Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb – 04

Yoshinoya + school swimsuit = broken nutbladder.

A straightforward episode about a day of swimming contests at school, which means plenty of school swimsuit service this week, including from the best anime teacher ever, as seen above! Unfortunately, this episode was just far too normal for Hidamari Sketch, resulting in another weak episode.

Miyako looks rather derpy here. Her arms and legs aren’t nearly as muscular as they should be. Also, Yuno’s face isn’t wide enough.

Shaft has been pushing the main ships very hard this season. Miyako and Yuno get an entire moment in the opening, and plenty of Nazuna x Nori service through the episodes.

The principal is just great. All that shaking implies that he has Parkinson’s, but he’s in absolute tip top shape both physically and mentally. A badass.

A lot of Natsume teasing this season, too; I think she’s appeared in every episode. Her bit is getting a bit old, though it was cute seeing her rooting on Sae with Hiro. I want to see her take a step.

A wonderful shot with good composition.

Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb has been alternating in quality with each episode, and like 2, 4 was another weak one. It was too simple and straightforward, without the silliness that makes this show wonderful. Even Yoshinoya was far too tame, her swimsuit not upsetting the principal, and even her traditional squeaky feet being absent. She might as well have been an impostor. When Yoshinoya is on screen, she has to be doing something that would get her fired by any reasonable school board. Responsibility isn’t fun.

Even the art didn’t impress, with some ugly off-model shots of Yuno and Miyako, and a dearth of creative shots. It used many of the same tools and techniques that we’ve grown accustomed to from Hidamari Sketch, but a show needs to keep evolving and doing new things. The same thing that impressed us in 2007 isn’t going to keep doing it 5 years later. Given that Shaft is swimming in Madoka/Monogatari money, I’m sure it will right itself in that department next episode, but overall, I can’t help but feeling that the 4th season of Hidamari Sketch is the weakest one yet.


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4 Responses to “Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb – 04”

  1. Yippy says:

    Ah, so silliness is a trademark of Hidamari? I thought it focused only on daily happenings with a touch of humor now and then…What’s in your checklist for a good Hidamari episode, Ivlln?

    I wouldn’t fret so much about the quality yet, seeing as it’s not even past the halfway mark for the season. Fingers crossed that derpy Yuno and Miyako will be a distant memory by the final episode.

    • lvlln says:

      Yeah, the way the show takes things a little too far has always been part of its appeal. I like seeing Miyako make digs at Hiro for her weight, for instance. Something that she probably deserves a slap for. And Yoshinoya was supposed to squeak with every step, regardless of context! Being in her swimsuit shouldn’t prevent that.

      • Yippy says:

        Are you sure about that? I only remember her squeaking in that ludicrous (even by her standards) cow print outfit. XD Still, she doesn’t walk much before that and it is a _wet_ swimming pool… Perhaps water dulls the squeaks?

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