First impressions: Yuru Yuri S2

It is never late for the epic fun of Yuru Yuri! 

It’s back folks!~ One year has passed since the first season, so let’s see if Yuru Yuri has all the charm and wit that filled the day with laughter like the first time around.
The time has arrived at last everyone and by time I mean the start of a fresh new season of Yuru Yuri at last! So what can we expect from this new season? I suspect we will have the same chaotic fun we all enjoyed with Akarin, Yui, Chinatasu and Kyouko of course, but enough chatter lets dive right into the first episode of season two. This week Akarin has a crazy daydream and the girls enjoy a hot spring together.

Akarin’s dream world is a very magical place

Akarin-“You can’t stand up to this level of cuteness!”

Kyouko-“OH MY GOD SO CUTE!!”             Chinatasu-“HNNGGGGG!”         Yui-“It was so moe I died!”

Akarin-“Everyone really loves me!”                  Kyouko-“We just want you for your hair…”

Oooh how I have missed my weekly dose of AAAKAARIINN!! I mean just hearing that simple phrase takes me back to when I first got so addicted to this crazy series, but this season starts off with an unusual place following Akarin who suddenly became the main focus…just what in the world is going on inside this girl’s head? First off Yui, Chnatasu and Kyoko suddenly start paying more attention to her and by more attention I mean they actually fight over who gets to hold her hand while walking to school and who she will spend the night with? Yes something strange is going on, which also seemed to affect the side characters like the comedic duo of Himawari and Sakurako who have also developed brand new crushes on her. However, this is just the dream world and sadly this extreme yuri dream has to end, right? So, how does it? In the form of one massive harem with all the girls from the series bursting through the walls and every other secret part of the Amusement club just so confess their undying love for Akarin who was passed on a train with the other girls…

Kyouko is still the hyper-active-time-bomb 

Kyouko-“FEED ME SOME CAKE NOW!”         Yui-“Dude use your non caps lock voice.”

Kyouko-“Time to activate my super secret ninja ping pong technique!”

Kyouko-“Well that did not go as planned…”                 Akarin-“I am not having a ball right now…”

Yep the amazing Kyouko is back to fill in the gap left by Nyaruko-san in terms of the hyperactive character. Seriously if you put those two in a room together I can bet you would go insane within minutes of that extreme meeting. So, who is Kyouko to the new fans? All I can say is prepare for full time yuri mode with this character and her eyes are set fully on Chinatasu because there is a magical girl that just so happens to look a lot like Chinatasu that Kyouko loves. Another thing with Kyouko is she has a bad habit of pulling the act like a child card quite often, but we all know she secretly likes having Yui hanging around her to play the role of a loving “sibling”. I still enjoy how one minute Kyouko can be quiet and then the next minute she explodes with all this energy and then becomes COMPLETELY INSANE! Do you remember the school trip episode from season one? I swear the actress for Kyoko and Kurei from Nyaruko-san! Yuka Ootsubo never missed a beat or maybe she had a full bag of sugar before actually recording her lines? But I honestly feel that the creators amped her up way too much for that episode. That said she wasn’t as over the top with this premiere episode even though she did make a complete fool out of herself with the epic ping pong match. Then again it was still very hilarious to watch her get owned by the ping pong balls.

Chinatasu and her mysterious hair

Chinatasu is having the best day ever!

During the first season, I didn’t really care too much for Chinatasu to be perfectly honest with you. However, halfway through the first season she slowly became one of my favorites. Especially with her amazing chase scene with Akarin! Poor girl…anyway this character has her heart and soul set on getting with Yui or as Chinatasu calls her Yui senpai. Also, she always seems to fail at every twist and turn when she attempts to tell Yui her true feelings. I swear one of these days you will succeed and accomplish your yuri mission. This episode had a very strange moment with Chinatasu because it showed off her bright pink hair! What could it be? During the ping pong matches her hair actually ended up EATING the ping pong balls… I wonder if her hair actually is an alien creature or maybe it is some type of evil ping pong ball eating demon!? Either way I was just as shocked as the other girls who witnessed that insane event.

Yui just wants to love everyone forever

Yui-“Do you feel the love now huh DO YOU!?”          Kyouko-“Your love is very very painful, Yui…”

Yui-“Uh congratulations you are the mom of  fourteen happy ping pong balls.” 

Kyouko-“Yui, don’t you want to sit on my lap?”            Yui-“Don’t make me drown you.”

Yui is always the last one in my personal rankings of characters because she is sort of like the older sister or mother-type, but I think there are lots of characters who want to be with her not just Chinatasu. Even though she is not one of my favorite characters she does have the skills to go with the flow in whatever situation she ends up getting pulled into. This week she was in full on mother mode around Kyouko then again when dealing with her I think it is for the best anyway. So maybe this season will actually give me something to like about Yui senpai? I can always hope for some random romantic encounter…so what else did Yui do? She spent some time taking not one bath, but two in one episode! I think she just really enjoys being around the other girls.

Extra yuru yuri madness

Chinatasu-“Ku ku ku I will make Akarin mine once again.”

Akarin-“I must feast on the best cake to refill my amazing dream powers.”


Kyouko-“Time to reblog all the Guilty Crown.”              Chinatasu-“ARE YOU MENTAL!? Oh wait…you are.”

Can someone please tell me who that girl with the red hair is and why she got so much screen time in the first darn episode? (Akarin~ <3). So Yuru Yuri 2 hits us with an Akarin overload right away, and I already miss the girl who was never there … it was like I was watching an entirely different show! The first segment had lots of humor in it for anyone who’s seen the first season and it was also a fun way to introduce the cast to new watchers. Everyone got their own little moments to show off their odd personality traits, like Chizuru’s perverted drooling or Sakurako’s tsundere side. Honestly though, if I hadn’t seen the first season and I watched that segment I would have dropped it within the first five minutes. I hope that those new watchers figured out that the humor of her character comes from the fact that she’s constantly ignored, not fawned over!

The most fun came from the second half with the core four getting the spotlight. The table tennis scenario had perfect timing with its jokes and the Mirakurun clip was priceless. It was nice to see the girls back together after all this time of waiting for season 2. I’ve always found the school club scenes to be the funniest, and I’m hoping we’ll get more of that soon, but this episode was just as entertaining as those. I think I caught a glimpse of Akarin’s sister in the beginning, I wonder if she’ll finally make her debut this season? Judging from the premiere I’m expecting plenty of hilarious episodes to come!~ (Also, more Ayano would be nice. <3)

Hooray episode one of the new season is complete and boy has it reminded me of the many reasons I loveeeeee Yuru Yuri! And sure it just has a cast of nothing but girls running around doing cute things every day together; I still find it to be very enjoyable. The best moment of this episode was the epic game of ping pong because that was sooooo hilarious watching Kyouko act like her usual crazy self! I mean seriously who really uses two ping pong paddles to play with? Alright maybe I would do the same thing one day…of course I can’t forget to mention Akarin’s over the top day dream! Like Hawthorne said, we got to see her older sister even though it was the back of her head. I really hope we get to see more of that character in the future as I bet she has a similar sister dynamic like Mio and Yoshino from Nichijou? Complete with more trolling and uhh yeah lust for the younger sister…damn…never mind Akarin better run away quickly!

Overall I really hope this episode was filled with lots of fun moments to get the fans back into this strange little series. So what about the new fans out there; did you find it fun? Or were you completely lost with all the inside jokes? Hopefully you don’t lose interest to fast because you are in for something fun, but I get the feeling most anime fans see the yuri tagline and you are avoiding this series completely? That said there are a few fun side characters like Chizuru and Chitose that often have these odd day dreams or “fantasies” as I call them about certain characters… Anyway thanks for reading our first impressions for this series! Hopefully there will be more Yuru Yuri s2 here on Metanorn.


Kyouko-“Time to play HoTD! Akarin you are the zombie.”       Akarin-“Why do I always have to be the zombie!?”

It is time to go BACK TO SCHOOL for the main girls of Yuru Yuri.


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16 Responses to “First impressions: Yuru Yuri S2”

  1. Amuro1X says:

    I thought this first episode of season two was a lot better than most of the first season. I may do it begrudgingly, but I certainly will continue to watch this show. I may even secretly like it.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahhh yeah this was a great first episode for the new season! I loved that they gave Akarin a mini episode dedicated to just her! That was great.

      Ahahah yeah Yuru Yuri is great fun! I look forward to seeing what kinds of hilarious adventures await us.

  2. Jrow says:

    ”Uh congratulations you are the mom of fourteen happy ping pong balls.”

    Funny as always XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      I hope she is prepared to take care of her ping pong babies! They need lots of attention…

      Thanks! I try my best hahahaha

  3. Moni Chan says:

    I miss this show so much. I’m so happy it got a 2nd season.
    Chinatasu’s ball eating hair killed me.

    • skylion says:

      I would have loved to have been part of that writing session. “Ok so what happens if a ping pong ball hits her hair?”, “Well, her hair eats it, right?”. “Yeah, but don’t forget to tell the sound department to put in unholy screams”, “What? Why?”, “Dude, you have to ask…..”

    • Foshizzel says:

      YEP! I really really missed this series because damn there are some great characters to keep me entertained xD

  4. skylion says:

    Chinatsu…the kissing bandit FTW!

    • Foshizzel says:

      ALL THE KISSES Damn you are right Chinatsu does steal a lot of love from Akarin…that is a great OTP! THOSE TWO FOREVER <3

  5. Highway says:

    I don’t know if I should feel superior because it wasn’t a whole year for me, more like 3 days since I finished Season 1. This might have been a liiiiittle bit of a letdown for me, as I thought Kyouko was a little too much over the top, and there wasn’t enough Chitose (my favorite character).

    But still fun, and still going to keep watching. 🙂

    • skylion says:

      With this cast, and the varied fandom, there with never be enough of “insert character name”.

      Oh, btw, Kyouko “a little over the top” is pretty much what the rest of us call “the week”.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ooooh wow! So lucky! I did that recently with Moyashimon! I heard of a season two and heard that series had a lot of positive buzz so yeah! It is always fun discovering new series to enjoy.

      Kyouka is a oddball because she is soooooo hyper! That said I like Akarin, Kyouko, Chinatsu and Yui last only because she is kind of boring by herself…

      GREAT! Prepare for more Yuru Yuri reviews here xD

  6. HannoX says:

    I think the opening sequence focusing on “everybody loves Akarin” would have been better at half its length. I’m sure it took no time at all for watchers of the first season to know it was a dream. I kept wanting it to end to get on with the real story. Yes, I know, this anime is all about mini stories making up an episode. But in my opinion the ping-pong match was much better (Chinatsu’s hair was hilarious!) and I would have liked to have seen more of that. They could have done a whole gag about how none of the other girls would want to get close to Chinatsu and her hair afraid of what it might do to them.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ohhhh yes! That Akarin thing at the start was kind of interesting and a bit drawn out! Honestly it should have ended a bit earlier, but ah well Akarin is a great comedic character even though she gets not real love in the series.

      Chinatsu’s hair? OH MY GOD! I DIED LAUGHING! That and it was so freaking random…yeah who knows what her hair would do to an actual person!?

      True some “story” development would make things fun but sadly 90% of this series is random side gags! Then again who knows what the creators have in store for us.

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