Happy Birthday, Hoshi and Anaaga~

Time to celebrate and have a double-party for our very awesome duo, Hoshi and anaaga~

We are never too busy to have a party at Metanorn. And what a day to celebrate not just one but TWO birthdays! Which site will you find, where two team members share a birthday? Well, it has happened and both of them are still teenagers. Well, by definition. Join us in celebrating their special day, the Metanorn way~ Disclaimer: There were no dungeon parties held.
Wow, a double birthday for 2 of our stars (see what I did there?). You’re just a year apart but so many years removed from me. I wonder if I could have been doing what you are when I was your age (of course, the internet and the anime blog world looked very very different back then). I’m confident you’ll both make the best of what should prove to be some of the more exciting years of your lives. Whether it be yaoi or Kpop, go out there and give it your all! Happy birthday!
A double birthday!? That just means two times the party! Happy birthday to both of you, Hoshi and anaaga! I hope you both have an amazing day and have lots of fun celebrating, and opening gifts, and eating cake, and everything else! Spring birthdays must be really nice, so I hope the weather treats you well too. ^^

HOSHI! ♪Happy(。´_●`)ノ┌iiii┐ヾ(´○_`*)Birthday♪ Meta’s beloved manga connoisseur! ♥ I have been reading your posts here at Meta since 2 years ago! It’s been so long :’) I especially enjoy your manga posts and I’ve picked up many, many good manga that I’m still following till today! I think we share a fondness for pretty boys doing cute things, so we definitely need a major fangirling session one day! >D Anyways, eat lots of cake and have a greeeat birthday!
Happy Birthdayyyy!! You’re a year older and a year closer to death! Oh, wait, that’s not something to celebrate. Uh, well, at least you get cake and presents to make up for it. Plus, you have the excuse of doing nothing all day and fangirling over the K-pop world because it’s your birthday. There you go, I didn’t totally ruin everything with pessimism! Have a good one, Hoshi :3
Happy birthday, Hoshi!!! I hope your birthday is full of K-Pop and …manga? Bishounen? …Ciel? Well, hopefully it’s full of whatever makes it a good day to you (・▽・). Everyone is probably going to tell you to eat cake (it’s practically a Metanorn right of passage by now), so you should try to fit that in your partying schedule too~. Have an awesome day!

HAAAAPPPPYYY BIIIRRTHDAAAY!! Woooo! I hope you have a fantastic birthday filled with lots of cake and a giant slice of moe! Hopefully you can sit back and rock out to hours and hours of kpop. For your special birthday drawing I drew a picture of Anri from Durarara!! with a huge cake in the background, I hope you like strawberries <3
HAPPY BURFDAY BLUE EXORCIST BUDDY~! I hope you have a fantabulous day filled with fantabulous things such as more K-Pop than your ears can handle, more delicious food than you can imagine and plenty of pressies! You are a complete sweetheart and I’ve loved working with you on the few collabs we’ve done (Remember that bishie-filled OVA we covered way-back-when?) Your writing is always so eloquent and lovely 🙂 keep it up and stay funky ~ once again, happy birthday, Hosh.
Happy Birthday, Hoshi! “Do not get hit by a car when you go outside.” Words of wisdom from a friend of mine. Anyways, your days of being young are still aplenty, so take this opportunity to really enjoy them and do something fun. Not many plans? Change it up, gather some girlfriends and have a blast. I hope you enjoy your birthday and get in a slice or two of cake. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Hoshiiiiiii! I’m sure you already have things planned for today and if twitter is to be believed, you already had your full of cute boys but hey, what about it when they are all ready in butler suits to throw you a luncheon for your birthday? I’m sure you will be unable to say no. We should definitely repeat our Kuragehim tag-days one of these days with either Kimi to Boku or Shirokuma Cafe. Anyways, have an awesome time with the bishies, manga queen; and of course, eat chocolate cake and party hard!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANAAGA SENPAI~ (^▽^) Hehe thanks for being my glorious mentor when I was still a n0obz here at Meta! Whenever I was confused or unsure, you were my shining beacon of light and hope! ヽ(;▽;)ノ *dramatic* But seriously, thank you so much for your warmness and kindness, and I’ve really enjoyed my time here as a kouhai! Hurhur fellow fujoshi high-five is also necessary – we love hot guys, but we love hot guys together even more… 8D Have an awesome birthday, and I loves you very much! ♥
Anaaga: Getting you a gift would be so easy. For one thing, I could just dump hot guys on your doorstep so you could have your way with them. Or I could send you a stack of yaoi doujins to pass the time with. Or I could find everything and anything related to your precious “Sugitan” and give it to you. Just imagine I actually did all 3 of these things for you, alright? Happy Birthday, you crazy fujoshi, you!
Well, do you feel old now xD? …I’m joking. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Man, I had all these grand plans of drawing you yaoi for your birthday and everything, but school sucks, so you’ll just have to pretend that I drew you something amazing. See? Isn’t your non existent picture pretty? OTL Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!! Hope you have lots of cake and drinks (because we all know how much you loooove alcohol ヽ(*・ω・)ノ). …Just try to keep your antics with Zabo to yourself xD.

HAAAPPPYYY BIIRRTHDAY! My Gintama buddy! <3 I hope you have a wonderful day today, maybe you will eat something sweet and share with the world?! Or keep it all to yourself wuhahahaha, but either way kick back and relax while you read some “special” manga *wink* *wink* if you know what I mean…for your special drawing I drew our favorite! Gintoki chilling with a massive cake! Enjoy <3
Whose the yaoi-lusting, bishie-crunching mofo with the badass attitude to pornography? – Anaaga! (You is the new Shaft, I’ve decided) If my calculations are correct you are now 18. HOLY SHIII- It’s a good age …depending on the age laws where you live xD I’d say go crazy but that’s a given! If it’s sweet sixteen then what’s eighteen? (I really hope you are 18 or else this train of thought is entirely invalid) …Elegant Eighteen? Wear a dress! There you go. Sorted. Anyway, have a sexcellent birthday Anaaga, you bad girl, you <333
Happy Birthday anaaga! I must also wish that you don’t get hit by a car when you go outside. I hope that you have a lot of fun celebrating this level up in age which, has its benefits, but also it’s downsides. It’s more of a lateral move in some cases. But what is age but a number right? As long as you live young, you’ll feel young. Be young, be free and be happy as all of us at Meta and your loved ones celebrate this next “level” in your life. 🙂

It’s your day and that means you can do whatever. So, go check out some manga that you were dying to read and spoil yourself silly by partying hard! No work, no counceling; go act like a lazy bum if you want. Twitter has sure increased our chats and it’s always fun squeeing together on the various things we like. Our animanga compaibility on MAL is quite amusing indeed. Though, I still have to see this Char that you keep obsessing over. But I’m sure not more than Sugita, huh?! Enjoy your bishies and a ride with Char on his hot mech. Happy Birthday, anaaga!


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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13 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Hoshi and Anaaga~”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    A double birthday post? Whoa! Happy birthday and best wishes to both Hoshi and Anaaga. Cut the cake and celebrate but go easy on the drinks!!!

  2. Moni Chan says:

    Anata tachi. Tanjoubi Omedetou

  3. Amutofan123 says:

    Two birthdays?! What fun~ Happy birthday to you both! Eat cake. Eat lots of it. Eat so much you explode.

  4. Tofu says:

    Happy Birthday Hoshi~! Happy Birthday Anaaga~! <3 <3 <3

    Hope the for you Hoshi that you have a fun-filled day with your Korean…korean… err…. KOREAN STUFF!!! HAVE FUN WITH YOUR KOREAN STUFF YOU ALWAYS LOVE YEAH!! OTL LOLS! Do I just classify it as K-pop? 😛 Well even so, when I first came across Meta, there was the small yet awesome group of Metanorn who all welcomes me with so much kindness~! But having the chance to coverse with you Hoshi throughout time was definitely fun indeed! All the drawings, the msn talks, blogging the same shows and discussing over them. Skyping without saying much until Korean is mentioned (which is the time I decided to go silent myself xP) All fun-filled times that I'll continue to cherish! You were and will continue to be an awesome senpai along with everyone else on Metanorn ^^ I look up to you proudly for who you are (…. except for your procrastination) hehehehehehe… ^^; Sadly time differences doesn't allow me to talk for long or even come pass other writers on Meta for a good conversation….. OVERCOOLED~!!! D: D:

    But of course! I haven't forgotten about you Anaaga~!! Happy Birthday once again you yaoi obsessed girl! LOLS Hope your day's filled with the happiest things in your perspective (definitely not mine O_O but I did enjoy Lelouch penetrating Suzaka in Code Geass- *OH GET OVER IT TOFU*: Namika) ahahaha well even so, it was always fun conversing with you in the chatbox in the past. Heaps and heaps of stuff went down and I don't exactly remember it all LOLS But I can rest assured now because out of the 160 blogs or something on the AniBlog Tourney, no one else has the same name as me! And surprisingly everyone's names are all different! Coincidence? I hope to talk to you another time Anaaga and keep up the great work indulging on yaoi all the time blogging on Metanorn!

  5. Kitty says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! Hoshi~~~~~

    Happy Birthday!!!! Anaaga~~~~

    Best wishes to you both!

  6. Foshizzel says:


  7. Joojoobees says:

    Double Happy! I hope you both have a great time being celebrated.

  8. anaaga says:

    GINTOKI WITH A CAKE FOR ME!? AND SUGITAN!? Oh god so much fangirling I can’t take this anymore *nosbleed*

    Thank you so much guys for the sweet messages; Definitely the best part of my birthday :’>

  9. Ceyrai says:

    Happy birthday to you two, Hoshi and Anaaga! Have some caek, you can never have too much of it~ Good luck and have a blessed year ahead! 🙂

  10. tatsuya says:

    ハッピー・バースディ(トゥー・ユー)!/ Tanjoubi omedetou! 誕生日おめでとう ~~ \(o ̄∇ ̄o)/ (´~`)

  11. Namika says:

    Happy b-day~ ^O^

  12. akagami says:

    A little belated, but –


  13. Gecko says:

    Happy birthday to both of you!

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