Arcana Famiglia – 02

It sucks when you wake up without eyes

Two episodes in and the anime adaption of Arcana Famiglia is still annoying the hell out of me! …Not exactly a good sign for things to come, but I’m still going to take a risk and bet on this turning out okay if Fel gets her act together. …Maybe.

…And here I thought the awkward introductions were over, but not even a minute into the episode and Luca felt the need to introduce himself, card and all, even though he’s been with Fel since she was a loli. Sigh. To make it even worse, they also decided to throw what each character’s position in the family was minutes later. I guess Liberta’s sudden ignorance last episode is explained though since in the anime version, apparently Felicita hasn’t been living there all along. Plot hole time! If Felicita wasn’t living there/ officially part of the family, then why the hell did she have her sword serie with her last episode and why was she patrolling with them?

To clarify, the game version had Felicita as head of the Swords right away, so I’m not entirely sure why the anime has had Felicita completely separated from the rest of the household this whole time. Maybe it’s to explain why she’s so weak? To give them a reason to explain everything in extreme detail? I don’t know. …I don’t even know if that whole first part should be interpreted as a dream or not.

I guess the important part is that she looks good in a dress. Can you sense my sarcasm?

Speaking of Felicita being… uh, useless, she didn’t really do much this episode (points for having her kick one of her team members in the face; points taken away for not having most of that fight on screen). I’m noticing a pattern of Luca being a hindrance, so maybe they’re going to incorporate the game subplot that took place in his route about how he’s over babying Felicita. …However, it could also just be an excuse for the writers to make her not do much. Even though running around to the other members was probably great for people still confused about who each of there characters are (and it was much less awkward then how they previously introduced the characters), it still seemed pretty unnecessary. If you’re still unconvinced about how they’re toning down Felicita’s power levels, she could read hearts pretty much whenever she wanted to in the game (the part about it being uncontrolled was more of a factor that the number of times she could do it was limited) and figuring out who the cat’s owner was took all of 2 minutes after they had Fel look at the cat.

…I thought Noto Mamiko was a great choice for Felicita after hearing her first couple lines last episode, but Noto seems to have regressed to her soft spoken voice for this episode. I think that’s also part of the problem with Fel’s image here. At least Noto sounds right when Fel is pissed off, but the rest of the time, she just sounds pretty meek.

So enough of me complaining. Aside from the still awkward over-explanation, they did manage to incorporate the characters in a more natural way. …If anything about the Arcana characters can be considered natural.  As painful as it was to watch them beat around the bush like that, I have to admit that having Liberta and the rest ask around was a way better way of showcasing that characters. They even threw a bit of side information (like Debito running the casino) in there without making it feel forced. Sure some of the conversations were extremely unnatural (i.e. Jolly’s, but that little spiel of his was slowed by the same I’m X, my Tarot is X formula), but it was overall an improvement. Minus Felicita (and Luca a bit, though he usually is the punchline to every joke), the characters are staying true to their originals too. There was way less over exaggeration of their personalities this episode, believe it or not.

I imagine that they’ll be including little cameos of the main characters throughout each episode, which should work well as a way to remember each of the characters, but I’ve noticed a weird lack of Dante. Not that I’m complaining, since he’s a 38 year old balding ossan and I’m not entirely sure why he has a route in the first place, but even Jolly has had more of a character introduction than him and Jolly is more of an ossan then he is (even if he doesn’t look it). I’d say Dante plays as big as a role regarding Liberta (who I assume the plot will be following a lot) as Jolly does the main plot, so why so little exposition? Though I’m pretty sure that Dante is one of, if not THE least popular of the eligible bachelors of the game, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers decided to tone his part down in order to make way for the younger and more appealing characters like Nova, Liberta and the others.

…I’m a bit sad that Nova’s punishment shown at the end didn’t include the part of Felicita walking in on Nova singing and embarrassing the hell out of him. They’re avoiding exposing his hidden tsundere levels! Why would they do that?! I guess the rule of ‘no female characters allowed during male bonding time’ in otoge anime is going to apply here. I’ll let it slide this time, but I have a huge rant in reserve if this becomes a reoccurring theme.

This episode was slow and there was little to no fighting, which I figured would be one of the anime’s strong suits. So slow, that I’m wondering how the hell they’re going to fit the entire game into 12 episodes. I imagine that they’ll skip over most of the individual routes and go straight to the mandatory events, like the last two episodes were. However, even then, there were a lot of them. From the next episode preview too, it’s hard to tell what’s going to happen. Hell, all I saw was a bunch of closeups of faces. Not exactly something you could piece an episode plot together with. I’m okay with the writers going off the original storyline, but I wish that same of the translations between the mediums weren’t so awkward. I still like the adaption (even if I’m doing more complaining then anything; think of it as tough love), but it’s also annoying the hell out of me at the same time. It seemed like none of the problems I pointed out last episode were solved. I sound like a broken record.


University student and the one at Metanorn who's known for wearing glasses. Likes blood, insanity and plot twists, but also plays otome games and adores cute romance anime. It balances out... somehow.
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20 Responses to “Arcana Famiglia – 02”

  1. Highway says:

    I had the impression that that ‘reintroducing’ part was a flashback, happening sometime in the past. So it wasn’t continuous with what we saw last episode, nor with what happened after the flashback part ended. But like you said, again with the introductions? Seems like a real lack of direction for the show. If they were going to do this in episode 2, why have the *more* confusing introductions in episode 1. Well, I found them more confusing because it was middle of a party with everyone dressed about the same and a lot of extras hanging around, so you didn’t know at first glance who was important. These were better introductions and didn’t focus so much on the Tarocco, which was good, cause I think that works better with giving that out when we actually interact more with the character.

    Looking over these two episodes, I can see why they wanted to have most of the scenes in. You need the Duello setup, so the party scene is in. You need some introductions, although taking them out of the party and using the Ep 2 version alone would have been better. They gotta have something cool happen, so that set piece chase is in there. And you need some emotional connections, so let’s put a kitty trackdown in there (and some more introductions!). I can see why they put them in, but it’s pretty cynical thinking of it that way, and it has no flow so far. It’s still redeemable, maybe they’ve gotten the introductions out of their system (although I’m doubting it, there’s still more guys they could tack on…)

    And a final note: I’m finding Luca really annoying. Maybe they should strand him up a tree for the rest of the series.

    • Karakuri says:

      The introductions were indeed painful, but at least they’re over with now. They separated the side characters from the game rather well since the MCs got sprites and everyone else got little boxes with their heads, but that definitely didn’t translate to here very well.

      It does make a lot of sense when you put it that way, but I agree with the flow being off.

  2. Sushi GoKart says:

    I felt like Felicita only said two words the entire time this time around too. I’m not digging the soft spoken voice either but I’m hoping she gets some more confidence in this series

    • BlackBriar says:

      True. She gave an independant badass female impression at the beginning but it’s trolling seeing that acting almost shy instead of being the former. She also gives in to Nova’s repremands about looking into people’s hearts a little too easily. I assumed she’d give him a backlash for raising his voice since she’s supposed to be his superior.

      • Karakuri says:

        I noticed that too! Yeah she totally gave in to Nova a bit quickly there. …Noto Mamiko’s voice isn’t helping at all. On the plus side though, she appears to have no problems with kicking Liberta’s ass when needed.

  3. JPNIgor says:

    Booooooooooooooooring filler episode -.-‘ And is still the second episode -.-‘ I can be misjudging this second episode, but it left and impression of filler episode on me –‘ So I don’t have any major comments about the story.

    About the characters, GOD, why everybody have to push their stereotypes to the extreme?! I was so annoyed when Nova didn’t want to talk about what he was watching for… Man, it’s only a white cat! Why can’t you tell them that you saved a white cat? Why do you have to wait for Felicitá to read your heart? WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE ALL ANGRY WHEN SHE READ YOUR HEART?! Annoying Persona 3 MC-like character ¬¬ I hate you. Liberta, I’m rooting for you.

    • Namika says:

      Isn’t Liberta stereotypic as well??? >>

    • Karakuri says:

      Ehh, I wouldn’t really call it filler since this whole thing DID happen in the game. But yeah, nothing exciting is going on here.

      …Er, Nova is actually just a really well hidden tsundere. I totally though he was an ass when I first saw his character, but he does get better as the series progresses.

  4. Samantha Zan says:

    I think Luca is seriously become a real nuisance when I’m watching this show, it seems like almost every time he comes on he’s just their for comedic relief.(Not a very good one if I say so myself). Well hopefully maybe he can become a future bad ass when the plot calls for it…

    Now the episode was seemed like really a waste of time, I mean I honestly think with this 12 episode time slot they should have just gone right away to the tournament. But none the less I guess this episode was just kind of filler anyway.

    None the less, the end scene was cute, and I too agree it would have been so much better if Felicita were to just walk in on Nova singing, that would have been very funny XD

    • Karakuri says:

      Maybe he’s there to help hide Fel’s power levels? I don’t know, but he does get in the way EXTREMELY frequently. …He SHOULD become a better character when/if they cover Jolly. …Though I’m not all that far into his route, so I’m not 100% sure.

      Yeah, it was funnier when Fel walked in on him. We actually got to see Nova’s embarrassed side in that scenario. Not so much here.

  5. petitorenji says:

    This episode has a narrow target-audience: for those who enjoy watching others chase after puss(ies). Oh wait… but that’s what reverse harem is about anyway, right?

  6. BlackBriar says:

    This episode was bland to say the least. I had high hopes for development but I’m hanging in there. After all, I survived watching all the episodes of Shining Hearts, so this is no biggie but I hope it doesn’t drag on.

    Even though Felicita didn’t do much except being kindhearted enough to return the cat to owner, it’s easy to forgive her. The one that really should be considered useless is Luca. “Hinderance” is an understatement. He’s annoying and is as useful as a cardboard cutout. I’m sure no one would mind if he was somehow hardly ever seen again.

    Italy must be a hot spot for playboys. Debito was undoubtably putting the moves on Felcita. Maybe he wants to give Assassin’s Creed II’s Ezio Auditore da Firenze a run for his money. They both are Italian and love to smooth talk the ladies. And running a casino makes him even more badass.

    • Karakuri says:

      KEPP HANGING IN THERE BRIAR! …The tournament should be good at least. I can promise you that.

      Ahahaha so much Luca hate. Understandable though since he’s even getting on my nerves in the anime and he was one of my favourite game characters. Maybe it was because Fel kicked his ass a couple of times in the game.

      LOLOL I just got into Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, so I actually get your references xD. Yep, Debito is a lady’s man.

      • BlackBriar says:

        The tournament is what is giving me hope and hopefully it will not disappoint.

        Yeah, there’s so much hate on Luca. For his sake, the other episodes better redeem him or he’ll be a lost cause for his uselessness.

        Hahahaha. A well executed lady’s man. My brother has all the current installments and right now Ezio is my favorite Assassin. The best part is when he says “Requiescat in Pace” meaning “Rest in Peace” when he kills his enemies.

  7. Liza says:

    Nuhhh, stop making Felcita so weak as it is pushing away my urge to cosplay her. T_T.

    In episode comments, I found this episode to be really, really slow. Why must it take a whole episode to find the owner of a cat? I don’t know, it felt really dragged out. As for the first scene, I thought it was a flashback to explain how Felcita got there in the first place.

    • Karakuri says:

      Well considering that most people took this as filler, it makes sense that you would also find it slow. …It was pretty dragged out for me too actually.

  8. anaaga says:

    Whoops there’s this big shit going on two months later but LET’S FIND THE CAT’S OWNER INSTEAD

    Nova is being a total bitch to me but since I’m a bland protagonist with bland voice so I’M COOL WITH IT


  9. Hime says:

    This episode was balls, though the first one was pretty steller so I’m hoping that (even if we have to endure crappy filler) things will pick up and be awesome.

    Nova’s singing at the end kind of made this episode worth it.

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