Phi Brain S2 – 24

Taking “puzzle time” a little too far.

Hey guys, how are you? Good? I sincerely hope so. As for myself, I’m FREAKING OUT BECAUSE THIS EPISODE WAS SO INTENSE! Goddamnit, I don’t have time for all the pleasantries and clever segues of an introductory paragraph to grab your attention. WE’VE GOT SOME HOT SHIT RIGHT HERE, AND I AIN’T GOT NO TIME FOR DILLY-DALLYING!

Apparently, two brilliant Phi Brain children meeting up in the same place to try and solve an incredibly high-level puzzle is all you need to create a God’s Puzzle. So If you brought that old dog to challenge Freecell to the exact same puzzle he’s challenging Kaito to, it wouldn’t be a God’s Puzzle anymore because it’s not smart enough. The purpose of a God’s Puzzle seems to be raising the level of intelligence of the winner to godly proportions, making them the smartest human being in the world.

Whist is basically just being a sycophant and hanging around so he can kiss the ass of whoever struts out of that puzzle alive. It’s practical to want to follow someone with those kinds of “powers” but Whist sounds more like a fanatical cult member than a rational man picking the winning side. He’s a bit…crazy, basically. It’s funny how after weeks of wondering what sort of betrayal he would inflict on Freecell as he reveals his ultimate plan, I end up seeing him turned away with a simple glare. No really, Freecell just glowers at Whist and he sullenly leaves. He could come back, but if he was only interested in the end result, then I see no reason why he’d want to do any meddling in their match.  Just like that, the most mysterious character is out of the game a minute after revealing his master plan.

Whist’s plan wasn’t a total wash though. Everything would have been fine if Freecell hadn’t snubbed him at the end. From the beginning, he was using Klondike for his money and manpower. It was Klondike who made this Himalayan facility, probably for in the intent of solving a God’s Puzzle himself, but Freecell beat him to it. They also used his limitless wealth to produce a Final Ring so they could then steal it and use it for their own evil deeds. Don’t ask me how Freecell stole Klondike’s Ring when he was wearing it and Melancholy couldn’t even take it off when she was trying (my guess is limb dismemberment!). The whole point of stealing it was so two Phi Brain children could compete, so you can imagine my surprise when Kaito just willed the Ring away like he was fighting off an urge to eat a chocolate cake or something else equally trivial. Mind-controlling device that completely controls the emotional states of its victims until they become certifiably insane? Kaito says “nope” and that thing just explodes in a discoball of light. It was like a series of total badass moments from Freecell slapping the thing on his arm with force, Kaito spazzing out, and then Kaito laughing in Freecell’s face as the Ring EXPLODES from his off-the-chart cool levels. He’s got sunglasses on his head, just who the hell did you think he was?

In all seriousness, Kaito does not need his Orpheus Ring. He can still see future visions (accurate ones too, seeing as he witnesses the exact same vision as Freecell) and solve puzzles like a boss, so he has no reason to wear one. He’s totally rejected the idea of wearing one. The beauty of not having bipolar disorder and trying to murder people constantly is lost on Freecell, who is consumed by his Ring so deeply that his own psychopathy is invisible to him. He can’t see it. Part of why I love this episode is because it highlights how utterly mixed up and confused Freecell is. While Rook was consistently possessive of Kaito, our deranged S2 villain is all over the place. He hates people, he loves people, he hates them, loves them, then thinks they’re his mother.

The Ring is telling Freecell he hates his mother and doesn’t care about Kaito or anything else for that matter. The real Freecell loves his mother, wants Kaito to keep his promise, and is extremely sensitive. The fact that Freecell is unaware of his duality, unlike Solitia, makes it a lot harder to cope with his moodswings. Solitia at least knew there was a reason for them and could try and rationalize her negative emotions as being fake. Freecell doesn’t have the benefit of being able to distinguish which emotions are caused by what, and therefore can’t make rational decisions about his true feelings.

Nonoha puts two and two together to realize this, and I love how she tries to talk sense into him over the course of the episode. Just as it looks like she’s having a therapeutic effect…things get freaky. In what looks frighteningly like an Oedipus complex gone wrong, Freecell calls Nonoha her mother and hugs her in the creepiest way imaginable. If I ever had even an inkling of a notion to ship this before, I definitely don’t now. It was pretty messed up…meaning that I loved it. It was another “cry for help” as Pinochle said. Freecell never gt the chance to solve the necklace puzzle with his mom or to show her his true feelings, and he’s trying to make up for his lost childhood by making Nonoha the surrogate mom. It’s a last, desperate attempt from a severely troubled man, but he thinks it will fix everything. Part of saving him might be solving the pendant in front of Nonoha and pretending that it’s Solitia watching.

So far gone is our poor Freecell that I really don’t know how Kaito is going to snap this guy out of his senses. Jikukawa offhandedly mentioned that they might be stuck there forever, which makes the fact that next’s week episode has the word “infinite” in it very unsettling. Then again, infinite Phi Brain episodes for all eternity does sound pretty ace. But I digress! Kaito and Freecell are going to have to fight to the death, and everyone is stuck watching from the outside without having any access to the puzzle. Elena may be taking her chopper to go watch too, but what good is that when the puzzle is sectioned off? There is going to be a lot to cover next week, and I can’t wait to see how Freecell is saved. It’s going to be a good finale.

Bonus Puzzles From Mama: Show ▼


Final Thoughts

I admit that things were starting off rather slow at the beginning. Kaito was being melodramatic and we were just waiting for the inevitable trip to the Himalayas. As soon as it got to Nonoha’s scene, things got intense. It was one shocker after another, in a train of crazy reveals and twists that happened so quickly that I could barely keep up with each new occurrence. Admittedly, Whist’s sudden dismissal was rather anticlimactic given how much foreshadowing he got as the secret boss after the normal boss. Everything else was so flashy and dramatic that I felt myself getting really excited. I’m aware that Phi Brain is all cheap thrills, but it really worked this week and I loved it. This is my favourite episode of S2 – hand’s down.

In about a week’s time I will be suffering from acute Phi Brain Withdrawal Syndrome…



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32 Responses to “Phi Brain S2 – 24”

  1. Ice cream says:

    What ever happened to Herbert. Ya know the deal wielding fake ring badass. Also if the rings are meant to be fake why do them seem to be as good as the real thing other then turning you suuuppper kooko. Anyone found NonohaxFreecell shipped together as well as KaitoxRookxFreecell?

    • Overcooled says:

      You know, that’s been bouncing around in the back of my mind two. He should still have the two fake rings.

      Despite how terrifyingly Freudian the pairing NonohaxFreecell seems to me, I’m certain there’s tons of fanart out there. The same with KaitoxRookxFreecell (which I have seen quite a lot of).

      On a side note, I just had ice cream before replying to this comment. I felt like you HAD to know.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Regarding those who got screwed over like Herbert, I wonder what state Klondike and Melancholy are in now. I guess they’re both suffering some kind of trauma that will stick to them.

        And Herbert’s two Rings must have been broken after he triggered that explosion. Based on Jikugawa’s analysis, they are supposed to shatter when the bearer feels out of control of themselves or when they feel they are about to lose.

        • Overcooled says:

          Ah, makes sense. I guess they broke off either (offscreen) during the explosion or when he regained consciousness and thought to himself “Well….shit.”

  2. Liza says:

    The hair is down! Dun dun dun! Freecell’s mama comment to Nonoha was a bit disturbing. Heck, that whole part with the two of them was. It was so weird to see Freecell all excited about the puzzle his mother made one minute and then going to the fact that Nonoha was his mom.

    Although I did find Gammon’s reaction to hair down Nonoha to be hilarious and “dawwww” at the same time. Dang you Phi Brain and reviving my GammonXNonoha ship slightly there. I also found Jikukawa’s reaction to Nonoha a bit…odd. I don’t know if he was worried about her or what but the way he was acting and asking questions about what happened between Nonoha and Freecell it seemed like he knew something or maybe he’s harbouring feelings for Freecell too.

    So excited for the final showdown though although it is sad that Phi Brain is going to be over. 🙁 I’m guessing the puzzle of Solita’s necklace will be solved next episode too.

    • Overcooled says:

      It was…really quite unsettling. I knew Freecell was crazy, but not THIS crazy. His conversation with Nonoha just got worse and worse, didn’t it?

      I thought Gammon had moved on from Nonoha. Apparently not! I was so focused on Gammon blushing (and Nonoha’s hair) that I didn’t really notice anything odd from Jikukawa. Maybe he was just being the voice of reason and trying to find out the important info about the situation first. Although I wouldn’t mind him joining the giant, gay merry-go-round of couples on the show XD

      I’ll be so sad when this show ends. All the Phi Brain fans will become even MORE obscure!

      • BlackBriar says:

        What will make this anime memorable other than the obvious puzzles, dangerous intelligence boosting items and stalker mindset of the characters are their names and what they are based on.

        Rook, Bishop: Chess pieces.
        Freecell, Pinochle, Whist, Mizerka, Solitia (which means Solitaire depending on the subs you are watching with the episodes): Card games.
        Melancholy: Sadness
        Doubt: A status between belief and disbelief.

        • Karakuri says:

          While we’re on the topic, isn’t Gammon some kind of card game as well? And I will forever chuckle/cringe at the name Ana Gram.

        • Overcooled says:

          @BB: Melancholy and Doubt are actually games too! Someone pointed it out in the comments section of an older Phi Brain post.

          @Kara: I thought Gammon referred to the board game Backgammon

  3. Noc says:

    Freecell thinking of Nonoha as his mother and hugging her creepily just makes me want to ship them EVEN MORE OH GOD!!
    And here I swore I’d never do crack T.T! I mean they’re both in love with Kaito, so, yeah…

    But never mind that- you’re right this episode was INTENSE! Its making me speak in caps SO MUCH MORE!! It also helped me realize that people look 10x creepier when their faces are shown from an upwards perspective.

    So was this episode implying that Whist was Freecell’s father or something…? Saying things like he and Solitia both wished for the birth of a superhuman puzzle solver and whatnot…I always found it strange that she would undergo experiments while pregnant, or after giving birth recently. She probably didn’t volunteer, but why was she chosen out of all the other members? And it felt a little odd that Whist would refer to her without honorifics- a little too familiar given his polite mannerisms. Even if he’s faking being polite, its still strange to me. Buuut I’m not really sold on this matter, and even if he did have some familial connection, that didn’t stop Freecell from telling him to get the hell out of his and Kaito’s Puzzle Time. A bit surprising, that. I’m sure we’ll see Whist again, but in what state? Hmmm.

    Don’t ask me how Freecell stole Klondike’s Ring when he was wearing it and Melancholy couldn’t even take it off when she was trying (my guess is limb dismemberment!)
    Dismemberment?!! I didn’t even think of that but I bet you’re right! Phi Brain is such a cheesy show with its lighthearted life lessons and derpy art style that I often forget that these puzzle folk can be grusome. After seeing how creepy-calm Freecell was in this ep, I can totally picture him just taking out a hack saw, la~di~da! Or maybe he had the butler do it- its a messy job after all.

    Aha, so Solitia’s pendant was a puzzle just as predicted. What I didn’t know was that its actually THE puzzle! The puzzle he wanted to solve with Kaito all those years ago! Nonoha tried to return it, but its in her possession once again. Now come on animation team! If there was ever a time for her to solve a puzzle, this is it! She read Solitia’s diary, suuuurely there’s some clues! Arrrgh, but I bet it won’t happen. Nonoha’s complete lack of puzzle solving will be my single regret in this series D=

    Onto another random thought! When Freecell was hugging Nonoha, he started off saying how he always admired Kaito and would finally do a puzzle with him… but following that, he said he’d then become Kaito? What could he mean by that? Become Kaito in the sense of becoming equal, become a person others will admire, or literally taking over his place in life? He’s just so mixed up right now, I don’t which parts of what he says is ring talk and which are serious thoughts. All I can say is hurry up and give me my answers, finale! I’ll be on the edge of my seat till roughly 12:00AM this Sunday XD

    • Overcooled says:

      CAPS LOCK IS ALWAYS APPROPRIATE! The whole thing with Nonoha and Freecell was immensely creepy, after all. Whatever ship floats your boat, go for it, but I will never be able to even look at fanart of these two without flinching now…

      I wasn’t sure if Whist was implying being the father, but since he never explicitly said such an important thing, I assumed he wasn’t. If he was the father, I’d expect an “I AM YOUR FATHERRRR” scene complete with the split screen reaction faces. It’s still weird that he had a connection to Solitia though. Is Whist the one who started the Orpheus Order from the very beginning? Hmm, maybe we will see Whist again…

      This show needs more onscreen arm-chopping off! Wouldn’t it be cooler if Kaito just RIPPED HIS ARM OFF when Freecell put that Ring on him? ;D

      Ah, maybe her diary has more clues! Right! It had that secret love note for Freecell, so it might have hidden info that Nonoha never noticed (because of her sucky puzzle skills). I don’t think she’s going to suddenly get good at puzzles though, I’m afraid. :/ She might tell someone about the diary and those smart Phi Brain children might be able to glean some greater truth or hint from it.

      WHOA, rewatched that scene where he said he’d become Kaito…Maybe someone with a better grasp of Japanese can correct me, but it might be a subbing error. It sounds like he’s saying he’ll become Kaito’s hero…not Kaito himself. But Freecell is crazy so he might really be saying that he will become Kaito. He could mean all of the things that you mentioned at once too, I doubt he knows what he wants.

      • Noc says:

        YEAH!! I admit him calling Nonoha his mother did make my stomach twist for a second, but then I got over it because he’s confused anyways. Maaan, I haven’t been able to find any fanart of them! Its not the sort of pairing I’d write fanfiction for, but I have an amv in mind I’d like to try out! Fufufu~

        I get the feeling that even if he was Freecell’s father, this wouldn’t be an important factor for Whist- like impregnating Solitia was just a means to an end, since all he really cares about is creating a superhuman puzzle solver to worship. He would just happen to be Freecell’s father because it was necessary for them to have a baby to brainwash or something to that effect :/

        Blood and guts for everyone!! Reminds me of my FAVORITE moment from the 3×3 Eyes manga when the MC rips out his own heart to prove his immortality and save the love interest. As badass as it would be, though, I wouldn’t be able to find Kaito ripping off his arm believable. I mean, he’s just not strong enough. Maybe if he had help from Nonoha, but she wouldn’t want to hurt him… speaking of which, I desperately wanted her to jump over that giant hole to where Kaito and Freecell were at the end, but noooOoooo…

        Its not like she has to be as good as the rest of the gang at puzzle solving- I just want her to solve one! Just one, even with the help of reading Solitia’s diary would make me happy. And I don’t think Freecell is unable to solve the pendant puzzle because its too hard, but because of some unconscious mental block.

        I translate manga as a hobby, but unless there’s kanji to look at I’m always a little hazy with spoken words. On a second listening with me earphones it, it sounds like he says “boku mo Kaito ni naru”, which I would literally translate as “I’ll become Kaito as well” which doesn’t really make sense, but maybe he did mean “I’ll become a hero to Kaito as well”. I’m just a hobbyist though so I don’t really know. I guess all I can do is check out a variety of sub translations and see how they add up, but you’re right, Freecell doesn’t know what he wants anymore so it hardly matters what he said at this point.

        • Overcooled says:

          Really? Did you look on pixiv? I swear I’ve seen some fanart in the Phi Brain tag somewhere. Good luck with the AMV! They seem so time-consuming and difficult to make that I have a high level of respect for anyone who manages to even ATTEMPT making one.

          Even if it’s a purely business affair for him (he did it to get a super smart leader), I don’t think the way the show is actually directed would allow for such a big piece of info to be revealed so…subtly. Unless he comes back later and explains it better. As is, his statement about being the father is so ambiguous that I’m not even sure if it’s true. Phi Brain wouldn’t just leave us hanging like that…would they? That’s if you look at it from the perspective of how the show has been directed so far. Whist himself wouldn’t walk around telling the world he’s the dad because – as you mentioned – he just wanted a baby to brainwash.

          That sounds like a really, really badass moment. I was joking about Kaito ripping off his arm, of course, but it would be pretty funny if Nonoha just jumped in and ripped it off for him without even being asked.

          I’m kind of surprised Nonoha doesn’t get to watch the puzzle from up close too. The whole reason Freecell didn’t want anyone watching was because they weren’t in his vision of the future…but Nonoha was!

          Maybe Nonoha will solve the pendant puzzle then. It might be some simple trick that only someone who doesn’t think about puzzles may be able to get. Or perhaps Nonoha will remember a hint from the diary. I think you’re right when you say it’s not a hard puzzle, because how hard could a little ball inside a oval be for a puzzle? <_ < Something is stopping Freecell from solving it, and once he figures it out, he might be able to love his mother again. Ah, okay, you'd be the resident expert then lol. I thought he said "boku NO kaito ni narun da" which is odd because normally you'd say "boku WA> kaito ni narun da” to say “I will become Kaito.”…right? It’s not like he said “boku no kaito” as one thing either like Rook. …Or did he? Gahhh, I don’t know either. Freecell is probably just spouting nonsense…

          • Yuushin says:

            As for whole translation thing you guys mentioned, I think he really ment that he will become Kaito, because it was his “mama” he was talking to at that moment xD
            He said when he was little he wasn’t so good at puzzles and thought his mom hated him because of this. So if he becomes good like his hero (or..becomes him? O,o) and solves that pendant, his mom will love him again….
            That’s just what I think, I could be wrong xDDD

            Maybe Nonoha will solve that thing on accident? Like that puzzle Elena gave her last season 😀
            Or maybe Kaito and Freecell will solve it together in the end…Or it won’t get solved at all xD Who knows…:3

  4. gem2niki says:

    I wonder if the Orpheus ring is a metaphor for drug addiction….cuz Freecelll keeps getting CRAZZZZZZYYYYYYYY. That scene with Nonoha was creepy as well…

    So much for Hoist being important lol. There is this pixiv comic that I thought was hilarious for that scene.

    One more episode! Can’t wait!!

    • Overcooled says:

      Well, the effects are certainly similar! Freecell gets worse as his Ring gets better (ie. he does more HARD DRUGS!)

      I understand only a little of the comic, but it’s cute XD Poor Whist! Trying to keep it together and act cool after being shunned D:

  5. Jenanime4eva says:

    Awww it’s already penultimate episode time! I am going to miss this ridiculous but fun show when it finishes airing :).

    Aha, Freecell’s necklace from his mother is indeed a kumiki puzzle and he wants to solve it with Kaito. Puzzle bros forever :P.

    Wow, Freecell hugging Nonoha and thinking that she looks like his mother with her hair down hahaha XD. Nonoha really does look much prettier with her hair like that. She should change it to her default hairstyle :D.

    So Hoist might potentially be Freecell’s biological father? He could have also just simply had an enormous crush on Freecell’s mother? Just putting my crack theories out there ;).

    Whoa was worried for a minute there when Freecell put Klondike’s final ring onto Kaito’s wrist but thank goodness Kaito managed to shatter it with his mind really quickly ;). KAITO AND FREECELL PAZURU TAIMU NO HAJIMARI DA! 🙂

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s a good thing Nonoha didn’t just throw the necklace into the garbage. I want to see Kaito solving it with Freecell and making the poor guy happy. He really needs a hug or something (of the non-creepy kind).

      I don’t know what Whist was getting at with his speech about Solitia. It sounded like he personally knows her and planned out this whole God’s Puzzle thing with her. He could be the dad, but I don’t know why they wouldn’t just SAY that given how this episode was all about not holding back. :B

      Puzzle Time…for the last time D:

  6. Yuushin says:

    Level of awesomeness in this episode is equivalent to the amount of animation derp…It goes even beyond that! It almost makes up for it. xDDD
    You pretty much said everything I had on my mind about this episode so I don’t have much to add xP

    Freecell calls Nonoha his mother and hugs her in the creepiest way imaginable. If I ever had even an inkling of a notion to ship this before, I definitely don’t now. It was pretty messed up…meaning that I loved it

    Same! :O I also loved it exactly because it was so messed up!! Which confused me for a moment, I’m not usually one to get excited about messed up stuff like this..What am I becoming..O__O ….or already have…xD
    Anyway, that was huge WTF? WOOOOW! moment, I was smiling like cheshire cat whole time xD

    But man! This episode was really intense 😀 And next one looks like it’s going to be epic too. I’m gonna miss my crack- I mean- Phi Brain xD Withdrawal, here I come >__>…
    Oh well, I’m close to getting hooked on Sword Art Online, so I should be fine 🙂 I hope xD

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeaaaahhhh…Phi Brain derpy animation is inevitable, unfortunately. The final episode better look at least halfway decent >_< I am slowly turning everyone into a sadist, mwahaha! ...The more likely answer is that you're just really getting into Phi Brain, so seeing Freecell jump off the deep end is just really interesting given how he's been acting up until now. You enjoyed it because it was novel and exciting! I doubt I have that much power over people to make them sadistic. Or do I...? >:3

      I’m going to miss this show dearly too. ANIME OF THE YEAR, RIGHT HERE!!! SAO is pretty cool despite some flaws, and there are tons of new anime in the Fall that look really promising.

      • Yuushin says:

        Heh, that does sound most likely 😀 Most of the stuff I watched before this nothing happened to completely surprise me like this…I don’t think there is anything currently that’s even similar to Phi Brain. It may be all cheep thrills but surprisingly it working almost every time xD
        In last two or three seasons this show really is one of the kind~ TuT

  7. BlackBriar says:

    This was too awesome to describe with words. Damn it! Once again I’ll have to go through the withdrawl of another good show. One of the good parts was the interaction between Nonoha and Freecell since they hardly have any contact. Especially with her trying to get to know him and him wondering why he sees her in his vision. Her hair was down again. YES!! She looks so different that way.

    Freecell calls Nonoha his mother and hugs her in the creepiest way imaginable. If I ever had even an inkling of a notion to ship this before, I definitely don’t now. It was pretty messed up…meaning that I loved it.

    He had a full on stalker face when hugging her and it was way more potent than the one he usually gives Kaito. Man, is Freecell broken beyond repair. There was no way to read his next reaction. OC, I wish you the very best of luck diagnosing this guy. The Orpheus Ring really screwed him up. At one time, he’d act like a psychpath and the other as a little kid. Like he doesn’t know himself. He surpasses Rook without effort.

    • Overcooled says:

      I know! I really enjoyed it! I’m kind of upset I’ll be away for the usual SCCSAV watch of this episode tomorrow night to hear everyone’s reactions…:/

      Unlike Rook (no I will not stop comparing them), Freecell displays obsessive behaviour to both Nonoha and Kaito now. Double the stalking. Oh gee, if I had to diagnose him I’d be at a loss. Off the top of my head with no research I’d say he has Borderline personality disorder (the same diagnosis I gave BRS’s Kanari) because of his extreme mood instability. I joked that he had bipolar disorder in the post, but he shifts from one pole to the other far too quickly to actually have it. Anyways…needless to say…anyone with a Ring gets MESSED UPPPPP.

      Never thought I’d say this, but I agree with you that Freecell is more over the top than Rook was. Not by a lot, but enough for me to acknowledge him as the new champion of mental instability.

  8. Hazou says:

    As I have been asking over the course of Freecell slow form of dementia, do they have a mental recovery section in the insanity ward for “Objects that make you crazy” cause if this was not an anime, Freecell even if the ring was taken off would end being so mentally gone. It’s like a form of schizophrenia.
    The whole conversation with Nonoha was creepy as hell and the hugging scene made me squirm in my chair. This episode was great. I remember being angry that Freecell hated Kaito for killing his mother, but somehow all of this makes up for it.

    • Overcooled says:

      I don’t think this show cares about anything other than puzzles. Mental health? Crimes? Puzzles that murder people scattered around the world? There isn’t a special ward for people with objects because there are probably zero mental health institutions in that entire universe. But really, nothing except getting that Ring off will help. Nothing else can help him.

      But now that you mention it, I find it a bit odd how quickly everyone recovers from having the Ring on when it breaks off. After multiple murder attempts and years of doing wicked things, people like Rook just go back to normal without any real issues. That’s weird! They should still have mental scarring from all the horrible stuff they did!

      Freecell didn’t seem like he was suffering enough to be so eager for revenge when he was all “blehhh you killed my mom somehow through some vague connection!”. I didn’t like that at all, and I think most people couldn’t see how Freecell justified his extreme actions over something so idiotic. Now we know he’s really loco, and his beef with Kaito is for an almost entirely different reason now, and it makes a lot more sense.

      • Hazou says:

        Freecell is definetly more than loco, psychotic maybe,delusional definetely. Creepy as hell, yes. Rook seems rather tame compared to Freecell. Freecell actually makes Rook mad that Kaito and him aren’t Yaoi lovers seem ridiculous. [okay so I made that up about the yaoi love]. But it’s anime. The power of friendship and love cures everything. Cause a magical ring that that makes you believe in delusions of granduer is easily cured by those two things. Friendship and Love.

        You know what would be great if Phi Brain and an anime like Death Note had a baby. So instead of actually making it cutsey friends and love. Make it uber realistic, and make it kind of gritty. Idk. My brain is going somewhere.

        • Overcooled says:

          Psychotic and delusional are just more specific words for what I imagine when I say “loco”. It sounds like you have some background in psych though since you’re using proper terms instead of “loco” XD

          Rook was still very tormented, but he was a little less far gone than Freecell. Just a little, I’d say. Wouldn’t it be nice if the magic of friendship cured mental illness so easily?

          That would be one crazy show. I don’t know if it’d be a trainwreck or plain brilliant! Cheesy puzzles but with more killing and amazing animation. I wouldn’t mind the budget boost, mind you. I guess it could work in a sort of Yuugiou season 0 kind of way. I’d pay money to see it though, that’s for sure. MORE PHI BRAIN!

          • Hazou says:

            Well if you know my brain, which you don’t. I was considering more erm realistic puzzles and a characters not obsessed with the puzzle aspect. More like a general idea for a character would be an assumption. And not in the Kaito way which is “puzzle puzzle”. More like he’s highly intelligent and tormented by the numbers in his head which force him to act out compulsions. Or someone who is obsessed with Schubert and his puzzles or whatever are all based off of the movements of each piece of schubert.

            I’m saying more psychos. lol

            • Hazou says:

              I mean obsession, not assumption.

            • Overcooled says:

              “More psychos” always makes me like something more. That would be an entirely different show though if you went that far. You should trademark that and make your own anime!

  9. Hazou says:

    Who’d like to animate it for me and who’d like to be voice actors? lol

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