Playing Doctor: Part 3

You can call me ‘Dr. Cool’…as long as there aren’t any police around

Welcome back to my humble clinic in the basement of Metanorn HQ. I trust you still remember the gist of things from last time,  yes? I’ve got some new clients, and they’re proving to be most…troublesome. Can I ask for your help? I’m rather short-staffed as it’s only me in here. Sometimes I lose track of things. Dearest assistant, please sit down and take notes as I diagnose my animated patrons. Not everyone stops to notice what it is that truly ails these people, and it will take more than an empathetic “cheer up” to fix things. Let’s take that extra step and find the root of the problem.

There are a fair amount of spoilers below, so proceed with caution!

 Patient: Gasai Yuno
Series: Mirai Nikki
Diagnosis: Delusional Disorder & Conduct Disorder

Calling Yuno mentally ill is really only stating the obvious for those of you who have watched Mirai Nikki. Most of the characters on the show are pretty twisted in their right, but Yuno takes the cake. She murders her parents and clings to one person in her class that she barely knows in order to retain a few shreds of hope. She stalks her new love interest, Yukki, to a frightening degree. She follows him around, sends him texts, watches his every move on her diary, and kills anyone who so much as tries to befriend Yukki. Her jealous, possessive streak runs so deep that she sedates him and locks him in an abandoned building so the two of them can live together, without any outside interruptions. Yes, these are just a few of Yuno’s troubling symptoms.

This is an interesting case of a character providing so many symptoms, that I’m a bit lost in terms of deciding exactly what is wrong with someone. Therefore, the real problem isn’t deciding whether or not she qualifies for a serious mental disorder, but in deciding which ones actually apply to her. Using Yuno’s stalking as an anchor for making my diagnosis, I came to the conclusion that she has delusional disorder. The co-morbidity with conduct disorder was easier – because most people who act like general psychopaths fall under this category. I diagnosed Nanami with this in my first Playing Doctor if you want to re-read about it.

However, we all know why and how she’s a psychopathic killer, so let’s talk some more about how she qualifies for delusional disorder. Yuno’s obsession with Yukki and the way she fantasizes about being with him fall under the category of severe non-bizarre delusions. While her delusions about spending forever with Yukki make logical sense (as opposed to believing her dreams are controlling flying wolves that eat parts of her brain every night), they are so extreme and central to her life that they cause a lot of harm to..well…everyone.

Suggested Treatment: Immediate treatment will be necessary. Subject will need to be held in a mental hospital for a period of several months or even years until she has regained her sanity and no longer tries to kill people. Even in a world where you need to kill people to survive…Yuno is messed up and needs round-the-clock help to set her right. Medication and limited visits from Yukki should help the process.


Patient: Kanari
Series: Black Rock Shooter
Diagnosis: Borderline Personality Disorder

Allow me to preface Kanari’s diagnosis with this statement: I have only seen 3 episodes of Black Rock Shooter and I don’t plan to watch any more. Kanari undergoes a rather drastic change in episode 2 that seems to free her of this disorder, but I can’t say that for certain because she might have reverted back to this state past episode 2. Before Kanari metamorphizes into a fairly high-functioning human being, she showed enough worrying symptoms that I had to diagnose her despite my distaste for the anime itself. Yes, let it be known that BRS exaggerated these character’s behaviour so much that they qualify for mental disorders. One of the important rules in diagnosing someone is to see if they react unusually and more extremely than what is considered normal. Almost all the characters in BRS do this, but let’s focus on blondie, huh?

I believe Kanari had borderline personality disorder before she went through her big transformation. This personality disorder is marked by rapidly-shifting moods and emotions, general instability, and very twisted interpersonal relationships. Imagine a hysterical woman, and you’ve got a perfect picture of how someone with this disorder will act. On the more cognitive side of things, these individuals will constantly switch between thinking their friend likes them or hates them and will feel the need to come up with desperate measures to avoid abandonment. However, their perceptions are often wrong, and they undergo rather drastic measures to get an already loyal and empathetic friend to try to like them and never leave them. Kanari meets all the criteria for this rather well. Her mood changes at the drop of a hat, and she’ll go from being sugary sweet to a total bitch in 1 second flat depending on how strong she perceives her relationship with Yomi to be at the time. The intensity of her relationship with Yomi and her rampant jealousy lead her to impulsively threaten to commit suicide for no good reason. This impulsivity and tendency for self-harm is yet another facet of borderline personality disorder.

Suggested Treatment: Dialectical behavioural therapy is supposed to be the best treatment for BPD…but Kanari seemingly recovers after going through a state of mental shock. Welp, that was simple.


Patient: Kaoru Nishimi
Series: Sakamichi no Apollon
Diagnosis: Panic Disorder

I may have jumped the gun a little, but my first thought upon seeing Kaoru in class during the first Kids on the Slope episode was “panic disorder.” Kaoru displayed such a textbook case of it that I couldn’t help bringing it up. It became clear right away that Kaoru can generally function well in social situations, up to a certain point. Once his threshold is breached, he breaks rather than bends. He gets dizzy, his vision blurs, he feels nauseous, and his mind races. In other words, he has a panic attack. These are rather severe and frightening, and people who’ve had them before describe them to me as ‘dying, except you have to live through the entire experience.’ In Kaoru’s case, he has them very often, and it’s been a persistent condition since young adolescence, meaning that this isn’t a simple case of teenage nerves. The frequency of the attacks and the amount Kaoru worries about further panic attacks make this a rather clear case of PD.

Suggested Treatment: Like Kanari, Kaoru recovers from his ailment as soon as Sentaro and Ri’ko enter his life and boost his confidence. Panic Disorder is mostly treated by teaching the patient to alter their thoughts anyways with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, so this is a fairly realistic recovery. It just takes some willpower to start calming yourself down when you feel a panic attack coming on, and potentially learning some relaxation techniques. With great friends like Kaoru has, there’s no more need to be anxious, so Kaoru doesn’t even have to fight off attacks anymore!


Special Recommendation from BlackBriar
Muroi Seishin
Series: Shiki
Diagnosis: Dysthymia

Seishin Muroi is a very sombre monk who lives in an equally dreary village. In his spare time he writes depressing stories about the supernatural, chats with his one friend, and discusses moral rights and wrongs every evening with a well-spoken vampire girl. The usual, right? Okay, so Seishin lives in a slightly different setting where vampires are real. This is always something to take into account when diagnosing an anime character (yes, something I’m sure YOU ALL DO on your Saturday nights), because their idea of normal may differ from ours. In this world, the accepted norm is to try and kill all vampires. Seishin is the only one of the humans who sides with the vampires and even tries to rescue them. They are the only ones who understand his sorrow, and can fill part of the gaping wound that no one can – and ever will – be able to see.

Seishin generally has a high level of functioning in everyday life, but he is clouded by an ubiquitous haze of cynicism and darkness. Therefore, I’d say he has dysthymia instead of Major Depression. Dysthymia is like a watered down version of depression – it requires less symptoms to be diagnosed and the person doesn’t have to be as profoundly depressed, but they must show symptoms for at least 2 years. It was several years ago that Seishin tried to kill himself, so I’d say it’s rather safe to presume he’s been like this for quite a while. His sleeping problems were also taken account in my diagnosis, as people with any form of depression often have odd sleeping patterns.

Suggested Treatment: Seishin seems to be quietly suffering inside every single day of his life, at least from when we get to meet him. I would suggest some therapy first, as I feel like medication would be against his moral code. He needs someone to sympathize with that isn’t a vampire – someone to give him hope. He would have lived a very different life if someone had showed him the light instead of luring him away into the darkness…


Clinic Afterhours

Thanks for all your help again. We really got a lot done! I never tire of doing this, because the diagnosis process is so complex. It’s very rare that I can simply look at a character and pinpoint exactly what it is that’s wrong with them without cycling through my options. I went through at least 3 different combinations of disorders for Yuno before settling on the one you see in this post. Things are never black and white, and I might not even be right on many of these accounts. Keep in mind I’m just poring over the dog-eared pages of my textbooks and measuring characters up against the DSM standards to make these diagnoses. It’s a lot of cobbled-together research, and any two people could easily make a different diagnosis for the same person. The same goes for treatment.

Half of the time I start to wonder if they would really need treatment or benefit from it. I’ve seen a lot of anime where a character will start off meek, depressed and anxious only to get over it at the end. Yes, even characters who show severe enough symptoms for me to claim it’s a disorder and not just plain shyness. They get over it because of their friends. On one hand, we may be relying too heavy on medication to treat disorders when there are more wholesome methods. On the other hand, anime might be simplifying things too much by saying friendship is the cure-all for every personality or mental dysfunction. Mental disorders are not quite that simple to fix. These are neurochemical and physiological differences we’re talking about here – not some black mood or a “phase.”

I find it rare that anime ever label a character with a disorder. Characters can be overly sad, have hallucinations, or a frighteningly low level of sympathy and no one will ever think to take them to a psychiatrist. It’s so overlooked that even in anime they’re quicker to just tag someone as “insane” instead of explaining what precisely is wrong with them. There aren’t just sane people and insane people – it’s a spectrum. I would love to see more characters in anime given a canon diagnosis instead of just being called lunatics. Kuuchuu Buranko does this, but that’s the entire point of the anime, so it hardly counts.

Getting back on track, I hope you liked seeing me take a more science-based approach to analyzing anime characters. Again, I love doing this, but this is most likely my last post of the series. I’ve already covered a lot of the most common disorders, and not every new crop of anime for the season has a character with a notable disorder. Rest assured that this isn’t the last time I marry science and anime together to hide some education into your blog-reading experience (I suppose I shouldn’t presume…you may have learned absolutely nothing from me). Well, in that case, leave a comment and enjoy the parade of nurses under the spoiler tag. Nurses are the perfect way to go out with a bang, or so I would think.

Helloooooooo, Nurse!:Show ▼



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33 Responses to “Playing Doctor: Part 3”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    So much time has passed that I had actually forgotten about these posts. Seeing this is bringing back memories to the last installment and there were quite a number of engaging conversations. This bunch looks like they will attract a lot of them. And thank you for the shout out on the special recommendation.

    Yuno: She is the kind of girl that will always be remembered and mentally ill is nothing short of an understatement. Smart, beautiful, and diligent, to most students she is seen as the model student but in reality, she is secretly obsessed with Yuki and constantly stalks him.

    Yuno’s behavior was the result of her parents, who used to be loving parents before becoming demanding and pressuring their daughter to be the perfect citizen to the point they would lock her up in a cage and only allowed her certain amount of time for her to sleep and how much food she ate. Their treatment drove Yuno insane up to the point that she locked her parents in the same cage, hoping they would realize how she felt and change back to their old-selves only for them to die of hunger. Her being locked in a cage cut off from the outside world to be “molded into the perfect citizen” is the obvious trigger to her Antisocial Personality Disorder. The end result was so bad that her only hope of happiness was pouring everything on Yukki and so developing her delusional state.

    Her delusions were so strong she resorted to stalking to the point killing people as some have probably seen in movies with those so deranged they refused to accept reality.

    Kanari: From what I remember in BRS, when she was younger, she was hit by a car whilst chasing after Yomi, and whilst nothing was broken, she became dependent on Yomi, which soon developed into a love obsession to stop her from making other friends. An obsession I feel is pretty close to Yuno except Kanari doesn’t resort to killing people but instead continually threatening Yomi that she’ll do something to herself if she doesn’t stay beside her. Not only are there various signs personality disorder but also abusive tendencies to her target as she carved a heart onto Yomi’s chest using a needle.

    Seishin: Aha! Here’s the one I might find myself ranting like a raving lunatic. I apologize in advance if this turns out to be too long. There is a lot to talk about Seishin. Seishin is the perfect example of “never trust the quiet ones”. He’s very observant, quiet and someone who often dwells in his own thoughts. When he sees things happening, he seldom talks about it unless he feels it’s necessary to talk about it but will not reveal every detail because he has difficulty to trust people and keeps his emotions bottled up when he likes or dislikes something. And it always showed that he would make a life choice that no one else would make.

    He is a very potent part of Shiki’s story as he’s the reason Sotoba was put through mass genocide thanks to his books which attracted the vampires. Seishin is an interesting character because on the surface, he seems like a normal person but underneath who harbors a lot of troubles, darkness resentment and even self resentment because of his life. His darkness was born from the fact that from early youth, his life was dictated by Sotoba village’s traditions to become the next head monk. A fate he said drove him into despair. While his friend, Toshio shared a similar fate being heir of the village’s doctor which he eventually gave into, Seishin continued to rebel in his heart even though becoming the junior monk. The rebelliousness took such a toll that he fell into depression and tried to kill himself. His resentment was indicated in the manga where he subconsciously said he had no qualms about the village disappearing and doesn’t mind if he’s killed because he’s part of it.

    His relationship with his nightly conversationalist Sunako was very much like the relationship shown in Let The Right One In/Let Me In which was the most interesting part of the series seeing two outcasts, human and vampire, consoling each other.

    • Overcooled says:

      It’s been a while! I’ve had this draft done for a few months, but I ended up writing other things like the tag team with Kara and some video game editorials. Anyways, I always keep my promises, so this post is full of both nurses and your special request :3

      I think everyone agrees Yuno is crazy lol. She had a messed up childhood, which definitely didn’t help matters. However, her reaction is REALLY severe so it’s safe to say she inherited some of the “crazy genes” from her parents. I’m always hesitant to say something is entirely because of a rough childhood, because otherwise I’d be killing people too. Well, not that I was kept in a cage, but you know what I mean. It depends how you can cope with it, and Yuno crumbled after a certain amount of time. Saying “Her being locked in a cage cut off from the outside world to be “molded into the perfect citizen” is the obvious trigger to her Antisocial Personality” is more accurate. In my genetics class our prof actually used to say “genes load the gun, environment pulls the trigger.” Yuno really went through a lot though, damn :B

      Yes, Kanari was frighteningly dependent on Yomi. It was so creepy! The heart-carving thing was so weird!! Interesting connection between her and Yuno. The possessive feelings are definitely similar. Very similar.

      I’ve always been curious..aside from Seishin’s adoration for vampires, do you relate to his personality as well? Or is his love for Sunako and friends the biggest reason why you like his character so much? I find myself a little more drawn to Toshio, mostly because he’s such a great opposite to Seishin. Not that I don’t love the sombre monk, of course! But like you said, both of them were kind of just thrown into their fate. Seishin as a monk, and Toshio with his job as a doctor and his marriage. The two of them deal with it very differently though. Toshio’s body goes to waste as he overworks and accepts his position as a doctor, while Seishin secretly hates the job he’s taken on and defects to the vampire side after years of his mind slowly becoming more and more cynical. I never thought much about the contrast between the two until you brought it up. I might have to re-watch Shiki now that I’m a little bit better at analyzing anime after all this blogging. :B I’ve probably missed so much!

      What’s Let The Right One/Let Me In? :3

      • BlackBriar says:

        There are various things that make his character interesting. What I relate with him most is his anger for having his whole life predetermined without a say on his behalf as I’m sure most would have no problem sympathizing with. Also, the way he presents himself to everyone, like the form of a mask hiding his true self which he does pretty well along with his contrast in occupation. He’s a monk sworn to all things spiritual, yet he writes really dark occult novels, the direct opposite of what he does. That’s a complete and utter contradiction. You could say he writes his book as a way to express his resentment because he keeps everything bottled up inside and it most likely was taking a toll as he just wanted to escape.

        Along comes Sunako who has become the only person who can understand his pain. Since both of them felt like outcasts, they both started off easily until he gave her an invitation come over frequently. The more they talked, the more her fangs sank into him, figuratively, until he halfway became hers.

        Another thing was his descent into darkness which was slow but sure. Though he had issues, he was against killing because he felt it would compromise his morality but as the situation in the village grew worse, his views begin to blur. The worse it got, the more he’d seem to let go. What made him snap was probably seeing Toshio standing beside his wife’s corpse. Not only does he know Toshio killed her but the blank expression on his face is telling him he did it without remorse or a second thought. In a sense, I think Seishin saw that as the biggest form of betrayal and from his friend, no less. All that was left was Sunako words echoing in his mind and seeing the Shiki struggling to survive because he doesn’t see it wrong for Shiki to hunt humans for blood while the humans basically kill anything for them to continue to live. With his family killed by the villagers, everything was so destroyed in his view that he didn’t care anymore and even killed Ookawa to save the only one he had left, Sunako

        As for the relationship. You already know how I admire vampires so seeing them coupled with a human is always fun to watch. Bloodsucking creatures like them are just plain sexy (A lot to talk about them). But what I noticed most is that the vampires always go for the broken, tortured types instead of an everyday regular human. I guess it’s to have someone who can understand them because since they’re immortal, they often find themselves alone.

        Re-watching Shiki doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I have all the episodes and might do the exact same thing. LOL, by the way to make you curious. As old fashioned vampires, the Shiki needed an invitation to get into people’s homes, right? I know a way to get around that rule. Should I say it or keep it to myself?

        “Let The Right One In” is a Swedish movie based on the book of the same name depicting a lonely, bullied young boy befriending a young female vampire who lives in secrecy with her guardian, finding love and revenge through her. “Let Me In” is the American version of the movie.

        Let The Right One In:
        Let Me In:

        • Overcooled says:

          Yes, Seishin has many sides to him. The beauty of Shiki is that you can choose any one character and sympathize with them, even though they all have different goals and moral standards. As soon as you look through Seishin’s eyes, his truce with the vampires makes complete sense. Look at it from another angle (from Natsuno’s perspective, perhaps…since he goes against the Shiki despite being a werewolf) and Seishin is just being selfish and a little crazy. I think your description of Seishin is absolutely bang on, so nothing more needs to be said about that. :3

          Haha, yes, we all know about your vampire fetish. They are pretty alluring, I will admit. Moreso than most monsters :B How could a Shiki get past the rule of needing permission to enter a house? Tell me!

          Huh, interesting. Thanks for saving me the time of googling it (I know it would take like 5 seconds, but I prefer hearing what the person bringing up the issue has to say about it lol). I’d probably watch the original with subs. Maybe I’ll try and watch it if I have time!

          • BlackBriar says:

            Because of his state of mind for being in an unwanted environment and situation (anger, depression and self-loathing), his outlook becomes more nihilistic and degraded over time and thanks the villagers’ instinct for survival, as savage as it may be; much of the content of the series seems to confirm his views, making his treasonous choice against the humans easier.

            Some of his reasoning was also why Megumi lashed out mercilessly at the villagers. Megumi’s feelings of isolation were caused (if the first episode is any indication by the way she was treated because she wore different clothes) by her own classic teenage reaction to feeling different. To her, they always reject those who are different from them (her last words before dying and also), almost to the degree of a leper.

            Seishin is someone put into a pitiless, uncaring world, where morality bows before the needs of survival. It’s from a world where love and friendship are pretty much useless when duress and chaos ensues.

            Yeah, vampires really are alluring. Infinitely more sexy than humans and their charming ability to lure their prey in and biting them. I like seeing the human being subjected to intense neck biting. Some people get pissed when they are sexualized but I think that added allure makes them all the more threatening. The added danger always creates a great atmosphere for a torrid and bloody love affair, too! Just because I’m curious, which vampire would you want to bite you and where would you want it to happen?

            The getting past the rule for needing permission to enter. A person’s house or building is a complete structure, right? What would be needed is a disturbance that would make the structure incomplete like a hole or an explosion that destroys part of the house (Like igniting a gas line connected to the side of the house). Since the building is exposed and incomplete, it isn’t considered a house anymore and no longer a person’s sacred place. Therefore, the vampire can walk in freely without obstruction. You don’t need an invitation if there’s no house there to begin with. Imagine the mess Sotoba would be in if the Shiki caught on to that playing field changing loophole. I imagine your jaw must dropping right now but I wonder what the rest of the Meta Team would think if they see this. I got the idea from watching the remake of Fright Night.

            No problem at all. Let The Right One In/Let Me In are really good movies and I have them on DVD. I recommend both versions to anyone.

            • Overcooled says:

              What do you mean, which vampire? Like, from an anime? Or what I want their personality to be like. Anyways, whoever bites me, I don’t care very much where it happens as long as no one sees us. I haven’t really thought about this before, I’m afraid (I bet you have though!).

              Hmm, I expected a more…elegant…solution to the matter. Some form of trickery or verbal persuasion to find a loophole. Well, it makes sense. All they’d have to do is burn down a house or something. I guess that method is a bit too flashy and it draws attention. Also, if part of the house is still standing, it might still work as a barrier. Like, if my house just happens to have a hole in it because of an accident, I’d still call it a house. At a certain point of destruction it’s not a house anymore though…like if only one wall is standing. Interesting though! I hadn’t thought of that.

              …If you’re homeless and you live in a cardboard box and consider it your home…can vampires not enter? LOL

            • BlackBriar says:

              @Overcooled: Yeah, mostly an anime vampire. Since there are so much from different animes, I’d guess people would have a particular favorite biting them. Me? Maybe Astharoshe Asran from Trinity Blood, Moka Akashiya from Rosario + Vampire, Saya or even Diva from Blood+.

              It doesn’t necessarily need to be a big explosion. Just something that render the conditions of invitation completely useless. Like a considerable dent no one will notice. Get rid of that, and it’s all over for the human. No more barriers. If a house suddenly becomes imcomplete or there is no one living in it, it’s not someone home and therefore, free territory.

            • BlackBriar says:

              @Overcooled: For that last question. Though I hadn’t even thought of that possibility, I guess as long as you consider it home, vampires can’t get in without an invitation.

            • Overcooled says:

              Ahhh, okay, gotcha. There aren’t a lot of attractive, male vampires that I know of though. Err…I guess I wouldn’t mind Valvatorez taking a bite of me (from Disgaea 4, a video game) although he refuses to drink blood. Oh well, I’ll MAKE him drink my blood. There are more cute (or hot) vampire girls in anime and games, so you’ve got a lot of options. ….I kind of forget what this whole post what originally about now. Oh well.

              That last question was more of a joke, but it technically works if you alter your definition of home. It all lies in how you define ‘home’ – which is exactly how little explosions and such can get you a free ticket inside. Definitions are everything.

      • D-LaN says:


        • BlackBriar says:

          Oh, yeah. I forgot to think about using wikipedia to better explain the movies. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Seihai-kun says:

    Patient: Gasai Yuno
    Diagnosis: Pure Awesomeness
    Treatment: Her own spin-off series

    PS: No anti-social personality disorder under age 18. Conduct disorder.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I second her own spin-off series. We’d look forward to massacres every week.

    • Overcooled says:

      Oh! You are very right! I just forgot Yuno was under 18 because she just seems that much older. I will fix it right away, thanks.

      • BlackBriar says:

        The appearance of anime characters always defy their age. It must be easy to lie about how old they really are. Besides, insanity has no age limit.

    • D-LaN says:

      Oh, Seihai-kun.

  3. Moni Chan says:

    Cuz “Yuno” the police are overrated and what not

    • Overcooled says:

      Well, I guess she would go to jail, but seeing as I know zilch about the legal system I’m focusing on treatments to help their mental impairments :B

      • BlackBriar says:

        As if the legal system could even hope to touch Yuno since she had the ability to control reality after winning the survival game in the first world. There’s nothing worse than a psychopath with unlimited power in the palm of her hand.

  4. Namika says:

    Yuno’s profile made me wanna watch Yumekui Merry *~* somehow, characters with serious psychological problems seem much more interesting to me. I wonder, why…

    • Overcooled says:

      How did you make the jump from Mirai Nikki to Yumekui Merry?

      • D-LaN says:

        YM also had….. its fair share of psychos.



        But I had no idea who came the closest to Yuno in term of mental disorder in YM.

        • Namika says:

          there IS no character that comes close to Yuno from YM, because I just made one of the most stupid mistakes ever ==”

      • Namika says:

        OMFG O_O
        I feel so stupid ==”
        Can we pretend this comment never existed????? X_X

        • Overcooled says:

          Oh, I just assumed you were hinting at some connection between the two shows that I couldn’t see. Haha, don’t worry about it. Like D-LaN says, there are some seriously twisted people in Yumekui Merry.

          • BlackBriar says:

            If you’re thinking of people turning twisted, think back on the high school students quickly losing their minds in “Another” with each student and their family members dying a horrific death one after the other. Once they couldn’t take it anymore, all hell broke loose and it turned into a killing spree.

            • Overcooled says:

              Twisted, yes. I wouldn’t be so quick to diagnose them with anything though. Their panic-stricken behaviour is a reaction to some very serious murders, so a lot of what they do is warranted granted the situation. Once the murders are done, they would go back to normal, so I’d hesitate to diagnose them. It’s a spurr-of-the-moment kinda thing.

  5. D-LaN says:

    Well.,… EVERYONE (oky the girls) in BRS TV is kinda nuts…. Up and including Show ▼

    They need a therapy real quick….

    Srsly its a fun roller-coaster ride seeing the girls goes emo/angsty/crazy one way or another. Its lk a really good du-ra-ma and it gets really violent later…. You should finish it just 4 the drama. Personally I think it a rather good show.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I agree with D-LaN. I recommend finishing it for the insanity of each individual. Though Kagari is worthy of being noted, the best breakdowns were Mato, Yomi and Yuu.

      • Overcooled says:

        I really didn’t like it though…I couldn’t handle the dumb drama for any longer. If I don’t like something, I drop it without question. I demand only the best!!!

        • D-LaN says:

          Do you mind tht we gv u a list of how the girls go crazy?

        • BlackBriar says:

          I follow that principle as well. How many chances do you give an anime before ultimately deciding to drop it? Normally, I’d give it three chances but I’d make exceptions and drop it on the first episode if it turns out be like shows such as Medaka Box. Hated that show right away.

          • Overcooled says:

            @D-LaN: Well, I’m not gonna watch it, so you can write a list under spoilers if you want. I’m curious enough to read that but not enough to watch the rest of the show

            @BlackBriar: I watch it until I am bored. The 3 episode test is a good rule, but if I feel like I’m wasting my time – I’m done. NO REGRETS.

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