Amnesia – 06


And you thought she couldn’t find more ways to kill herself with

We should start making bets or something. How will the heroine die this arc? Just how inept can they make her? Ahahaha… oh well. They cut out a lot of Ikki’s route, so at least I have something to talk about other than complaining about the heroine.
Aaand I’m sorry for being MIA last week again, school’s been really busy. Nowadays I actually resort to camping in the school library with my laptop to watch my weekly anime during breaks, which is a rather productive use of my time too, in my opinion. xD


Miyu || I’m glad to say that I’m actually enjoying Ikki’s route more than Shin’s. Maybe it’s just because I like that kind of sexy, mysterious guy, but I find Ikki a lot more interesting to watch than Shin. His playboy exterior is pretty convincing to be honest, I thought he was really going to be that kind of guy that sees girls only as objects to possess, until they revealed that adorable backstory of his. I mean, a kid wishing upon a shooting star? Really now, really?! It’s cute that he has that sensitive side to him (Ikki x heroine made me DAWWW) and it’s actually the GIRLS that are cruelly dumping him. I also suppose Ikki’s the only one (uh, excluding Ukkyo because I have no idea what he’s supposed to be) that has some form of “magical power” in our Amnesia cast. Actually, I don’t even know what to expect anymore. Amnesia is far from realistic as an otome game, and I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that more crazy batshit is going to happen from now onwards. I have a feeling that the entire Ukkyo route/arc is going to be very mindblowing.

Kara || Ikki is definitely one of the deeper characters of the cast, with his playboy exterior and …er, lonely interior I guess (it sounds like I’m talking about a house or something OTL). So yeah, it’s not exactly his fault that he has more fangirls than he needs, but it’s because of his eyes. …The story behind the shooting star has more to it too, but I should probably save that until we cover the true route. Anyways, they failed to mention this (probably because it was part of the sequel game and not actually the one the anime is based off of), but there’s more to the story where Ikki was something of an outcast as a kid (due to his name of all things), thus why he made the wish. I only mention this because I figure that’s a part of the reason why he doesn’t tell all of his fangirls to screw off from the beginning. He’s secretly scared of being lonely or something. Plus he didn’t know about the rules of the fanclub either (with the reports and the three month time limit) and since it kept the fangirls from killing one another over him, he was okay with it’s existence.


Miyu || Amnesia has this big focus on all the mystery surrounding the parallel worlds and the repeating dates and all, which can be interesting when done appropriately, but in this case it mostly falls short of expectations. It brings all our attention onto the topic of world-hopping, but then doesn’t really expand on it and kind of leaves us hanging there while we watch the heroine go through the entire process of getting to know one of the bishies all over again. I know that as the routes pass we’ll get to know more about this and maybe in the end it’ll end up forming a clear picture of the situation, but the build-up is honestly not good enough to keep me interested for what’s going to come next! The end is important, but the process is even more so, and Amnesia is… not really doing a lot to keep things fresh and exciting.



Miyu || It makes me kind of depressed that the heroine is resetting every time we start a new route, though. Just when it felt like she’d progressed that little bit, in episode 5 she went back to being all confused and timid. At the beginning of this episode I swear I was this close to punching my desktop screen because of her inability to express herself properly. It makes me incredibly annoyed because so many problems could’ve been easily solved if she would just open her mouth and ask. I understand that she must be feeling overwhelmed by all the parallel world thingum going on, but I’m pretty sure even a normal person would be able to gather him/herself together to ask questions tactfully and get a grasp of the situation. :c Later on it got slightly better because hey, at least she had an opinion  about the entire taking-turns-to-date-Ikki thingy and had enough courage to… kind of stand up against them (although the next moment she got pushed into a boat which sank and caused her to drown…). Which also brings me to my next point – being ditsy can be an endearing trait when incorporated into a character’s personality properly, but in this case it is over-the-top and incredibly irritating. Can one episode pass without her getting herself into some form of trouble? To make matters worse, since episode 1 she has been unable to get herself out of these situations without some knight in shining armor coming to rescue her. I wonder how all these bishies even stand her. *facepalm*

Kara || Out of all of the ways I came up with for the heroine to die tragically in this arc, this wasn’t how I thought it was going to go. If you want to point fingers (aside from the fact that the heroine didn’t even attempt to swim), if she hadn’t been distracted by Orion, she probably could have rowed herself to the dock that was meters away. Hell, even with talking to Orion, she could have multitasked. The truck I can understand. This was just silly all around. On the plus side though, the fangirls pushing the heroine into a boat is mild considering that pretty much every bad end for Ikki’s route ended in death because of them (or at least the few I played, maybe the real ratio is different. Hell, maybe this drowning actually happened in the game.). Plus there’s was a LOT less bullying here from Rika. Here she just seemed like the leader to the fangirls, in the game she would single the heroine out and tell her that ‘Ikki-sama’ belonged to everyone pretty much every opportunity she got, oh and plus there were death threats too. So yeah, I was expecting a bit more from the fangirls in terms of the heroine’s death, but it seems that they weren’t really even needed in this scenario. The heroine could have tripped off the dock and it would have been to the same effect as shoving her into the boat.

I still like the adaption (and it’s not just otome game bias because that Arcana Famiglia adaption was absolutely awful and I’m not afraid to let everyone know), but I’m rather glad that I watch this weekly. I would never be able to get through this marathoning and would definitely lose interest. If I hadn’t played the game, I would have lost interest by now as well. I hope that the ending is worth all of you’re guy’s time though since the best route in my opinion is the true route. Though they’ve definitely cut out a lot of the dark drama that went into the game. Sigh, well even if Ikki’s route was softened quite a bit, they can’t do much about Toma’s route. However, I hope the next guy they cover is Kent. Between Toma’s and Ukyou’s, Kent’s story is going to be… really uneventful, so they should just get it out of the way. …Plus if the bishie order of the ED is anything to go by, that’s what they were planning to do in the first place.

I’m frankly really tired of watching Amnesia. In the middle of the episode I just get so sleepy that I just blank out and stone for a few minutes, and then realize that the words haven’t been going into my brain. So then I rewind, only to find that whatever covered in that few minutes could’ve actually been summarized into 2 bullet points if not for the heroine’s reeeeeeeally slow talking speed. =w= BUT I SHALL PERSERVERE. Let’s hope that the final conclusion will be one so good that I won’t regret having to go through so many minutes of stammering and fainting and tripping over nothing at all.


Waka you are the only thing I’m looking forward to at the beginning of every route HAHAHA



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36 Responses to “Amnesia – 06”

  1. Liza says:

    I seriously wanted to punch Heroine in the face this episode. I was able to stand her in the last one but this one? Nope. DO SOMETHING YOU IDIOT. Figure stuff out. I actually was almost yelling at my scream for her to go after Ukyou and be all, “WHAT IS GOING ON!?” since he does give off the vibe of knowing what is happening to her.

    Ikki himself was so adorable this whole episode. He turned out so different than what I was expecting. The shooting star thing surprised me although this is an otome with magical world hopping so yeah, powers like that are good I guess.

    The death by drowning though had me face-palming. Like…really. Not even trying to swim you stupid girl? Even if she couldn’t(like me…) at least try to save yourself?

    Also I felt like this arc isn’t over yet. Shin’s definitely felt like an ENDING but Ikki’s made me feel like there is supposed to be more happening.

    Hopefully in whoever’s arc is next, Heroine shows a bit more backbone(doubt it big time though. -_-)

    • BlackBriar says:

      I get the feeling she’s a way, bipolar. One day, she acts like she’s beginning to get everything back under control and the next, she’s like a sheep waiting for directions and can’t function without them.

      • Karakuri says:

        Well, if anything, she’s at least true to her game counterpart. Which is more than I can say for Felicita xD

        • BlackBriar says:

          Alright but Arcana Famiglia was a lot more entertaining than this so far and that’s saying something. At least I had my sadistic fun watching the characters go through their punishment.

          • Karakuri says:

            Ahaha true enough. Felicita actually had a personality.

            Oh, there’s sadistic fun coming up actually in Toma’s route. Just wait~~~ ….though they might water it down like the other routes. It’s should still be entertaining though.

            • BlackBriar says:

              Then hopefully, it will give me a little something to look forward to in this otherwise lackluster show. I would’ve dropped this if I wasn’t so curious to see how the story goes. That’s why I tortured myself continuing shows like Shining Hearts. *shivers*

            • Karakuri says:

              Silly Briar, you don’t watch Shining Hearts for the characters or storyline. You watch it for the bread. xD

            • BlackBriar says:

              Thank you! I have seen the error of my ways and I can now move on.

            • Highway says:

              Careful BB, I fell for that same thing on AF! “It’ll get better (I hope!)”

              It didn’t get better.

            • BlackBriar says:

              I completely understand. That’s three months of spare time (length between the first and last episode) you’ll never get back.

          • Highway says:

            Wait wait wait, you guys are saying that AF was MORE entertaining than Amnesia? And not just more, but a LOT more? Wow, how much does Amnesia suck? Poor Karakuri, all her otome games get adapted into crap.

            • Karakuri says:

              Oh, I like Amnesia a LOT better than AF, but it’s still…lacking. The heroine sucks more than Fel, which says a lot. Amnesia’s redeeming point is that they’re actually building up the storyline to something great here. …Only I’m the only one who knows what’s going on, so I’m the only one appreciating it. OTL

              AF, they just completely messed everything up.

            • Karakuri says:

              That ‘something great’ being based on my hopes and what I saw in the game though. They could still royally screw the climax and reveal up.

              However, I have more confidence with Amnesia than I did with AF at this point in the series.

            • BlackBriar says:

              At the halfway point right now, AF is doing better than Amnesia because of the differences in the lead females. Felicita has more personality than the heroine who sometimes seems she doesn’t know her left from her right.

    • Karakuri says:

      Pfft if anyone punched her in the face, she’d probably just stare at them blankly with a monologue of “What’s going on?” in her head. Oh well, all will be revealed later. …I mean Ukyou, not the explanation behind the heroine being useless. Who knows why that’s there.

      Well, in an anime about a fairy accidentally making a girl lose her memories, a guy who attracts the ladies with his eyes isn’t too far off. OH! I neglected to mention this, but the reason his eyes don”t work on her!!! They actually did, but the heroine was also turned off by Ikki since her father in this route is a playboy and she has bad memories with his remarriages. …I only mention this because it’s relevant below.

      Meh, they cut out the part with the heroine’s drama with her playboy father, so of course the route feels incomplete. Plus Ikki never told his fangirls to screw off.

      Uhhh…. if Kent is next, then there’s going to be more silence. At least it’s not as bad as she is going to be in Toma’s though.

      • Liza says:

        Ohhhh. So that’s why Ikki’s eyes didn’t work on her! Dang. I wish they left that in. It would have made for some good drama. Of course that would mean that Heroine would need to have some…dare I say it? Emotions!

  2. Gecko says:

    I’m sad to see this Ikki route go. He didn’t fawn over the heroine, and never really found out about the amnesia, which made him more tolerable. Plus the shooting star thing was actually cute. (Even I think so.) Shin’s route was soo awful, though, so there wasn’t much to compare to.
    As for the heroine, I don’t know why she didn’t think to go back to the dock. Like, hello, you have a boat. I was expecting her to just fall in the water and that would be it. But this arc isn’t completely over…? I’m wondering if the next episode will be a “let’s explain parts of this” to the heroine.
    I agree with Miyu on “the process being very important” and this process is not doing too well. To be honest, I wish the heroine would have a scrap of a personality and would start looking for things on her own, and ask Ukyo (long green hair soft voice guy, I can’t remember if that’s his name) some questions about what’s going on. He seems to know that the two of them are doing some kind of parallel world hopping.
    Oh well. I’ll keep watching. I’ve seen much worse. I’m kind of over the no personality deal. Like, it doesn’t matter anymore. She’s just there for the viewer to insert themself into the role and feel whatever they want.

    • Karakuri says:

      He finds out in the game during the part where he told her about his wish, but I guess they didn’t want to include that in there for some reason. Man, Ikki seems to be getting mixed reviews all around though.

      …At least we can all agree on the heroine’s stupidity though. Uhhh… I went through Kent’s a looooooooong time ago, so his is the one I’m least familiar with. …Maybe I’ll play it again before the episode airs to reacquaint myself. I remember that not much happened though, so there’s lots of time for explanations.

      I think they’re saving most of Ukyou’s stuff for the last few explanation episodes. But at least he’s dropping hints…

      Yeah, that was pretty much her role in the game. Just a blank character for the player to insert themselves as. Unlike most otome games turned anime, they didn’t even attempt to expand beyond that though.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Sometimes I wonder if the heroine has any regard for her own life. Come on, if you’re sinking, the first thing that should come to mind is swimming to shore. There must be some kind of break up between the resets that occured. Those girls agressed the heroine about a promise the first time but it was with Shin and now it’s with Ikki. I can’t make sense of that.

    PS. Last time you wanted to know the difference between the OPs. Here’s both versions of the OP I found on Youtube. Pay close attention to the sequences, especially when the title shows up. For starters, the background around the title is different.

    I noticed it right away. The second version of the OP came into effect the episode Ikki became the main guy around the heroine instead of Shin. So this probably means it will happen again with the other two.

    • belatkuro says:

      The first link is dead though but I compared the OP from the first ep and this ep and there really are some differences in the effects and in the chorus part where Heroine is falling. The finals seconds with the guys have their backgrounds different as well.
      Subtle but cool. I usually just listen to the OP song and do something else so I wouldn’t have noticed this.

      On a final note, I love the OP. So gooood and catchy. Been listening to the full version the whole time and I can’t get enough of it.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I’ve found a new link for the first version. I didn’t realize the previous first one died.

        Like you, I noticed the same things. The background behind the title and the green cube. It’s the little details that have changed. Whenever there’s a good OP, I like to look at the visuals as much as listening to the music.

        If there’s anything positive to say about this anime right now is that the OP is awesome. I used to sometimes replay it about three times before watching the episode before downloading the full version.

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahahaha there’s no limit as to how pathetic they can make her! …God maybe if she had tried to swim, I’d feel sorry, but NOPE. She just kind of… sank. Which is funny too since humans tend to float naturally and she doesn’t have the excuse of turbulent waters. OH WELL.

      Oh by the way, the first time with the fangirls trying to cut the heroine or whatever was still because of Ikki. That first episode was part of Ikki’s route because of the whole parfait thing. The fangirls could care less as long as she keeps away from Ikki in particular.

      Yeah, I saw that, I just… never got around to replying. Good call there. I watch this at like, 3xs speed, so I hardly pay attention to the OP.

      • BlackBriar says:

        I don’t think they can possibly make her sink any lower. At this point, she’s like a puppet waiting for the puppeteer to pull her strings. It can’t get any worse than that, can it?

        This is the second version of the OP and we’re on the second route with the lead male characters meaning there will most likely be two more versions remaining. I’m going to pay attention to all the details just for fun and see what’s different.

        • Karakuri says:

          I imagine that there will be 3 more OPs. One for the True route as well~

          • BlackBriar says:

            A true route? That sounds like that surpise ending for Persona 4: The Animation.

            • d-LaN says:

              I think the closest comparison I can think off is S;G lol.

  4. belatkuro says:

    Nope, nope and nope. Ikki is still a horrible guy to me. Given the 2 episode time per guy, Shin grew on me and I liked him in his route. But Ikki, he was so consistent in his attitude that it irritates me that our Heroine is just fine with him.
    That explanation with the shooting star and his eyes, I don’t buy it one bit. Reading here, it seems to be that there’s more with Ikki’s story but it still kind of doesn’t excuse his attitude. Okay, the fangirls are the reason for the 3 month rule but still… Ahh, I can’t explain my rage with this guy. I just don’t like playboy type guys I guess. I’m glad his route is over(for now?)

    Heroine didn’t change much in this episode/route compared to Shin’s. In fact it boggles me how she’s so accepting of pretty much…everything that’s happening to her. I dunno if that’s a plus or a minus for her part because I can’t decide as well.
    Though the way she died and fell on a bad end was quite laughable. I noticed that the boat was moving and I thought to myself “She’s not gonna fall in the lake and drown is she?”.
    And she did. She sank like a rock. Without even trying to swim. Wow, I just facepalmed hard there.

    Normally we’d be introduced to the next guy/route at the end of the episode but there wasn’t in this episode. Though from the order in the OP, it’s Kent’s turn. Fabulous Akira Ishida is taking the stage now. My body is ready for his sexy voice. So yeah.

    With those fangirls around, Orion seems to be much better. Though if it wasn’t for him talking to Heroine, she wouldn’t have drowned. So it’s still his fault, partially. More reason to still not trust him, even if it seems like he’s the only beacon of light in this story.

    • Karakuri says:

      I’m pretty sure Ikki’s part is over for good, which is good news for you. They really rushed this route and cut out a lot of stuff, but pretty much everything you said was true, so I’m not even going to try and redeem his character for you.

      Yeah, she was actually turning into someone with a personality with Shin’s route, but here, it was more like she was just agreeing with what Ikki said. There was no real change in her part… I don’t even know. Ahahaha so now we know that she can’t be taken near cliffs, water or streets.

      Kent~ Ishida’s character here is great. There will be more Ikki this route since they’re bffs, but I can’t remember the fangirls getting annoying, so there’s something.

      LOL. Though can we really blame Orion for the fact that the heroine can’t swim? Really, he was like the only trustworthy character in the game at first. It’s funny how people don’t believe him here. xD

  5. Jackpot2121 says:

    Since I’ve never played the game before, I really have no major complaints about Amnesia. Though one thing that bugs me is the neither Shin nor Toma were mentioned at all throughout Ikki’s arc. I mean seriously, during Shin’s arc he and Kent at least got a small mention, but their’s been no reference of them at all lately. But I am glad to see Ukyou again. I’m not looking forward to Kent’s route because out of the five male characters, he’s my least favorite for some reason. Might be because he looks to serious for my taste.

    • Gecko says:

      I have to agree that I’m not going to enjoy Kent’s route. He’s too serious, and the little bits that he has said are just really serious and roundabout.
      I get the feeling Shin and Toma go together, so if one is there, the other will be too. But they don’t do much when it’s Ikki’s arc because the heroine probably has less contact with either of the two. Ikki had a bigger story, I think, so the two got less time to make up for it.
      (Also, welcome to commenting, Jackpot.)

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, Gecko has it right. They don’t really show up because the heroine doesn’t really interact with them much. Toma and Shin kind of come as a set (since the whole childhood friends thing) so obviously their routes involve more of each other. Kent was pretty absent in Shin’s two episodes.

      …Yeah, Kent is the serious one. Though that makes him adorable when he breaks that character. …If the anime decides to show those parts.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Welcome, newbie. Good to have a new commenter arrive.

  6. d-LaN says:

    Honestly, when Ikki talk abt shooting star stuff + wht Kara said I was thinking: “Is this an otome ver of one of the Little Busters! route?” XD So I take there also a “Secret of the World” here?

    Grrarrgghh STFU Rika & Fangirls… I really wanted to bitch slap each and every one of them… Ikki not interested in all of you, period. GET A HINT. (Though Ikki is to blame too….) Also, how dare tht Naoto lookalike & other fangirls call Missus Amnesiac plain?? You don’t even have a face! Kinda glad tht those fangirls are not as annoying as in the VN judging by wht @Kara wrote 😀 Srsly can we call Rika as the female ver of Noumi?

    Ikki, Ikki, Ikki…. All of this mess would be cleared up if he just clear off his group of fangirls instead of hanging out with them after he break up with them 🙁 Still you can’t help but feel pity for this guy… and wht @Kara said. Ikki may be VERY close to triggering a School Days bad end if not for the system ._.

    Missus Amnesiac though…. OH BOY. This girl needs to learn how to start asking questions…. and how to swim ^.^; I just hope tht she will change for the better in the coming arcs…. On another note, NICE BOAT! XD Oh well, an Orion a week balances the ._. of Missus Amnesiac.

    PS Can I have the name of the sequel game? Or preferably the OP of it. If its too big of a spoiler then nvrmind.

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