Fate/Zero 15-16

Nothing lasts forever. Not even the glory of a true hero.

As informed, I am back with a week’s break to one of my favourite Spring show (along with the major two noitaminA titles). Things have definitely heated up with the right blend of action and dialogue in the last two episodes. Though, as the story progresses, I’m feeling the doom of end and of course a lot of deaths. BUT lamentation later and highlights now; not the tourney ones, silly.

This time, I’m experimenting with a new format and not waste much words on summary because hey, who is NOT watching this awesomeness? I’m sure you are not here to read yet another recap, rather my thoughts on it. Having read the light novels, I’m sure I would shed light on the events that were zoomed past or lightly touched upon in adaptation. Though, being the first in line and for two episodes; it has gone a bit on the longer side. Gomennasai.

Alliance of Heroic Spirits

Teamwork when done right produces results and that is what happened with the cooperation of Rider’s Ionioi Hetairoi, Lancer’s Gáe Dearg and Saber’s Anti-Fortress Excalibur in offing Caster’s abominable monster. Even Gilgamesh pitched in to end Berserker’s advances towards his glory lady. In the end, everyone used their noble phantasms one way or the other for the greater good of Fuyuki. There were some people theorizing Lancer’s death by Saber to regain her left hand but no, both of them are nobler than combating an ally during such a tumultuous time. So, for the spirit of chivalry, Lancer broke his own lance (Gáe Buidhe) for saving humans. Of course, this was a burden for Saber, which she was quick to repay in finding Lancer after tackling the monster for a fair battle. I love it how honour is what all of them seek in one form another, even when they realize they are not real but have temporarily arrived from the Throne of Heroes to fulfill their own respective goals.

Gilgamesh’s Embrace

If his words seemed creepy to you–which he said before disappearing, showing his interest over Saber–you haven’t heard nothin’ yet because those lines really held a lot of meaning. Of course, he was laughing evilly but it had a hint of sorrow and remembrance as well. From the Epic of Gilgamesh and according to its legend, Gilgamesh was two-third god, a very powerful warrior and king. He was arrogant, haughty and very much promiscuous sexually. Looking at this trend, the gods made a human warrior who later fought with him and even became his friend and lover. A true companion. Though, like all such stories, a tragedy occurred. The same gods who made Enkidu, gave him illness because he dared to stand shoulder to shoulder with a god king. Gilgamesh lost him to illness and forever lamented his demise. Same thing holds true in his character fashioned in Fate/Zero and seeing Saber’s light, fueled by the dreams of all past heroes almost entrances him to remember his old time. And I quote from the novel:

Show ▼

Kirei’s Rebelliousness

It’s nothing new and we all knew it was bound to happen. Though, his special treatment and even saving Kariya was pretty creepy with him almost stalking him for days. This is the beginning of his realization that he likes to see people in pain (such an S!), and being Tokiomi’s loyal dog is nothing but suffering. Of course, it would be a setback when he finds the dead body of his father left by Kayneth but I’m sure he would quickly blame Kiritsugu for it. There’s only one gun guy in this game after all and clever of Kayneth to use it. It was more of a necessity though, because he’s completely dry, magic-circuit-wise.

Kayneth is a bastard

Nothing new, right? He’s such an asshole that he deserves his woman running on him for a heroic spirit, even if it’s one-sided. Maiya’s move on her was sudden and brutal I screamed, die bitch die. This definitely readied the viewer for upcoming cruelty, which was the height of what we have yet seen from this franchise. It was as if not enough for Kayneth to completely humiliate his servant and accuse him of the same crime like his last master (seducing his woman). But the biggest blow was him getting killed by his master again without any honour for the same reason. This kind of death is the worst for a hero of his caliber and if he cursed everything in the process, it was valid RAGE of a knight. His only reason to participate in the Holy Grail war and return to this world from the Throne of Heroes was to overcome that unhappy end. However, the end that he received was a replay of the same tragedy with the same bitter fate. I’m sure you experienced a small fraction of his despair and sorrow while watching this episode. Ufotable did skip his almost beast like roar but I think you should still see this.

Knight’s Honour

The only thing that brightened Lancer’s heart before that cruel death was his fight with Saber. She came to him at an opportune time, knowing full well that no other would meddle in their affair because everyone was recuperating. She also didn’t use her left hand, which was originally injured by Lancer. Not out of pity, mind, but to simulate a fair fight as she didn’t want to be burdened by Lancer’s sacrifice of his weapon for her full power attainment. Seeing them battle it out as a dance of partnership and camaraderie was a total treat. Though, their path to glory and fighting spirit was short lived with the trickery of Kiritsugu. It was the same honour that made Saber finish off Kayneth to save him from further pain and prevented her from killing her own master, whose scheming came as a complete shock to her. But Kiritsugu is oblivious to her definition of hero’s honour because his methods have always been of the lowest but efficient kind. He didn’t even bat an eyelash at Lancer’s curse against the Holy Grail he so much desires. Even after all this, Saber understands her master well and pinpoints his exact wish to eradicate all evil but is it even possible to do this after causing so much destruction? Can such idealism even come to fruition?

Magus Killer’s Purpose

Rules, chivalry, honour, code of conduct are not part of Kiritsugu’s dictionary. He’s a killing machine, born and bred and the reason that he used the Self Geis Scroll (I can almost familiarize it with the Unbreakable Vow from HP fandom). It’s a merciless magical contract (like Kyuubey’s), that absolutely cannot be disobeyed; using one’s own Magic Crests upon oneself. In short, once in effect, it can’t be nullified, even after the death of the magus because his soul will be bound with its curse if disobeyed. But of course, there’s a loophole of someone else killing the contractors and who can forget Maiya’s lethal ways? Kayneth and Sola-Ui’s end were pathetic and pitiful to say the least.

Coming to Kiritsugu’s point, this is twentieth century when the weapon of mass destruction is ruling the world. Is war as prideful and amazing as described by the noble heroes though? Can a knight save the world? There is no good and bad way to fight because in the end, it’s all fighting after all. This overly bitter declaration sure makes me want to pity him and that is what Saber felt. But over that husk of a man, who detests the battlefield more than anyone, beats a heart of a young hero, who wants to change the world, even if he has to take every pain onto himself. And I quote: “I’ll use this miracle to complete the revolution of this world, the revolution of all human souls. I will make the bloodshed within Fuyuki city as the final bloodshed of all human beings. For that, even if I am to carry ‘all the evils of this world’ – it won’t matter. If that can save the world, then I’d gladly accept it.”

I’m not sure how much of the above made sense to you all but out of everything that has happened till now, the contrast between Saber and Kiritsugu has been the most interesting for me. Kirtisugu’s declaration of taking all evil onto himself for world peace almost reflects Saber’s own wish of taking all the sins of her followers onto herself, remake Britain and not let it fall into destruction like the discord that happened in her era. So similar yet so different, this pair of master and servant, is very well suited to each other. Though, it’s alright to hate Kiritsugu even after all this (if you still do, that is). Discover this character for yourself because he has many facets and it will be a treat to know and cry with him.

So, when I said be ready for sorrow, I meant lots of deaths too. This is an elimination game after all and the last one standing gets it all. Now that Ryuu and Caster are dealt with and quite awesomely so, it was Kayneth, Sola-Ui and Lancer’s turn after and how cruelly it was done. Anyone would scream in frustration and raise their fist at Kiritsugu for being such an efficient yet brutal Magus Killer. He is aptly named of course and for the first time he showed this face to his wife, who had only been told of his shenanigans before. However, she never got the time to dwell on it much because she has her own problems, over and above which she’s burdened with guilt for Saber’s hero’s honour along with understanding her husband’s point of view as well. She is carrying a world’s weight indeed.

After waiting for fourteen episodes, the reveal of Excalibur was as epic as the legend itself. The beautiful animation and Irisviel’s commentary on the lost glory gathering in her blade was hauntingly beautiful. This is one of those scenes, which even leaves the light novel behind in description. Ufotable shines here with their brilliant execution. It was a nice touch to show the last few moments of Caster, almost wondering what the hell he has been doing and remembering the glory days influenced by the light, when he fought beside Joan of Arc. I’m sure the pacing is what made ufotable skip Enkidu’s remembrance but it would have been sweet, understanding Gilgamesh a bit more. Not to mention, fangirl fodder for an actual yaoi pair. But hey, Gil is bi and swings both ways, just like Alexander.

One technicality of Berserker still going crazy was missed and this is something that comes from the source material. When Kariya became a giant burning torch, why Berserker did not dematerialize as well? Why was it Gilgamesh that had to use his spears to end his material form? He should have gone poof once Kariya fell from the balcony. You can say, Kariya’s Crest Worms could be still providing mana to Berserker but no, it was Kirei’s revival that made them active again. Beside this little glitch, the pacing is pretty fast compared to the first season and I’m liking it. We are over halfway of the third novel and this is where more action will occur. So, stay tuned and take out a minute or two for feedback on this new format that I explored. Would much appreciate it!

Preview: Another death and this time you can almost tell from the preview who it’s going to be; the one with a rampant servant of course. During a live watch of this, lvlln asked, can a servant kill their master? They can, if they find a source of mana quickly and switch masters. The Knight class (Saber, Archer and Lancer), servants with strong masters can even store mana and be around hours/days after their master’s death. Also, Kirei would be appointed supervisor of this Holy Grail war because well, his father too, is dead. Anyways, information dump ends here. Till next week, ja ne~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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30 Responses to “Fate/Zero 15-16”

  1. LuluChan92 says:

    Good job, Kyo-chan! It’s a shame I haven’t been around to post for quite some time!

    So, let’s cut to the chase!

    On the Alliance of the Heroic Spirits, they all recognised that it was vital for the survival of Fuyuki City and the proper continuation of the 4th Holy Grail War. And I didn’t expect from Gilgamesh to join forces with them, even so reluctantly, I was kinda surprised that Tokiomi even bothered to ask him to do it, to be honest!

    Of course, Saber and Lancer are the most chivalrous of the Spirits, honoring their statuses as Knights and all. It wasn’t surprising that they chose to fight as soon as they took care of Caster and Saber deliberately not using the left arm. Too bad they didn’t sort things out properly, NOOOOOOOOO Kiritsugu had to butt in with his petty games (I’ll start on him in a bit)~

    As an avid BL fan, I have to admit that Gilgamesh and his lover’s story was something I had missed!!! Well, not that it had any screen time in the anime (yet), but I’m ashamed nevertheless! Then again, Fate/Zero doesn’t need to lure more fangirls since it’s so well-built in most (if not ALL) aspects. So I didn’t give too much thought to his words regarding Saber’s light or anything (double shame on me, I should have noticed something was off there) so thank you for pointing out. Food for thought is always welcome!

    Now on Kirei; AT LAST!!! He’s starting to get to know his own self, even if he’s quite warped (but I’d never expect any less from him, considering his background and all). I’m actually rather fond of him (if you’d told me about it before Fate/Zero I’d probably laugh at you, but alas), he looks like a child to me, getting aware of himself, his feelings and his surroundings for the first time~ And entering the rebellious phase, saving Kariyan and all~ *melts into a puddle* (I think it’s my maternal insticts kicking in, don’t mind me)

    Kayneth is a bastard. I agree. But Sola-Ui was even worse in my opinion. I loved how Maiya took care of her (I was screaming “TAKE THAT, YOU FUCKING BIATCH” there, too! xD) I felt sorry for him in the end, though. Kiritsugu could afford being less of an asshole there. Well, I felt even more sorry for Lancer’s end. As I’ve said before, he was stuck with the short end of the stick all along. Getting blamed for Sola-Ui’s infatuation on him, being called incompetend till the end, tragic protagonist of the same story only with other characters… *sigh* He didn’t deserve that. His rage and cursing the Grail was more than understandable.

    Kiritsugu’s way of dealing with this whole thing rubs me the wrong way. But I can’t say I don’t feel sorry for him on some instances. Magus Killer has enough reasons to act like he does. I didn’t expect to be bothered by his actions that much, but HELL THIS GUY’S ANNOYING. I’ve come to find his ways DISTASTEFUL, to say the least. I can keep ranting about his underhanded methods for days. There are times when I get to like him, but it’s all shuttered within the following 5 minutes (or sooner). I expected to hate Kirei and side with Kiritsugu, judging from what happened in Fate/Stay Night, but in the end Kiritsugu is the one I can’t stand at all. He confuses me to no end (which is actually admirable as far as character development goes).

    I believe that Fate/Zero will become a standard yardstick for its genre from now own (that’ll be if it goes on like this of course, but I don’t have a single doubt it will at all). I’m ready to stick with this show till the very end! It will be tough, though, since death and despair will become more imminent as the time goes by and the plot unravels, but not all stories can end with a “happily ever after”. Deal with it, people.

    And about the technicality of Berserker still moving even after Kariya was down… Well, he probably had enough mana left to last him for a few more minutes somehow. It’s not like Kariyan had died or anything. Who knows, maybe Zouken’s disguisting methods had brought this effect. But this just mere speculations. If it’s something worth knowing or just the staff’s carelessness, we might or might not get an answer at some point.

    Looking forward to see for myself what happens next! I hope I can get my hands on the novel soon, too~

    • Kyokai says:

      Thanks for the detailed feedback, Lulu-chan~ <3

      Gilgamesh is one of those characters that you start off as hating but then you end up liking him because he's one of those who got a lot of development with the series progressing. I definitely have found new fascination for me with Fate/Zero. He is just too interesting. And Tokiomi is very uptight but the only one who wants to achieve the true end (reaching Akashik records) rather than his own means for this Holy Grail war. Though, he's boring and a very bad father.

      Nakata Jouji does Kirei best and he's again one of those characters, who got a lot of development. You can say, delicious development because from a boring priest he's not an evil genius creeping after people. How can you not be interested in all that?

      I'm not going to comment on Kiritsugu because I'm pretty biased about him. But, I can only say this. His reasoning is very strong and you will find out during the journey of Fate/Zero. I totally agree that this has already become a benchmark for this genre and ufotable has outdone themselves in executing this brilliantly. It's going to be a journey full of despair but it's going to be worth following this because you just don't get to see such quality anime with such brilliant execution these days.

      Also, about Berserker. He's not a knight class servant and being the Berserker class, he takes more mana from his master compared to all the other six servants so you can say that he has more COST than any other servant so if the pipeline providing him mana is choked, he will be unable to maintain his form. So, that is why I was nitpicking on it knowing the canon definitions.

      Thanks for the appreciation and feedback again. Loved it and hope you are catching up to the novels now. :3

  2. Kitty says:

    Kyokai you are the Master! I like the new format, especially since you have read the light novels. I want to read them ;_; Thanks for the background on Gilgamesh, I’m more of a Greek and Egyptian person to the middle eastern history is sometimes lost on me. Expect Alexander because well he’s awesome!

    They episode was an emotional roller coaster, all the first 3 episodes have been. I know the deaths are going to start coming faster now but this one was really sad. Poor Lancer that was just…. Thanks Kyokai!

    • Kyokai says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Kitty-chan! <333

      You can find the novels on baka-tsuki so if you want to catch up, you can.

      I really liked Gilgamesh's angle and it was pretty sweet too. I wish they hadn't cut it. >< These have been one of the best episodes of Fate/Zero and I know more despair is on it's way but still can't wait for more!

  3. Shey says:

    Very nice post Kyokai! The new format allows you to go into more detail about certain characters and/or aspects of the story, which I like.

    Lancer’s death… so humiliating. Kayneth didn’t deserve him.

    • Kyokai says:

      Thanks, Shey! I think this suits me better than summarizing the episode because it’s just a recap after all.

      Being Lancer is suffering and Kayneth was a complete bastard in caving in but then again, Kiritsugu’s scheme was flawless and engineered for completely ending the said servant rather than another contract with another magus even if Kayneth died.

  4. Tofu says:

    Not only did Lancer die the exact same way as Lancer did in Unlimited Blade Works but what about his backstory? We saw glimps of his past in the 1st half of the series (not gonna say 1st season) but I thought they might go in depth about it later or was that it? I remember hearing about the novel being more in depth and it was crucial for Lancers development and defeat as a character(?) Enlighten me Kyo! ^^

    • Yippy says:


      In short, he fell in love with his master’s (nothing to do with the Grail War) intended wife and died because of it.

      Hope it helps. =)

    • Kyokai says:

      They never did go much in detail for Lancer and the first half of Fate/Zero was very much true to the novels in terms of details. What else you need to know because the story had princess falling for the knight, while being betrothed to the King. She ran away to him and he didn’t have any other choice but to accept her love. The King accepted him back because he was a very valued knight but he couldn’t put up the farce much longer and killed him during a fight in revenge of him taking away his fiancee. The only change from that time to this is the fact that he never liked Sola-Ui, while he did the princess (she was in the first OP).

  5. Reaper says:

    DAT EXCALIBUR! I agree, they pretty much nailed the scene from the animation to the dialogue of the ‘lost glory’ of past, present and future warriors, tangible only upon their moment of death.
    Seems like Caster finally cracked (okay, that was bad), though it was nice seeing a shot of Jeanne d’Arc since she’s a pretty important character in the Nasuverse. And poor Gilgamesh, he lost his Vimana, such a boss plane…his duel with Berserker reminded me of Ace Combat but oh well…mm, more subplot with Kariya and Kirei…perhaps a new bromance is forming? 😛 JK, only Kiritsugu and Kirei all the BAMF way!

    Damn Kayneth for interrupting what would have been a boss of a fight! Then again Kiritsugu has to take some responsibility for forcing Kayneth since Sola was under threat of death, but then again our BAMF was only trying to secure victory for the Holy Grail…though now Iri is in a spot of bother. Nooooooooo~

    Maiya should get her own series, just saying. Especially after what she did to Sola at the beginning. (Hi, I’m here to collect one hand. Hm, this one will do nicely…)

    • Kyokai says:

      I really loved that scene. I had goosebumps almost because ufotable did it even better than the novels. Good reminder on Vimana, now THAT was a mean machine, imagine it in a mecha fight, no one could outfly it; it was that cool but oh well, Berserker and his mad skills. >.>

      Lol, bromance between Kirei and Kariya? Dude, you are really onto something here but I don’t think Kirei is more obsessed about anything OTHER THAN Kiritsugu. xD

      I wanted to kick Kayneth out of the chair, when he was peeping off from the column and saying, why isn’t he winning. Of course, he would say that because he doesn’t know diddly squat about honour. Though, I loved it how he was manipulated by Kiritsugu. I mean, that finger over lips to stay quiet and that deadly warning stare with a gun over Sola-Ui. Oh man, that is what you call BAMF after all!

      And yeah, Maiya definitely needs some love. Just because she remains quiet and is actually useful doesn’t mean she’s the mistress. She’s NOT! >< She should partner up with Koko and we'll have an amazing series that we can enjoy. xD

      • Bob from Accounting says:

        I’d definitely like some attention to Maiya’s character. We know pretty much no more about her now than we did at the start. She’s someone close to Kiritsugu and she shoots shit. That’s all we’ve had go on this whole time. So yeah, it’d be interesting to find out who on earth she actually is.

        • Kyokai says:

          She’s pretty interesting. Hmm, you are influencing me to do an Editorial on her. I just might but I’ll wait for another 2-3 episodes.

  6. anaaga says:

    Picture spam, where D= Though I don’t really mind, since all we see for this episode is Kayneth being an annoying fucker. Anyhow, great format Kyo!

    I can’t help but thinking that Kiritsugu somehow sees himself in Saber and her flawed ideal. Another reason not to like her. Man, only if he knew that his son is going to hook up with her years later…

    Such canon yaoi, and yet ufotable skipped it. I am disappointed, because it was a great chance to make Gilgamesh to look less like an ass and to give more depth to his character

    • Kyokai says:

      I talked about one picture not spam. Though, I can tumble you some more if you want~ :3 Like Kiritsugu, I don’t think ufotable wants us to like Gilgamesh as well. I guess, it’s all about discovering them how they end up.

      I was just saying it in my mind. Die already, Kayneth, DIE. You killed Lancer, you asshole, you deserve to DIE! But of course, it was Kiritsugu who did it all so he’s not full to blame. I HATED when he was humiliating Lancer though. Ugh!

      Well, Kiritsugu doesn’t like Saber on many counts. Her honour and valour talk makes him sleep. Though, if only he knew about Shirou hooking up with her or even Ilya going nii-nii after him! xD

      Thanks for the feedback on format; I will definitely stick with this.

  7. Rakuen says:

    Emiya is a magnificent bastard and I love him for it. Even if I do wish Lancer had actually finished his fight with Saber. I thought Kayneth’s death was particularly fitting for a couple who thrived on betrayal.

    On the other hand, Emiya’s desire to change the world by any means necessary is somewhat dangerous. Who’s to say his way is the right one? What does he plan to do if anyone opposes him? I mean normal humans, not masters and servants. Will he simply kill them too? In the end, using the madness around you makes it so easy for you to become the very thing you’re trying to stop.

    • Kyokai says:

      He’s one of the best character conceived for this story and the details that Gen added to Nasu’s writing has been brilliant. Kiritsugu is all about conflict and even opposing beliefs. I mean, killing people and then saying, he wants to save them? Though, he thinks he’s right but he has killed countless of humans just because they were in his way to righteousness.

      My answer to your question would be, he would kill one thousand normal people if it means to save one hundred thousand or more. That’s how he is and even when he understands that his way might not be the exact right way, he has gambled it all on the Holy Grail and to make everything right. That is his belief system.

  8. BlackBriar says:

    These two episodes were absolutely epic. An emotional ride. Good job on everyone’s background, Kyo. That Excalibur attack was the best part with beautiful animation.

    And so begins Kirei’s descent to inner chaos. Gilgamesh has really gotten to him with his charismatic yet sadistic influence. He’s probably wondering if he’ll feel regret or excitement if Tokiomi finds out he saved Kariya.

    Speaking of Gilgamesh, he has a unique way of giving out a confession. If he goes after her, I’m going to see it as a one-sided love interest.

    My condolences to Lancer. It’s a shame he couldn’t finish his promised fight with Saber. Even though it was looking good, they were both already weakened in their fight against Caster. I wish they could’ve recovered so they could go all out.

    I’m twisted up on how I should view Kiritsugu. Even though his wish seems noble and just, his methods are the definition of cruel and my frustration was previously on Ryuunosuke, Caster and Kayneth who in my opinion, had well deserved deaths. Here I thought they were bastards. But Kayneth had it coming for trying to gain an unfair advantage and right now, like Saber, I’m pissed at Kiritsugu.

    • Kyokai says:

      Thanks, BB! <3

      You can say for Kirei, it's a self-discovering at first influenced by Gilgamesh but later on fueled by his own passion of knowing more. Along with Kiritsugu and Gilgamesh, Kirei's character would develop loads with progress of the series.

      You have to hand it to the knights that even after being weakened, they kept their promise of battling it all out. The way they fought almost happily was a treat to watch. It's just sad that things had to end like that.

      For Kiritsugu, I will just say, wait and watch. He's the kind of character that you will love to hate. xD

  9. Bob from Accounting says:

    I absolutely loved Kiritsugu in this episode. His cold, ruthless efficiency left a real imperssion but the highlight was him tearing into Arturia’s delusion that something made-up like ‘honor’ can make killing okay, or stop war being hell. He knows that killing is evil and war is hell, regardless of what stupid, self-centered ‘heroes’ think. Of course, I’ll probably end up disagreeing with him in the end since I can only really think of one method he could use the Grail to prevent ALL bloodshed on earth, and it doesn’t seem particularly moral.

    • Kyokai says:

      Simply put, I love his ruthlessness because he’s so set in his ways. You only see him waver when he’s with Iri or Illya but on others times, he’s like a rock, knowing full well what he wants to do. Of course, he has faced some setbacks after returning to his ways from the Einzbern state but you now see him almost in full killing form. He only knows how to eradicate all from his path to the Holy Grail and he will do whatever to achieve it. And yes, his way too, is not the right one. Actually, interesting enough, NONE of them have it right.

      • Bob from Accounting says:

        That doesn’t really surprise me. This doesn’t strike me as the kind of series where there’s any kind of ‘goodie’ who has the ‘right’ answer. There are just a mixture of some terrible people and some woefully misguided decent ones. Having finally gotten round to reading A Game Of Thrones recently (I know, so behind in the world), I have to say, Fate/zero is lot like a smaller-scale version of that, not least in the way it spreads the telling of the story so evenly across the cast and not painting anyone as ultimately doing ‘the right thing’. Although I think Fate/zero might have a more satisfying ending than Thrones (although I’ll admit is was an AWESOME cliffhanger), though, seeing as it seems to be telling a full story in its own right (at least I hope so). Anyway, I’m totally prepared to hate on Kiritsugu when he releases his mass mind control or whatever. 🙂

  10. Yippy says:

    I enjoyed the new format somewhat, Kyokai. It’s more interesting to read your in-depth opinions on the many aspects of the episodes. However, the writing is still a bit rough around the edges with some errors in grammar, spelling and some trouble with cohesion/continuity. It has potential though, I’d like to see more of it along with some tweaks. =)

    Anyway, Saber’s Noble Phantasm was powerful and all, but I wasn’t really impressed by it. It lacks some sort of ‘oomph’ behind it. I mean, they could’ve done better than just a lightshow and a slash, right? Maybe I’m being a bit too nitpicky here…

    On Kiritsugu though, I think his arguments are more valid than Saber’s. Honor and glory are just excuses and smokescreens for the true cost of war. Wonder how he became like that though…

    Btw, does anyone know what Kiritsugu wants to do with the Grail? He keeps saying he wants to end bloodshed and evil, but the question is-how?

    • Kyokai says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Yippy! :3

      I was in a hurry so only did an eye over while posting. I have edited most of it now.

      The thing you have to understand about the Anti-fortress weapon is that it’s powerful enough to not even leave a trace of ‘atom’ in it’s path after used. Have you ever heard of such a weapon? It’s like creating a blackhole and dumping whatever in it’s path, which just disappears from this world like magic poof. The light show was not important but the mechanics were. Imagine, even Rider’s Ionioi Hetairoi couldn’t hold the monster more than few minutes. So, Excaliber is indeed very powerful.

      About Kiritsugu, he’s marginally right than Saber but even he doesn’t have it completely right. Also, it will completely spoil things if I tell you what he wants to do with the Grail, so I suggest, you keep watching and keep guessing to enjoy this fully. ^^

  11. Flamand says:

    Liked the new format…

  12. The_Magus_Killer says:

    /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

    Make a contract with me Kayneth, and I’ll spare you and your magical girl! (referring to Sola-ui)

    *Moments later*

    Maiya: Tiro Finale!~ *bang! bang! bang!*

    Seriously, Kiritsugu setting up Kayneth “Fast Wheels” el-Melloi for that kill was the same as using a high calibre rifle on Uryu Ryuunoske’s head during the Mion River battle.

    He had the Masters in both situations expose themselves whether by his own design or by the circumstances, and proceeded to take them out. Yet people are hating on him. People, please look at the context here.

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL that Madoka scenario! xD

      You got it right man. Magus Killer is the BAMF here after all. People should respect the utter calculation he has manipulated people under his gun. Dude has strategy skills for the kill, pun intended.

  13. TheSorrow says:

    (Just wanted to say that English is not my mother language, so sorry if I make some mistakes.)

    First of all, nice review ^^
    This is one of the rare real nice reviews of fate/Zero I’ve found on Internet, so thanks for it first. 🙂

    This episode was really a dark one. I haven’t read the novel, but thanks ufotable for being able to catch in this whole episode the true meaning and philosophy behind this war.

    With Lancer’s death, it only showed there is no place for good sentiments in that kind of war. No honour, no loyalty, no fair fights (Why didn’t they let Lancer et Saber finish their fight ? T_T It would be magnificent, I’d be sure) just only death, despair and tears (Mine just after Diarmuid’s suicide, also xD)

    Thanks Kiritsugu for showing us that, even if he had to show us that by his own manners. It’s difficult to hate him, because he has ideals, and just as Saber, I, personnally, respect people who have ideals, but well.
    So many sacrifices weren’t needeed.

    Except Kayneth’s and Sola’s.
    I mean, how Kayneth can be so naïve ? His fiancee quite broke him A FINGER xD just have some Command Seals, and he stills trusts her more than Diarmuid whose only dream was to serve a lord faithfully, to repair his actual life’s disgraces.

    You deserved it, Kayneth.

  14. Dom says:

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