Meta Mash – 41

We are back with recent updates of Fairy Tail, Moyashimon Returns, Kuroko no Basuke and One Piece.


Fairy Tail – 148 

Bromance shot of the week!

….I have absolutely no idea how the hell Angel’s magic works (er, I DO know how it works, but I’ve never seen anything like it on FT, nor do I know how she even came across it in the first place), but damn is the concept ever cool. The whole fight with Gray was cool as well, though I’m wary that it might start a new shipping couple. It was so cheesy, even for Fairy Tail. Anyways, with that finished, it’s just the Snake guy, Imitatia and Brain II left. Obviously Kilana or whatever her name is is the guy’s snake, so that will probably end that fight (or at least give Erza the opportunity to end that fight). I don’t even remember how long this arc has been and I think they could force in a fair few more episodes into this. I just hope the ending isn’t as halfassed as the reveal about the bad guys was. After this much effort, the aftermath should feel rewarding at least.


Moyashimon Returns – 11

Good bye you cute little microbes! I WILL MISS YOU!
OH NOES! We have reached the end of our science filled adventures here on Metanorn! I know isn’t that just tragic? So anyway what the hell happened in this episode? First off Haruka and Ruuta decided to break up and call off their wedding plans and Marie finally got some time with her father and grandfather to talk about another option for their wine business and I guess she is going to make juice with her father just for people that can’t really drink wine, but she just wanted everyone in her family to work together once again even her brother! So that family is fine for now. Sawaki and the others returned to Japan and had a huge party, but I was kind of hoping for Haruka and Kaoru to get together! Well I don’t think Moyashimon is the series for such things. I did laugh my ass off when Kei punched the hell out of Sawaki after hearing about Marie at the bar? Whoa dude I think someone is jealous over another woman? Also why does Sawaki only get to choose between Kei who is a dude and Marie? Still it made me laugh and damn it he better choose between Marie and Oikawa!

So are we getting another season of Moyashimon? I think we are because they did end on a strange cliffhanger with a mysterious woman visiting Kei’s shop! That and the microbes did mention they will be back, but of course it all depends on sales of this series? Then again did anyone out there really watch this second season? I was personally excited to see it just because I finished season one in like a week right before the start of the second. I do have some complaints like I wished they stuck with the whole science themes and of course more scenes with the microbes popping up here and there to explain things during the episode; however in the end it kept me entertained so it accomplished that goal at least! I guess we have to wait around to see if there is any news of a third season of Moyashimon.


Kuroko no Basuke – 24

Kuroko-“Don’t you want to play with my dog?”                        Kise-“HELL YES! I LOVE DOGS!!!”

To quote Kuroko, I wouldn’t be surprised if either side won at this point. Kise’s team has improved so dramatically from their first match against Seirin that they stand a chance against Aomine. There are so many turns of the tide in this one episode alone that both teams are essentially equally matched. Even though Kaijo was behind most of the time, Kise was fighting so hard to pull ahead that it never really felt like they were being overly dominated. It’s an intense match! I like how the refs are finally getting more involved, which is much more like a real game (again…haha…realism in Kuroko no Basuke…when will I learn?). One more foul and Aomine is out, which is actually distressing to Kise since he wants to settle things with Aomine instead of getting an easy win. Keep in mind I’m using “easy” rather lightly, and it’d still take a lot to win even with Aomine benched. Basically, Kise needs to settle a lot of things through this match, and he needs his role model to be there to do this. He’s on the cusp of discovering what it feels like to work as a cohesive team instead of just focusing on winning, and he’s wavering between admiring Aomine and wanting to surpass him. I’d go as far as to say this episode is mostly about our prettyboy model and all of his revelations about basketball. Aomine can only watch as Kise throws away his view of Aomine as this unreachable, superior idol and re-frames him as a more real opponent that he can copy. Watching him transform into this beast player who can mimic all of Aomine’s moves and special abilities is incredibly impressive. The animation budget was blown again trying to show just how badass Kise was. I love the way he mutters what he’s about to do under his breath as well. Of course, Aomine makes a huge comeback at the end to let us know that Kise can’t just beat his idol so easily. It’s a great way to end the episode and get us read for the final outcome next week. Is this really the second last episode? Please say no!


One Piece – 564 

Kinda looks like a badge you would earn in an FPS game

Why does Hody have no substance and is empty? Hody’s backstory shows why. These episodes usually play out much better in manga form. The method of digestion for this type of information isn’t always better in text, but in this case I found 564 to be an average episode. It does what it does, but by this point I’m anxious for things to actually happen with Noah falling. And now that air covers Noah, Luffy will be ready to unleash. This is the first episode in a little while to take pages from multiple chapters, but really only 5 pages came from 642 and the rest from 644.



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6 Responses to “Meta Mash – 41”

  1. Namika says:

    The animation in the last episode was so HNNGGGGGGGGG~ <3 I love Kise so much, he's an adorable character, but those moments when he started to successfully copy Aomine he was just ….. so freaking badass~!! *fangasm*
    I can not believe that Kuroko no Basuke is near it's end O_O well, the first season, anyway. I really hope the 2nd season will come out soon, I need my weekly dose of fine bishie material to fangirl over *~*

    • Overcooled says:

      I always saw Kise as the sweet, unassuming one. “Weak” was an inherent trait that I used to recognize him by…until now. What a shock! Those eyes, man…those eyes…!

      I want this show to continue too! If it doesn’t, I guess I’ll be joining the manga fans and reading from where things are left off…

      • Namika says:

        Yeah, I thought that he was going to more or less stay in the shadows of other players from the generation of miracles,but now that I thought about it, he had the most potential in becoming the strongest one. Yeah,Aomine is a natural but it’s not unusual to lose motivation if you can do something so easily. But still, Kise is a frighteningly fast learner. That’s it. I’m gonna start his fan page on fb or something 😀

        Yeah, I think in that case I’ll move on to the manga, but still, anime is a completely different experience. I’ll be very sad if there won’t be another season 🙁

  2. D-LaN says:

    Kinda wish microbes were as cute as the one in Moyashimon lol. (^.^;)

  3. tatsuya says:

    gotta respect one piece

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