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Possibly the best scene in this episode

Yahoo, more Ozma here! It’s already halfway throughout the series even though spring anime just started… I guess they’re planning to air Space Battleship Yamato after Ozuma is done? Anyway, I hope episode three won’t be as dull as episode one and will be as entertaining as episode two.

As Sam shows Maya around the so-called shelter, because it is a (duh) shelter, the doctor tells Bainas that Maya’s body is closer to the body of a Natur instead of an Ideal Child, the human species that made up the Theseus City. Ideal Children are clones of the greatest DNA found on mankind, and Theseus citizens are those clones. The doctor suspects that the cloning degenerates the DNA, and this forces the Theseus citizens to use Natur bodies instead.

As for Sam, he’s literally showing all of Bardanos’ equipment in the shelter to Maya aka. THE TOTAL STRANGER including the one Sam’s brother invented to catch Ozuma… And I forgot its name, sorry. Turns out that Sam’s brother went missing when he hunted Ozuma. Suddenly Bainas appears, wanting to talk to Maya alone. Yeah Sam, just leave! Wait, why are you eavesdropping?  Anyhow, Bainas demands Maya to tell Bainas who she is, but then Maya just mumbles about not knowing what’s right or not anymore and that she needs to see Ozuma. Sam comes out when Maya looks tired and uses that as an excuse to get away from Bainas. Worried Sam is worried, and the cafeteria isn’t making it better since someone called Maya a witch there. Thus, a fight breaks out. Bainas then appears with Mimay and the doctor, telling Sam that Maya is missing. Just as Sam suspected, Maya steals the Star Wars-look-alike motor, going to the desert possibly to find Ozuma. Sam chases after her, of course.

So this is where they hid Space Battleship Yamato 

Aww they’re being tsun with each other

Riding a stolen “motorbike” with a long dress in the desert? Maya’s badass level just went over 9000 

Flashback time. Maya is in the middle of the court, and the vote has been decided. Everybody agrees to it, except Gido’s boss. In the cloning room, old Gido is looking at his new Natur body, which is Sam’s brother. Just like Avatar without the whole Mother Nature stuff, old Gido transfers his conscious into his new body. After which, Gido’s boss appears behind Maya, telling him that technology (cloning) even beats the greatest DNA. Gido’s boss leaves Maya who’s starts wondering about morality. This gives Maya the determination to see Ozuma from her painting… Then snap. Sam’s shout bring Maya back to earth.

Bishie in a Bottle

Suddenly Theseus’ ship appears from under the desert, and Maya is captured. Out of frustration, Maya shouts Ozuma’s name, and it appears! Unfortunately that didn’t stop the military from running away, and Sam loses consciousness. Mimay and Bardanos find Sam, but he’s unable to find Maya. She’s officially “kidnapped.”

“It’s okay, Sam, leave me with my sexy police officers harem!”

More Cloning:

Too late, sistah

This… Is what I call rape eyes

“I’m not peeking on a sleeping girl like a stalker, I’m just checking how she’s doing!”

I love the angle of this scene

A woman with a bunch of guys in a box… We all know what will happen

That was one hell of an episode. So many shocking (not really) revelations about Ozuma universe, though I somehow knew that this whole thing has some cloning issue in it. What I didn’t expect is the fact that Theseus citizens are bunch of grannies and that Gido has Sam’s brother’s body. It’s still a wonder to me how the “greatest” DNA of the Theseus’ citizens degenerated. Is it because it’s being mass produced? Or is it because of how the citizens with similar, or more like the same DNA, breed with each other? Why don’t the Theseus citizens use the original DNA? Why the hell didn’t they preserve the body of the original DNA owner?

So, here’s the theory that I made. Maya is the original owner of those DNA, and that makes her the goddess of Theseus City. That’s probably the reason why she was at the center during the voting session and why she’s “very important” for Theseus City. If that’s not the case, she’s probably the clone of “god.” Maybe, because of old age or some minor misfortune, the original DNA owner died. Panicked, the higher ups tried to clone “god” but failed because the clone’s (Maya) DNA is not as perfect as the original? But since it’s the closest to the original, they decided to clone the clone when the first clone dies, making it an endless cycle of cloning. This can be the reason why the DNA degenerated and why Maya’s telomeres are shorter than normal, although all telomeres will end up being shortened, because of… Cell division! That’s what I read anyway. I’m more and more convinced now that Maya is either the original or the clone of the original. Now, Ozuma. What the hell is he/it? He’s supposed to be a sand whale! So why is he all metallic and submarine-like? Why did it responds to Maya’s calling? I’m pretty sure this has something to do with Maya’s origin too.

What was issued during the voting session? My guess is the decision whether they should use Natur’s body or not, considering who voted for yes (bunch of old people). What I don’t understand is how the new Gido looks somehow different from the old Gido in every aspect, even personality-wise.  Heck, the new Gido looks more like a newly hatched chick since it seems that he knows so little about Maya, which is weird considering his original age. How did that happen? Did both personalities clashed during the transfer, and Sam’s brother won against the old Gido? Because if that’s the case, then YES! I’m shipping Bainas with “Gido” more and more now…. Ehm, besides that, if this theory is correct, then experiment using Natur’s body is a failure because the Theseus citizens won’t be able to dominate the body’s original owners (probably because of the weak DNA too).

All of these theories are made by an amateur. I totally loathe biology or anything that’s involved with stuff like that. Physics, Chemistry, anything scientific!… I hate it. So, I apologize if these theories sound extremely ridiculous. I’m just making up bunch of stuff.  Do tell me whether these theories are possible or not. Or better, tell me what your theories are. Either way,  Ozuma is getting more and more exciting, and I’m looking forward to episode four. Now if Sam and Maya can actually be useful… And what’s the name of Gido’s boss again?

Preview: Sam wants to bring Maya back, but he’s going with Mimay only. More about Sam’s brother will be revealed, based on Bainas’ expression in the preview.


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4 Responses to “Ozuma – 3”

  1. Bob from Accounting says:

    More OZMA, more Bainas, and more of Bainas’ outfit. Those are the top two reasons to watch this show. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a fairly fun piece of lighthearted sci-fi adventure, either. What does hurt is that these kids we’re supposed to be accepting as our leads are a bunch of annoying arseheads.

    • anaaga says:

      Bainas has a fabulous fashion sense. I just love how she used that scarf with her pirate captain uniform (but how does she survive the day without sweating?)

      I guess an ADHD immature kid was the trend as a main character back in the day? Either way, you’re not the only one who thinks that Sam needs grow up

  2. Joojoobees says:

    “Gido has Sam’s brother’s body”

    Oh, is that what happened? I was thinking he looked awfully like the guy in Bainas’ picture only with a mask on, but I couldn’t figure out why he didn’t know the capability of the ship.

    So if they are using someone else’s body, how does that make them clones? It seems more like mind transfer.

    Hard to believe this is half over.

    • anaaga says:

      Yep, the person in the tube looks exactly like Sam’s brother. If that’s not him, then…

      For the cloning, I was talking about Maya. My theory is that she’s the clone of the original DNA owner. You know, the “greatest DNA” that most Theseus citizens have (maybe that’s why the DNA degenerated too, people with similar DNA are breeding with each other). She might be the original DNA owner herself.

      As for the body, it is mind transfer. Old Gido transferred his mind into Sam’s brother’s body. Odd enough, the New Gido doesn’t have the same vibe with the Old Gido. Maybe the mind transfer isn’t as successful as it seems?

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