Meta Mash – 09

Last Meta mix of the week with a flip side~


One Piece – 551

 Beware of giant cute sleeping mermaids.
Another Strawhat-free episode, though Jimbei and Shirahoshi flying off w/ Megalo suggests that Luffy and everybody else came to an understanding. This means that the big battle should be starting in a couple months in anime episode time. Other than somewhat minor changes to how things were done in the manga, we’ve got an episode that’s meant to illustrate the strength that these fish folk have and show Hody being even surprised by his own power, which isn’t good for the citizens of Fishman Island. One Piece sub-bosses are normally decent enough people worth remembering, but personally I think Hody’s henchmen are some of One Piece’s weakest group of baddies. Not in terms of strength, but rather as engaging personalities.


Aquarion EVOL – 24

Amata-“Awww, Ghost mom, you are embarrassing me in front of the guys again.”
GO AQUARION!! Damn that saying always makes me laugh… So, when we last left our crazy cast, Zessica’s character pretty much had her personality rewritten thanks to Mikage stealing her mind and body, but Mikage is keeping things well hidden or is he? In this episode he practically pushed Kagura into using the mugen punch to take out his old commander Izumo who was finally revealed as Kagura and Amata’s father!? I think everyone saw that reveal coming from a mile away. At least Amata finally found the real location of his missing mother, but he wasn’t exactly ready to run over and give her a giant hug. Though, she did explain why she left him all those years before to be with Izumo and help save his world with the power of LOVEEEEEE.

The word Love plays a really important role in this episode of EVOL! It also helps that love is in the title right? Of course! Anyway, Andy was awesome this week using his hole creating power to rip open a “hole” in space to create a portal so he can save his beloved Mix. So that happened along with Mikono and Kagura fighting with the giant golden Aquarion from the past aka Solar wing, but damn that is one powerful machine. However, I kept waiting for it to fall apart because it does look a bit rusty. So what else happened? Well Amata got to meet his father and reunite with his mom, but sadly things did not go as planned for their meeting, leaving me shouting, “Nooooooo! THAT WAS REALLY SAD.”


Saki: Achiga-hen -Episode of Side-A – 09

The first round has started with an intensity unlike any game we’ve seen so far as the team’s aces Toki, Kuro, Teru, and Kirame (marvelous~♥) duke it out to get ahead in the points. Unfortunately for Kuro-chan this means putting her passive ability of gathering dora against two powerful players with much more intimidating abilities. Teru’s overwhelming skill is obvious at this point, and thanks to her all-seeing mirror and a winning streak she’s pulled ahead in points. Even though I’m pulling for Kuro to turn the tables and not make this game all about Teru vs. Toki, she seems completely lost in this battle of powerful players. If she doesn’t shape up she’ll once again be putting Achiga behind in the first round, leaving the rest of the girls scraping by for points which will be even harder than last time. (Go, go Kuro-chan!~)

Saki: Achiga-hen has done an amazing job keeping up the energy in these games, never letting the tension die down for even a second. Even for someone like myself, who only has basic knowledge of mahjong, there is never a dull moment. With more characters being introduced with abilities the intensity is rising even higher, and though it might seem like an annoying gimmick, it’s actually an awesome way of keeping the energy high in a game that’s normally imo rather slow and boring. In a way it’s a lot like the karuta from Chihayafuru, if you can keep the energy high then even the most boring game can seem fun.


Zetman – 11

 Someone really needs a tan….
You have the world turned against you, but there’s a certain person who’s willing to believe you. Then you see her being killed in front of you. Kouga had this being done in front of him. Poor Kouga, I can finally sympathize with him. Not that I like his annoying character, but I don’t think he did something bad to deserve it. He’s just… annoying, that’s all. At least, was. His character is better now. Thankfully, he killed the annoying ojisan, bug shota, and Hayami. I find them unnecessary too (especially Hayami. What the fuck), but I’m kind of thankful of their existence because Kouga is stepping up, yo, because of what they did to him. Our Kouga grew up after a bunch of bitches and unnecessary villains died. Things mangaka do just to make a character likeable. But oh well, although the sudden characterization is not as great as I thought it would be, seeing Kouga not being annoying is nice.

And, Jin. Wow Jin, poor Jin. He saved dozens of people, but they treated him that way. Humanity sucks. Thankfully, he has the heart of steel so he didn’t really give a fuck. Although he didn’t get that much screen time, some important things about him are mentioned. Hayami is willing to die just to make Jin complete? What does that mean? And what’s up with that preview? Is Jin going to be the enemy? Suddenly, I can’t wait to see next week’s Zetman (first time since I’ve been following this series).


Gundam Age – 35

Kio-“Watch me go real fast, momma!”
Hooray, another great week of awesome Gundam AGE for you to enjoy! When we last left things off, grandpa Flint revealed to Kio that the space pirate leader is his father that went missing over thirteen years ago, but poor little Kio is pretty much left confused as to why he would so such a thing. Well, Kio I think he just wanted to explore space as a pirate? Just kidding! Kio finally understands why after the mechanic crew discover a small pod with a video recording from Asemu about some cursed treasure…oh lord are we going to turn things in Mouretsu Pirates and search for a ghost ship? Anyway the treasure or the EXA-DB contains a huge database on weapons data before the Colony Nation Wars.

I guess with that collection of data whoever finds it could gain the upper hand in the current war. I mean if you can figure out what weapons were used I think you can create more? Pro tip: GIANT LASER CANNON! Every Gundam series has one that basically owns everything. I thought it was funny that eighty years ago Lord Exelcant used part the data to create the Vegan weapons and all the various mobile suit designs! Don’t you just love random Gundam history? So I guess if you could say it is thanks to the humans the Vegans gained all their military strength from. At last the plot of this arc has been finally revealed and now beings the hunt for the great EXA-DB. Also I almost forgot to talk about the upgraded AGE now with kick ass red armor, which means it goes really fast thanks to the red paint job, but I think Kio got blasted at point blank range thanks to that fat enemy suit…Damn cliffhanger endings why?!



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5 Responses to “Meta Mash – 09”

  1. TheVoid says:

    Evol:Alicias reason for leaving Amata is horrible and I was thankful that Mykage ended both of their lives. But I hated that he did it in front of Amata. He’s suffered enough.

    Age: God that fat guy gets his own fat dragon mecha. It’s Symbolic I guess? But man Kio might be severly harmed by that attack and out of commission for a couple of episodes.

    One Piece: I still can’t take Hody seriously as a threat. But I suppose that’s what happens Show ▼

    • Foshizzel says:

      Trueeeee on EVOL! Amata really has gone through so much drama with his mom/dad/Kagura/Mikono and dealing with his flight powers? DAaamn OHHHH THE DRAAAMAA! Also his voice actor wuahaha jk jk he has done well as Amata.

      Yeah that enemy suit in AGE is freaking crazy and hugeeeee! That pilot needs to loose some weight <3

      I Am reading it too and I feel you! I am bored of the fishman arc! JUST GET TO THE FIGHT ALREADY LUFFY!! I can't wait anymore...

  2. D-LaN says:

    -Random thought-
    Overcooled can karate chop me anytime, Pffffshaw.

    -On topic-
    Mahjong *puts eye glow* IS A SRS BUSINESS. (at least this is wht I can guess base on the screenshot….)
    This week Zetman seems interesting…This is the time to marathon the series lol.

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