Meta Mash – 20

Meta Mash is back with old favourites (Polar Bears & Sket dance) and new additions (Joshiraku and Moyashimon Returns). 


Shirokuma Cafe – 17

Polar bear-“Dudeeeessss you need to chillllll out.”             Panda-“…”         Penguin-“Ha you made a cool joke.”
So for this week’s episode we join the usual gang on a camping adventure with Grizzly joining in as well (Honestly, I just went camping this past week so this feels like a really weird coincidence). I hadn’t noticed that Penguin had never met Grizzly before until this episode! During the episode when he came to weed the cafe’s grass, I had just assumed they knew each other already. Anyway, it was funny seeing how the two actually act the same when it comes to Panda’s and Polar Bear’s troublesome shenanigans. They are such an odd pair that it took me a while to get used to. Surprisingly they got along very well together, even sharing drinks at the end of the night, which became one of the most hilarious scenes in the episode. I’d like to see more of Grizzly and Penguin getting drunk together; it would definitely make for some great comedy.

As for the second half, it took a completely different route by showing the story of a poor high school girl who mistakenly thought Rin Rin was taking her out on a date when he actually just wanted to fanboy about Panda with someone. I was happy to see him appear again because I find his fanboying absolutely hysterical, but bringing the girl was just so painfully awkward to watch. Poor thing did not know what she was getting herself into! This second half further proved Rin Rin is the ultimate fanboy, showcasing his pretty intense feelings for Panda that would throw anyone off. Not a very comfortable second half, but I enjoyed his silly actions at the zoo. Overall, it was a very pleasing episode of Shirokuma Cafe that didn’t disappoint.~


Sket Dance – 68

Sket Dance was fairly entertaining this week, but I can’t help but feel that the message here was really preachy and obvious. Er, I guess the messages Sket normally sends out are generally obvious (and undeniably cheesy, but that’s another story), but this felt like they were directly slapping “YOU CAN’T FORCE LOVE” into the viewer’s faces after dancing around the subject for 20 minutes already. Sure they tried to subtly add it in among comedy (as they usually do), but this time it just wasn’t as well hidden. That being said though, Chuuma and Onee-san’s romance was cute to watch and I think the characters developed well here. Sure, the whole relationship here felt a bit sudden this episode since I can’t even remember the last time Chuuma and Onee-san had screen time together, but at least I can see why they like each other. I think this is Sket’s first ‘official’ couple…? In any case, next week’s episode apparently centres around Bossun’s need to go to the washroom. …Yep. Sket Dance knows how to keep it classy.


Joshiraku – 02

Joshiraku now has more fanservice this week!
It’s been a few weeks since I watched Joshiraku’s first two episodes, but even so, it’s hard to forget the witty and humorous political/social commentary that now has me begging at the feet of fan-subbers for the next translation. Being Rakugo performers, you can expect plenty of wordplay and puns from the girls, but thanks to gg subs it’s very easy to follow and the jokes do get across. The first two episodes give clear insight that the series will be mostly random scenarios and discussions involving the five girls, but as long as they remain as funny as they have been who cares! From the very first few minutes Joshiraku tells you up front that the show is dialogue heavy, has very little action, and is allowing us to appreciate “how cute the girls are”. Despite that straightforward explanation, a quick fourth wall breaking comment can’t fully capture everything the show has to offer! (… Just, a large part of it.) For example, the humor! They never mentioned humor, though I guess it’s implied. I found Joshiraku’s wall breaking and ditzy commentary to be very funny most of the time, the dialogue very quickly changes topic as the speaking role jumps from girl to girl, and the subjects, as trivial as they seem, never really get dull. Most of the time is spent on the girls talking in the dressing room, but thankfully there is some variety when they venture out to other places. It’s a good thing too, because the dressing room would get a bit stale after a while. JC Staff is giving the show an extra layer of enjoyment as well with some occasionally over-the-top animation and the quality voice acting from the seiyuu. (More roles for Ayane Sakura is always a good thing. :3) It’s hard NOT to enjoy this 23 minute performance show so far, and with the promise of cameos in the coming weeks I can’t help but be excited.


Moyashimon Returns – 04

Whoever wins better not start kissing Kei or maybe they should?
Welcome back science lovers! This week on Moyashimon there appears to be some huge plot development with Haruka leaving Agricultural University and possibly quitting the club forever!? Noooo! Without Haruka around who will wear all the strange black leather outfits? I guess we will have to wait and see if she returns or if professor Itsuki can find out why she left! Other than that bit of development Sawaki finally told Oikawa about his secret power to see microbes, but she did not believe him at all…damn…then again I sort of saw that moment coming a mile away! Besides all the character stuffs the main focus of the episode centered on liquor related information. Since I don’t really drink any alcohol I can’t really relate to the excitement of drinking new things and the science part was pushed aside this week in favor of pushing the characters along; however in the Microbe theater part of the episode at the end they mentioned something about Kyokai Yeast? I assume it helps you brew your own sake! So yeah that was cool.


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14 Responses to “Meta Mash – 20”

  1. †Croos† says:

    If you get and play those names until present you will start to like Joshiraku(a bit).

    • Kevin Yamagata says:

      Watch the Joshiraku episode 3, and you’ll understand the real meaning of Tetora’s name.

    • Hawthorne says:

      That’s awesome!! I never would have noticed that. Buratei Marii is pretty obvious, I can’t believe I missed that one though. Such fitting names they have.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I haven’t decided if I want to keep watching Joshiraku or dropping it forever? I mean I loveeeeee the character designs and honestly the jokes fly over my head 80% of the time! I really love comedy anime, but damn I find some jokes extremely hard to follow besides the slapstick and gag stuffs.

      That said I haven’t seen epi 3 yet so maybe I should and then decide to keep it or drop.

    • Joojoobees says:

      Thank you. That was very helpful.

  2. VucubCaquix says:

    Hahahaha kyokai yeast eeewwwww

  3. tatsuya says:

    WTH ~~~ shirokuma san wear my shirt …it the same !!!

  4. D-LaN says:

    Woah those r some photorealistic plants in Sket Dance.

  5. †Croos† says:

    Hawthrown is my bro. We have the same interest. :3

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