First Impressions – Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

Beware of the spider-loli, she will steal all your candy!

Coming fresh off of Hyouka, Kyoto animation brings out their next big series. For starters you can expect the artwork and character designs to be so freaking CUUUTEEOOO! However, just based on that alone can Chuunibyou keep us all interested with a story? I certainly hope so but anyway time to see what Miyu and Sushi have to say about this series… Also I should say WELCOME BACK Miyu you were certainly missed.
I am so overwhelmed with moe that I’m unable to word my enthusiasm for this show here. I swear, I’ll do better below.
I’ve been looking forward to KyoAni’s new series this season because of their spectacularly done Hyouka earlier in Summer, so I’m glad it’s finally here! This anime seems like an interesting mix of magic and romance – exactly my cup of tea.

Ultra cute characters~

Poor Yuuta! Maybe he can use his Hnnggg powers to escape?!

Don’t you just want to hug Rikka to death?

Random guy-“Hey new kid! Wanna get high?”         Yuuta-“Uh I don’t think I should bro.”

Yuuta-“Oh…my…god…I can taste the air..dude…so…good.”

Fosh // With every series Kyoto animation pumps out, I always end up falling in love with their unique character designs and sure that studio is probably forever known for having adorable looking anime characters! So what Kyoko animation series do you think has the best character designs? Personally I always hit up K-On for having the best; however from series to series I think they just end up getting carried over unless you count something like Nichijou which took a drastic change for designs? As for Chuunibyou’s main cast, there are plenty of great looking girls and yes even the guys got a bit of a special makeover in terms of “epic-cuteness”. I just love the look the design team gave Rikka! She looks like a combination of Azusa from K-On and maybe Mei form Clannad? Either way you decide to go, you can’t go wrong. For Yuuta, I would say he could easily qualify as moe, but I wonder if the girls out there want a cute main guy or do they prefer more of a badass looking character aka a bishie type? That and he is voiced by Jun Fukuyama? I swear that dude seriously voices some of the best crazy guys. Yuuta acts like a combination of Tori from Horizon and has the look of Oreki from Hyouka, but maybe Yuuta will surprise us all and become something new?! So which main character wins for best design?!

Magic…in real life?!

Rikka-“Behold my awesome power!”             Yuuta-“I knew you were a Naruto fan! WHY!!!!”

These two are quickly becoming best buddies or are they?

Miyu // I’m sure the Chuunibyou syndrome is something all of us can identify with. (I mean, it’s not just me, right? D:) We’ve all had the fantasy of becoming a magical character with extra special powers of sorts, you know, like signing some dubious-looking contract with an adorable bunny-creature-thing and becoming a mahou shoujo. Most anime either blatantly shoot down the possibility of having magic in our world today, or actively incorporate it into the content of the series. Chuunibyou, however, is set in real life and introduces the concept of magic in dreams and fantasies of the main characters. This probably means that we’ll be watching these characters live two lives at the same time – we’re in for both slice of life and supernatural elements, combined with totally cheesy nicknames and killer moves. Rather disturbing is how Rikka actually takes this fantasy thing so seriously. Whereas Yuuta is all pshhh I’m too old for that now, Rikka actually seems completely immersed in her little bubble of Wicked Eye-ity. This actually kind of reminds me of Black Rock Shooter’s alternate dimension, which exists in the mind of a person (although unfortunately, very real), but I believe Chuunibyou’s stance on this a much lighter-hearted one, and we’ll probably be treated to some comedic, over-dramatized other dimension. Best thing is, we’re not even done with the characters yet – there are more friends that will be joining in own their imaginary world and exciting adventures, and with that, I’m sure, will come much more drama and tears… or laughter.

With all the craziness going on in her mind, Yuuta serves more as a balance to anchor Rikka to the real world and remind her that she is, actually, a normal middle-school girl. That has a high probability of backfiring on him though, seeing as to how he looks like he’s going to be stuck with her for awhile. Once the other characters are introduced, I’m afraid it’s bye-bye to all maturity and sanity for poor Yuuta here – Dark Flame Master is totally going to resurface. I’m sorry dude, better luck trying to be normal next time.

Fosh // Ahhh magic and anime they seem to go hand and hand don’t they? Sadly this is not a supernatural themed anime like Index or something else. Rikka believes that magic while Yuuta on the other hand chooses to believe that this girl is completely out of her mind and I suppose in the end we are going to bet hit with a special hidden message about believing in something even if that thing is fake like magic? That said I am sure everyone will take something different from this first episode, but I can’t really go into deep detail because this is the first impression after all! I just hope KyoAni can deliver us an interesting story about Rikka and why she chooses to believe in magic. So far I think Chuunibyou will end up going the Denpa Onna route which pushes Yuuta to help Rikka wake up and face the real world; however this series appears to be more of a comedy anime to me and I don’t really think Rikka’s background story will be anything shocking or mind blowing, but who knows maybe the tone will shift into WHAT-OMG-SERIOUS-MODE!

The Heroic Journey

Badass artwork for you to enjoy~

Sushi // Chuunibyou seems like its telling a coming of age story in reverse. After Yuuta’s revelation that he isn’t a wizard, he is pushed back into the memories before his catharsis. As an audience, we know that magic isn’t real and that Rikka just comes off as a delusional person. But there is something innocent about feeling there is magic imbued in the world. It’s rare to see a main character beginning a journey to regain that innocence, when all the adventures he should have had until this point was to shed his naivety.

Speaking of a heroic journey, Jason Campbell does an in depth analysis of it in his work. He takes a look at many mythological tales from countless cultures to find what’s similar about them. Surprisingly, this series follows many of the archetypes outlined in his work but turns them on their head. First is the appearance of the goddess that states the hero’s destiny. Clearly Rikka isn’t a celestial being or anything of the like, but she has a fate for Yuuta regardless, telling him to join her against the Horizon. The second is the denial of this fate, as Yuuta vehemently disagrees to role play as the Dark Flame Master. The final one is the final acceptance of the fate and the beginning of the journey, where Yuuta finally accepts the lie and be friends with his crazy neighbor.

More fun with Rikka and friends

Beware of her l33t door opening skills.

Yuuta-“I think you can get high off eye drops.”                 Rikka-“What magic are these eye drops?”

Rikka-“I think you have a drug problem.”                    Yuuta-“No I don’t! Well maybe a little…”

She specializes in kicking monster ass and eating candy

Gif fun

Show ▼

End thoughts

Adorable, crazy and addictive…damn…I am already in love with this oddball series from the very first episode thanks to the introduction to Yuuta and Rikka together. But I don’t really know much about them aside from Yuuta having a past life he was embarrassed about…and what about Rikka? Why does she believe in magic and what is with that eye-patch? I swear she must have been in the same class as Kobato from Haganai because if you paired those two up it would be completely insane and wonderful at the same time. I will bet money that Rikka wins the next Sai-Moe in 2013! Mostly because she has a lot of cute things going for her, but the closing of the first episode made me think the overall message might be something about hanging onto your childhood? Even though you find it embarrassing it does ultimately mold you into the person you are today! Then again I am terrible at finding those random hidden messages in anime. So what did you like or possibly hate about Chuunibyou? Honestly I can’t really find anything negative to say other maybe a lack of plot, but we have eleven episodes to find out!

Jun Fukuyama has been one of my favorite voice actors since he portrayed Lawrence Kraft in Spice and Wolf. He just knows how to sell his characters and make them instantly likable. Maaya Uchida is hot off her role in Sankarea as the title character and she’s doing a great job here. She’s beginning to show signs of versatility in her roles which means her future is bright. But we could talk about the production endlessly already, it’s KyoAni. They don’t cut corners in terms of the polish on their works. If anything this series will be pretty to look at.
The team seems to have another interesting project on their hands. I really can’t wait to see where they take this show. It’s natural writing bursts with wit and humour creating an charm I just can’t deny. It’s just ticks all the right boxes for a slice of life show. Great animation and art, excellent voice acting, catchy music and a weirdness that is wholly intriguing. This is the way that I like my slice of life shows.

That was cute for a first episode, and although previously I was wondering how seriously they would actually be taking this magic thing, but after this first episode I doubt it’ll escalate into anything mind-blowing or even realistic. Somehow I get the feeling that this anime will have a sort of moral of the story thing at the end about growing up from a teenager into a proper adult. Then again this is KyoAni, the studio that blew my mind apart from the inside out in Hyouka. Hey I’m always ready, please surprise me again 8)

The thing that makes this show stand out so far are its characters I suppose? Rikka is delightfully adorable with some hints of a deranged teenage mind, but that’s okay, all teenage girls tend to go through that phase. (Been there, still kind of in it, so trust me, I know 8D) I also like Yuuta because he’s that teenager who’s trying to get rid of his wild fantasies (that are thankfully still clean and pure yay!) that threaten to ruin his school life forever. It’s that awkward time of their life which tends to lead them to compromising situations where they freak out and just—TRUCKLOADS OF CUTENESS ENSUES!! Ahem. So yes, I like our main characters a lot. And it goes without say that I’m definitely looking forward to these two hitting it off as a couple because a romanticist has to have her fuwa fuwa, yes? 😀

Next, music-wise, I think that the OP and the ED are nothing fantastic, but at least they seem to fit in with the entire atmosphere of the series. One thing I couldn’t stand though, was how the OP was animated. ALL THE FLASHING IMAGES made me want to tear my eyes out and/or have seizures. Flashing images could work if handled properly, but I think this was just poorly done so… I am sorely disappointed and just no, I’ll be skipping the OP from now onwards.


Rikka-“Tell me your secrets, tiny object.”

More cute adventures with Rikka and Yuuta next time! 


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31 Responses to “First Impressions – Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!”

  1. Liza says:

    I was surprised how much I fell in love with this series from just the first episode. The concept of Chuunibyou syndrome is great and I can totally relate to it(plus I would say I still have a bit of it left XD). I’m also surprised how much I like the characters. I thought I wouldn’t like Rikka because of her disillusions but I love her character and how immersed she is. I love the scene when she trolled Yuuta with the gold eye only to have the contact fall out.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahhh true! I have a feeling a lot of us can relate to Rikka and Yuuta in many ways and near the end I hope we get some special “meaning” to all of this crazy fun and YESSSS Rikka is freaking crazy but I am with you I love how into her “powers” she claims to be.

      LOL! That contact scene felt so Nichijou! to me <3

  2. Highway says:

    Yeah, I adored this episode, and hope that the series continues the same way. I had the same thought about Yuuta when I first saw him: “Hey, Oreki is now on K-On!” I also thought it funny that Kuzuha is in the same sailor fuku that Yui, Nodoka, and Ui wore in middle school. I did find that the art style seemed a little different – the characters seem more consistently drawn to model than in K-On, and the backgrounds seem a little less detailed so far, but the series is still great to look at, and has a great vibe.

    And I can totally buy into the premise, and I’m kind of hoping that the main ‘moral of the story’ ends up being that you can grow up *without* abandoning those kinds of thoughts and feelings entirely. I think everyone in the show knows they’re not true (including Rikka) but it makes her happy to go with it.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah this was a ultra-cute-hnnggg episode especially with Rikka and Yuuta together?! I swear they had a lot of “nichijou-ish” moments together! Like the nurses office and the stuff with the train? I think I will loveeee this a lot and yeah the backgrounds look fantastic! Good stuff <3

      Yeah the main story is going to be something about childhood and learning to grow up without loosing your inner child? Something like that! So hopefully the story is addictive and you are right about Rikka there is something interesting she is hiding from us.

  3. Joojoobees says:

    I’m not sold on this series yet, but, as expected, the show has impeccable animation. I’ll be watching to see if the story-line deepens. If all we get is “cute, cute, cute”, I don’t think it will hold my interest.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oooh I am with you there JooJoo! I want to see what the story does instead of being cute…cute…CUTTEEE all the time, but this is a kind of series I can follow in “shut off mind mode” and enjoy the artwork…so I hope they give us a great story or something for everyone to enjoy.

  4. Highway says:

    Spammy ate my comment. 🙁

  5. Overcooled says:

    Kyoani does moe so well I want to cry at how adorable everything is. Why can’t everyone in real life be that cute, huh?

    My guess is the two of them will slowly go towards a happy medium as the series progresses. K-ON! Houtarou will become comfortable with his Dark Flame Master side instead of throwing it away completely, and Rikka will shift slightly towards being a bit more well-adjusted to normal life. I think the goal is finding a balance between fitting in and retaining your dreams. Not that the plot really matters in a show like this. :B

    Overall it’s cute but…not much else. The comedy is failing miserably so far, and that’s the whole point. It just doesn’t tickle my funny bone. I’ll give it a few more weeks to improve the gags, but otherwise I’m just watching for the moe.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know right OC? These characters are blobs of pure cuteness! It just inspires me to work harder on my own drawings hahah one day…one…day…

      Oh for sure Rikka is there to push him back to his dark flame master days and who knows maybe they will develop a special friendship? I don’t get any “romantic” vibes from our two main characters so hopefully that doesn’t happen! I know Yuuta is currently in Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh go away annoying kid mode right now xD

      Give it some time, but I think Chuunibyou is going for more of a Nichijou style in comedy especially with that random gag event in the nurses office when Yuuta practically bounces around the room like a ball? Yeah I can soooo see that same type of reaction from Nano or Yuuka from Nichijou, then again this was episode one! So maybe we will return to classic slapstick or puns? Who knows.

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Kudos to KyoAni for great animation. You can see the similarity between this show’s artwork and that of Hyouka a mile away. And there’s moe here. That’s the cue for Fosh to teach us the basics. I now acknowledge his expertise because of his survival in Sai-Moe.

    I’m amused with the first episode but it’ll take at least one or two more to win me over. It’s not the kind of comedy that pulls you in one go like Mayo Chiki.

    Rikka is pleasantly delusional. Everyone imagines themselves as something other than their regular routine self while in a different world at times but she takes it to another level. I think anyone who has Chuunibyou syndrome would play out their fantasy in their mind so others won’t think they’re weird. But that’s just my opinion. Anyone surprised that she manages to keep in touch with reality? One would think she’s insane or high on drugs but the way she loses herself into her fantasy character makes her perfect for a cosplayer or actress.

    • Foshizzel says:

      KyoAni makes me jealous as an artist! I WANT TO DRAW IN CUTE MODE LIKE THEM <3

      Ahahah yeah watch out Rikka is 100% moe fueled and ready to take the top for the next tourney <3

      Yeah first episodes for comedy are either hit or miss for most people, but I can jump right into the slapstick based comedy or like I said before Yuuta bouncing around the nurses office? That was awesome and hilarious!

      I think you are right BB most of the stuff is probably inside Rikka's mind, but I wonder if she played lots of video games growing up or just loves to have her fantasy of being "super-powered" also it feels a bit like Melancholy in terms of wanting something more than a normal everyday life? I know Haruhi is obviously different than Rikka but they have a lot in common.

  7. AllenAndArth says:

    just one word MOE-MITIC! it’s not only moe, cute… and EPIC it’s completely epic
    i bet if rikka were on saimoe only koromo would stand a chance against her she’s just too cute *Q*

    • AllenAndArth says:

      by the way… now we know that the uchihas won’t disappear rikka is probably itachi’s kid

      • BlackBriar says:

        Hahaha! I doubt that. Maybe she had that eye surgically implanted after maybe stealing it. That Mangekyo Sharingan symbol is from Kakashi which means it’s Obito’s eye to begin with.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Best word ever <3

      Yeah her chances are great for next saimoe <3

  8. Kingy says:

    I absolutely love this anime, and I have watched the first episode 3 times now with different subs. KyoAni truly are amazing.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oooh! Very nice and welcome to Metanorn! We will be covering this series and yepppp KyoAni always knocks things out of the park in terms of animation, but now we have to see what the epic story is about <3

  9. Foshizzel says:

    This is relative to this post right?


  10. skylion says:

    OK> So. Back in 1982. I wanted to be Indiana Jones. For Halloween that year, my mother and myself did our level best to dress me as Indy from The Temple of Doom. It was the whole kit, including a ripped sleeve, bullwhip, pouch, and my dad got me a Fedora (since lost to the winds of time). But it didn’t end there. I was lost in the libraries by then. I looked into anthropology and archeology, and it held my attention.

    Today, I can trace that love of research to my adult life.

    OK> So, in 1993 I was neck dead in Vampire: The Masqurade, the LARP version of the popular pencil and paper role playing game. (google the following terms). I was once of the principle writers of the campaign that about twenty of us partook in in various locations around our home town. I played a Malkavian that had his hands in the news media, and he was high up in the game. One of my first duties in the actual game was to determine if I should put a player’s character to the death. She was created “by accident” as a vampire, and I held authority over this new unlife. Enter my future ex-wife, dressed in clown attire, and me, dressed as a fading 20’s silent movie star.

    This is as close as I got to Chu2. For nearly a year, I addressed the Prince of the City as The director, all my dialoge was tinged in 30’s speak. A local theatre major caked my face in white make up. “Make my look like Rudy Valentino just stepped of the screen”. I had a black velvet smocking jacked, white shirt, bare feet in black slippers, and purple velvet slacks; our way of making Victor Kazlinkski unique in appearence. He was like Elvira on late night, telling people to beware of vampires.

    Until he went insane and I talked like the Marx Brothers and did sight gags like Buster Keaton.

    So….I guess I understand where both Yuuki and Rikka are coming from.

    You know, I’ve read a bit around the aniblogosphere about how KyoAni took the easy way out in designing this show.

    Pooh to the naysayers. I find the design to be of great comfort, the characters to be very charming, and endearing. I’m in love again.

  11. Moni Chan says:

    once I saw the eye patch I thought of “another” if a whole bunch of people die in the next couple of episodes don’t say I didn’t warn you all

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah originally I thought about Another…hooray for eye patches! Also Rikka and Mei have similar haircuts well kind of! For Chuunibyou I don’t think anyone will die xD

      • skylion says:

        Mei was drawn with straight posture and a downplayed personality. Is that Rikka? OHHHHHH this so-called similarity…..

  12. MikADo says:

    especially the seiyu choice made me think of Code Geass all over again 😛 the artwork is awesome, its freaking kyo-ani, so not a big surprise there 😉 and im pretty sure im going to follow this series

  13. D-LaN says:

    Lol at turning Chuunibyou into a story of a ex drug addict befriending a drug addict.


  14. skylion says:

    I haven’t given a proper feeling for the show.

    When she was over the balcony. Her tiny feet resting in his hands, and he gently placed her on the balcony rail, I fell in love with the show. That scene has such tenderness to it; I simply could not resist. It was one of those perfect moments that you cannot do in live action.

    Plus, slapstick comedy moments are made of win as well. I find myself champing at the bit for episode two.

  15. Highway says:

    Honestly, I can’t remember ever anticipating a TV show episode as much as I’m anticipating episode 2 of Chuu2byou. Usually I’m pretty chill about it, but I just want to see more.

    • skylion says:

      My command of the language is getting better, but is more frustrating than not. I am resisting the urge to get a RAW of the show. EEK!

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