Doki Doki Precure – 02

Doki Doki Precurez (2)

Cure Heart-“I will save you! Once I figure out how to magical girl…”

Ku ku ku! Welcome PreCure fans to another review of Doki Doki Precure on Metanorn! I hope you are having just as much fun as I am with this series and if you aren’t really into it then maybe my short videos will get you interested? So what are you up to Kara?!
So I finally got around to starting(and getting about halfway in) Suite between episodes one and two of Doki Doki. I was so intent on comparing Smile to Yes when I watched it, but all of these Precure series are pretty different from one another. But yeah! I’m looking forward to seeing how Doki Doki goes from here.

Magical fun

Doki Doki Precure VIDEO (7)

Cure Sword-“I seriously hate hanging around all day.”


Cure Sword-“Friendship? More like no ship for you.”

 Well, as I expected, Makoto is currently stuck in her lone wolf mentality and doesn’t feel like teaming up with Mana just yet. Maybe she has a reason for this, but the end result is that we’re stuck with Mana working alone. The whole identity thing was actually addressed here. Fosh and I were talking about how every magical girl show ever has them hide their real identities for no real reason, but at least Doki Doki had some sort of explanation. Luckily though, Mana went outside the norm and actually told Rika about the Precure thing, saving us from a good portion of friends keeping secrets drama. Hell, Mana seems more competent than normal leaders in the first place. She accepted the Precure thing pretty painlessly and instead of being annoying this episode with constantly helping people, it actually served as a good explanation behind why she makes a good Precure. …Not to mention it immediately sets her as an opposite to the villains, who are aptly named selfish. Speaking of the villains, they seem to take after the seven deadly sins (since Ira= wrath and and that woman was Mammon or something, which if I remembered her name right, has to do with greed). Maybe there will be seven of them in total? In any case, they actually physically fought Mana instead of making the Selfish do it for them, so I like them already. Hopefully the addition of the rest of the Precure add to the show as they come in, but at the moment, Mana is doing pretty well on her own. Maybe this isn’t the most interesting Precure at the moment either, but it has enough to keep me watching for now until things pick up and the plot is explained.

Fun with magical girls

Doki Doki Precurez (4)

PreCure fathers make the best anime food

Doki Doki Precurez (5)

I guess it means Mana can steal powers!

Doki Doki Precurez (6)

Don’t listen to Ira/evil Luffy!

Doki Doki Precurez (3)

Moe attack.jpeg


Doki Doki Precurez (1)

Rikka-“What the hell are we looking at…”                    Mana-“Science! Rikka science!

Rikka becomes Cure Diamond!?


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13 Responses to “Doki Doki Precure – 02”

  1. malice says:

    Short review is short D:

    • Foshizzel says:

      True it is a short review, but the core is the video portion of the post or should I try to make the content longer? D:

      • malice says:

        I mean, I’m struggling to write less than 1000 words per episode. I’m supposed to limit it to 500, but between the recap and the analysis…

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ooooh! Yeah it is hard to cut back when you love talking about a series you love to watch and videos I always have trouble with explaining things clearly lol…

        • Highway says:

          For some unsolicited advice from another blogger: This is what I struggle with as well. If I might suggest, unless you’re specifically supposed to do a recap (and in a 500 word limit, that seems really restrictive), then drop that part as much as possible. And boy do I struggle with that. You just start talking about stuff and explain the next thing and all of a sudden you’re at 1300 words…

          But anyway, try to only reference as much of the episode happenings as you need to explain your analysis. And good luck and enjoy yourself!

  2. Liza says:

    I’m sadly still not liking Doki Doki that much. :/ Although I do like how Mana ended up telling Rika everything, the way she went about it sort of bothered me. Maybe because Mana didn’t think of the consequences much of telling Rika. It was more of, “I’m going to tell her!” and the mascots being like, “NOPE!”

    I do like how Rika helped Mana beat the Selfish though despite not being a cure yet.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ohh? I think it is really interesting so far, but I am a huge fan thanks to how addictive Smile PreCure was week after week~

      That was a nice change with Mana revealing the truth to Rikka about her precure powers and I died laughing with that mascot omg so hilarious the expression was priceless.

      I know right? Awesome! You should try your best and hold out for the final girl to become a cure and see where the story goes? I am curious to see Alice’s personality and how she deals with the magical powers.

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