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I don’t know about you, but receiving a chocolate house on Valentine’s Day would be pretty sweet~

I come back from the shadows to bring you this post before disappearing once again for who knows how many more weeks! From the first episode, I had been hypnotized by Tamako Market’s adorable characters and clean cut animation, but while the second episode tided me over, these past few episodes haven’t been able to do quite as good a job…

A Tamako Market Valentine’s Day (Episode 2)


As I slightly mentioned in my into, no episode has impressed quite as much as episode two, which dealt with the Valentine’s Day special in it’s own way. We got to see more of Bunny Mountain shopping district’s daily life and the strong bond that exists between all the owners of the shops, who banded together to transform the district into a lovey-dovey place for Valentine’s Day, thanks to Tamako. When an idea arises, these owners certainly jump to it for the benefit of the shopping district (except maybe for Tamako’s father, who seems to want to keep things just the way they are; of course that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about the district).


The main highlight for me however, aside from the cute bunny outfits and other Valentine’s Day shenanigans, was Midori. After watching the episodes several times, I came to the conclusion Tamako Market was quite subtly dipping their toes into the issue of crushing on a person of the same gender, with Midori possibly having feelings for Tamako. If my conclusion is right, then I absolutely loved they way they took the subject without it being so ‘up in your face’; for a while I even thought she might have been in love with Mochizou, but the more the episode progressed with its vague dialogue and the looks Midori would give towards Tamako, I came to realize she may just be in love with her. However, I still have this speculation that’s constantly nagging at the back of my brain that thinks Midori could just have feelings for Mochizou, and her troubles may stem from the fact he likes Tamako and Tamako has been his friend for the longest time, so she feels she deserves him more than she does. Either way, I enjoyed the way they took the Valentine’s Day episode. It wasn’t all about “Who am I giving chocolates too?!” or furthering the possible romantic relationships in the show; in fact, it rarely took on the subject of giving out chocolates and romance head on. Everything turned out to be shadowed (in classic Tamako fashion) under the main focus of trying to liven up the shopping district for that day.~

Why so obsessed with Shiroi? (Episode 3) & Festival Memories (Episode 4)


I say ‘why so obsessed with Shiori’ because everyone seemed to be flocking towards the lovely Shiori in that episode (I think I’m clever but I’m not). Anyway, these two episodes were not only more single character focused, but also revealed just a little more of the unknown elements of the show. In episode 4, amidst the incredibly adorable grade school crush story, we finally got to see a glimpse of Tamako’s mom and the effect it’s had on at least Anko. Though it seems the family has learned to continue on, Anko still has some pent up feelings that were brought on by the festival. I’m wondering if maybe we’ll get to see this in Tamako as well, but there hasn’t been a truly Tamako-focused episode yet to reveal any such feelings.


Meanwhile for Dera, episode three and on has shifted the focus away from his mysterious past (at least for now), and he seems to be more of a narrator now, alongside being the show’s unique nitch and comedic distraction. He does however come into play a lot more into the life’s of the other characters in the show by helping Midori in episode two, Shiroi in episode three, and recently Anko in episode four. Though we still haven’t found out more about Dera other than that he could possibly be some kind of robot (I mean, what kind of live bird plays video from its mouth?) and that he’s from some type of tropical area, thanks to subtle clues in his casual talk (such as mentioning his favorite fruits to Tamako in episode two).

All in all, episode three and four were a bit generic. Episode two was wonderful, but I didn’t get that same kind of awed feeling these past two episodes. There wasn’t as much unexpected…substance to the show, as in I could easily guess where these stories and the underlying morals to them were leading up to, especially in episode three. I won’t do will try not to do much complaining about this though because I expected as much. Plus, I find myself enjoying the laid back atmosphere, as well as getting lost in everyone’s stories. This show is a nice, relaxing escape after a long week, at least for me.~



We’re at a beach episode already? Tamako Market sure is going through the seasons quickly…Anyway, looks like some long-awaited Mochizou and Tamako action might possibly happen?! See you…in a few days~!!


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13 Responses to “Tamako Market 02 – 04”

  1. Highway says:

    I’ve got the opposite trajectory as you do. I have liked each episode more and more, because I think the storytelling style has gotten better and better. The first two episodes felt so go-go-go, like the show had things to do and since it got to where you are now, it’s moving on to the next thing, like a tour guide at an art museum that is constantly walking on to the next painting. It wasn’t ‘rushed’ per se, but it was like checking things off in a purposeful way, and not lingering over anything.

    And with the introduction of Shiori in episode 3, the show finally seemed to take a breather. Her quiet demeanor, and her hesitant personality, really helped pull the show back from the breakneck pace that it had set in the first two episodes. And it felt like Tamako really fell in step with Shiori, which I thought was awesome, rather than trying to pull Shiori up to the pace that Tamako sets as she whirlwinds through life. Taking her out for coffee and reflection at the record shop was so intimate, so personal, it was a complete change from the sometimes oppressively communal aspect of the shoutengai. And it gave the quiet Shiori a chance to finally say how much she enjoyed the attention and time with Tamako. And Tamako, as dense as she is about matters of love, really seems to be great at reading the mood otherwise. Her 2 beat wait, and then plain “Me too!” response was perfect.

    That episode cemented this show as something special to me, something that seems to take the feeling of both K-On and Chuunibyou and mold them together in a wonderful distillation of life.

  2. Highway says:

    I also thought that episode 4 was a good reaction to the needed slowdown of episode 3. Having two that were that reflective in a row would probably have been problematic, but episode 4 rebounded the pace slightly without returning to the overly hectic pace from 1 and 2.

    I don’t know if it’s that An has to work through any particular issues about missing her mother, just that there are some things that make her remember her and make her feel uncomfortable. She’s also dealing with the normal kid things about obligations that one didn’t consciously accept – being a mochimaker’s daughter – and feelings that one doesn’t willingly generate – feeling a crush on a cute boy in your class and not knowing how to deal with it.

    The episode had a good amount of reflection, with An realizing that she could help someone else feel better with her support, the way her mother did. And it also had a lovely reward for An, in that even though she didn’t get to go to the museum with her friends and her crush, she learned that maybe he’s got some feelings for her too, since he was interested enough to buy her a souvenir and then even come give it to her personally.

    But the episode also threw in some more outright joking, with Dera flying in his new jacket being what I thought was the funniest thing, just thrown in. I also thought it was precious that Midori took comfort from Tamako’s general cluelessness about love to feel better that her somewhat obvious feelings aren’t getting through to Tamako (even if Kanna can see it plainly).

    I wonder if the show will continue to explore these “non-traditional” aspects, or even carry them through to a non-traditional conclusion (unlike K-On!, where there was much speculation about how much Yui loved Azusa, but at most it was a misunderstanding). Does Midori actually have a chance when Tamako figures out that both she and Mochizou love her? And what will they do with Kaoru, The Florist Princess? Or will Kaoru just continue to be another person that everyone cares for, which might be the best thing they could do.

  3. Restia says:

    I’m kind of in the same line as Hoshi

    I think it started off quite well, but it’s losing my interest gradually, meh I don’t know, hopefully the Prince comes out quickly since I want to know more about Dera the Mechabird
    Though the point made in the First Impressions thread is still prominent, Tori Market.

    • Highway says:

      See, I think there’s already plenty of Dera. To me, he’s just a gimmick for comic relief. If there was much more of him, I think I’d find him tiresome very quickly. I also don’t really care that much about the prince at this point, because he’s not there, and there’s plenty of wonderful interaction going on with all the characters we already have.

      Basically, I think the show is very rich with characterization, and I’m enjoying that there’s not some big story plot driver forcing everything along.

      • Restia says:

        they already ruined my idea for a peaceful Slice of Life mochi anime from ep 1 with Dera shooting projector beams °^°

        • BlackBriar says:

          Do you have any backup ideas for a peaceful Slice of Life mochi anime? One arrogant bird has got to be only a minor setback.

  4. HannoX says:

    I think the amount of Dera is just about right, or maybe a little less of him would be right. He’s there to provide most of the comedy and to provide the real off-the-wall aspects of this show. But as funny as I find him to be, I’m more interested in the interactions of the human characters and showing the community life of Bunny Mountain shopping district. Too much Dera would overwhelm that.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Dera is good at stealing the show but the story is about Tamako so it would be better if Dera could be around like 50%. If he’s there too much, we’ll get bored of his character quickly.

  5. skylion says:

    This show will always be about that welcoming, pleasing aspect of the extended family that the Market provides. I find myself champing at the bit for the next episode (tomorrow night by this writing). It is every bit as magical and fulfilling as any other place in fiction you care to name. It has bits of Hobbiton, bits of Ten-Forward, and bits of the Burrow (The Weasley’s House), and yet remains very real and in a certain light, not so very far away.

    As a good reviewer said on a recent G+ Hangout I participated in “KyoAni has succeeded in bottling charm”

    With Hyou-ka, Chu2Koi, and Tamako Market, they’ve got the Triple Play. It makes me so anticipate the Home Run.

    • skylion says:

      Doh. A Triple play would call the team on offense out. They couldn’t get a Home Run/Grand Slam.

      So, call it a Bases Loaded. Waiting for the Grand Slam.

      • Highway says:

        They already hit the home run with K-On!. I think it’s more that they’re batting for the cycle now.

        Either that, or I’d take Hyouka out and just group the 3 more moe shows: K-On!, Chuunibyou, and Tamako Market. And then the next one’s the one that will wrap it all up together and just blow everyone away (and we thought we were blown away with these 3…).

  6. BlackBriar says:

    It’s because Tamako Market is from the same studio as Hyouka and Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! that I’m staying optimistic and so far, it’s the second episode that’s holding the crown. The first highlight for me is that there were french lyrics in the song that was sung while Tamako was taking care of the district in the second episode. The second is that with presentation on Valentine’s Day, Dera also serves as a projector.

    • Highway says:

      Ah, to me, the best part of the whole series so far was when Tamako and Shiori were sitting together in the record store / coffee shop, with those long pauses when Tamako asks if she and Dera have been a bother, and as Shiori tries to work up the courage to tell Tamako how much she enjoyed spending time with her. And when she finally says how much fun it was, but hides, just that touch on the shoulder and “Asagiri-san? Watashi mo da yo!” Just perfect tone and depth for the scene.

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