Eureka Seven Ao – 19

Elena-“I sure hope the power doesn’t turn off at 99.8%!”

So here we are the final teen episode of Eureka Seven Ao and this means we are soooooooo close to the end of this series and as always please take a few minutes to listen to me and Jrow talk about this episode! So have you enjoyed this type of format so far? I hope so because I really enjoy chatting about it every week…anyway time to start the review for episode nineteen.

Truth has serious problems

Truth-“Why doesn’t anyone LOVE ME!? I WANT TO BE HUGGED DAMN IT!”

Naru-“Dude…dude…you are killing the good vibes bro.”       Truth-“SHUT YOUR FACE! I HATE YOU!”

Christophe-“Hey Truth, what is black and blue and red all over?”           Truth-“I don’t like your jokes.”

Christophe-“Your body parts all over the place!”           Truth-“YOU SON OF A BITCH! I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!”

I think just about everyone hates Truth or maybe you just always hated him from the very start of the series?! With this recent episode there are lots of things presented for Truth to get through; however a few of these problems we already knew about as the viewer. Like the fact that he is a Secret? I mean as if we couldn’t already tell from the choice of colors for his clothes, but it does have an effect on Truth because apparently he might have a case of AMNESIA! That part made me laugh so hard and I swear I was waiting for him to have some twin sibling that magically shows up. That aside, I think the Secrets have basically abandoned him at this point because he is considered “different” and also it seems as if his power has no effect against them? Oh and his whole plan to put the Scub Coral against the Secret has fallen through thanks to Naru becoming one with the Coral. All of that certainly feels as if everything he has worked towards has been screwed up so far right down to his “death” near the end of this episode. So do you think he is alone in this world? I mean Naru, the Secrets and Generation Bleu are all against him leaving him with no real allies to rely on, but I could see him switching teams! Just kidding he is just an angry side villain right now.

Fleur is not a happy camper

Christophe-“Give daddy a hug!”            Fleur-“Ewwww gross…”           Ao-“Uh…I guess I could…”

Fleur-“You should have gave me a pony for my birthday.”             Christophe-“I though you liked giant robots!”

Last week she had some of her own problems to get through in the form of being alone and this time she is dealing with more “father world problems” or daddy issues, but of course those problems are nothing brand new because I think we’ve known about them from a previous episodes! So what is going on with her this time? First off when Christophe tries to give his daughter a hug she pulls back with an annoyed looking expression on her face which I can only relate as her not wanting any praise from him. However, I think she just doesn’t want anything to do with him. I know through the series Elena always likes to make the joke about her being related to Christophe and it annoys Fleur to no end. Now there was one scene that made me stop and say HOLY CRAP! WHAT THE HELL?! And that was the whole scene where Fleur shoots her father at point blank range in the head and chest…thankfully it was revealed to be Truth in disguise as her father. I still can’t help to think DAMN GIRL! You did not even think twice before pulling the trigger. Sadly to make matters worse for Fleur who lost her mother at a young age has now lost her father, but he did sacrifice himself to save the children just like what Bruno did for team Goldilocks and I wonder how that will effect Fleur? Will she seek revenge against Truth if he is found to be alive? I imagine she will probably have an emotional breakdown next week or feelings of regret about how she treated him? Either way we should expect some tears next time.

Extra Eureka Seven

Ivica-“I can’t watch freaking Smile Precure on such a tiny screen!”

Hana-“Hmmmm I think I left some tin foil in the microwave on again.”

Hana-“Ha silly me! Please remind me not to do that again! Oh wait…Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!”

Elena makes another Evangelion reference again in Eureka Seven Ao.jpeg

End thoughts

Interesting episode this week compared to last week which was entertaining for the most part, but this one was a lot better! Sadly we are near the very end of the series which I was told could either end around after episode twenty two or around twenty six? I really have no idea and at this point I will just hold out on them having seven more episodes. Typically with any series that is about to wrap up the producers and writing team usually have several characters that eventually get killed off and this episode definitely gives you the feeling of “Oh my god shit just got real!” as we saw with Hana and her team getting destroyed by Truth, but I have to admit part of me was cheering during that scene because yeah…from the start I kept thinking that team was always shady! Especially their leader who was always obsessed with the Coral infections and everything about Ao and Eureka as aliens. Oh and did you notice Maggie is now with the US Army? It seems like her life is always leading her to fight! Maybe that is just part of her destiny and for some reason I can see Ao using that to some advantage in the next episode.

So let us talk about Ao’s Quartz Cannon for a moment…if it really has the ability to alter time I just can’t help thinking that all these character deaths don’t really amount to anything if Ao can simply just “fix the world” with his cannon. I mean just look at what happened with Maggie and the other members of team goldilocks! After getting hit with the blast it basically set each of them on a different path of life so you can just imagine how it would affect other characters like Fleur and her father? Maybe in another world they are close and maybe her mother is alive!? Oh and of course you have people like Ivica maybe he wouldn’t have to fight in any wars? So yeah that list can go on and on.


Truth-“Who stole my clothes? Seriously…it is so freaking cold right now.”

Is the Truth is still out there?


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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2 Responses to “Eureka Seven Ao – 19”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Wow. It’s official: the sh** has hit the fan and everything’s falling apart.

    There may be some conflict of information. ANN says the series has 24 episodes in all as I also believe was the case for the original series. So maybe they’ll keep the amount consistant.

    The Big Blue World was typically taking a coward’s way out since Generation Blue has been recently getting a negative image. That always happens when there bureaucrats involved so I was hardly surprised by that kind of outcome. I mean, situations like that are to be expected.

    Christophe was one of the biggest mysteries right in front us but nowhere close to figuring out his motives or what drives him towards those motives. Just what makes the guy tick. There were times I’d go back and forth trying to classify his character. Like, is he a good guy or someone hiding something? Pegging him like Rinne’s Moid (Fosh, you’re my new best friend!! I was thinking the same thing) but I would mostly see him simply as a creep. But after this episode, I totally had a different opinion of him. He protected his daughter (while entrusting her to Ao. Is that some sort of an arranged marriage?), supposedly leaving her the Generation Blue company and died like a hero.

    Truth’s mind is in shambles. That Secret head telling him that he’s one of them must have been the last thing he wanted to hear and now he’s questioning everyhing. Whatever he had planned before is probably done for. And when you think about it, the fight between him and Eureka was a dead give away. When he attacked them, his arms had the same aura as a Secret and he has his shapeshifting ability just like them.

    Fleur was becoming more and more tightly wound. It was interesting that she kept in all inside, acting like it’s no big deal. But she’s capable of not letting her resentment consume her to the point that she’s blinded by it. She knew by personal experience that she shot an imposter. The first time I saw that piece, I was like “NO WAY! SHE SHOT HIM IN COLD BLOOD!”. What’s more, they’ve never shown a scene with her in gun training. The closest we got of something like that was her IFO piloting.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Fufufufufu yes! Everything is going CRAAAAZY right now <3

      Yeah I have no idea who to believe for episode count and lately ANN and MAL are getting things wrong with the recent season coming to a close where some anime is listed for having 12 or 20+ episodes! I am all kinds of confused.

      BBW is afraid of their overall image I guess and they probably thought oh an anime series can calm everyone down thanks to BBW, but NOOOPPEEEE it did not work guys and they are like so yeah sorry about that but we gotta bounce.

      Agreed Christophe has been one of the biggest mysteries so far in Ao! Just what the hell was in into and now that he is dead will we ever get to find those answers? Maybe Fleur will do some investigation work…ah yeah he is a lot like freaking Moid from Lagrange! ALWAYS SNEAKY!!

      You are right for Truth to react that way after the fight he had with Eureka and Ao seems a bit crazy! Like you said HIS ARMS they were the same as a secret…so yeah [email protected]

      Fleur is getting pulled into the story a lot so far and I really enjoy it! Especially Elena who has some interesting reveals through this series .< but I always appreciate when anyone comments on Eureka Seven Ao posts! It helps me to continue blogging the series here <3

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