Meta Mash – 17

Shows must go on and so will the Aniblog Tourney because we have reached the FINALS!


Fairy Tail – 137

 Fairy tail is pulling a One Piece with all the mermaid action and fanservice.
I thought it would be hard to concentrate on Fairy Tail when the new season of anime is all coming out, but the fact that this episode was levels above the last one helped my concentration. Why was it better? For one thing, Erza wasn’t defeated by complete morons. The other thing is that the majority of the episode involved two buff cats fighting. …Why is it that Sammy and Lily can transform, but Charle and Happy can’t? The whole Nii-san thing seemed like something that was thrown in there in the last minute as well. Oh well, Sammy surprised me by being the stereotypical character who gets upset when things don’t go keikaku doori (I thought he would have more depth), but I guess I’ll just have to accept that there is probably never going to be an Exceed that I like as a character. Like most fights this arc, Gajeel’s fight was pretty comedic, but STILL levels above Erza’s. Next episode, things look like they’ll finally get to the srs bsns. I’m guessing that Elfman will go through a bunch of flashbacks revolving Lisanna’s death (since he’s fighting them and not in control of himself) and the fight with Natsu and that head evil guy who’s name I can never remember should be good.


Kuroko no Basuke – 13

Can you guess Kuroko’s power level!?
The match is over and Seirin is the victor!!! It was an insanely close match that had me doubting the outcome until the very end. At first I thought Seirin won without a hitch, but I got DOUBLE-FAKED by Midorima almost making a comeback before Kuroko stole the ball. That last second turn around was ridiculous, but that’s the kind of thing I love about this show. It makes no sense for Kagami to be able to run around like a hare being chased down by a wolf while jumping is too much. Kuroko’s special move was PUNCHING THE BALL so it would fly faster, which is amazing when you think about it. This kid stayed at practice extra late…to practice punching basketballs. Imagining Kuroko alone punching basketballs is just a wonderful thought that makes me grin. It’s a shame after his retort about taking things up a notch that he really didn’t use his “special pass” very often. It was mostly Kagami who did the work again.

It looks like the whirlwind of action and back-to-back matches will be slowing down next week with a more relaxing episode. I’m totally fine with a bit of a lull to break up all the action that’s been going on. I’m not going to beat around the bush – I am expecting glorious homolust in the next episode. The team hasn’t had much time to bond outside of games. I’m also a sucker for training arcs, so I’d be completely fine with them training for a bit. Their next opponent is the arrogant Aomine, and he looks like another fearsome opponent. The pink-haired girl is pretty darn cute, and I like her despite the obvious inconvenience of her getting in the way of all the bromance. Is she another coach? Kuroko no Basuke really has a thing for female coaches! Too bad those two are being ignored next week..for a dog. XD


One Piece – 554

That’s the way Luffy! Become one with the fire!
Hody: “I’m gonna take a nap for about 17 minutes. Explain how you devised your battle plan, show some other stuff, crack a couple jokes, and then I’ll wake back up.” It was a lighthearted episode for the most part, but now the battle will begin and Luffy more than leveled the playing field.One of the big moments of this arc I was waiting for was Luffy’s use of Haki. I love the way the anime handles the animation of the techniques (Whitebeard’s was especially cool), I just think that the anime shot of the fallen fishmen doesn’t quite match the scale that the manga had. And with the start of the battle, get ready for new abilities from the Strawhats. We just saw Brook’s newest one, which separates soul from body. Nobody said that a Devil Fruit user’s soul would sink in water. Get ready for more people!


Saki: Achiga-hen -Episode of Side-A – 12 

Someone seriously needs to take a break from all the mahjong
YES TOKI AND KURO-CHAN TAG-TEAM. Okay, it wasn’t so much a tag-team as a gentle push, but thanks to Toki’s sacrifice and limit-pushing she was able to put a stop to Teru’s domination over the game and bring the match to a close. Despite initially appearing as a side-character, Toki has definitely come around as one of the most likable and determined members of the cast. She may have hurt her team due to her recklessness (since she might not recuperate before the next round, if they win), but now the other members of Senriyama have even more reason to fight-o!~ Kuro also impressed me this week by letting go of what was holding her back and discarding a dora. That look in her eyes when she declared her hand and that smile on her face made the three weeks of hopelessly trying to win all worth it!

I can only applaud the writers/producers of Achiga-hen for animating one of the best games of Mahjong I’ve ever seen. (This is only like the third game of Mahjong I’ve ever seen … but who’s counting.) I can see why they called for 3 extra episodes though, without them this match would have been cut short to fit in the others and wouldn’t have been nearly as exciting and emotionally packed as it was. I’m not expecting the same care to details in the next four matches (yes, four in three episodes), but as long as they cut out or shorten the flashbacks and dressing room scenes they should be able to pull off the matches with just as much strategic genius as this one. With that said, YUU-CHAN FIGHT-O!


Gundam Age – 38

 Way to go bro! You gave the enemy the most powerful weapon in Gundam AGE…ANOTHER GUNDAM!!
This episode sure took a while to get released, but hey better late than never right? When we last left poor old Kio he was captured by the Vegans and then he was basically treated as an extra special guest; however, the vegan scientists on the other hand just wanted to get their hands on the Gundam data and begin building their own machine. I couldn’t help but laugh when Kio gladly gave them the key to unlocking the AGE device! DUDE WHAT WOULD GRANDPA FLINT SAY!? That said I know why he did it because he wanted to save Lu with medicine, but honestly I can’t help that the Vegans used the “sickness” just to get to Kio’s emotional side. I have enjoyed these past episodes of Gundam AGE because we get to see things from a different perspective thanks to Kio’s short adventures with the Vegan people.

What else happened in this random episode? Oh right Lu and Kio had a short date together with that fabulous insert song randomly appearing and you know whenever one of those pops up it Gundam or any other action series it just means “OH SNAP YO! DEATH FLAG IS ABOUT TO ACTIVATE RUN AWAY!! At least that always seemed to happen in SEED/DESTINY and other Gundam series…I feel so bad for Kio right now! Gained someone special and then lost them? Grandpa Flint should have warned him about those Vegan girls THEY ARE SO SQUISHY! Anyway the Vegans managed to get their “fake Gundam” built but who is the pilot of this new machine? I think it might be Zeheart, but I think we have a brand new character to hate…I did find it funny how they copied everything right down to the color scheme of their suit.



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11 Responses to “Meta Mash – 17”

  1. Anya says:

    That is the ugliest Gundam ripoff I’ve ever seen. I freakin facepalmed when Kio went SURE BRO I’LL GIVE YOU ALL THE SECRETS, yeah that cute girl’s sick but she’s gonna die ANYWAYS blargh.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahah yes! that suit does look horrible! They even copied the color!? Yeah Kio why are you helping the enemy!? Poor Lu died anyway T____T

  2. The_Magus_Killer says:

    Lu must have been the descendant of Gasai Yuno. I mean, she kept blabbing on how she made a “future diary” of her and Kio’s future lovey-dovey activities just a day after meeting him. However, she has none of Yuno’s resilience.

    And now, if they just hired me to do the storyline

    Next Time in “Mirai Gundam” Lu(no) pilots the Gundam Legilis, decimates the EFF, and captures Kio as her “compensation”, along with a lifetime supply of Vagan Prescription Pills

    Kio: “How did it come to this” *falls to his knees*

    *Newtype/X-Rounder Flash*

    Lu(no): *with Yandere trance face* “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. Okay, Kio?”

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! I was thinking the same thing when she said future diary…lololol poor girl T____________T

      Best story <3

      • The_Magus_Killer says:

        At least Lu didn’t get stabbed from behind while being hardwired in a pink mobile suit.

        Oh wait, Fram Nara also known as Mugi of K-On! will pilot a new version of said pink mobile suit based on the OP. Haha.

        • Foshizzel says:

          You are right! At least Lu died with a bit of happiness from meeting up with Kio.

          Now I can’t unsee this! Mugi as a mecha pilot sounds like fun.

  3. Tofu says:

    OC…. I think we’ve found a series that we both love!!! :O :O :O :O IT’S AMAZING!!!!

    First of all, Kuroko Basketball is so under-rated and deserves more recognition. I’m glad you’re blogging it and loving it OC because it truly is an intense, thrilling and entertaining sports series! Kuroko and Kagami make a crazy duo and although it’s very shounen to have them win by very little margins against not only Midorima’s team but other teams too (I seriously thought Seirin would lose this one then come back another time with more power? Something like Chihayafuru) but it was still awesome to witness and I don’t have any quarrels whatsoever.

    As for the female chick, I think I saw her being showcased along with the Generation of Miracles in the OP. Maybe she’s the Generation of Miracles coach? The most strategic and powerful coach there is? ;D Would be interesting to see that match.

    • Overcooled says:

      Another event to be marked in the calendar…an anime we both like!

      It’s actually really good. I was under the impression that only girls would enjoy it, but it’s nice that the intensity is capable of reeling in guys too. It’s typical shounen, but I love it. The comeback this week was insane! I thought Seirin would lose too, haha.

      I think she’s their old coach too. She’s gotta be someone important. Underneath all her girly quirks she’s secretly a genius strategist – I’d bet my money on that.

  4. anaaga says:

    Goddamn it Kio what the fuck stupid little bitch gave away the secret for a DEEEDDD GIIRRRLLLLLL

  5. Moni Chan says:

    trolololol Kuroko’s Power level = “IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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