The Wonderful World of Anime Logic

Hmm, maybe ‘terrifying’ would be more suitable…

Have any of these things happened when you were watching anime? Complete amateurs can pick up a gun and headshot a trained assassin. A long lost twin or brother that conveniently appears out of nowhere. The laws of physics seem to be borrowed from some alternate universe that we are not aware of most of the time. I’m sure most of these sound rather familiar. Anime logic, tropes, cliches…call them what you want, but these nonsensical occurrences happen all the time. They appear in other forms of media too, but anime and manga are my specific targets for this crime. Hmm, wait…Are they crimes? Maybe there is actually a reason for these baffling paradoxes. Maybe logic has been a lie all this time! …Okay, so there’s really no excuse for half of the weird things that go on in even the most serious of anime, but I will attempt to play the devil’s advocate and explain why boobs bounce like water balloons, why people never die, and disprove GRAVITY. That’s right, I am going to BS to turn lies into the truth. I am going to BS so hard.

1. Bad guys always have to explain their plan at length

I’m starting off with an extremely common phenomenon I’m sure you’ve all witnessed at some point. The villain has the hero in his clutches and could land the finishing blow any time they wanted to – but they decide to gloat instead. Whenever anyone has the upperhand, they feel it necessary to explain precisely how they got there. Plans are revealed, hidden powers shown and dramatic pasts are retold as if they were reading a published autobiography. Anyone could catch them off guard and strike them down at this moment, or use the new knowledge of how their “secret weapon with one weakness that THEY JUST EXPLAINED” works to destroy them. Don’t stop, just pull the trigger! How many times have the Mirai Nikki characters explained every last detail of their future diary just for the hell of it and had things blow up in their faces because of it? While it often makes for better storytelling by not leaving us in the dark, you have to admit that revealing your weak point and giving your opponent an opening is never a good idea. Ever.

Explanation: Here is how this works: I explain a snippet of anime logic and then come up with why this happens using PURE FACTS AND SCIENCE. No, not a legitimate reason for why it makes for better storytelling or directing…that’s dumb. After all, it’s a well-known fact that villains can slow down time with their laugh. Why else would they cackle so often? Their MWAHAHAHA’s and FUAAAHAHAHAHA’s are actually a different type of wave other than sound waves. They are called Time Waves and they slow down time for anything they bounce off of, aside from themselves. The only way to avoid it is to not listen, which is why some characters snap out of in time and perform a surprise attack.

 2. Most serious injuries can be cured with band-aids

So I hear your ribcage got ripped open. No problem, we’ll just leave you in the sun for a bit then take you to the hospital after this lengthy fight! Oh, Zoro! I see you got another wound ripping your body open like the Grand Canyon. You silly thing, you! Be more careful next time! What will you do if you really hurt yourself?! The world of shounen manga and anime is a very dangerous place. If you’re not the useless love interest or if you don’t have incurable and unidentified anime disease X, then you’re likely to spend your life getting beat up. However, as much as shounen manga try to make mortal wounds seem deadly, it’s really just a lucky gamble on whether or not the character will live or not. Sometimes they heal from just GUTS and a few bandages, while other times they’re killed off completely. It’s impossible to tell what kinds of wounds are enough to kill or even incapacitate a character, as medical common sense such as how much blood someone should lose before dying doesn’t apply here.

Explanation: There is something you should know about the bandages used in anime to treat characters who get the odd arm lopped off without bleeding to death. They are actually nanomachines. The bandages are made of millions of tiny robots that stop bleeding by increasing the platelet count in the blood to promote blood clotting, closing wounds and increasing the rate of healing. Some more advanced nano-bandages (that’s what they’re called, if you didn’t know) are able to splice genes into your DNA…specifically the genes for fast-healing! Anyone who wears a bandage now has vampire-like healing abilities! Magnifique! The world of science is truly great. Without them, I’m sure a lot of characters would have died.

3. Boobs, like chameleon eyes, can move in two different directions at once

Jesus Christ, they just go everywhere. Boobs in yo face, boobs in the sky, boobs doing the wave…Everywhere. This is kind of bad since they are an ubiquitous entity in anime, and thus very hard to ignore. Sometimes they’re perfectly content being on a female character’s chest, while other times they seem eager to bust free and fulfill their lifelong dream of becoming a basketball or something. The way they move (or DON’T move) is often alien in nature. And no one wants alien boobs. Or maybe you do.  I should make a poll to find out.

Explanation: Why do chest-dwelling water balloons bounce at the slightest provocation? Let me tell you about…the boob zone. The boob zone is a special environment that exists around a girl’s chest area and spans about 5-10 inches away from one’s chest. It varies from girl to girl (TRY FINDING YOUR BOOB ZONE TODAY!). The boob zone is a strange area where traditional laws of inertia are not conserved. It requires very little energy for something to go from rest into motion, and that movement is sustained for longer than it normally would from that amount of force. Each boob has a separate boob zone with separate rules for inertia, which is often why one will go up while the other will go down. One is just lagging behind the other. No one knows why or how the boobs are this powerful, but this is a very popular field of study as of late.

4. Hiding behind a small tree or pole is a fail-proof hiding spot

Stalkers are plentiful in anime, and it’s not surprising considering how easily they can camouflage into their environment without being spotted. Most stalkers or scouts can stand behind a scrawny tree and not be seen, no matter how much of their body is peeking out from the sides. The same trend seems to be true with bushes, telephone poles, small shrubs, windows, or cardboard boxes. It might be okay if they were completely hidden, but it’s not uncommon for people to simply STAND in a tree and stare at people or reveal half of their body while hiding. By all means, they should be spotted immediately and called out for it.

Explanation: A chameleon can blend in with its surroundings, but people can’t exactly do that. Oh no, I’d never suggest something so ludicrous. It’s the trees. The trees change colour to hide the person by completely cloaking them. Using advanced cloaking techniques and colour-changing abilities, they can make themselves disappear completely. This means that the person hiding behind it disappears too! Most plants have this ability, and physicists have recently been experimenting on creating an artificial version by using local telephone poles. So far, the results look pretty good.

5. A character is never 100% confirmed as dead, even when they die.

The general rule is that it’s not dead until you see a body. Anything could have happened offscreen: a sudden escape scene, a secret technique, or even a sudden revival. It’s pretty common for characters to shrug off fatal injuries, coughing out some blood and just getting back up again after everyone thought they had died. Even if a character DOES die AND you see the body, there’s still the chance that they could come back as a zombie, demon, angel or just the same as usual thanks to a little magic and ass-pulling. Think of the more recent chapters of Naruto, Show ▼

or Rabbit Doubt with it’s tricky “nothing as it seems” atmosphere. Emiya Shiro is wrong…people do not always die when they killed!

Explanation: There aren’t many Death Gods left, so they’re stuck with ridiculously long shifts. The work is so tedious that they sometimes fall asleep and neglect their work. Other times, they’re very vigilant. It really depends on your timing.

6. Help everything. No, really. EVERYTHING.

The role of the main character seems to always be “HELP EVERYONE!” I know it’s nice and sweet how willing people are to lend a hand, but it’s a bit disconcerting how fast some lead characters trust others. The average boy finds a mysterious girl with magic powers…and takes them home. Dude, if it has magical powers and is giving off creepy vibes, you don’t take that shit home! You don’t even know where it’s been! Furthermore, they often end up being willing to risk their lives immediately. “Got a magical quest to do where I could die? Girl, I am so on that.” is not the kind of answer I would expect if this were real life. The worst is when you find an unconscious girl on the road (apparently this happens a lot) and you take her home, as if calling the ambulance wasn’t a viable option. 5 second rule, bro. 5 second rule. 

Explanation:  All teenage boys are just mega pervs who expect sex for every good deed they do. If the super nice character is a girl, they they’re a nympho. No one is ever nice without wanting something in return.

7.There is no limit to how many power ups a character has.

Dragon Ball Z, anyone? As much as I love shounen, it’s a very easy genre to make fun of. Battles are often won with power levels instead of wits, and whoever has the most godly power always wins. Strategy is useless, you just have to go through a training arc until you get a fancy new power upgrade. A new mode, a new weapon, a better level of fusion – these are the things that decides a battle. Let me tell you, there is no limit to any of these things. These characters just grow at an exponential rate. Even if there was a limit, they’d surpass it with their “secret weapon” or “forbidden technique that was sealed away.”

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no ,no ,no, no there’s no limit!

no, no, no ,no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no there’s no limit!
No no limits, we’ll reach for the sky!
No valley to deep
No mountain too high
No no limits, won’t give up the fight!
We do what we want and we do it with pride
Lemme hear ya say yeah! (yeah!)

8. The girlier it is, the more likely it is actually a guy in disguise.

Traps are really hard to avoid. Even reverse traps can be tricky sometimes. A lot of guys just pull off that feminine look really well. Too well, in fact. It seems the most feminine characters often end up being guys. Rukako from Steins;Gate is described as being a perfectly feminine and dainty creature…but she’s a guy. The same can be said for Phi Brain. When they get you, they get you good. Well, maybe you don’t care at this point since they look so convincing, so I guess it’s not too bad.

Explanation: Of course all the gorgeous men are traps! Why would burly, manly men parade around in dresses? Well, they still do, but it’s more common for the traps to be delicate. Anyways, if you look like a girl at birth, might as well make the best of it and go all the way by confusing the hell out of people. I fully support traps of all shape and form! All the effeminate men are traps because they can pull it off. As to how they end up even more attractive than the rest of the girl characters on the show most of the time, that’s a bit more complicated. My guess is that they have the ability to transfer hormones. I call it “Pituitary Psychic Exchange.” The traps are able to switch their hormone production levels with those of nearby women, allowing them their pituitary gland to release more estrogen while the women will be stuck with testosterone pumping through their veins. The traps look more girly, and the women start getting a little less sweet.

9. Gravity is more of a gentle suggestion than a rule.

Gravity. Anime’s number one rival (no, it’s not moeblobs). Remember the whole boobs never moving in a sensible manner thing? This is just a subset of the chaos that unfolds in the gravity-less world of anime. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop is rarely a problem, even if the characters possess no super powers, super strength, or notable parkour skills. It’s like everyone suddenly became star basketball players or long-jumpers. Other examples include freezing in midair, long-winded attack combos that take place in the air, and sports moves that are physically impossible to do in real life. At this point, I shouldn’t even narrow it to gravity – the entirety of Physics is like a joke. Prince of Tennis is the epitome of this gravity-less perspective. The Tezuka Zone is a move where a tennis player can force the ball to be sucked in towards them no matter where it goes – even if it all the way across the court. It is also the reason dinosaurs are extinct. I will stop there since I see your brain leaking through your nose.

Explanation:  I wasn’t joking when I said gravity in anime was like an alternate dimension…it is! All anime take place in alternate dimensions with completely different laws of physics and a different set of elements. It may seem odd to us, but it’s normal for their world.

 10. Childhood friends never want to be just friends.

Childhood friends tend to prioritize getting it on with the hapless male lead whom they’ve known almost their entire lives. Usually you’re so close to those kinds of friends, you wouldn’t dream of taking things a step further. I can understand someone developing such feelings, although it strikes me as more of a rare thing. The problem is, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a childhood friend who wasn’t lunging like a hungry wolf at the main dude’s dick. It’s a bloody epidemic!

Explanation:  No, really, it’s an epidemic. Most main characters are carriers of this deadly virus, and it is very contagious during the toddler to pre-adolescent stage of life. This virus infects females and adjusts how the brain reacts to pheromones. It is re-wired such that only the childhood friend’s pheromones will be cause a normal effect. Furthermore, the signal is greatly intensified so that the guy becomes exceedingly desirable to the female. A sex pot, if you will (getting real scientific here). Some males carry a version of this disease that is contagious during the teen years as well, which is why they tend to form giant harems filled with girls who can’t resist those super-powered pheromones. Even if you have no redeeming qualities, this disease can get you a nice gaggle of girls at your whim. There’s no way these girls are legitimately charmed, so this is the only way.

Final Thoughts:

I have no idea what that was, but it was an interesting…experiment. I’m used to explaining things with real science and logic for editorials, so I thought going all-out crazy this month would be a nice risk to take. This is by far the silliest thing I’ve ever written. <_< I’m sure nothing made a lick of sense, and that was exactly my intention! Anyways, it’s once again time for you to do that commenting thang if you’ve got something to say. Feel free to come up with your own hypothesis for why these crazy things happen or point out any other weird anime logic/anime trope/anime cliche/whatever things you find interesting. I’ll try to BS a good answer for you, if that’s what you want. Hopefully you chuckled or went WTF from this post at least once. Whew, that was enough insanity to last a year…I’m going back to the usual (slightly more coherent) stuff next month!

Usually you’re so close to those kinds of friends, you wouldn’t dream of taking things a step further.


A neuroscience graduate, black belt, and all-around nerd. You'll either find me in my lab or curled up in my rilakkuma kigurumi watching anime.
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41 Responses to “The Wonderful World of Anime Logic”

  1. Gecko says:

    #6, #7, and #10 are perfect. Just perfect. I’m a bit less convinced with #3, but maybe that’s just because of the anime I watch.
    So, you mentioned in your introduction that sometimes long-lost siblings can conveniently appear. I’ve noticed this a lot as well. (And the fact that sometimes it can stop marriages: . Please don’t judge me for reading it.) What do you think the logic behind this is? (Or is there any logic?)

    • Overcooled says:

      Thanks, Gecko~ I usually don’t watch too many anime shows that follow rule number 3 either, but when I do…it’s certainly offputting o_o

      HAHAHA that manga page is quite something. Quite..something indeed. I won’t judge you for it though, rest assured. The real logic is probably that the writer thinks it is more dramatic and decides it from the start, or decides to add it in last minute. “Hey, wouldn’t it be better if this character was…THE MAIN CHARACTER’S SIBLING?!?!” and then they do that. :/

      Using this post’s logic, it would probably be because parents want the least amount of children possible, so they tend to shun or abandon one as soon as an opportunity arises. No one likes kids – they are annoying. However, all siblings are able to hunt down their counterpart again using their instincts, so they inevitably meet up again. It’s a remarkable ability where people know the location of anyone sharing roughly 50% of their DNA. Don’t even get me started on twins, because they’re pretty much PSYCHIC.

  2. Karakuri says:

    ….This is without a doubt the most brilliant thing I have ever read. NOW EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE FOREVER. I always thought that the telephone poles around my house disappeared at random, but now I understand.

    • Overcooled says:

      You flatter me too much, dear imouto. I am but a wandering soul who wishes to reveal the truth to the world *tips hat*

  3. Foshizzel says:

    wuhahahah this is awesome! This is a great post OC always awesome.

    A lot of these follow every Shounen series ever! Like the bad buys explaining their goals, people never die and every main character has lots of random power ups! Even the boob thing fits in the Bleach world…

    Good work! ;D

    • Overcooled says:

      I do my best! Most of these are from shounen shows, yeah. There’s a ton more from shoujo fluff shows that focus on romance such as where bishie sparkles come from but…I’m more familiar with these XD

  4. Toori-chan says:

    This awesome OC. Totally FTW. Everything of anime turn from pointless to point-full just by your BS.

    The most serious injuries that doesn’t even need band-aid will be BRS’s injuries. Seriously, after all the slice and dice done by Chariot, she is still fine and kicking ass.

    • Overcooled says:

      I’m glad you liked it!

      Yeah, she’s totally fine getting sliced up…I know they’re supposed to be representations for emotional wounds so it makes sense for her to be alive, but it’s still weird that she survives without so much as asking for an aspirin.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Nice post, OC. Thought provoking as always. How do you do it? Like the posts about personality disorders, you always manage to us rethink about the consistant little things that roll by in anime.

    What you said at the beginning, it’s because of the stories, they’re interesting. Japanese people are very different, and come up with the wierdest, most creative and near impossible stuff we’ve ever seen. And they’re brilliant at it. So pretty much anything goes as long as there is something significant behind it.

    1. Bad guys always have to explain their plan at length.
    So many villains have put time and effort into their destructive plans, so I guess they feel the need to explain themselves since they’re so sure they are going to kill the bad guy or they know the good guy can’t change anything and want to make them suffer. Or because they’re already planning ahead how they’ll manipulate you into doing their bidding later in the game.

    2. Most serious injuries can be cured with band-aids.
    Seems like everytime someone gets a near death beating, after a few bandages, a healing power or a little time in the hospital, they are as good as new without a scratch (Touma, Sato, Issei). We gotta meet the science department behind that. LOL, vampire-like healing. Nice.

    3. Boobs, like chameleon eyes, can move in two different directions at once.
    Asian girls a lot of times do have tiny waists and big boobs. That’s a stereotype, but it’s kinda true. Japanese culture is not as prudish as ours. If you look inside some manga there might be naked chicks and stuff, but thats’ because that sort of thing is not a big deal in Japan. It also depends on the individual artist. Some of them like to draw girls that way and some don’t. Like High School DxD’s Rias Gremory and the other girls, Ben-To’s Ayame Shaga, the girls from Freezing etc…

    4. Hiding behind a small tree or pole is a fail-proof hiding spot.
    Traditional hiding spots for any kind of animation. I don’t know how they squeeze themselves in but they’re pros at it.

    5. A character is never 100% confirmed as dead, even when they die.
    Shiki was sheer proof of this. Couldn’t have the peace of acknowledging that someone is dead without seeing it with your own eyes and suddenly, they’re up and walking around again. Then there’s Guilty Crown’s Gai who many saw impaled with crystals yet later on, he’s alive and kicking. In Naruto, there’s always a chance of coming back because of forbidden techniques.

    6. Help everything. No, really. EVERYTHING.
    I guess the leads like to help out just because they’re kind. But they tend to be really naive when helping out someone who obviously is harboring murderous intent.

    7.There is no limit to how many power ups a character has.
    In shounen, there’s no telling how far the power level can go (DBZ and more recently Naruto Shippuden).

    10. Childhood friends never want to be just friends.
    Animal attraction maybe? It statrs with a crush. Either side could be hiding the fact they’re really perverted, which makes it worse. And because they are childhood friends, there’s no need to search far for someone.

    • Overcooled says:

      I just do what I can and write about what I think would be fun and interesting…The fact that other people like what I’m doing too is just a wonderful bonus. :3

      Your description on why villains do that speech thing is probably the legitimate reason why they do that, heh. Villains are just naturally cocky and desperate to show off.

      Japanese culture is significantly different from ours…I’m no expert, but I’d agree they tend to be more open about sexuality and things like that. I mean, based on where the camera focuses in most anime alone…<_< Still, I wonder what makes them think boobs performing WEIRD MOVEMENTS is sexy.

  6. Jak says:

    This made my day. that was amazing OC 😀
    Now we know why many shounen characters can flap around in mid air without being pulled straight to the ground by gravity and end up squashed flat. Hooray.

    • Overcooled says:

      Making your day has made my day then! It is a cycle of day-making!

      I’m glad to have cleared that up. Be sure to tell your friends the truth of things if they ask *nods*

  7. tatsuya says:

    lolz …what with the damn face ..wait it tha a starfruit ??
    by the way ..i like no 7 , 9 , and 10 more cause …well everyone know that anime ..^V^ .and it fit very well ..GOOD JOB 良い仕事

    • Overcooled says:

      Haha, he’s Hoshi from the show Arakawa Under the Bridge. He’s normal underneath, he just likes wearing a star-shaped mask (the show is pretty crazy).


  8. Joojoobees says:

    I have often thought the reason the bad guy explains everything is because most people don’t like the bad guy and so he gets very lonely. He never really gets to have a conversation with someone, and being a loner, he doesn’t really have anything to talk about except how the world screwed him over as a kid, or the details of his latest invention.

    • Overcooled says:

      Nope, it’s definitely due to Time Waves. That’s very true. A mix of loneliness and sometimes over-confidence (depends on the villain) usually leads to them spilling the beans. I guess they want someone to acknowledge their brilliant plan, especially if they were neglected in the past. The same goes for revealing tragic pasts…They don’t have anyone to listen to them, but not they have a victim who has no choice but to listen. Plus, yeah, they really don’t have anything else in their life but being a villain most of the time. They aren’t exactly going to talk about the weather.

      • Joojoobees says:

        Things would go such much better for them if they would just kept a blog on the side.

        Normally I would explain to you how to deactivate the Death Ray, but I am trying to finish up an article on the most recent episode of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, so I will have to kill you right now.

  9. Yippy says:

    No.1 is definitely my favourite. It’s usually an opening for a plot twist, which I’m quite fond of. But, based on your sound theory (pun intended), wouldn’t it affect the heroes even if they put on earplugs since the Time Waves slows down everything it bounces off of?

    Moving on, thanks to trope no. 5, I rarely give a second glance to shonen or the mainstream Marvel/DC universe now. One or two resurrections is already pushing the envelope, but a few dozen? I feel that it sort of cheapens death and makes it a gimmick. Of course, there are exceptions for me, like the characters in Steins;Gate, but they made it seem logical at least.

    Anyway, I found trope 3 to be quite funny, especially the explanation. Were you up late at night thinking it up? Because it looks like you were, given how wild it was…

    My favourite trope apart from those in your list though, has to be the dramatic wind trope. Whether it be romance, shonen, comedy, tradegy or anything in-between, this is the omnipresent force that unites them all with a perfectly-timed breeze. Perhaps it’s one of the Wind God’s duties? Or maybe it’s the emotions that cause fluctuations in wind speed? Your thoughts, Overcooled博士

    • Overcooled says:

      博士? それはいいね…(*´∀`*)

      Hmm, you’re right, there is a bit of an anomaly with Time Waves. You were really paying attention! I guess it would be that they slow down everything they bounce off of, with the exception of if you stop listening or wear earplugs. Adequately focusing your mental processes away from the speech seems to be enough to cancel it. Maybe Brain Waves are a thing that nullify it? I must research further!

      Death and revival cycles aren’t as bad for things like Steins;Gate. It cheapens the death, but only slightly. In most other cases, it just pisses me off that once I get over someone dying that they come back.

      I don’t even know, Yippy. My brain does get a bit more wild at night (I’m not a night time person. I sleep early and stay that way for 10 hours at the very least) so it could be that. XD I’m just naturally insane, I think.

      Ahhh, yes, the dramatic wind! I think weather just in general reacts to whatever characters are feeling (like rain for sad scenes, snow for little kids dying…). I would say that weather is strongly influenced by emotions. Weather is usually controlled by the weatherman on TV, but it can be overwritten to a certain extent by people’s emotions if they are strong enough. Emotions cause bodily changes in temperature, which are sometimes just enough to shift the atmosphere towards certain types of weather. Crying adds more moisture into the atmosphere and tends to cause rain, after all. So it must work with wind too!

      • Yippy says:

        Seeing that Time Waves is realted to physics ( a school subject I abhor), I guess it’ll be a while before we find out the full extent of a villain’s Time Waves.

        Now that I think about it, I somewhat agree with your opinion on Stenins;Gate. I fully agree on the next one.

        Insanity is just another word for genius, don’t you think? (HOOOOUIN Kyouma comes to mind)

        So…how do you add wind to the atmosphere? By farting passing wind? XD As for ‘snow for little kids dying’, is it referring to a certain tearjerker series that includes dumplings? Just curious.

        • Yippy says:

          Just a side note, but here’s a video of both Time Wave in effect and when it’s disrupted. It’s from Asura’s Wrath. Could be useful in your research.

          • Overcooled says:

            I love Physics, but don’t ask me to actually do any calculations because I’m horrible with numbers. XD

            Wind is caused from air moving from areas of high to low pressure…which can happen due to high pressure situations where the tension in the air is “so thick you could cut it with a knife.” That saying is actually true. o_o

            Ahh Asura’s Wrath. Haha thanks for bringing this to my attention, it’s funny seeing games included in the whole “Time Waves” shenanigans XD

            • Yippy says:

              Likewise. To me, numbers are just silent and malevolent beings waiting to strike you down. Unless if you’re referring to money, of course.

              Hm…another sound explanation. I think that fits in just nicely with the theory.

              No problem, just being a fellow scholar in the pursuit of truth. =)

  10. Hana says:

    Re: no. 2 – you forgot ‘and kiss it better’. 😉

    Re: no. 8 – once again, I ask myself why girls love bishies. Even though you were talking about traps, most females who watch anime like… girly looking guys? Even the GAR guys have to have a sensitive side to ’em, right? Or just great hair, even in those action/ fighting shows. Hmm. forgive my rambling, but I loved the post and it’s also just got me thinking about possible inconsistencies in our own prefences for things as anime viewers, and how much these coincide, or not, with our ‘irl’ prefences for things in general…

    Thanks for the read, hun! ^ ^

    • Overcooled says:

      Most of the hot guys in anime are pretty much girls without boobs, it’s true. :/ But for some reason it’s really attractive. Maybe all girls really want a sensitive guy deep down inside. It might be why so many guys in real life now are turning to skinny jeans and long, flowing hair. Although I’m sure it’s more complicated than being just a mirror of real life preferences (it IS interesting to think about now that you’ve brought it up). As much as I love yanderes, I think a real life one would TERRIFY ME. XD

  11. Alynn says:

    That was an enjoyable read! I laughed throughout the whole post couple a of times.
    1,3, 4, 5, 7 are my favourites.

    • Overcooled says:

      It was super fun to write..I’m glad it was fun to read too XD I like how half of them are your favourite, haha, thanks!

  12. tsog says:

    Made my day. Can wait for a sequel.

    • Overcooled says:

      Thanks~ It was pretty fun and anime tropes are endless, so I’m pretty sure I’ll write another one of these badboys in the future. :3

  13. Bob from Accounting says:

    With boob physics expertise like yours, you could be in for a lucrative career with Team Ninja.

  14. Kyokai says:

    ROTFL. This was hilarious. Good observation, OC. :3

    • Overcooled says:

      Thanks, Kyokai-sama! I’m glad it’s not just me laughing at my own jokes (which i tend to do).

  15. Hawthorne says:

    Ahahaha! This is hilarious! XD This totally made my cruddy day so much better.

    1. Bad guys always have to explain their plan at length

    AHHH this one makes me rage. -_- I’ve gotten so used to seeing it from watching shows like Bleach I don’t even care anymore. XD

    9. Gravity is more of a gentle suggestion than a rule.

    When I first started watching anime I would see examples of this all the time and at first I was like “WTF!?” and now it feels normal to see characters jumping miles into the air, floating, and generally being too cool to care about the laws of physics. >_<

    Another one I can think of off the top of my head is that rain and cold weather seem to almost always result in a cold. Awesome post OC! It's funny how "normal" all of these tropes feel after watching anime for a while. X3

    • Overcooled says:

      Aww, I’m sorry you had a bad day. Hopefully nothing too horrible happened to you. I’m glad this made you feel a bit better though!! =D

      It’s funny how quick we are to give in to the suspension of disbelief in anime. The more time you spend watching anime, the more you don’t even stop to realize these things aren’t normal.

  16. Dan-go says:

    Possibly the greatest article i’ve ever read on metanorn, over my 3 years of following 😀 congrats OC

    • Overcooled says:

      I made the top rankings of Metanorn’s top commenter? I feel like I just got an award or something…>w< Thank you!!

  17. I enjoyed your website and reading some of the posts. I hope to stop in often Thank you .

  18. zino says:

    it was exactly and one more “before the bad guy loses for good there is always a flashback or something to say that bad guy wasn’t such a bad person or something and the main character always have to say something sickeningly sentimental!!!!!!!”

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