Meta Mash – 32

We are back with the usual funnies of Polar Bears, Sket Dance with action of Accel World and science of Moyashimon Returns.


Shirokum Cafe – 21 

Panda-“Mom! I think Mr. Handa got a new haircut!”                   Mom-“Let me check it thoroughly…”

~This week we join Panda on a semi-spectacular journey to becoming something other than a panda. With him leading the first half, of course there would be silly shenanigans as Panda changed into costumes and classically failed to become the animal of the corner he had been transferred into. I have to say though, Llama’s surprise transfer to the Panda corner and doing a better job than Panda was probably the funniest bit of the first half; everything else seemed a bit plain since it was just the usual lazy Panda excuses. The second half of the episode however totally made up for the lack of laughs in the first half. Mei mei’s cuteness, odd crush on Handa, and fangirly-ness was a triple-threat that literally had me laughing out loud. I mean, what a plot twister to find out Panda’s younger sister likes Handa. He finally gets a lady after him, but technically…not…a lady. Anyway, Mei mei’s fangirl squeals and over-exaggerated images of Handa looking rich and sophisticated were HILARIOUS. I couldn’t help but think it was an accurate depiction of kpop fangirls. Personally I feel like this wasn’t a particularly notable episode, despite the Mei mei hilariousness, so I’m chucking this one under the carpet and hoping for something a little more wacky to appear next week.~


Sket Dance – 72 

Make sure you call the whambulance

So, Michiru and Agata might be gone, but the new members of the student council are even more eccentric than the last ones. I’m surprised at how well the action battle scene with Katou went this episode considering how little effort Sket has put into their action scenes before. It actually looked like a real fight instead of half-assed and looped animation. Amazing. As for Usami’s part of the episode… ahaha Shimono did great with Tsubaki’s frustration.

I’m quite fond of Katou’s voice, though his seiyuu is some guy I’ve never heard of before called Ohsaka Ryota. Though it’s no wonder I’ve never heard of him since he’s had important roles like Male Student in Natsuiro Keseki and Male Basketball Club Member in Hyouka. …The only role that stood out to me was his part as Yuki in Tsuritama. Long story short, I hope he gets larger roles in the future since I like his voice. As for Usami, her seiyuu (Iguchi Yuka) has a few more notable roles. …Like Index from the Toaru series. In any case, those are the new members and things should get amusing from here~.


Moyashimon Returns – 08 

This was a very important experiment this week

Hooray! It is time for more fun with Moyashimon and this week we are continuing with the whole Paris adventure with Sawaki, Takuma and Kaoru as they search for Haruka! Thankfully they find her quite early in the episode by mistake because they met up with a French girl named Maria voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro and she wears the same style of clothing just like Kei! Maybe she is his real sister or something?! Just kidding! So anyway who is this new girl? Her background is very similar to Sawaki’s or is it more like Kei? Basically she is next in her family line to take over the business of making wine! I think the entire episode was easily based around that subject, but in the end Haruka told the others she was just there on vacation not to get married! YEAH RIGHT! Oh yeah! There was a bit of random fanservice thrown in this week with Maria undressing in front of Sawaki…yeah…that was really strange because Moyashimon isn’t really known for such things.


Accel World – 20 

Don’t worry I think Haru will eat that pizza if it hits the ground anyway.

After a tepid Okinawa arc its great to be back in Tokyo. We finally get to witness the fallout from Chiyu’s betrayal of Haru and the gang to become Nomi’s healer.  The slow episode was surprisingly salvaged by Taku, who was becoming notorious for putting a damper on great episodes with his flaccid personality. He displayed a great sense of humor that brightened the dire situation. This is the most interesting he has been since he was a villain.  I would like to see him in this light more often as his angst ridden nature usually drags down the show.

This episode was a slow affair that’s building up to Kuroyuki’s return to save the day. It’s annoying how the plot is too insecure to move without holding Snow Black’s hand. Maybe it’s a metaphor for Haru? No that would be too witty for the writers of this show to accomplish. To be honest, I am not a fan of this slow build up. The story in Tokyo has been exciting up until this point, and after the Okinawan buzzkill, this episode had to be a shot of adrenaline. I wanted to feel a sense of urgency but all I witnessed was a nonchalant series diddling about mildly interesting plot points.

What annoyed me most was the fallout from the battle with Nomi. The reaction of Nomi and Taku felt a bit contrived. Chiyu has been much of the emotional driving force for the show and without her, any attempts to provoke an empathetic reaction feel hollow. While the interference of the Chrome Disaster bringing out Haru’s darker emotions is an interesting fold, I’d have liked these feelings to develop naturally, not from a plot device.



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11 Responses to “Meta Mash – 32”

  1. belatkuro says:

    Polar Bear: The Zoo Director is my new favorite character now even if he didn’t appear in the episode. Seriously, approving the reassigning of Panda to different places and then reassigning Llama. Trolling at its finest.
    Second half was just an overload of Panda Kana Hanazawa(sounds like a tongue twister). Still, Handa is so plain and uninteresting. They say love is blind but if the one in love is a panda with dark spots on her eyes…

    Sket Dance: I don’t like the new male member. The female one is okay but the personality swap might get old in time. It’s how they’ll use the characters I guess.
    Semi-related, I heard Gintama is gonna reair its previous episodes with some new episodes in October. And it will be on the timeslot of SD. Does this mean SD is gonna end? I haven’t heard any news yet like what happened to Beelzebub so…

    AW: It’s like the previous 2 episodes didn’t happen as we started right where it left off. And besides Chrome Disaster almost manifesting, not much happened. This arc will span until the end of the season so bear with it I guess. Next episode is gonna be better with Niko appearing again with the addition of the maid. Hopefully they can save the show somehow.

    • Tofu says:

      Niko’s finally coming back!? YESSS~!!!! I’m really only watching AW due to Kuroyukihime and Niko (and Sky Raker slightly). There was a time where I actually liked the story, ya know… during something more intense and entertaining like Chrome Disaster’s Arc. How long will AW be going on for? 24? 23? 26? I hate the idea that they’re dragging this arc for that long T_T soooooo much torture…

    • Foshizzel says:

      @Belatkuro: Yeah Polar Bears is getting crazy right now and panda hanazawa kana was so freaking cute! HER VOICE! OH MY GOD <3 also Panda is a jerk 90% of the time hahahah

  2. D-LaN says:

    MR: Yes, science is good……

    AW: URGH Smug@$$ and NTR Catgirl time again. WTH is K-Y-Hime…. But at least Haru finally “man up” a little. Taku is just bro. (Glad tht he did not go Yahiro on us) But will Haru go Shuuher on us??

  3. Highway says:

    AW: I thought the takeaway from this episode was the change in Haru. 5 episodes ago, he turned into a completely pathetic figure, giving up on, well, everything after a setback. This time, he’s being framed for something, and back to the ostracism and bullying he used to get all the time (not that long ago), and his reaction is different. How will Noumi react (Not that I really care about that guy, I basically skip every scene with him because he’s just so vile)? Will he try to pile on more humiliation? You start wondering when that well runs dry. I mean, Haru wasn’t exactly up that high anyway, how much can you really humiliate him?

    • Foshizzel says:

      YAY THE END IS NEAR! Just kidding I know most of the commenters here really like that series so I won’t bash it >.>

      Haru is just experiencing what every damn Shounen hero eventually goes through aka their evil phase or other side getting revealed? Ichigo has his hollow side, Naruto has his fox power I am not sure about Luffy? Maybe the fear of losing his crew? Jrow can back me up on that! As for Natsu from FT that is tough because I don’t think he has a “dark” side to him…

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Ugh, Nomi’s vileness just doesn’t know any bounds. I’ll start cheering the minute he finally gets his cheating ass properly kicked. I don’t believe a word Chiyu said about willingly joining that wretch. Clearly he did something to her.

    Haru’s treading on the dark here now and Chrome Disaster’s remains was probably waiting for right time to manifest. My guess it’s going to continue on him like a symbiote. And since Haru’s training with Sky Raker, it’s like he’s in a whole new level. No signs of who he used to be which is a good thing. And he’s attracting cougars. Sky Raker and Black Snow are both older than him.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep Haru is just going through is dark phase that is all and I will rage if Kurohime arrives and one shots this cheap ass filler boss I HATE THIS KID! AAHHH GO DIE!!

  5. Samantha Zan says:

    Sket Dance: I’m glad they finally showed the new student council, as now I don’t have to be so confused about searching for Sket Dance fanart on Zerochan XD. Well they are both certainly interesting, I think Roman showing up randomly throughout the episode was really funny too. The way Tsubaki handled the situation was really funny too XD, now he’s officially can be on his student council president role. (Which I also loved how everyone teased him about it XP)

    I think these characters are really solid, but hopefully we can still see more of Agata and Michiru

    • Karakuri says:

      Oh, don’t worry, Agata and Michiru show up again. Especially when it concerns Saya’s love life xD

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