Robotics;Notes – 08

Frau-“Lulz I R teh L33T kidnapping master!”                 Kai-“What the hell did you just say?”

Every week things continue to push the story of Robotic;Notes along at very slow pace for now and thankfully we have at least twenty two episodes to work though. So this week you can listen to me, Jrow, Oc and Lvlln chat about everything that went down! So sit back and enjoy~

Space fun with Nae Tennouji

Nae-“Behold my giant science fist of JUSTICEEEEE!”                       Aki-“Whoa is this my clone?”

Aki has finally hit the JAXA jackpot!

Hooray for new and hyper active characters and the reveal of Nae Tennouji aka that random loli girl from Steins;Gate was quite cool. However, going into Robotic;Notes I already knew she was in there thanks to the cast of characters. So what does Nae bring to this series anyway? Well we find out a few interesting things about her! Like working for JAXA and how she want to help Aki build a robot for the next Tokyo expo, but sadly Aki decided to turn her down because JAXA wants to start up a new robot instead of working on the Gunpro 1? Personally I was shocked! I mean after all this time and roadblocks keeping her from her goal that she would jump at the chance or maybe she could have used the experience at JAXA to build her own robot eventually? That being said I know why she said no because of course Aki has lots of pride in Misa’s unfinished robot. So readers what did you think about Aki’s choice and when do you think she will break down and accept Nae’s offer to work alongside of JAXA?

Setting off your flag

Kai-“One of these days, you are going to kill me.”             Airi-“Silly onii-chan! You can just re-spawn.”

Aki-“Oh damn you woke up! I was trying to take your wallet.”             Kai-“…”

I swear the stuff with Kai and Airi really felt like a random puzzle quest from Phi brain! The only thing missing was Kai saying something like “its puzzle time.” So, would you go outside during a hurricane like storm to reset a radar dish for a cute AI girl? Living in FL I wouldn’t even attempt such a thing! Did anyone else notice Airi used her adorable super powers aka her moe face and voice on Kai to motivate him to save the dish? I was like OH WOW this AI is quite advanced. I did enjoy watching him solve everything on the list to unlock the second report, but I hope the other five are not as dangerous for him because damn he almost got himself killed in the process…

Extra robots

Everyday is great when your name is Aki!

Quickly Kai activate your awesome Kirito-no-problem-mode now!

Aki-“Hmmm what is this MetaFap stuff about?”

Kai just watched all the episodes of Smile Precure in one day~

End thoughts

Interesting episode this week even though not a lot really happened, just like lvlln said on the mini-talk I have to agree completely, but currently there are a lot of different things happening in the background building towards something that hopefully creates something awesome. I was kind of freaked out when Kai almost freaking died on us! Thankfully he was able to save himself even though that fall was still quite painful to see. What else? Oh right I think it was nice that Aki got a chance to kind of be there for Kai because time after time he is the one that usually saves her, but there was a cool shot of the world that Airi lives in. I wonder if they will ever explore it one day; however, I don’t really see how or why they would…and now that Aki has met the moe moe Ai girl I can only assume the cute levels are going to go through the roof. The final thing to mention I guess is that committee of 300 sure sounds interesting and hopefully we learn more about them in the next few episodes.


Airi-“Onii-chan! Don’t you want to find the other reports with me?”

Time to find the other reports!


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8 Responses to “Robotics;Notes – 08”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    The more we go into this, the more there are questions than answers. The most interesting mystery is the one regarding Airi. The whole area still gives off a creepy feeling. Kai trying to meet the checkpoints is like he’s in a live game because there are obstacles in from him. One of them being in a typhoon. The guy needs some exercise. The setting does feel like Phi Brain and like Kaito’s brain acceleration, Kai has his ability of slowing down time around him. It’s become, in a way, a double edged sword because it helps but strains his body.

    Best way to get someone’s attention: kidnap them. The Robotics Club was rounded up for a robot project which was basically the chance Aki waited for. So it’s a surprise she turned the opportunity down but the bigger one is that Frau is among them and not in her room. How did that happen? They must have hacked her security. I was dumbstruck seeing that.

    I haven’t seen Steins;Gate so to me, Nae is like an older version of Aki: hyper, enthusiastic and a fan of Gunvarrel. I think Aki’s sister would give approval of the project. If anything, the designs for the robot will be similar to the one in the hanger since Nae was talking about Gunvarrel. So, to me, it’s a win/win situation. Most likely she’ll come around.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah lots of questions every week it seems and hardly any answers? Still kind of lame, but so far I like the stuff with Kai and agreed there is something special and possibly creepy with Airi! Like is she hiding something from us or maybe she has no idea?

      Ahahah yes! Now that you mention it Kai’s stop time is an I win button for the dangerous moments and just like Kaito it always comes in handy, but also at a price! I know something similar happens with some shounen characters with a “darker” side the more they use that random power they increase the risk of death or what not…

      LOL! Hooray for random kidnapping! I think Frau was probably on a food run or something and then got grabbed? Ahahah still you are right even if she went out for food couldn’t she hire someone to do that for her? xDD

      Fear not! Nae in Steins;Gate honestly did nothing for the real plot of the story but I have heard stuff about her “future” life; however I think Nae is just around to convince Aki to join up with JAXA one day.

      I thought for sure that Aki would jump at the chance to build any robot? Then again Misa’s robot is quite special to Aki <3

  2. Jrow says:

    There’s a football player for the Kansas City Chiefs named Tony Moeaki. Moeaki… Moe Aki. I think he’s such a RoboNo fan he changed his last name! haha

  3. Another good episode of Robotics;Notes, despite the misleading cliffhanger from last week. I continue to love the characters and their interactions on this show, especially the chemistry between Aki and Kai. I hope we get more of these lighthearted character interactions even as this show delves deeper into the conspiracy and inevitable gets much darker.

    Nae is adorable! It’s good to see that the Nae of this worldline grew up to be a normal girl and notShow ▼

    And for those who haven’t read S;G or C;H, the Committee of 300 is basically the main antagonist of the science adventure series. They’re responsible for the Alpha Attractor dystopia and funded SERN’s Z-Program in S;G. They’re not mentioned in the anime so it’s not strange if you haven’t heard of them until now.

    They’re only mentioned a few times in the S:G VN and play a bigger role in C;H. They’re behind all of the events in C;H as well.

    By the way, this is my first post on this blog! Love the blog and hope to continue to follow the posts for this and other series.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahah yes! Last week gave us a cliffhanger and this time we get lots of progression towards the special reports, but I am curious how Kai gets the other reports! Yeah the events this week are really pushing for the whole Aki X Kai thing big time.

      Yeah I heard Nae goes through some random stuff in S;G…thankfully this is a different version or will they try to push for that in R;N? LOL I certainly hope not~

      Fufufu awesome I remember hearing something about that committee somewhere…maybe youtube or twitter? I have no idea, but damn if they are the connection for S;G and C;H that has me excited xD

      Ooooh! Welcome to Metanorn then I hope you enjoy our posts and various podcasts!

      Thanks for the comment

  4. Highway says:

    Good podcast guys, seems like you’re getting more comfortable with them.

    The phenomenon that “a lot of stuff happens, but nothing really happens” in the show is something that I really like, and to me really indicates a well-written show, in that you’re engrossed and interested without them needing to really move the plot along to cover for story deficiencies. But I think it also indicates an ‘infill’ type of story building, where they’re able to give a lot of small pieces that fill out the place you’ve already been in the story, as well as laying some pieces for the future that will become much more relevant. And it’s not always apparent, but I think it leads to a much more engaging story. The real key is keeping that up week after week, and making sure that you don’t spend so much time on that infill that you fail to actually make progress in enough time to keep the audience interested. But that’s not a problem that R;N has had so far.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yesh! Things are flowing quite nicely~

      The phenomenon that “a lot of stuff happens, but nothing really happens” in the show is something that I really like

      ^ that sums up my entire Thursday night of anime ^

      Agreed R;N is taking time to get the small things out of the way even though it seems to be taking forever! That said I mean Kai, Aki, Frau, Subaru, Misa, Junna and Airi are ALL doing something or going through some problems of their own but eventually all of their stories will come together for the “big picture” and that has me excited.

      I am just happy we have 20+ episodes to enjoy~

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