Tasogare Otome X Amnesia – 10

First person bitchslapping.

Hell yeah, I’m on time again Finally, a look into Yuuko’s past! I’ve been looking forward to seeing what SILVER LINK comes up with to explain all of this and while I was a bit disappointed, it was an okay explanation overall. …By okay, I mean predictable. You probably saw this from a mile away. …It wasn’t bad though.

Into Yuuko’s past we go and other then the obligatory blind and panicked people in charge, there was the introduction to Kirie’s grandmother and …some other girl. I loved the personality connections that Yukariko (I also love that name) had with Kirie. It made Kirie’s personality make a little more sense and in this case, Yukariko’s slight bitchyness actually had a reason. The sisterly bonds were strong in their past and really, Yukariko was just worried about Yuuko. I’d like to know Kirie’s excuse (other then the fact that she probably picked it up from her grandmother). An interesting thing I noticed though is that her hair was an awful lot like S. Yuuko’s. …Did they do that on purpose or  is S. Yuuko’s hair just supposed to look unkept as opposed to wavy…? I don’t know. I don’t think S. Yuuko has a connection to Yukariko really since it was shown this episode that it came from Yuuko alone. …Though if there was a connection, it might confirm that S. Yuuko was stalking Kirie exclusively.

On the other hand, we had Asa. Now I kind of want her to be related to Niiya somehow since that seems like a logical connection that could be made. We know absolutely nothing about Niiya’s family, it would link him to Yuuko in the first place and maybe explain why they connected so quickly. …Plus it would be deliciously ironic. Another thing that might be a hint towards that plot twist is the fact that we never knew her last name. Though for that bit of ‘evidence’, her name would have changed anyways if she ever married, so I’m probably wrong on that part. Anyways, I’d bet pretty much anything that she’s the one who made the grave up by the tree with Yuuko’s name on it and placed her bell there. I’m not entirely sure why the village leaders made her the Akahito (or if they didn’t, I don’t know why she was there in the first place), but maybe they’ll explain that in the next episode. The hole in her clothing was never really explained either. Other then that, she was basically there to prove that Yuuko was probably the last person who deserved to die.

Dear lord, alive Yuuko was practically a saint. To the town’s credit, if they were looking for a young and innocent sacrifice, they picked THE perfect person. Up until her untimely end, Yuuko could do no wrong. Now that I think about it, that contradiction in her personality at the end is probably what brought on S. Yuuko. As for the town leaders, I’m kind of sad at how one dimensional they were. There was a crisis, they decided to blame it on the supernatural and if that wasn’t enough, they decided to shove it on some poor, unsuspecting family and then blame the plague. Grade A+ bastards, right there. Then again, with what happened in the present day with blonde Yuuko, it’s not that surprising that people panicked like that in the past as well. Lol, maybe it’s something in the water. Though thinking about that incident with blonde Yuuko, it was almost a reenactment of what happened here. People thought they were going to die, decided to offer up a sacrifice via the Red Person, and a girl named Yuuko suffered. The only difference here (other then time period) is that the students thought the Red Person was the cause. In the past, it was the solution. After this, I want to know more about the town’s legend of the Red Person. Obviously the story was warped somewhere along the way.

While I’m not entirely sure why they had Niiya as a child (…maybe to show how helpless he was while in Yuuko’s memories? It can’t be how old he was back then; he wasn’t even born yet), I did appreciate the visuals they did with him while inside Yuuko’s memories. Him back to back with Yuuko at the end was nice and it was a really great scene to have him with her when she died like that. He quite literally shared her pain and even if she didn’t realize it, he was there for her until the end. The romance between them really does transcend death. So the next episode? ….I have no idea. There’s still Shadow Yuuko to deal with, but I’m sure Niiya’s over 9000 level of understanding will come through.

End Thoughts:

Well overall, I’m a bit… disappointed in how simple Yuuko’s backstory was. In the end it was just a case of people panicking and Yuuko dying because of them. Sure there’s drama, but I was expecting more. To me, I don’t really think Yuuko’s sudden bipolar-ness towards her death justifies the creation of ghost Yuuko and S. Yuuko. No one wants to die. If ghost Yuuko was created just because of that, why aren’t there more ghosts wandering about? Sure there’s the whole thing about needing to expect something to see a ghost, but there were also all of those sick people around that time who didn’t want to die like Yuuko. Why hasn’t there been any mention of them?  Even if I’m disappointed though, I kind of have to wonder about the afterwards of Yuuko’s sacrifice. Did it actually work or did she just die for nothing? Since we already have the supernatural involved here, I thought that there might have been at least some interaction with the shrine god or whatever that created S. Yuuko, but it seems that it might have something to do with that mirror. …Or maybe that was just a symbol for Yuuko’s hatred of her ‘ugly’ reflection? I hope they go more into that, but really I think they could go on without explaining any more and leave it up to interpretation.

I liked the use of the candles this episode to show the passage of time/ how close Yuuko was to death in the shrine, though I’m not entirely sure how she died. She was bleeding a lot from the leg, but she looked like she had been down there for quite a bit since her lips looked pretty dry… Or maybe the candles going out was from lack of oxygen? Anyways, having the camera first person was great too (I was impressed that they even added some of Yuuko’s hair in there). I still don’t think this is really a horror anime, but SILVER LINK does a good job at creepy atmospheres where they can. Yuuko’s death was just the right amount of length for me. Also, Hara’s acting as Yuuko here was pretty damn amazing. As for the rest of the episode, they did well with the muted colours and making it look old. I’m still enjoying this story of what happened to Yuuko, so let’s see how SILVER LINK finishes this off.



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4 Responses to “Tasogare Otome X Amnesia – 10”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    While this episode pretty much hit every assumption we’ve had in the past about what happened to her, it wasn’t bad watching it develop. The direction was intense. Even though this isn’t horror, it’s pretty damn close. Everything throughout the sacrifice was frightening. Seeing it go along really got to me as I thought of how stupid and superstitious those people became over a crisis.

    I think Yuuko got herself split in two after looking at that shrine mirror with a look of despair, seeing how degraded she had become. Despair and betrayal was what was left in her after being so optimistic about everything, especially after being left alone with a broken leg, freezing, starving to death and no hope of rescue.

    What was interesting to see was how fragile her relationship was with her sister Yukariko. They slapped each other a lot. Yukariko knew better about everyone, she could see their growing insanity but Yuuko couldn’t help being naive. I don’t know why Teiichi was turned into a child for the memories but I guess he felt everything Yuuko felt to better understand her.

    • Karakuri says:

      Agreed that it wasn’t bad to watch, but I was hoping for something more… creative and horrible. Yeah, the people of this place are idiots. I’d get mad at this and flip tables a couple years back, but these days I’ve just learned to laugh at collective stupidity. Yuuko didn’t deserve this at all. Though now, I wonder if Shadow Yuuko would have done anything to them. She is the embodiment of hate and etc.

      …Yep, sucks to be her. I think that’s probably the best explanation as to why she developed dissociative identity disorder. I doubt they’ll explain past that.

      They slapped each other a lot.

      LOL no kidding. Though slapping seems to be the universal anime way to shut someone up quickly. They did care about each other a lot, but they just didn’t go about showing it in an understandable way. Oh, child Teiichi resembling Yuuko’s naivety is a good explanation.

  2. Highway says:

    I thought this episode was tremendous. If the whole series was that intense, I would not be watching the show (this was right at the edge of what I can tolerate ‘horror’ wise), but for one climactic episode, it was great.

    I kind of liked that it wasn’t more convoluted, that it was just “mob gets scared, loses their collective mind, murders girl.” To me, that gave it more impact than if it was something more convoluted. As for what caused the creation of S. Yuuko, we’re talking about ghosts here, I’m willing to accept that some supernatural influence of the shrine combined with the willful act of denial of Yuuko’s fears and despair caused the ‘split’. Something else I’ve wondered since watching is whether if the goal is ‘reintegration’ of the two parts of Yuuko is on tap, would that cause her to cease existence as a ghost? Did the phenomenon of splitting her ‘soul’ create the tension that caused her to become a ghost?

    Jumping thoughts, I thought the little touches relating to Teiichi ‘being’ Yuuko were great this week. Teiichi ‘girly’ running, his reflection in the pool of water answering her despair, his suffering and pleading with Yuuko to stop that which he knows is unstoppable. It did a great job of conveying that they his consciousness was completely including hers.

    • Karakuri says:

      It wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for, but it sufficed. I would have preferred something more convoluted to be honest, but if their answer is that simple, I’ll accept it.

      I think the manga said something about that if Yuuko regains her memories, she’ll finally move on… Or maybe it’s if she comes to terms with her other self. It’s practically the same thing really. Will that happen in the anime? I don’t know. That would be a great explanation though, if her soul splitting was the cause of her becoming a ghost.

      Ah, yes, his girly running. I liked their little connection as well and suddenly, Teiichi’s overly accepting personally just seems… right. He now knows Yuuko and what she went through. I’m sure that will come into play in the conclusion.

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