Meta Mash – 25

While KoiChoco takes a break this week, we are back with a dose of crazy faces with Uta Koi, Gundam Age & Hakuouki.


Uta Koi – 06 

Everything ended after someone got a wicked paper cut!
Uta Koi continues with the adventures of Komachi, Yashuhide and Narihira. The three have an inextricable chemistry that is buoyed by the poetry they composed. The series continues to expand its philosophical scope, by drawing together plot threads of episodes past. Slow burn storytelling like this can be trying if done incorrectly, but it’s already paying dividends. Piecing together the parts of their lives is rewarding, and brings considerable depth to the burgeoning cast. Both Narihira’s wanton nature and Komachi’s lofty ambitions get corralled in by Yasuhide’s realistic optimism. He acts as a anchor that grounds these larger than life characters.

In it’s fifth outing, the show tackles the idea of legacies. When your body is gone, what really remains? Is there anything left but our corpses? But our material legacies, such as children or wealth are finite and eventually disappear. The intellectual kind, however, live on forever such as feelings framed in verse. It is only the immaterial and transient that can truly live on forever and carry our names on its breath.


Gundam Age – 43

Tank-kun: “Muhahahahah no one can stop me now!”
Wooooo! It’s time for more Gundam AGE talks on Metanorn! So last week Kio was dealing with Girard Spriggan and her kickass neon green machine and he was doing his best to convince her to stop fighting and talk things over; however it appears that his mission is failing hardcore. Oh and last week the episode ended with good old Grandpa Flint jumping into the battle, so did anyone think it was kind of dumb how Girad suddenly went OH MY GOD! Overpowered mode which basically allowed her to “borrow” everyone’s funnel based weapons? Then again Flint was there to own some serious face on the battlefield making me scream DAMN SON! YOU GOT OWNED by a veteran fighter with just one shot? AHAHAHAH good work! Sadly while he saved the day Flint basically stomped on Kio’s heart, but ah well that is just how it goes…so what is left? Oh right the Vegan main base is floating towards earth and their fake Gundam copy as well, so that should make things very interesting for the next few episodes as we near the end of this series.


Hakuouki Reimeiroku 04-05

True story, Anaaga has the best harem.

Since I was absent in last week’s MM post, I’m going to cover two episodes. Episode five is just like how I predicted it to be – Okita being used by Serizawa. But it’s not really using since it was a win-win situation. Okita was able to show his homolust for Kondou, and Serizawa got rid of the double-faced Roshigumi member. However, episode five is just more than Roshigumi getting benefit from such nasty situation. Episode five did a great job of showing the conflict between one’s innocent conscious and society’s way. Kondou and his group are naïve; the thought of soiling their hands for the good of Roshigumi never occurred in their minds. So it’s understandable for them, especially Hijikata, to be shocked over Serizwa’s piercing words. Now it’s up to them whether they’ll stand up to their innocent way or start doing it the hard and dirty way; I suspect it’s going to be the later. Either way, it was entertaining to see some serious conflict in episode five. Serizawa’s starting to act more like a deuteragonist too, and I like that unpredictable personality of his.

Episode six is nothing much, really. It’s just about Ryunosuke getting closer to that girl he saved and I didn’t like that much since I’m pro Heisuke x Ryunosuke. Episode six is more like a prologue of some problem that’s going to come later (which, I suspect, has something to do with the whole oni sheeyat). Now that Roshigumi is (finally) a proper organization, what is Serizawa going to do next week? Can’t wait for it. It feels so weird to e excited for a Hakuouki episode.



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2 Responses to “Meta Mash – 25”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    I really like the way they have tied together the stories of the lives of the poets. I was wondering how this show was going to work at first, since the poems themselves are all about different things, and they were composed over such a long period of time. Somehow the show has managed to present a thread of continuity that keeps it from being purely episodic.

  2. AutumnTheCuzzy says:

    Aww, the write-up for Uta Koi 6 was a copy+paste of Episode 5. 🙁

    I *LOVED* episode 6, playing “Spot The Reference” always leads to hilarity in any series if done right, like they did here!

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