Phi Brain S2 – 22

A fun, family-friendly puzzle called “what chemical did he slip into your drink?”

Whew, sorry for being so late, guys! All of the shows I blog essentially air on the same day, and I had to prioritize SAO and Kuroko no Basuke since those are all tag team posts. I can usually manage even though they all come out at once, but I was at my limit trying to study and blog. Too stubborn to take a break or ask someone to cover for me, I waited until I was done my test and not dying in slow motion to begin writing about this week’s episode. Basically: I HAD A REALLY GOOD REASON FOR BEING LATE, WHAT MORE DO YOU VULTURES WANT FROM ME?!?!

Do you remember the original goal of the Orpheus Order? They first appeared on the roof and took turns degrading Kaito for throwing away his Orpheus Ring. The goal of The Order was to distribute Rings to all of mankind to bring humanity to the next level much faster by increasing their intelligence. Humans are always striving to be smarter, and this would be such an easy solution. Orpheus Rings could be given to children with learning disabilities to help them in school or to scientists working on the cure for cancer to potentially speed up the process. It was grand, world-encompassing scheme that was almost believable, expect for the tiny caveat that everyone with a Ring goes batshit insane. But The Order didn’t really know that, so they figured they were justice and Kaito was some evil force opposing them.

Do you remember that? I sure didn’t until this week’s episode. The entire season has been selfish whining about how Kaito didn’t compliment their puzzles and other trivial nuisances. Long gone was the intent to improve humanity! Freecell was all about his own promise with Kaito, and everyone else started chiming in with their own reasons to antagonize Kaito. The overarching goal was forgotten entirely, and creating new Rings seemed to be just for the purpose of helping Freecell exact his revenge. I didn’t mind that things turned away from giving Rings to all of humanity into petty catfights, because Phi Brain does this kind of melodrama well. It just fits. Haven’t we all been tearing our hair out over what the hell happened in Freecell past and what is actually the equivalent of a bad acid trip mussing up his memories? It’s been a fun ride.

But now things are shifting back to involving the entire world again, and it didn’t seem to fit. Klondike may have been stringing those people along, but his speech felt so out of place and stupid that I would have facepalmed if I wasn’t drinking tea at the time. Phi Brain isn’t the place for making statements about the society we live in and corrupt businesses taking all the profits for themselves. I also really don’t like Klondike, which makes any scene with him all the more painful to watch.


Klondike is basically a typical villain who has no personality aside from “being a villain.” I really don’t want him to be the final boss Kaito faces off against, because he’s lame and entirely nonthreatening. Even though he owned Kaito despite never solving a puzzle before, I can’t seem to feel any fear of him. He’s too average! Yet he’s still a big threat, as he’s managed to harness Kaito’s puzzle-solving power into his Ring. I don’t know if he drained all of Kaito’s puzzle-solving abilities or just kind of borrowed a flash of intelligence. What do you think that flurry of rainbow miasma could possibly mean for Kaito? and for Klondike? One thing is for sure – it let him activate Phi Brain mode. If it sapped Kaito of his abilities, then it could very well be Freecell or Rook who defeats him in order to get his powers back. I’m hoping Kaito is fine though. The last time he couldn’t solve puzzles I wanted to blow my brains out =_=

All in all, I wasn’t a big fan of this week’s episode. It had a character I dislike doing dumb things with derp animation. It was pretty low quality this week, unfortunately. I will say that this week’s puzzle was actually really clever. It wasn’t the most exciting to watch, but I like the thinking involved to solve it. Kaito, being an avid puzzle-solver, made a tricky maze using his best Giver skills. Klondike, who doesn’t seem to know his own arse from a rubix’s cube, made a bunch of walls in a random pattern. Kaito tried to solve it like a normal maze, until he realized that Klondike soullessly put up some walls to trap Kaito. It was an interesting turn of events. Still, not very riveting to watch a little hoverdisc float around. Clever, but kind of “meh” to watch.

Bonus Screenshots:Show ▼

Preview: Jikukawa returns, hopefully with more useful information than which brand of apple juice tastes the best. Doubt and Pinochle also seem to be playing the role of helpful agents, and seem to be tracking the getaway coptor. As Kaito and friends plan a counterattack to a man who can just suck up your brain power, Freecell challenges him head on. A lot seems to be going on…

I don’t know what you mean by “not dressed appropriately for a desert.”


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12 Responses to “Phi Brain S2 – 22”

  1. Liza says:

    Klondike annoyed the heck out of me. I don’t know, for a villan for Phi Brain, I think you are required to have a grudge against Kaito. I liked the puzzle this time, probably because it was something I could understand. XD Klondike’s way of just putting up random walls was pretty clever I will admit. Who would expect a bunch of walls instead of a clear maze?(although I expect he had no idea what he was doing…)

    • Overcooled says:

      Klondike isn’t a puzzle-nut, which is disappointing in of itself. I don’t think he knew what he was doing either, since he doesn’t really know how puzzles work. Just think about how easy that maze is to solve once you get the trick o_o If he did a mix of the two (normal maze and then random gaps) then that might be harder to predict.

      The best puzzles are those that have simple rules! They’re so much more elegant~

  2. processr says:

    A weird episode, this one. It never really got going, and I share your concerns over the cookie-cutter villain. Heck, I’d almost prefer friggin’ Herbert as the Big Bad; Klondike wouldn’t have the balls to wear two rings at once.

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, it didn’t really have any impact, even with someone activating the FINAL RING as a trump card. Herbert showing off his double rings was definitely more exciting than Klondike showing off his one, better ring. Funny how after he’s gone we miss him…

  3. Yuushin says:

    Klondike…..*Bleah*~…Boring -____- Boring villain…I still find it funny how they pronounce his name though…Kurondaik- sama 😀
    I watched Phi Brain few times when I was very sleepy and misheard it once as kuroi bike somehow xDDDDD…(lol black bike)
    Agreed, this was kind of weak episode. But puzzle is very interesting! I wish there would be something like this on Miniclip >,> I would so play it with random people xDDD
    But Jikugawa is back next time 😀 I bet he has interesting news for the group…:3
    And I think next episode is going to be last one for Klondike. I just can’t see him as final boss >__<

    • Overcooled says:

      The way ANYTHING is pronounced with a Japanese accent is wonderful. Accents are the best. If it was kuroi baiku then Celty would have to be making an appearance, heh.

      It sounds like something I’d want to play, now that you mention it! However, I don’t know how to make a maze. Well, a GOOD maze. :B

      Please let Klondike die in a horrible freak puzzle accident!!!

  4. Jenanime4eva says:

    Ah so Melancholy does indeed have a real Orpheus bracelet but she can’t be arsed with things and just wants to play LOL ;).

    Uh oh, Klondike just upgraded his bracelet level to OVER 9000! 😛

    Apple-san XD Jikugawa and Rook are both back next episode. Whoohoo! 😀 Looking forward to the episode when Kaito, Rook and Freecell all appear at the same place. Should make for an interesting scene :).

    • Overcooled says:

      Her explanation was so priceless. That’s pretty much it – she could have saved everyone so much trouble by actually doing work, but she choose not to. I guess that’s just how little kids are.

      I don’t care much about Jikukawa, but seeing Rook always makes me do a little happy dance inside my head. Rook confronting Freecell? Aiyaaa, cat fight waiting to happen…

  5. BlackBriar says:

    All that waiting to see Klondike as a third rate dull villain? What a let down. Herbert was a hundred times better than him. He had a lot more character. I’d easily replace him with Izaya or Kore wa Zombie’s King of Night.

    But I will admit that for someone who’s never tried a puzzle before, he’s pretty adept for a first timer. At least he doesn’t show any bitterness towards Melancholy despite the fact she has what he wants and she couldn’t care less about it. Those situations do tend to happen a lot.

    Another thing concerning me is Ana. He always seems to know when the worst is about to happen. Like three steps ahead of everything and apparently knows what a person is thinking while barely having any contact with them.

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, he sucks :/ I never really liked Herbert, but he’s looking pretty good next to this chump. Don’t even start bringing other shows into this, BB, because I could list 50 villains who are better than the Phi Brain ones!

      Hmm, I guess he doesn’t care that Melancholy didn’t do any work because she helped him with the Order. As long as he gets to his goal, he doesn’t seem to care about how long it takes. Weirdo.

      Ana is just…psychic. He conveniently knows everything <__<

  6. gem2niki says:

    I didn’t have any problem with this episode lol (I keep all my expectation of phi brain very low to enjoy it). But thought it was an interesting twist that he doesn’t really know much about puzzle beside taking advantage of everyone’s passion for it to create the ring for himself.

    Though I almost have a feeling he’s not the final villain…Hoist is still mysterious as hell! Why is he so dedicated to him?

    • Overcooled says:

      I have a different set of standards for Phi Brain too, but even those weren’t satisfied this week. I’m glad you enjoyed it though! Klondike did something really impressive by solving a puzzle that well for his first time…but I just didn’t feel it. I was totally apathetic.

      Whist is still really suspicious, yeah…He’s up to something. He’s always up to something…

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