Sword Art Online – 02

Last week: boars. This week: giant kobold with a sword bigger than your house

YESSSSSS!! Time for the second episode of Sword Art Online! I was so excited to see this and extremely happy to have the chance to ramble on about it with Overcooled, but now that the plot is over and done with how are the characters dealing with living day to day trapped inside the game world? I think we will find out today huh?
Ready to play with us again~? SAO has been great to watch (and blog about!) so far, so I guess you can say I’m a bit addicted. There’s a ton of action this week as well as you might have discerned from the header image. Level 1 mobs are but a thing of the past now. It’s time to bring out the big guns.

Forming a Raid for Epic Battles

Raiders-“Dude, those are some easy orders!”   Diabel-“STFU AND GET ME SOME LOOT NOW!”

Foshizzel // So it seems like everyone has somehow gotten used to fact they are pretty much stuck inside Sword Art Online; however I was surprised to learn they have not cleared the first floor of the game yet. After hearing that I was like damn…that is one extremely hard MMO! Thankfully there was one guy Diabel who rallied the players together and actually plan out a strategies for their very first boss fight! (Rest in peace Mr. Blue hair) My experiences with that subject go all the way back to one of the original MMORPGS Everquest and of course jumping to World of Warcraft with my whole family. While I played those two games for a few years I remember joining over seventy-two players in EQ and around forty players in original WoW to from raids. I remember raiding with a few players from Denmark! So, what is a raid set up to a non MMORPG player? Basically it is very much like what we saw in this episode of Sword Art Online! In short it’s a massive gathering of players with one goal set in mind, defeat the main boss and get some awesome loot of course, but usually with raiding defeating the final boss usually takes days or even weeks to accomplish.

I remember spending six to seven hours every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night trying to defeat this one boss! I swear I died over and over again until things finally clicked and my guild defeated the boss after several weeks of bashing our heads against a wall. So yeah, I was really impressed with Sword Art Online this week because they ran down the strategies to defeat the boss, but at the same time it quickly turned into Kirito, Asuna and Andrew “Egil” Gilbert Mills (totally a damn badass!) stepping in just to help it with three players! Thinking back sometimes, my raids ended that way with only two players left alive out of the forty in WoW to kill the boss. Honestly after I saw this episode I can say with confidence that Sword Art Online stepped out of the shadow of .hack//SIGN in a big way; however I can’t really say for certain if the other series did such things towards boss fights? They probably did but it quickly shifted into the players dealing with other things.


Choosing to play Solo

Aww, don’t you just hate it when you’re too 1337 for your party?

Overcooled // While most of the episode was focused around teamwork and watching Diabel’s raid party tackle the 1st floor boss, Kirito’s desire to play solo is still there in full force. While Fosh has been in numerous raids and massive parties, I’m more of a solo player who actively shuns parties. It often means less EXP since you simply do not have the capacity to kill giant bosses without help, and things are slower than if you had a competent group of people helping you. The only real plus to playing alone is that you only need to worry about yourself, you can pursue your own goals, and you avoid getting saddled with newbie players who have no clue what they’re doing let alone how to work in a unified manner.

The fact that Kirito and Asuna actively choose to avoid forming parties and prefer keeping to themselves says a lot about them. They want to beat the game, but they don’t feel comfortable enough working with others to get that extra boost. Maybe they’re not good with people or they’re afraid of getting too close to anyone in case they have to suffer the pain of losing them for good if their HP drops below zero. They blamed Kirito for Diabel’s death, so it’d be pretty easy to start rationalizing the death of every party member as your fault for not looking after someone. Keep in mind this would be more akin to murder, so the level of guilt someone would feel could be overwhelming.

The real Kirito is always picked last for group projects in school (and probably dodgeball)

At the end of the episode, Kirito gives the raid party a long, mocking speech before basically peacing out and leaving everyone on their own. Kirito may be a lone wolf, but this isn’t like him. He never spoke up to the party before, and has always been passive. He also took a very deliberate, laboured swallow before starting his spiel as if preparing himself. I trust Kirito’s inner thoughts and the bits we see of how he thinks when he’s alone more than a forced speech in front of a bunch of strangers to tell us more about him. We’ve seen him as being afraid of joining parties with people, kind, helpful, and very intelligent. In other words, I think he put on that arrogant act to try and make people hate him instead of all beta testers.

By shifting the hatred of the party to himself, he stopped the argument and brought the party back together. If he hadn’t done this, everyone would have continued to grow suspicious of each other, trying to find the beta testers amongst the group. It wasn’t all lies though. I’m sure Kirito was indeed a highly talented beta tester and maybe he did get that far. He recognized the skill that the boss used, so he must have seen it before. It was his condescending tone and careful choice of words that really got everyone riled up. I don’t know how long he’ll keep the act up, but I get the feeling that Asuna is going to see through it fairly quickly and remain his playing partner. Or at least…I hope so!

Show ▼


The Loners Asuna and Kirito

You really do not want to know what she uses for conditioner…

Foshizzel // This week we finally got to meet the main girl Asuna, but she seemed to be either shy or just generally quiet? Maybe she was just really scared of the other players? From the perspective of an average Sword Art Player there aren’t many female players running around because most of them were in fact dudes! I can kind of see her using that cloak to keep that fact hidden from the male players of course I could be reading into that completely wrong! Then again it did look really bad ass like she was overpowered Jedi. Other than being shy and quiet Asuna was a lot like Kirito in terms of wanting to be left alone, but didn’t he say at the end you can’t do things alone in this game? Why did he say that when he trolled the other raiders!? DUDE WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING or is that his way of showing off to Asuna and the others? Ah well maybe he wants to be mysterious? Either way he should take his own advice and form a team! That said eventually they team up because obviously they are doing that in the opening.


There is Always That ONE JERK…

Overcooled // You know what I mean. The online world is full of idiots who can’t keep their filthy mouths shut for a second  because they’re so intent on discussing your mom instead of how to beat the boss. Kibaou is that guy. He’s not personally offended by the beta testers – he just needs someone to blame for everything bad that happens. His goal is to humiliate beta testers, and to jump at any chance to persecute them. What. A. Jerk.

As much as I hate him, I do enjoy the waves of panic he manages to spread throughout the party. Egil dissipates the first fight, but it takes a lot more to get people to calm down after Kirito is accused of withholding info and letting Diabel die. Part of what I love about the concept of having real deaths in a virtual world is that people go insane after a certain amount of time. It’s human nature. They become paranoid and desperate to the point where they will believe anything they are told. Look at how easily people will follow a leader! Any leader! They are all lost sheep, and they will latch onto anyone who seems authoritative enough to get them through this mess. While everyone may seem like they’re coping with the whole dilemma quite well, I can tell some minds are starting to fray ever so slightly. Like a vulture, I watch and I wait.


Final Thoughts

Kibaou-“What are you staring at bro?”      Andrew-“Dude…shut your mouth before I snap you in half.”

Foshizzel // Overall this episode was amazing for me! Being an old school raider in World of Warcraft and Everquest I can totally relate to forming a raid, but I was never a raid leader like Diabel was because I was just a member of a guild; however I did have some important jobs in certain raids that required use of my priest classes abilities like using Mind control in old school Naxxramus and a few other areas. Random note I liked when Egil shut that orange haired guy up at the start, I was like HAHAHAH YOU JUST GOT TOLD! And then he killed the mood after the raid victory…way to freaking go dude! So what did you think about damn Kirito’s attitude at the end of this episode? Was he just really angsty or was it a way to protect himself in the end and now he is the “beater” Which is the WORST nickname ever!

So now that he knows all the information on the next few bosses how will he use that info? I really don’t think he would use it to make money or maybe he will do that? Since everyone is trapped in this game world you could use that money for something. I almost forgot to mention Asuna! She is a really cute looking character and her laugh at the end? That was instant heart attack stuff right there. So did you notice the amazing TTGL art style shift? That was great during the epic boss battle and the music? OH MY GOD the music was so fantastic! Anyway this was a very interesting episode and I really can’t wait for more fun with Sword Art Online.

Overcooled // I liked this episode just as much as the last, which is a great sign that SAO didn’t just put all of its eggs in one basket.We got to see more of the world, meet Asuna, and witness an amazing boss fight. They handled the group fight very well, showing all the chaos and multi-tasking involved in trying to bring down a big foe. It was intense, but not so hectic that I couldn’t follow what was happening. Kirito’s final blow was a wonderful way to wrap up the fight as well. I’m pretty sure that scene sent a shot of adrenaline pumping through my veins!

We haven’t seen much of Asuna, but I like her so far. Like Kirito, I think she puts on a bit of a different facade when dealing with people (hence her cloak), but she appears to be a genuinely sweet person when she opens up. Most importantly though, she knows how to fight. A whiny, useless, female tag-along is the last thing I would want. Kirito is a great character, but he’s a bit bland without anyone else to communicate with. After all, most of his anxiety comes from socializing with people (an odd priority considering his condition, but ah well).

We’ll be back next week, so drink up your goddamned potion! :3


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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57 Responses to “Sword Art Online – 02”

  1. You guys are going to have nothing but trouble for saying nice things about this ep…

    • Foshizzel says:

      hahah I noticed! I have made several trips around the ani-sphere just to see what other people have been saying, but sadly all I see is negativity! I guess it is the hardcore LN fans coming out of the shadows?

      I dunno much about the LN world, but! I can say to the fans that want a straight up 100% word for word translation to anime form you will probably get nothing but annoying moments. I can bet this is tough for the studios who obviously have to change things when they are working with limited episodes and of course budget.

      So what went wrong? Was Kirito changed? Asuna changed? I suppose I wont really know until I force myself to read the novels huh? Ah well…

      • Allergic2Cats says:

        LN reader here. Not gonna spoil anything here, just my few cents on the negativity.

        First off, I totally agree that some of us are being unreasonable (honestly, getting even half of over 100 pages of content under 22 minutes is nigh impossible…)

        I like the episode myself, with only minor concerns about the editing which *might* create characterization issues later but it has no chance to devalue my like factor.

        My main problem is how some people actively DRILL for plot holes with a jackhammer and start bashing the dead horse. Much of these “holes” patch themselves in the stand-alone anime episodes either through small details or implications. Whether they’re done properly is up for debate, but some questions I’ve seen are just…

        Anyway, SAO being the flavor of the season, I’m gonna quote GE on this: “We have quite a bit of world-class nitpicking going on.” I guess that’s why LN readers are upset: not enough materials to spoon feed nitpickers. Then again, too much explanations we end up having a potentially boring episode which breeds a different species of bashers… yet another reason why I, as an LN reader, still think the episode did its job just fine (balanced amount of explanations and actions).

        • Foshizzel says:

          Thank you for the comment!

          Yeah I can bet this type of thing happens all the time to any fanbase of such as the hardcore manga fans vs the regular anime fans? Sadly I don’t think the creators can ever please any side of the fans it really is tough for them…

          Right I am sure there are tons and tons of plot wholes, but like you said it really is hard to squeeze 1000 pages of story into a 22 minute episode! So the anime producers tend to sacrifice the LN story so they can do their own thing aka an “adaptation” of the original content.

          Yeah when this series finishes I will check out the LN stuffs.

    • D-LaN says:

      Why do I hv a feelin tht ppl over here are “saner”???

  2. leokiko says:

    Not really. From an anime-only viewer perspective, this could be called a great episode.

    But if you read the novels, the only thing you would sense while watching this is despair, and extreme annoyance.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I had fun with this episode from a anime fan and MMORPG fan ahah

      It certainly feels that way huh?

  3. kindra2004 says:

    That is absolutely wrong, leokiko.

    This ep was bad either way.

  4. Gottis says:

    I’m just going to mourn the death of BlueHairedBishie in peace. Because. That had to be his RL looks, right? So… *sobs*

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yeah I was thinking the same thing! RIP blue haired dude…

    • Elucidator says:

      It’s not. You can dye your hair color in-game, though blue is said to be rare and expensive as heck. Diabel can afford it since he was a beta tester, and thus had a great advantage with regards to farming.

  5. Ying says:

    Lol yeah it was a great anime-adaption episode. If you read the novels you would be annoyed because they cut out SO MUCH STUFF! One of which was Kirito’s inner monolouge about how now that everyone hates him then they will stop persecuting the beta testers as much a.k.a the reason why Kirito did what he did at the end. I haven’t read much into them because I don’t want to spoil myself (have actually only read to the part where this episodes ends), but I might stop until the anime is done if it continues to be like this. Although what could one expect when given a 22 min time frame.

    Speaking of the characters, I don’t think Kirito wants to play solo. This can be seen by how quickly he got attached to Klein and how sad he was when he had to leave him. Also, when Diabel said to group up he looked frantically around for a group to fit into. He then made the effort to ask Asuna to be in a group instead of doing what she was doing which was ignoring the order and sitting around. He then proceeded to try and make friends with her and made the effort to talk and help her out. He reminds me of me actually…which is sad actually.

    I think he is going to group up with Asuna soon though because as we saw in this episode/part of the LN the Game Master changed up some of the things in the final version. Now I am going to go mourn Diabel because we just lost a lovable bishie who would have made an interesting character imo. Although, is it sick that I want to watch orange-haired guy die soon?

    • Bob from Accounting says:

      Wait, isn’t it a good thing if they remove an extensive monologue that states the obvious? I could pretty much tell what he was thinking, so what’s the point of a detailed explanation?

      • Overcooled says:

        I’m with Bob about explaining Kirito’s speech at the end. I think most people got the gist of it from actions alone, so extra narration wasn’t needed. However, I hear they cut out a lot of character-building parts, which is a bit disappointing. I hope they make up for it later on.

        True. Kirito doesn’t shy away from parties because he wants to be alone, but for reasons like “ahh, how do I handle people?” or “oh crap, I need to make them hate me as the beater instead of all beta testers” Deep down he really does want to connect. I think a lot of people are like that, actually. Working up the courage to talk to people is hard!

        I miss Diabel too – only because I like his seiyuu though. If Kibaou died instead of him, I’d be totally fine. The sooner he dies, the better!

      • Ying says:

        I agree that it should have been obvious from his actions, but I’ve read a lot of comments on this episode (from other places) where people were still confused about why he did it and how odd it was that he changed character so I brought it up ^^;

        • Overcooled says:

          It’s not 100% clear, so I’m not surprised that his motives may have slipped by some people.

  6. Highway says:

    I don’t think Kirito really wants to solo either. I think he rightly didn’t want to be stuck babysitting at the beginning, but even then he was willing to take Klien in under his wing for companionship. He just realized that having a bunch of other guys around that he had no idea of their skill, dedication, or attitude was not going to work.

    And as was pointed out, he was the one who approached Asuna, who seems to be the real ‘loner’ character.

    • Overcooled says:

      I agree that Asuna is probably the bigger loner here since she’s so reluctant to join others and hasn’t ever been in a party before. For her it seems more like a choice, where Kirito is just making smart decisions to try and stay alive and keep the game headed in a good direction.

  7. akagami says:

    From what I gathered, the anime butchered a lot of the source material… but isn’t that always the case? I have yet to see an adaption from print based material that didn’t butcher something.

    My lesson – never read the source material first!

    Have to say, as a former hardcore mmorpg’er, I love animes like this. I also loved the .hack series. Read 1/2 Prince! It’s great!

    • Overcooled says:

      I heard that before I wrote the post, but I figure there will always be complaints for adaptations. It really is just natural to compare the two – I do it all the time for adaptations too :B I might have to read the LN after the anime is done to see what I missed.

      Ohhhh, is 1/2 Prince also about MMOs?

      • akagami says:

        It’s a korean manwha with lots of bishies! Not many bishoujos. It’s highly entertaining!

        “It is the year 2100 A.D., and humans have developed a virtual reality game with a realism level of 99%. Feng Lan, due to a bet with her twin brother, vows to succeed in playing the game without using her “female benefits.” Due to this, she becomes the first and only female to play as a male character in “Second Life.” As her infamy rises as a bloodthirsty warrior, can she keep her identity a secret from her real life acquaintances whom she has beaten up? “

        • Overcooled says:

          I’m not a big fan of the “haha, i’m secretly a giirllll!” plot device, but maybe I’ll check it out for the hot guys :B

  8. bobzilla21 says:

    I feel like the really odd one out, reading the LN chapter after watching the episode and thinking most of the cuts were justified. The only things I wish were kept in were Kirito’s real first meeting with Asuna and maybe some explanation with the game mechanics (Diabel’s death makes no sense without explaining pots are HoT), but everything else was kind of fluff/implied/B-plot that doesn’t really affect the main plot of the episode. IMO anyways, maybe I’m just crazy. 😐

    • Overcooled says:

      Most of the opinions of this episode I’ve seen tend to be negative…but if you like it, then you’re just as “crazy” as Fosh and I. The extra explanations would be nice, but they don’t sound like MAJOR things that would cause a huge rift in the story without being there. Maybe we’ll get a flashback later to how Kirito and Asuna met? Who knows!

  9. Liza says:

    I really liked this episode(from an anime only standpoint). I liked Diabel(why didn’t you take the potion and live onnnnnn >_>) and Asuna! Yay for having a girl that can actually do something! I think Kirito did what he did at the end of the episode to stop everyone from suspecting each other and maybe protect the other beta players. He did say he got higher than everyone else did so Mr. Blame-everyone can’t really pin the blame on the other beta players because they couldn’t get as far as Kirito.

    • Overcooled says:

      Ehh, I never really got too attached to Diabel. I like Asuna more. I’m thankful for every non-whiny, ass-kicking girl we can get!

      Focusing all their hatred on Kirito diffuses their hatred for beta testers in general. A brilliant plan, really (except that he’s kind of an outcast now).

  10. BlackBriar says:

    Welcome to the Grid. Sorry, I’ve been itching to say that because the beginning looked so much like Tron Legacy. So far, everything is going smoothly. The way I see it, this will be a 24 episode series.

    I find the population has come to terms with the situation very quickly. I expected a bit more lingering tension. Especially considering the current death toll.

    Seeing everyone create parties is reminiscent of Final Fantasy or Golden Sun. I’d spend hours powering myself before even considering facing a boss because it’s always a bitch losing to it.

    • akagami says:

      Power Overwhelming!

      Though it’s fun to fight a boss and barely squeeze in a win. Living life on the edge, and if you fail, your whole party gets wiped. Of course, if your life is on the line, I would so turtle. An overpowered turtle fighting rats.

      • Overcooled says:

        It’s been 2 months, so they’re just powering through however they can. They have to get over it eventually and start killing monsters. I think they’re still distraught about the whole situation, but they’ve shoved it to the back f their minds just so they can fight. Survival mode just kinda kicks in and erases all other feelings.

        Ah, me too. In SAO I’d grind like there was no tomorrow before even thinking of fighting even 2 boars at once! In normal games (the kind where my real life isn’t on the line) I rarely ever train though. I just blitz through everything with sheer willpower XD Training is booorrrinnnggg~

  11. plushkin says:

    Holy Dark Knight Complex, Batman! Lol Kirito went totally Batman on that last scene. *husky voice* I killed those people, that’s what I can be!

    “Kirito, if you mention ‘creaming my buns’ one more time, I swear to God…”

    I swear to God, I could not stop laughing

    • Overcooled says:

      Haha, Kirito is halfway to becoming Batman with that get-up too.

      I couldn’t resist putting that one in. :3c

  12. Bob from Accounting says:

    This episode was good fun apart from that Diabel guy being an overly-noble idiot and just randomly deciding to die at the end.

    • Overcooled says:

      I thought it was dumb that he died from trying to hog a rare item to himself after he was being such a good leader the rest of the time. Apparently (from what I’ve learned courtesy of the ln readers) the potions heal a certain amount over time, so it wouldn’t revive him if he took the potion anyway. Meh, he wasn’t that important anyways.

  13. Elucidator says:

    there are many scenes that i would like to be animated that didn’t get in, but nonetheless, i shall just enjoy the incoming episodes. it’ll be more fun for me that way. there’s no use crying over spilled milk.

    anyway, i really liked how they stuck to the light novel fight scenes. it was awesome. it’s was fun to recognize the sword skills they used.

    dat vertical arc.

    • Overcooled says:

      If you focus on what the anime does right, I think there’s a lot to love. There’s nothing wrong with comparing and nitpicking, but…yes…no use crying over spilled milk. Enjoy the show for what it is! Glad they’re at least throwing some little nods to the long-time fans with things like sword skills you can recognize.

  14. That scene he first wear the Black Coat was Bad-Ass. This animes first episode falls me in love! I was always a fan of Ragnarok online since elementary even i did not have a chance play the game yet.

    Still I can’t wait to see episode 3 next week!

    • Overcooled says:

      Gotta love badass armour. I was wondering when his outfit would match what he wears in the OP!

      I played a bit of Ragnarok Online as well, although I quickly got sidetracked by my friends whisking me away to play Starcraft.

      • Oh well.
        Meanwhile i kinda find the extra players kinda annoying. They overreact too much their hatred on testers that much?!
        In my mind,don’t you think its great that beta-testers are around and trying hard to build their strength to hasten-up the boss killing. If i was there Im going to advice this retards to blame the game founder instead. Seriously people!

        Thanks for the reply Overcooled. See you on the next episode! YAY!

        • Overcooled says:

          I don’t agree with them turning so easily on beta testers at all…But things get intense when your life is on the line. A mob mentality is a dangerous thing…

          Yes, good to have you on board, Angelo! We will take you on a magical ride through the world of SAO each week…

          • Highway says:

            Well, I do think that’s where some of the excising has taken a toll, in that you don’t get the whole thing. I haven’t read the LN’s, but lots of people who have have said that they explain the first month a lot more. There is resentment that the beta testers basically beat the pack out to the world and ‘took all the quests, items, and XP’.

            But there’s an incoherence there, in how MMOs in general work, and even in how this game has been shown. We’ve seen that mobs respawn. Kirito has mentioned quests and that Asuna could get the butter quest. And MMO’s in general don’t really have much in the way of ‘scarcity’. And those other players in the raid group have obviously gotten their XP and their items. If people back in the Town of Beginnings don’t have it, that’s their own fault. And I don’t see how this conflict can really exist materially. If it’s entirely a social conflict, that’s different, in that the unprogressed players think they are owed more tutelage from the beta testers (an opinion open to debate, although I would always come down on the ‘tough cookies’ side). But the argument from scarcity that Kibaou seemed to be making is bull.

            • Allergic2Cats says:

              And that’s exactly why the Beta-Hating is bullshit, even from within the SAO-verse point of view. Personally I interpret it as being human, people just gotta find someone to vent their hatred on and of course, bash on. Kayaba is certainly out of reach. So who’s next best target? Beta-Testers :D:D:D
              Ugly, ain’t it? I bet Kayaba anticipated all of these behaviors and is now having his evulz.

    • anaaga says:

      OH MY GOD

      RAGNAROK ONLINE PLAYER *high five*

      The only online game I play(ed)

  15. Kyokai says:

    This episode was filled with giant plotholes. At least it was better than Campione.

    • D-LaN says:

      The obvious solution: Light Novels. (ie TIME)

  16. D-LaN says:

    Dang it my comments!!! Is it swallowed or faulty internet connection at play??

    -Just in case-

    This week: giant kobold with a sword bigger than your house

    SMT reference?? This makes me lol. Imagine tht they r playing a RPG in an MMO.

    Ps again the Great SAO Ep 2 Debate of Compressed Adaptation is @ RC. Sheesh

    @Overcooled/@Fosh I pretty sure some1 said this be4, but the potion heals over time and Diabel HP bar is going down too fast…. And they don hv access to those rare + expensive instant heal object… Rip Blue Hair.

    • Kyokai says:

      It’s your connection this time, I found no unswallowed comments in the spam monster’s belly. xD

    • Overcooled says:

      Sorry about your comments being destroyed…D:

      Well, they have kobolds in Devil Survivor, which is the only reason I know it’s an actual thing and not a made-up monster just for SAO. It’s less of a reference and more of just being aware what the boss is.

      Yeah, bobzilla mentioned they were HoT. It makes a lot more sense why he refused the potion in that sense, because it would just be a waste of a precious commodity. The comments here are really filling in a lot of gaps in a good way.

  17. anaaga says:

    Quoting my twitter:

    @anaaga94: I’m dying and a stranger is giving me healing potion but I didn’t drink it and made a speech because I HAVE TO so I’m DEEEEDDD now #SAO

    I will find that scene hilarious forever

  18. Nuu says:

    Loll funny pics 😀 yeah I liked sword art online a lot. Some people thought the developement of Kirito was terrible, but I thought it fit. And I too was annoyed @ people being upset Kirito knew his stuff from beta & is definitely a (fairly) l33t player.

    Haters gon’ hate.

    • Overcooled says:

      It didn’t explicitly explain a lot about him, but I think most of us were able to glean a decent amount of info this week. Even his body language is very informative. So we may have missed out on interesting facts from the LN, but the anime is still throwing us some bones.

      I would just idolize the beta testers for being so pro, and follow them relentlessly since they know so much. Haters need to chill u_u

  19. vincent says:

    why so much comment just watch it and support the anime

    am I right?

    • Overcooled says:

      Well, the LN readers can be as picky as they want – they’re allowed to like the LN more than the anime. But watching anime is more fun if you just gratefully accept this as an adaptation and overlook any flaws or changes from the original source. I did that with Persona 4. Of course, different people watch anime differently!

  20. Awesomeman!234 says:

    Actually, they address the whole “one month” thing in the LN. There was a whole lot of emotional breakdowns and people taking things slow because they didn’t how to play well and not die. Now, they already had info on Illfang, and I doubt anyone was gonna go Leroy Jenkins. Btw, the main dungeon for each Floor is a literal maze. So it usually takes a while for the boss room to be found.

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