what Red did with the pirates: he vaporized ALL of them and completely destroyed their ships in one salvo. That’s a huge difference from firing a gun at a ship that would probably cripple it with a good hit, or moderately damage it with an average hit. It’s possible people will die, but not everyone, and you give the remainder of the people the option to leave, having seen what the costs of continuing are.

      As I said, I like the nuanced morality. I have been in the past much more bloodthirsty, and might probably have thought “Just kill all the pirates!” But I certainly am not like that now.

      • Jrow says:

        I was going to write a comment pretty much like this as soon as I got back from lunch, so… ditto that Highway, and thanks for writing it for me. (in surely more words and better words than I would have, and also just repeating myself some from the podcast)

        Also, kind of funny how spam still captures your comments. Wisen up spambot, Highway has been one of us for a little while!

        • Highway says:

          Spammy is getting his final licks in, with extra insult now cause I can see that they’re caught in the spam filter, but can’t do anything about it (yet…). He’ll get his, oh yes…

          • BlackBriar says:

            Even if you’re a blogger now, Spammy isn’t seeing fit to give you special treatment. He’s staying equal to everyone!

      • HannoX says:

        It’s not just a negotiating tactic and an example of Gargantia’s moral compass. There’s also a very practical aspect to it. Obviously, Gargantia did not expect the pirates to kill Bellows and her crew nor to rape the women. If they were murderous scum there’d have been no problem with Red killing them. More likely the pirates were going to plunder Bellow’s ship and ransom the crew.

        But killing the pirates changes that. Now they have lost face and must regain it. Which means the violence would escalate more and more with the end result that Gargantia even if victorious would suffer extensive damage that would be more costly than whatever the pirates would have stolen, not to mention a number of deaths.

        Yes, Red and Chamber change that equation. They could totally annihilate the pirates without Gargantia suffering any loss. But Gargantia is still thinking in the terms they have always lived with–you fight off pirates, but with no more violence than necessary. Otherwise the cost will be far too high. And if you lose, you’re history.

        • Irenesharda says:

          Gargantia HAD to be expecting the pirates to kill, or else they wouldn’t have been so alarmed when Bellows ship was under attack. If not, they wouldn’t have seen out their ships that are loaded with artillery. If having guns was all about how this society negotiates Bellows ship itself would be loaded with weapons and she wouldn’t go around unarmed, since ships like hers are usual targets. But no, they actually have to call for help, showing that they were in fear for their lives.

          Also the pirates had hit several of Gargantia’s armed ships with missiles and gunfire, killing several Gargantians, so it was clear they have no qualms about killing.

          Yes, Red and Chamber change that equation. They could totally annihilate the pirates without Gargantia suffering any loss. But Gargantia is still thinking in the terms they have always lived with–you fight off pirates, but with no more violence than necessary.

          I think the real problem here is Gargantia’s mindset. They have yet to realize what they really have at their disposal and what it means to the balance of power. If they can get Red on their side and welcome him in, they’d have Chamber at their disposal, and they become the superpower of this new Earth waterworld. They are only thinking of the problem as if they are still equals to the pirates or even as if the pirates are still stronger than them and can therefore come back and bully them again even if they get a hit in.

          It’s like if a boy has been in fear of a bully all his childhood, who used to beat him up and take his money. He would cower and give in at times, maybe sometimes getting in a hit or two, but the bully would still keep coming. And even when the boy is older and rich and powerful he still has the mentality of his younger years and still cowers before the bully. He has yet to realize that he’s no longer the weak one here and he doesn’t have to stand for this. He can either stand up to the bully, or tell others to deal with him, and therefore send a clear message that he’s not going to tolerate this anymore. The bully can yell or scream threats, but he’s not going to get past the older, stronger boy, his guards, or the police. He becomes an empty threat.

          • HannoX says:

            I doubt they were in fear for their lives. What they feared was losing the resources the pirates were going to take from them. And the pirates themselves have very good reasons not to kill unless its necessry to send a message. (1) If people think you’re going to kill them no matter what, they’re going to fight like cornered rats and inflict as much damage on you as possible. Pirates aren’t in it for the fight; they’re in it for as easy plunder as possible. (2) You don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

      • Irenesharda says:

        I have no problems would thinking life is precious, but if someone is trying to kill me and clearly trying to hurt/kill those I care about, negotiations be damned, I’m going to take them out.

        My thing is that Gargantia orders Red to have a “no kill” policy, but they themselves don’t adhere to that. That’s what I find hypocritical. Yes, you can use guns and cannons for non-killing purposes, such as when you simply have them aimed as a threat or when you shoot them into the air as a warning to tell others to either get down or get out of the way.
        However, when you are shooting many automatic weapons, and firing volleys of cannons directly at your targets. You are only trying to kill them. Because the only way you’re going to escape that much cannon fire is if you jump ship, and even then you are probably going to come out maimed or horribly injured, if you survive at all.

        And not only that but not only did Gargantia’s way NOT work and they were nearly taken over if not for Red taking out Rakkage, but they lost several of their own ships and people in the process. Were the lives of your own crew, your family, and their vessels worth it? Was it worth the loss, when the pirates clearly don’t care about killing you?

        If Gargantia is so clearly about trying to just defend themselves, they could have simply have had Red disable the ships via his laser, warned them off and be done with it. And if they come after you again, it’s not like you didn’t warn them. The pirates here are continually terrorizing them and bullying them, I’m sorry but I would not continue “negotiating” with them and living under that, not if I knew there was a surefire way to either get rid of them, or to warn them to completely leave you alone through the threat of arms.

        • Highway says:

          The thing is, they know by long history that pirates showing up on their ships with automatic weapons does *not* mean that they are trying to kill them, or clearly trying to hurt them. In fact, they know that it’s the opposite, that the pirates are showing force to show more willingness than you to kill, but they still don’t want to actually do it, either.

          And what I saw, Red was asked to minimize loss of life, and that was his orders to Chamber. That he was able to do what he did with *no* loss of life was commendable, but I don’t think he was nearly as hamstrung as other people do. And again, there’s such a complete difference in scale between lobbing a volley of cannon fire at a ship that’s 1000 meters away and an advanced weapons platform that can kill *everyone* in one volley, even those under cover that it’s a difference in kind.

          Yes, the pirates are bullying them. They have for years. And I’m sure that everyone would rather there not be pirates. But there are going to be pirates, because there will always be atavistic people. They do their own cost / benefit analysis, and judge the cost of being raided by pirates every so often to be worth the benefit they feel by not killing them off, perhaps to be replaced by the concentrated pirates who have less moral compunction against outright killing and are tough enough to not have been killed before.

          • Irenesharda says:

            I understand that the pirates we have now are the lesser evils here, but they clearly are a threat and an evil that Gargantia would no longer have to deal with since the balance of power has shifted.

            But then again I can understand if they don’t want to completely rely on Red, but they don’t even bring that possibility up, they simply complain about him.

            Also, I disagree that the pirates were not trying to kill them with their weapons in the previous episode. The pirates clearly shot first and fired missiles at Gargantia’s defense ships, which most definitely killed many on board. The only ones you saw them really let live was Bellows and her friend, but you can see why they did that and what they were aiming for. No, I can’t agree that the weapons are “just” used for negotiations, unless you’re talking about forceful negotiations, which including killing or harming those around you for you to cooperate.

            And if your talking scale, is being hit with cannon fire/gunfire really better than being hit by laser fire? At least when you’re vaporized, it’s instantaneous with no pain. Cannons and guns, you could be injured and killed with horrible pain from shrapnel, or the injury itself, or infection. Especially considering that with their now downed ships, they’re just floating in water with nowhere to go. In the end I’d say laser fire is the more human of the two.

            In the end, I just think there is a communication disconnect between Red and most of Gargantia, and Gargantia has yet to change it’s mindset and realize that they no longer have to tolerate these pirates, and that the pirates are no longer stronger than them. They have yet to fully realize what having Red on their side really means. In a way, it’s kind of like getting a nuclear missile, but since you don’t know what to do with it, you just swing it around like a giant club and hit people in the head with it.

            I’m not saying “kill them all!”, but clearly show them what they will face if they mess with you again. Send a warning to Rakkage that it would be a mistake to mess with them again. Rakkage has never seen Chamber’s full capabilities for herself and since none of the pirates were left to tell the tale, none could tell her of its fighting power. She’s sending out stupid threats of “how well do you do underwater”, clearly and vastly underestimating it. They need to show the pirate queen what they’re capable of, and then if she’s still too stubborn and rashly tries to take them on again, then that decision’s on her.

            • Highway says:

              And when Red’s gone, what then? And what about all the other flotillas that will suffer from the pirate’s reaction to Gargantia’s increasing use of force? There’s ample evidence that the mindshare and caring of the people on Gargantia is much bigger than just themselves, and pushing the problem onto other flotillas won’t really endear them to others.

              And the difference between killing two or three people, maybe 10, in a boarding or bombardment action, and in killing hundreds with nary a thought, nor even a warning, is quite significant, and I don’t think can in any way be characterized as ‘more humane’.

              In the end, it comes down to the fact that they have a different philosophy from you. And since they’re the ones who have their lives on the line, they’re entitled to live to that philosophy. I don’t find it hypocritical at all.

      • Irenesharda says:

        I’m just going to say that we’re in “agree to disagree” territory at this point. I still think that Gargantia is in the wrong and that I hope they eventually learn that. You just happen to think differently and that’s okay too.

        As for Red, I honestly don’t really know if he should stay on Earth. It’s really not his world and he doesn’t really seem that interested in staying for the long haul. He doesn’t seem to enjoy Earth food or cultures, he just seems to be taking everything in stride until he can go home. He doesn’t hate anything on Earth and he thinks it’s pretty, but it’s kind of like how I am on vacation. You like being there, but its not a place you want to live.

        I also wonder if Red and the humans of the Alliance after having been in space for who knows how many hundreds of years, have adapted to space life and so therefore might have eventual problems in trying to live on Earth again? It would be a real interesting twist if just as Red decides that maybe he would like to stay on Gargantia, he finds out that if he stays on Earth he will die since his body is not suited for staying there long-term (maybe in some War of the Worlds way where his body can’t adapt to the microbials in the air, etc.), and he has to return to space.

        I myself am actually beginning to be more interested in what’s going on in space. If Red’s commander is going to show up or the entire Alliance. What type of people are the Alliance? What type of world is Avalon? I really want to see that side of the story too. But as this story is called “Gargantia” we might not get that.

        I just want the two worlds to meet and see where it goes. The humans of the past who have advanced to become almost aliens to their Earth-bound counterparts of today. It’s interesting that those of Gargantia seem to be pretty accepting of Red coming space and that there happens to be not only a large group of humans living among the stars, but there’s also alien races out there as well. But I hope we get more of the cultural interactions in further episodes.

  3. Highway says:

    I liked the punny name ‘Rackage’ more for the pirate queen. I also thought it was funny that the Lobster ships had two large red ‘sails’ that looked like claws.

    I was also fine with the attitude and philosophy that you defend yourself with the minimum amount of force possible to keep yourself safe. We also see the large range that a word like ‘enemy’ can cover, from a mortal enemy like the Hideauze to a guy on the other side of the negotiating table like the pirates. I think it’s admirable to want to not kill even those who may have killed your allies and friends.

    Now, I’m not sure that Red’s ‘winning’ the fight for them actually makes it any better. If the pirate’s quest for revenge was triggered by them losing face and losing men and wanting retribution in blood, well, they didn’t get the blood retribution, and they lost a lot more face. Is this going to escalate more? Or will they realize they’re pretty much hopeless.

    • skylion says:

      We didn’t see Rackage actually die, so if past narratives are any indication, she’ll be back…and I don’t think she’ll give up on revenge in some form.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Reckage is like team rocket meaning they will never ever give up until they complete their mission or will they become friendly with Gargantia? I guess to me Reckage gives off that Saturday morning cartoon villain vibe xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Beware of the red lobster pirates! I hear they use cheese biscuits as weapons and damn now I am hungry.

      True I have a feeling by the end of the series Red’s view on war and fighting will do a complete 360 or will the Hideauze appear and attack earth? I certainly see that playing out as in the signals sent into space by Chamber alerting the evil space flowers towards earth?! I hope that doesn’t happen T____T

      Of course the pirates want revenge against Gargantia and Red/Chamber.

      • Irenesharda says:

        Actually, I do hope we see the space flowers and snails again. I miss them, and their iridescent tentacles. 😛

        My theory is that you know how you can cut off pieces of a plant, plant it somewhere else and have it grow there? What if pieces of the Hideauze came with Red through the wormhole and are now on Earth, but in this new environment, with all the water (that both snails and flowers love), they have begun to multiply astronomically?! They could easily hide in the vast oceans and attack when you least expect it!

        I think that would bring the Alliance out in force, and Red would need all the help he can get.

        Incidentally, I wonder what Red would think if he saw his first Earth snail? Would he be okay with it? Would he automatically destroy it? Would he fall into PTSD? Hmm, the possibilities…

    • akagami says:

      I found it highly amusing that Rackage’s slave eyecandy were her two right and left sidekicks piloting the lobster ships.

      • BlackBriar says:

        They’re masochists and so nothing would please them more than to be crushed under her heels and follow her orders. Her throne room might as well have been an S&M dungeon.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    One thing can be said: Gargantia has girls of all ages. Personally, I’d go for Bellows because even though Amy is cute, she looks more like the little sister type. The girl at the start with age 14 isn’t sticking with me. I’d peg her for at least 12.

    Seeing Ledo getting a negative reaction for what he did to the pirates was unexpected. I thought there would be gratitude instead and the whole morality against killing other humans went over my head considering the Urobuchi is usually inclined to allow genocide in his shows. If the pirates had an opportunity to kill, it’s doubtful they’d hesitate. Amy blames herself but shouldn’t because she didn’t know he was war hardened.

    I’m glad there wasn’t any beating around the bush with the fact Gargantia could easily be wiped out by Ledo. The question is: Are the people really going to stay quiet with that in mind or will they get fearful and start a revolt?

    The attention was focused heavily on Rackage. With so much sex appeal and authority, it isn’t so hard to see controlling the pirates. For character similarities, Rackage looks like a red haired version of Shion from Psycho-Pass. And what she does with the two girls, it’s obvious that she’s sadistic but also masochistic when she told Ledo she likes her men agressive.

    • akagami says:

      So much useless meat I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do.

      The girl third from the left looks like she came straight out of a hentai… can’t remember the artist’s name, for the life of me.

      • Irenesharda says:

        Actually that’s not unusual since I think someone, I can’t remember who, came from a background in animation design for hentai. So actually, I guess for him , this is pretty tame.

      • akagami says:

        I remember who the artist the character design reminds me of – Naruko Hanaharu

  5. Gecko says:

    I think I shall stick with Bellows as well. (That red thing does seem to be underwear.) I was somewhat glad that she in particular did the explaining to Red that this Earth has a no-killing policy and that the pirates aren’t cool cause they are okay with violating that. As for the actual policy, I like it. It’s a nice contrast to Red’s job. Obviously it’s not what most viewers want, since this is mecha, but for me, I’m just waiting to see what ends up happening as these contrasts build up between Red/Chamber and Gargantia. The language barrier will slowly fall down, and this first glimpse was pretty funny, I think. Lots of props to Red’s seiyuu for having to butcher “arigatou” and doing it well.
    Those girls with Rackage were very goofy- unhappy sitting around with her but ecstatic when working the boat. Then again, the lobster mecha was really funny, maybe the girls were laughing.
    Other than that, this wasn’t the greatest episode yet, but I’ll keep watching. I’m still waiting for the Urobuchi plot to show up here. Red has similarities to other Urobuchi characters as does Amy, although they’re pretty different if we consider that he really likes to have an experienced/veteran/pessimist and a newbie/happy-go-lucky/optimist pair at the center of the cast.
    I do hope, though, that Red gets a better habitation than that ledge. I mean, he’s used to always being in his mecha, so it’s not bad, but it’s wacky looking to live on a ledge.

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