Eureka Seven Ao – 16

Snake in the box-“DUDE I THOUGHT I WAS YOUR FAVORITE!”           Ao-“…..”

At long last Eureka Seven Ao has returned for all of us to enjoy and I think everyone is just about in the same boat as in officially confused! So what about you? Are you confused to all hell or do you have things figured out? I will join the others in the confusion! No recording this week due to some minor technical issues, but that is fine! I only have a few things to talk about.

Ao’s mind is full of crazy!

Elena-“You smell fantastic!”             Fleur-“Ewww stop that!”             Ao-“Best…day…ever…”

Naru-“Are you ready for the breast dream ever?”                  Ao-“I uh…what…YES PLEASE!”

Ao-“Dayum! It finally pays off to be the main character yo!”

Three weeks have passed and we pick right up with Ao suffering from a combination of things! For starters he is sleep deprived due to all the secret battles recently, sadly when he does manage to sleep which I can assume is thanks to those sleeping pills he got from Gazelle last week? While Ao’s sleeps his mind starts to jump around in the form of strange “visions” of Eureka, Naru, scub bursts and the Secrets not to mention that kiss from Naru? What the hell was that about?! So all of this mental stuff pretty much makes his life a living hell right now, but it also presents a few questions for us to ask. Like how long can Ao continue to function in battle before he has a sudden mental breakdown and what is the deal behind his strange dreams? I just wonder if they visions of truth or possible side effects from the sleeping pills? Either way Ao is going through some intense things right now in the mental department.

Check out my big cannon yo!

Don’t worry Ao! Nirvosh has been working out a lot lately.

Secret one-“Hahahah what is that thing a tint space ship?”              Secret two-“I know right? LULZ yo!”

Secret one-“OH MY GOD YOU ARE CHEATING!”          Ao-“Wooooooooo! That was awesome.”

While all the mental stuff happened to Ao there was another random curveball thrown at us near the end after team Pied Piper was forced to manually guide that massive quartz missile after it was knocked of course. So what was the strange part anyway? After Ao grabbed the missile with the Nirvosh he ripped out the chunk of the quartz crystal and headed straight into space and the crystal reacted to the Nirvosh and possibly towards Ao’s shouts I think? All of that caused the quarts to react and ultimately transform into a crazy looking cannon. Now that part was a bit strange for me, but damn did it ever look amazing because he used that cannon and wiped out twelve or more Secrets! That is until the mission was finally over and he remembered that team Goldilocks was in the area; however no one at generation blue remembered who that team was. So what the hell happened to team Goldilocks after the attack? Was their very existence wiped out from that world or were they transported to another world along with the Secrets after the cannon attack? There are lots of questions to ask based around that whole over powered weapon…

Timeline stuffs from twitter!

Check out this epic timeline made by Ajthefourth and Vuc

Also one from illegenes (Click image for larger version)

That was certainly an interesting episode of Eureka Seven Ao! Even though it made me ask more questions this week, but at least it makes the whole series entertaining right? So what in the world is going on with team Goldilocks? It seems like the creators of Ao really like to make that team suffer throughout the entire series! I mean they are either fighting most of the time until they get owned by a random secret, but I assume they are important to the overall story or they wanted to cheese up the story with the whole “power of friendship saves the universe” What else happened? Oh right there is that idea about Ao’s new quartz cannon’s power what happens if you get blasted by it. I really enjoy these new questions thrown at us and what about Naru’s role in the story and how does she come into play along with Truth? Currently there are several ideas floating around that she is on the side of the Scub Coral leaving some of us to think are there three factions here with the Humans, Scub coral and the secrets? Anyway see you next time!


Nirvosh just wants a high five won’t you give him one? Please?

Where did team Goldilocks go? Join the Eureka Seven Ao world! Visit JoeAnimated, illegenes, Donkangoljones and Guardian Enzo for more fun!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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4 Responses to “Eureka Seven Ao – 16”

  1. Reaper says:

    GIANT CANNON OF DEATH-kun came to life! Wow, what a curveball Bones threw at us. First we got the bomb from Eureka’s baby being a girl, Naru’s piloting of the TypeZero and now the disappearance of Goldilocks. Hm, even I can’t come up with a reason for the disappearance unless Giant Cannon-kun either used the Plant in the burst to eliminate the Secrets, or history was just altered back to the original world line, before the Scub Coral decided to pop into the neighbourhood.

    Naru becoming like a Saint (maybe that’s why Truth is so close to her, since Sakuya sent the Porroroca for Renton & Eureka to get to the Promised Land…Truth might be wanting the same, perhaps to the future?), though somehow, her piloting the TypeZero just…irks me. Lacks the Eureka panache I guess :D.

    Argh, now the wait til the next ep. God, there are only 8 eps left but Renton still hasn’t showed up! >:D Oh well, I’m sure he’ll come soon enough in his BAMF mode, potentially next ep, since Giant Cannon-kun needs to do some serious explaining…something that powerful and working with the Nirvash (and possessing some kind of intelligence of its own seen in the preview) could have been made by Renton…cause you know, Seven Swell didn’t cause enough damage like GIANT CANNON OF DEATH! 😀

    • Foshizzel says:

      Bones is having a freaking fun time with this series! THEY ARE CONFUSING us and keeping it very entertaining and I love ever moment so far! The disappearance of team Goldilocks is a huge mystery…just where the hell did Ao’s cannon send them? Did they get wiped out or were they just transported away? SO MANY QUESTIONS TO ASK! AHHH!!

      Yeah there is something going on with Naru isn’t there? It seems like she teamed up with Truth for something great and I agree I can totally feel the whole Sakuya thing between them! Yeah she is having too much fun killing stuff with the Type Zero.

      Yep! Only eight episodes remaining until the end of this series and it makes me really really sad to think about that, but ohhhh well everything good eventually comes to an end right? If I can survive the end of Aquarion EVOL I think I will be perfectly fine with Eureka Seven Ao ending! I JUST WANT TO SEE RENTON T_______T

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Okay. Serious confusion. Where is this going? Generation Blue’s plan must have some holes in it somewhere. I doubt it would be that easy to get rid of all the Secrets even if a big number of them got wiped out by Ao’s new cannon.

    Maybe the blast from the cannon warped something and made another dimension. It could be plausible since it was made from the Quartz in the Scub Coral and the Scub Coral can be used to time travel. It could have various effects on the planet and anything within range.

    I wonder what Truth had in mind sabotaging the soviet missile base and sent missiles toward the quartz. Whatever is going on, Naru is certainly a part of it. That green crystal in her chest reminded me of Ganta from Deadman. It’ll will probably give her Scub Coral based powers.

    PS: We’re going to have more Eureka Seven on our hands now that the original has started playing on Toonami at 1:30 am.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I have no idea where this is going either! I mean the story is just about all over the place and now this whole mess with the giant cannon? Yeah I have no idea what is going on with that right now, but hey it is awesome to see more questions popping up <3

      Yeah that appears to be every idea so far with goldilocks getting sent to another world or dimension! I mean it works, but at the same time why would it effect the memories of the other people? That is the part I am stuck on...

      Yeah I can tell Truth is up to something and he is messing around with Naru! I can't wait to see what happens! AAARRGGG I NEED MORE EPISODES! Ahhh yeah Naru's "chest" thing did look a bit like the main guy from Deadman Wonderland.

      YEA! GOOD STUFF! I will have to rewatch Seven near the end because that is when the good stuff happens <3

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