Senki Zesshou Symphogear – 13 [END]

One last fight to remember.

Finale time!~ What will the fate of our trio be, will Anime-chan get any more lines, and will Fine ever stop making creepy faces? All this week on Symphogear! ;D

With their limiters now released, Hibiki, Chris, and Tsubasa set their sights on Fine. (They also randomly get some telepathic powers, but I have to wonder if that was just a way to cut out some animation …) Fine summons some Noise and follows up with an explanation that they were created as a way of making humans slaughter each other, because that also makes tons of sense. Without a moment’s waste Fine continues to summon a plethora of Noise across the city. Before attacking, Hibiki reflects on the events of last week’s episode and apologizes to Tsubasa, who easily forgives her.

Fine’s worst nightmare, unkillable Sympho-girls.

Even Hibiki needs a pep talk every now and then.

The trio dispatch the Noise using a combination of classic attacks as well as seemingly new abilities most likely granted by their new powered up forms. With the majority of the enemy gone, Fine resorts to a final tactic. She stabs (what I believe to be) Nehustan into her stomach, the effects of which cause the remaining Noise to form a growing clay-like mold around her body. Soon after, she summons Durandel from the depths of the super rainbow tower of death, which transforms her again into a Pokemon hilt-like shape capable of shooting beams of energy, regeneration (a property of Nehustan), and shielding.

Fine now has the upper hand in the battle, but the trio devise a plan to retrieve Durandel. Tsubasa leads by creating a hole in the hilt’s armor, which Chris then enters before it has the chance to close up. She fires off beams in all directions causing a much larger gap to form, which gives Tsubasa the opportunity to hit Fine with all her power. The strike causes a lot of damage and Fine loses her hold of Durandel.

With help from Chris’s accurate gun shots Hibiki is then able to wield Durandel. The sheer power of the relic almost causes Hibiki to go right back into “berserk mode”, but with the support of her friends, co-workers, Symphogear partners, and most importantly Miku, she fights off the dark powers and fires off a new ability, “Synchrogazer.” This new ability pretty much obliterates Fine’s chances of winning.

Please no, not again! :<

Awesome, but not as awesome as blue flash. </3

After the battle is through Hibiki helps Fine regain her posture and even attempts to comfort her by reminding her of the times they shared when she was “Ryoko”.  That does … nothing, and Fine goes insane, she uses her Nehustan whips to latch on to the broken piece of the moon and forces it into a downward fall towards the Earth. Hibiki however is unaffected, she simply smiles at Fine and tells her that if she wants to unite the Earth in the future there must be an Earth. Fine crumbles away with the wind.

This might very well be the only “normal” face she’s made all season.

With some resistance from Miku, Hibiki decides to fly off and be the hero the Earth deserves. She begins her swan song, but is soon interupted by the arrival of Tsubasa and Chris who also decide to take part in saving the day. Together the three sing their final song and reflect on the changes in their lives. With their most powerful attacks prepared, the three strike all at once causing a massive explosion of awesomeness that destroys the lost fragment of the moon.

Sacrifices … with a smile!

Swan Song x3 >>> Physics

Three weeks later we revisit the scene from the opening of the first episode. (Is it just me or did the timeline get screwed up somewhere along the way? Maybe not …) Only this time we get to see more then just Miku’s tears. After leaving the grave she finds a woman being attacked by Noise and helps her to run away. They’re soon cornered by the enemy, but before they can attack they’re saved by who other then … HIBIKI! The three Symphogear stand farther down the street. Miku, already in tears, runs up and embraces Hibiki in a warm hug and eventually get to see the long awaited meteor shower together.

Adorable right up to the end. :3

I hope I’m not the only one who found the finale of Symphogear completely ridiculous in all possible ways, but with that said I also hope I’m not the only one was strangely entertained. I’m sure by now we Symphobros (… no.) are used to this, but this “conclusion” felt more like a jumbled mess, albeit fun to watch. For starters the production side of the episode felt … lacking, there were plenty of weird camera angles, half-finished pans, and lazy animation (or lack thereof). I’m not expert on that stuff, as I’ve said before, but even I could tell that it didn’t feel “right”. Despite that the music, as always, was fantastic and a lot of the fight sequences looked amazing, especially against the transformed Fine. Speaking of Fine …

Dem’ faces!

Overall, it was a predictable, but enjoyable, finale that I’m sure most people who have been following along will appreciate to some degree. Fine was a pretty cruddy and detestable character right up until the end, and Hibiki didn’t impress me all that much either. Does someone like Fine truly deserve mercy, even after practically destroying your planet and everyone you love like three times!? I’m all for optimism, and I’m pretty optimistic myself, but Hibiki took it to a whole new level. Chris and Tsubasa once again proved to be the strongest characters in the cast, up until the end they’ve always felt more complex and likable then the protagonist, of course that’s completely subjective like everything else.

I felt a little cheated with the ending, but I can’t say I didn’t see it coming as soon as Chris revived last week. With that said, it was a lot less emotional then you probably expected. Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly happy for the girls and the meteor shower at the end brought a smile to my face, but now episode one feels like a big tease!

Symphogear is a hard show to recommend, the story is generally weak and the characters are somewhat one dimensional, but on the positive side the action was always a highlight week to week and music lovers might find some new interests here in Elements Garden or the seiyuu. For the most part I feel as if Symphogear, although lacking in originality, can entertain a niche audience, especially one that’s not very critical. As long as you’re willing to suspend your disbelief a fair deal and not question the details, it’s not all that bad. (Not all that great either.) But a good watch for anyone with some free time.

AND ONE LAST TIME. Kurisuuuu~<3

See you in the Spring!~


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12 Responses to “Senki Zesshou Symphogear – 13 [END]”

  1. Liza says:

    Overall I really liked this episode besides its cheesy-ness that was everywhere. I was really surprised at the end when Hibiki was all, “I trust you Finne!” and I wasn’t surprised when Finne did the whole, moon whip thing.

    The ending was cheesy but it was okay I guess. I was happy that they were all alive at the end though.

    • Hawthorne says:

      It was incredibly cheesy! XD I was somewhat surprised because they had been such enemies all that time before, but at the same time I kind of wasn’t. It just felt like something Hibiki would do. (Even though I don’t think that it was the best choice for her to make!) I’m more surprised that Chris and Tsubasa didn’t step in and try and finish her off.

      Happy endings are always nice! ^^ Sure it doesn’t have the same impact as a more dramatic one, but it felt fitting for Symphogear after all that optimism we had to sit through. >_<

  2. Kyokai says:

    Congrats for finishing your second series. Wooo~ xD

    • Hawthorne says:

      Woo!~ Thanks Kyo! I’m glad I ended up liking both the series I got to blog this season! ^^

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Another great show of the Winter season. That certainly was an action-packed finale. This anime was all over the place. So, would I recommend this show? – Yes, I would. I liked it a lot and hope there’s a possibility of a second season.

    What was unexpected was Hibiki going berserk again since this was the last episode but it worked in nicely. I really liked the upgraded Symphogear outfits. In many ways they were much simpler than the originals, and certainly more similar to each other. I also liked how each girl had different wings, Tsubasa’s ankle and hip wings were especially nice. Chris using a pistol to bounce Durandal over to Hibiki was one of the more amusing moments of the episode.

    So the grave scene of the first episode was just one big troll. I just realized this was the greatest trolling from Hibiki: First, she kept a secret about fighting, which resulted in a crisis with Miku, and now it turns out that she didn’t die and they lied about it for 3 weeks. If I were Miku, I would really kill her for this. But their reunion was touching. Oh well, Miku is reunited with her wife best friend and will become friends with Hibiki’s new wives/mistresses friends/battle partners. Farewell, Symphogear!!! And congratulations on finishing your second series, Hawthorne!!

    • Hawthorne says:

      A second season of Symphogear!? Sign me up! From what I’ve seen the sales aren’t so bad, and the released songs sold really well, who knows maybe we really will see a sequel! (In which Miku better be a Symphogear … XD)

      I agree, the new outfits looked great! I was more a fan of the black designs of the original outfits before, but now I’m all for the simpler white ones, they reminded me a lot of angels with the wings and all. (And I loved the butterfly wings on Chris.)

      I feel awfully trolled by shows this season actually. XD Ah well, like you said, it was nice to see Hibiki’s harem finally back together. And thank you Briar for the congratulations, and thank you as well for always adding lots of detailed thoughts and discussion to the posts! 😀

  4. amado says:

    this is what you call an epic ending for a good anime. some might say cheesy but I it was pretty sweet without crossing that line too much.

    overall, symphogear was the show that was able to redeem and fix itself midway after the rather rough road(something that GC wasnt able to do).
    I give this show a 9/10, considering the genre and what it aimed to be, it was satisfying.

    • Hawthorne says:

      I’m really glad it fixed itself, as you pointed out. The first half was … shaky, to say the least. I feel like it founds it’s own around episode 7 with the return of Tsubasa since it dropped a lot of the DORAMA and carried on with the plot. Good point on GC, that was just a train wreck. XD

      9/10? Woah! I’m glad you enjoyed it! ^^ I went with a 7/10, I found it very enjoyable, but at the same time I felt it was not as good as it could have been. (The slow start was a bit of a drag too.)

  5. Dan-go says:

    EVERYTHING MUST BE HAPPY. hahah, we all enjoy the occasional perfect endings now and then, and all in all it was rather entertaining, if a little forgetable. Bring on the character albums?

    • Hawthorne says:

      HAPPINESS FOR ALL! (*・_・)ノ⌒*`*`* I’m really excited for character albums, I’ve been looking forward to them since like … 12 weeks ago.

  6. Gecko says:

    I don’t like the ending. I was really hoping they would just let Hibiki go. The meteor shower when Hibiki was up in space, and Miku was crying, was really powerful in emotions, but then it just fell apart when Hibiki was actually alive…
    Bring on the character albums, indeed, just as Dan-go says. They should be great.

    • Hawthorne says:

      I felt the same, it lost a lot of the emotional effect that it could have had. (Is that bad to say? It seems like sadness seems to trump happiness in terms of emotion on the viewer. xD)

      Looking forward to those!

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