Rinne no Lagrange – 14

Izo-“Dude where are we from again?”          Array-“The planet of maids?”         Kirius-“…I have no idea bro.”

So yet another dramatic episode of Lagrange. I was waiting for the bitchslapping to happen, but it never did. I guess I’ve been watching too much shounen, where characters express themselves through punching the crap out of each other. …ANYWAYS, it’s still a fun ride for Lagrange~. Maybe it’s not the same kind of fun that season one had, but it’s still entertaining.
Wooooo! It is time to talk about the second episode of the new Rinne no Lagrange season with Kara! So what do you think of the series so far? Is it keeping you entertained or do you think it is taking a step back for the characters? Honestly it is very early for me to even think about that but anyway enough chatter for now we should get started with this review! So enjoy our thoughts.

Tadokoro-“What is it Madoka!? TELL ME!”               Madoka-“I just realized I was the main character of this series.”

 Fun with alien technology

Muginami-“Let us finish this fight!”                        Lan-“GRRR…WOOF”

Tadokoro-“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?”                   Madoka-“Uh I was ordering some space pizza…I swear.”

Fosh // Well, it certainly looks like the vox machines that Lan and Muginami pilot have gotten a few new weapon upgrades since we last saw them, like those fancy new cloth like shields? Then again maybe they already had those upgrades and I forgot about the fights from season one? Either way it was really great to see just how aggressive those two were fighting unlike Madoka who was suffering from a few technical difficulties while piloting her machine. I think we can forgive her because it has been a very long time since she used her vox, but speaking of machines this week it appears like the space bishies still have access to their own mechs which allowed Madoka to place a direct call to Vilajulio. I have to say that was a freaking hilarious scene! Sure…Madoka…why don’t we just call one of the main boss characters for a normal chat? Then again it’s moments like that which remind us how amazing that girl is! I mean she is just trying to use her power of friendship to save the universe nothing wrong with that right? I can approve of that method anytime.

Kara // There’s still a lot we don’t know about the whole ‘lore’ of the Vox (aside from the three of them together can cause the destruction of the world). Hell, we don’t know about the Vox in general. Why did Midori randomly stop moving after season one? It probably has to do with the pilot’s emotional state (since Madoka was feeling rather abandoned around the time Midori stopped moving), but you’d think that Mugi and Lan would have had issues too since neither of them wanted to fight each other deep down. I still want to know more about the tragedy of the past since that will probably provide most of the answers.

Old friends returning

Muginami-“Oh it’s you again the quiet alien girl…”               Lan-“What the hell are you smoking bro.”

Madoka-“OH MY GOD THAT WAS GREAT!”           Lan-“EHHHHHHH!?”             Muginami-“EHHHHHH!?”

Fosh // Well this episode shows off a few lovely scenes with Lan, Madoka and Muginami sort of getting back together again after Lan and Muginami decide to swing around their weapons. I loved the whole scene with them together in the Jersey club room and what about that whole kissing thing? That was really hilarious and obviously aimed at the yuri fans; however, I would call that an “accidental” kissing scene because of how pushy Madoka can be. Either way it was nice to finally see Lan and Muginami make up for now and re-join the Jersey club at last that scene left me saying hooray friendship! So how long do you think this “friendship” will last? Hopefully with Asteria’s help those two girls can stay on earth and live with Madoka for now, I can just picture their brothers arriving soon on earth bringing their war with them to cause some sibling drama!

Kara // Well then. I was hoping Madoka would slap some sense into Lan and Muginami, but I guess a yuri kiss works too. The conflict seemed pretty big and unavoidable, but once Madoka got involved, everything seemed… simpler somehow. I guess that’s her charm. Asteria’s whole idea of having them seek asylum on Earth is an excellent idea, but I can’t help but think that Dizelmine is going to mess this up somehow. I doubt Villaguilio would try to force Mugi to do anything (unless it was absolutely necessary) since he’s been okay with her solo actions thus far. However, Dizelmine on the other hand put Lan through all of those dangerous experiments and seems like a pretty big asshat with no redeeming qualities. On a different note, I’m rather pleased that Izo and group are still involving themselves in the whole conflict and somehow maintaining a balance between useful AND comic relief. I still don’t know how big of a role they’ll play since they’re not really important characters, but as long as they remain useful, I’m happy.

Space flower power

Youko-“I wonder what would happen if I ate that flower…”         Asteria-“Go ahead I want to see you explode.”

Fosh // Near the end of the episode we saw a short bit with Asteria and Youko talking about the old artifacts she found, but what does it mean!? I can only assume that the flowers that spawned when all three vox machines are together have some hidden power to restore life to a planet? That would explain why Vilajulio wants to get Madoka on his side, but of course I could be completely off about that idea. Either way both sides want to get their hands on Madoka’s machine and use it to take over the universe, but which side do you think should gain this new power? Lan’s brother or maybe Vilajulio? Right now it is tough to say who “needs” them right now or is everyone pretty much set on Lan’s brother as the true villain? Let me know what you think on this subject.

Kara // The conflict was cleared up a bit here finally. So Dizelmine wants to destroy Villaguilio’s planet because of… some… orbit… problem… thing, Giuvi-nii doesn’t want that to happen, and Earth is stuck in the middle, not entirely sure what’s going on (or maybe they do know what’s going on, but they don’t feel like letting Madoka know). Every side seems to have good reasons for fighting and the problem seems simple enough to solve of they just talked it out (maybe), so is there more to this then we know? Dizelmine seems pretty intent on the power of Rin-ne. I assumed he wanted it for military power, but could there be another reason behind it? Asteria’s talk at the end about the Rin-ne having another power was interesting plot progression. …Not to mention that it cleared up a bit of the confusion regarding everyone just viewing it as a destructive force when that was proven wrong in season one.

Extra powers of friendship

Muginami-“Wasn’t she going to stop?”         Lan-“I think so…”         Madoka-“WOOOSSSHHH! THIS IS FUN!”

Everyone loves Madoka! Can you really hate her?

Muginami-“Wuhahahahahaha.”          Madoka-“Muhahahaha!!”          Lan-“Are you two high or something!?”

Asteria-“Hmmp…it’s not like I want to do science with you or anything!”            Youko-“Hmm what?”


Epic artwork this week!

Lan, Madoka and Muginami train with some new technology provided by Asteria?


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20 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 14”

  1. Highway says:

    I thought all the getting back together action was great this week! But really there’s only so much you can say about that, so on to the part I find intriguing!

    I really love how the series has inverted the Good Guy / Bad Guy roles from just two episodes ago. And not through a Heel Face Turn, really, but just a “Oh, *now* we know what you’re up to.” It’s now clear why Le Garite wants the Voxes and their legendary power to destroy a planet, and it’s also clear why De Metrio is trying to stop them (hey, if someone was gonna blow up your planet, you’d want to stop them).

    I think there is absolutely no chance that Madoka, even knowing all the info we know now, would ever assist Le Garite willingly, and I think it’s pretty plain that Midori doesn’t do *anything* unless Madoka truly wants to on a much deeper level than just “I guess I have to.” Her makeup is exactly the sort that would be completely unwilling to do such a thing: imagine if someone wanted to blow up Earth, and with it Kamogawa? Even if everyone was relocated elsewhere, even if it had to be done to save another planet of billions of people, I don’t think she could do it. So they’ve got to find another way (and I’m not even going to let myself start thinking about the orbital mechanics involved in all this – why let reality ruin a good story?)

    I think it’s also pretty interesting that Tadokoro seems to realize what kind of bind Earth is in. They’re ostensibly ‘friends’ with Le Garite, but only because they’ve gone along with what Dizelmine wants so far. And the more they find out about him, the less they like being on that side. Not that they particularly like Villigiulio, but more that Dizelmine isn’t really going to let people stand in his way. I get the feeling that he thinks “I’ve got an armada, and I’m not afraid to use it.”

    • Foshizzel says:

      Whooop! The team is back at last and I am sooooo happy!

      Yeah it seems the creators are playing around with the while idea of who is the bad guys versus the good guys, but those types of things are interesting! Either way I think it is going to be fun to see how things end up.

      Right I agree I just can’t picture Madoka helping Le Garite without knowing a bit more, but she could always get tricked into that…who knows what really happened to Lan we could be dealing with some brainwashing later on? I can see that happening.

      Tadokoro really has his work cut out for him he has to manage Madoka and make sure she doesn’t screw something up, but at the same time whatever side he chooses to work with means war either way…so yeah he has to choose a side or stay out of it or can he? At this point in time Lan and Muginami are making things hard but I guess Asteria has connections to make it work.

  2. fragb85 says:

    Madoka sure is devoted to her harem. She just casually calls a man who tried to MURDER her last season without giving a f***. Then she just swims to the shore when shuttles aren’t available. All for her waifus. Then she makes out with them.

    Why can’t male harem leads be as awesome as Madoka?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Madoka has the best harem and agreed she really doesn’t let the past get in the way, but she did have a short breakdown in the first half of the season…still she is awesome!

      Aikawa from Kore wa zombie is a great lead in a harem series for me, but generally they are quite dumb aren’t they?

  3. HannoX says:

    A very good episode. The girls back together again (with a bit of yuri thrown in and the hilarious bit of Lan messing up her attempt at it with Madoka and Mugi) and the drama of two planets about to collide and seemingly the only way to save one is to destroy the other. Plus more hints that there’s more to the Vox than legend says. A great foundation for future episodes to build upon.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hooray! Our favorite team of girls is back at last <3

      Ahahah those moments were quite hilarious with those kissing scenes, but Lan's attempt to get Muginami and Madoka to kiss was freaking great! Yuri HEADBUTT for the win.

      Yep more Vox legend updates.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    It’s good to have Lagrange back again. Even the new OP is starting to warm up to me and this was a good episode.

    No one can stop Madoka once she sets her mind on something. A ride off the military base? No thanks, she’ll just swim in the dead of night. Contacting the supposed enemies to get info on her friends? By all means, go ahead. It’s refreshing that she’s still carefree when relations with other planets are under duress and just wants her friends to reconcile.

    After a year of seperation, Muginami seems more battle ready than Lan while Lan has become more of a diplomat and still shaky on the Vox controls. I guess Muginami took it upon herself to train for Villaguilio’s sake.

    Hehehe, Madoka has achieved the deepest, darkest fantasy for the yuri fanboys in this show. We got what we wanted. Random make-up yuri kissing between her, the waifu and the mistress? Perfect way to end a dispute. Even the bumbling headbutt from Lan was welcomed. My goggles are going to need extensive repairs. I hope all situations can be fixed like this. If she gets all three into bed together, I’m surely going to lose it. The lesson of the episode is: Yuri solves EVERYTHING!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Feels good doesn’t it? Meh for me I mute the op and play my own music on the background until it finishes hahah I guess it hasn’t been catching my attention T____T

      I know! Madoka is like SCREW THE RULES I GOT THIS! From calling the enemy to swimming from the shore to the main base and back? Damn Madoka! You are crazy and tough, but I don’t think we would have it any other way.

      Indeed in the Rinne no Lagrange universe yuri solves everything!

      • Highway says:

        The ED song was interesting, with Lan doing the rap part, but the *concept* of the ED songs for this season went through the roof. I (and everyone else) am expecting Muginami’s version next. But Lan’s was excellent for her, the tone, effects, and lyrics pretty perfectly conveying her dependence on her friendship with both Madoka and Muginami.

        I think the ED release will be one song with all 3 raps in it.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ooooh yeah! I forgot they swapped out singers for the ED! I think Muginami is next right?! HELL YEAH! Lan’s was great I was like wait a minute…who is singing? D’awwww its Lan! <3

          I hope so! I like the ED

  5. skylion says:

    OK, in one episode Madoka gives the USDA requirement of DERP! But, I do love how the power of Yuri is more powerful than an intergalactic war. At least, that’s the show I hope to be watching.

  6. anaaga says:

    Lan’s shield is sexy, but Muginami’s is sexier. Is that piece of orange cloth even a shield? Whatever. SEXY

    I find the whole crashing planets thing to be hilarious. Sort of. I know it’s serious business and all, but seriously, who the hell made the orbits? He did a baaaddd job at making the orbits safe

    • HannoX says:

      Perhaps a rogue brown dwarf passed by and messed up the orbits. They may tell us or they may just leave it at that the planets are on a collision course. Why doesn’t really seem to be necessary, although it could be made into an important plot point. Time will tell.

      • Highway says:

        Yeah, I’m not an astronomer, but I know enough physics and cosmology to really get jarred out of the show when they talk about a 10,000 year orbit that has planets collide. What happened 9,800 years ago? Maybe they’ll explain it as one of those things that they don’t actually ‘collide’, but get close enough to screw with each other’s habitats, tides, etc. Plus, did someone tell Dizelmine that even if he blows up De Metrio, all the pieces will stay in roughly the same orbit… So hella meteor shower time!

        I really hope they got someone to check this plot point out and make it believable.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah those cloth like shields are amazing and yes even sexy ahahah

      Yeah I have no idea about the orbit stuff…

  7. Liza says:

    Yay for the girls getting back together due to yuri kisses. Yay! Well, we finally know why they are fighting but honestly I found it kind of dumb. I mean, two planets colliding or whatever? Sure it is supposed to be serious but at the same time I’m like, “Really now? 0_o” Oh well, the girls will solve it with their vox magical flower power.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hooray! Yuri that solves the problems of the universe!? Sounds great.

      Yep! The combined power of all three vox machines should fix everything for those two planets! At least I hope so hahahah

  8. CCKallen says:

    Thank God the team is back together again. X)

    Yuri is always appreciated, especially the MadokaxLan kind.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed! Best team ever and they are finally back again! YESSS!

      Hahaha I know right? Madoka x Lan ftw!

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