Guilty Crown – 20

OH MA FATHER was a caterpillar back in the day…

It seems like I’m joining in with GC way more than I thought I would be. …Which is okay since the plot seems to be going places, Shu has turned into the new anime messiah (he takes away the cancer of the world, yo), and Truck-chan is awesome. That’s right, this is all for Truck-chan.
Only two more episodes to go! Isn’t this exciting? Alright maybe it is more like FINALLY! Right? Anyway that last episode had some amazing stuff going on like Shu actually becoming a cool character… Sadly it’s a bit late for him to become “awesome”. So, what can we expect to see from this episode? Hopefully something fun for a change.Plot this week follows a flashback about Shu’s father and how he met Shuuichirou leading up to the first lost Christmas.

Gai-“Hey, look at us, we are so cool hiding our faces from the camera.”

This week, we start things off with Gai talking to the UN after he gave them several warnings about attacking him… This time he is done being nice and tells everyone he will destroy the world on Christmas! Fitting because he literary wants the world to have a final Christmas… In the meantime, Shu prepares to head out, save Inori and the world from Gai; however, Haruka warns him she is no longer the Inori he knows and she is now turning back into the original Mana. Before Shu heads out to save everyone, Shuuichirou decides to tell Gai a story about his past and how he met Shu’s father years ago. Sure why not tell us a story, pops…

Shu-“I really wish that robot was a rice cooker! I am so hungry I could eat my own arm…”

Hell ya! Look at this amazing chart…all those words.

Shuuichirou-“Maybe we shouldn’t pick up evil rocks from space.”             Kurosu-“What’s the worst that can happen right?”

Mana-“Yes, cry! Baby Shoe, one day you will have to marry your own sister…”

Shuuichirou-“Swear to me! Did you eat my cookies!?”                     Kurosu-“No! Wait those were yours? My bad.”

After we finish the longest back story in Guilty Crown history, we return to the present day as Shu gets ready to leave and face off against Gai, but he wants to return the voids he took from Ayase, Yahiro, Kanon and Shouta. Only they do not want him to because it will limit his own power. Shouta on the other hand doesn’t really care and Shu tries to shake his hand as a way to apologize… Well he tries over and over again before they end up hugging and sharing a moment between bros. After that moment between the dudes, Shu gets on a helicopter with a small team and prepare to raid the GHQ base.

Haruka-“I sure haven’t aged since then…What is wrong with me?”                 Shu-“Momma Shoe, please don’t cry.”

Shu-“I just watched Gyo and I really hate myself right now.”              Haruka-“Wow that was a horrible movie.”

Tsugumi-“Hells yes, finally some man service!”                    Ayase-“Anyone recording this? I want a copy.”

Extra guilty fun

Gai-“Hello world! Been a while…Also I really hate Christmas so I will blow up the earth.”

I don’t think anyone goes to the church of OH MA SHOE anymore.

I can see they are spending that research money on a great cause.

Kurosu-“Dear diary…Shuuichirou has a stupid mustache.”               Shuuichirou-“Whatever bro! Chicks dig it.”

Shu-“I should not have eaten that burrito before getting on board…”            Ayase-“Dude, that is nasty.”

End thoughts

So Mana was a creeper before Shu was born. …Right. On the other hand, Kurosu was a surprisingly appealing character for someone who only appeared in an episode of flashbacks meant to tie some of the loose strings together. I’m also slightly impressed by the fact that they made Shu look like his father. Sure they’re supposed to look similar, but there’s just enough similarity and difference between the two to make it look somewhat natural. …Who knows where Mana got her pink hair from though. I blame the space rocks. Anyways, I’m somewhat surprised that this show didn’t pull a dramatic plot twist where Gai and Shu turned out to be brothers, but maybe this just means that the people behind this have realised that they kind of need to wrap up the plot now.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t mind that they spent an episode on flashbacks. It gave us some somewhat valuable information about how/why Mana became such a massive creeper Eve, how the Void Genome was created and even a bit on Shuuichirou (not that I ever really cared about him, but whatever). I’m still not 100% sure of Shuuichirou’s motives for doing everything he did, but I’m going to leave it as: he did some research on the virus, screwed a bunch of people over and probably isn’t the final boss. Hell, I didn’t even really classify him as someone worth remembering until this episode. …And now that this episode is over, I’m most likely going to forget about him again. Sure he’s one of the main antagonists, but Yu is WAAAAAAAAY more suspicious.

It looks like Shu gets to keep his backbone until the end of the series. Yaaaay. The end part with Souta was touching enough I guess and a rather nice wrap up after all of that betrayal going on. Shu has his resolve now and it looks like Inori won’t be doing anything amazing again since she’s almost taken over by Mana. Now I guess the plot will focus on the final battle between Gai, Shu, Shuuichirou and… Yu? Speaking of, we don’t really know anything about that guy yet and it’s almost the end of the series… Though they also haven’t really gone into detail about Inori’s origins either or why her singing does stuff. Will they actually explain things, or will they just leave them hanging…? Oh well, next episode. On a completely different note, !!!!!!!! The end card was done by Miwa Shirow (one of the artists for supercell and he also writes one of my favourite manga series)!!!! It’s always satisfying when I can recognise a card’s artist without needing to look at the name.

What to say about this episode? This was such a terrible episode! We are so close to the end of the series and they decide to give us half an hour of pointless flashbacks about OH MA SHOE’S father? At this point in this series, I don’t think anyone cares too much about where the void powers originated from because we already know that! Didn’t we already get a history lesson with Gai, Shu and Mana? Anyway, I suppose it was nice to learn where Shu came from and how Gai was pushed by his destiny to become Mana’s mate.

So, Shuuichirou is Gai’s “father”… I guess that works but it seems like every main character is somehow related to someone else like Haruka’s Shuuichirou’s sister just like Shu and Mana. And then we have Yu… How freaking old is that guy!? Is he immortal or something? It sure feels that way to me, but I don’t think he is a big deal unless he turns out to be the true villain? What else happened besides story time…ah yes! Shu and Shouta sharing that moment together. I will admit it was quite touching to see them getting over their differences at last! And Haruka had some great things to say about Shu wanting to make friends, but there sure were lots of warm feelings through this episode.

So, anyone have any ideas on how things will go down in episode twenty one? I assume that episode is going to involve some dramatic showdown between Shu and Gai? And of course Mana who seems to be ready to take over Inori’s body any moment now. I have a feeling Shu is hiding his own void but what could his void do? I think I have said this a few times in the past, he might have a time reversal themed void or something to fix everything that went wrong… I just picture him appearing before his mom in the past taking away her void cancer or maybe stopping the meteorite from dropping in the first place? Either way I can’t wait to see what they pull now.


My OTP Can’t be this Dramatic.

MORE FLASHBACKS err… I mean Gai versus Shu in the ultimate battle for Japan!? It sounds like they just need to hug things out…


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33 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 20”

  1. Gecko says:

    This episode needed to come sooner. Way sooner. Also, what in the world is with Shu’s name? I saw (in the subs I was watching) that his name means group?? Why in the world would anyone name their kid that? (Oh, and having Lost Christmas be a first Christmas for a family really sucks. Like, really. really. sucks.)
    Anyways, this is how I see the rest of the show playing out:
    Episode 21 gives us Shu getting over to Gai, and starting their final fight. Inori/Mana probably will give Gai support, so Shu will be a tad disadvantaged. Daryl will come in and protect Tsugumi, and Ayase will be so torn between Shu and Gai that she’ll get knocked out of the battle really quickly.
    Episode 22 will turn into a full out Gai vs Shu, with everyone else pretty much gone/gaping on the sidelines. Then Inori/Mana will flip out mid-episode, start Lost Christmas once again, and Shu will have to kill her to save the world. He’ll be moping, and then Gai will all of a sudden turn 18… and his void will disappear. He’ll get mad, but since the angry people never win fights, Shu will end up having to kill him, saving the day. THE END. Oh, and Yu will die somewhere in there too, or just ditch the place. He’s so minor I don’t even care.
    Of course, this is assuming they don’t end like Code Geass did with Suzaku and Lelouch facing off with guns pointed at each other.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahha yea apparently Shu’s name means group I guess? Sure it is really super cheesy, but somehow it is quite fitting for him right now…at the start I remember he hardly had any real friends.

      Yeah I assume 21 will be another episode leading up to the big Gai versus Shu battle! I can picture it being more wordy and less swinging around of massive void weapons. Right Daryl will show up save Tsugumi, Ayase will get knocked out of the fight early and Haruka will “fight” her brother!?

      Yeah your thoughts on episode 22 will probably fit well! I can see Gai and Mana dying along with Yu! Seriously I wonder if he can even die at all? Right Shu will mope around for a bit, but he has void cancer…so he could die too.

      LOLOL I hope not! Please no geass ending.

      • Gecko says:

        Yu hopefully can die or leave. Leaving is more probable, though, since he serves Daath or whatever.
        Here’s season two, spinoff series:

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yep Yuu sorry buddy you gotta go no one is allowed to be immortal in this series!

          OH MA GOD BEST?! More like Guilty Crown 2: No one cares about Yu.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Is there no end to the jealousy and betrayls this anime has been exuding? I think this revelation episode was needed to get everything straightened out before the end. The flashback that took up the majority of this episode was pretty much the best part of Guilty Crown because it actually bothered to explain things rather than pulling whatever is the most convenient out of its ass.

    These people are cold-hearted bastards. Every single thing, even having Shu trapped along with his classmates a few episodes back was part of their plan.

    The Daath kid, Yuu is still a mystery. One thing I’m willing to guess is that he’s an alien. In the last Lost Christmas (the one in episode 12), when he abducted Inori, he seemed to carry her through a hole in space-time, something that the humans doesn’t seem to be able to do. Also the place they were in didn’t seem to be something built by humans. Additionnally he didn’t age a single day since the first Lost Christmas, when Shu rejected Mana at the church.

    And finally, when he first showed up to Shuuichirou and Kurosu, he seemed to know what the meteorite was already, and how the whole research went, and what the infected would do. And neither Shuuichirou or Kurosu knew what Daath was. And no other government seem to control the Daath organization or even be aware of it’s presence. The only person we see is Yuu. Moreover, from then until now, at least 15 years have passed.

    Even though there are people who seriously dislike this show, I hear it’s doing well and it’s quite successful. I’m actually happy to hear that. Ups or downs, this anime’s enjoyable.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! You are correct jealousy plays a huge role in Guilty Crown! It seems everyone is dealing with this somehow…I mean at the start Shu was very jealous of Gai and Inori and you have both “fathers” against each other in the past.

      Right that flashback was nice but why at this point? Honestly I think they could have told us a little earlier and not at the freaking end…

      Ahahha yep! Sneaky sneaky people.

      Yu as a alien character? I can actually see that working out…he has powers like Shu and Gai and is still alive?! He could be testing humans or it might be one giant experiment to him hahah great thoughts! Yeah he was still around when Mana, Shu and Gai were children.

      Yuu is a ghost, alien, time traveler and he is immortal? Good lord! Someone better take him out fast. There are lots of ups and downs that is true, but I know from personal experience I was sad after I hyped this show up…ah well I have fun talking and reviewing it <3

  3. skylion says:

    I will go ahead and make it official. The only reason I watch the show is to laugh at Fosh’s jokes. I mean, do we need a better reason?

  4. Da5id says:










  5. Alynn says:

    OH MA FATHER <—- I am dead from laughing even before I read the post. AFLkdshkel

    Phew, the flashback was pretty refreshing; a good breather from all the action. I love Shoe's dad!

    The end card HNNNGGG my OTP and one of my favourite artists!

  6. akagami says:

    Wait, is this Guilty Crown? Some plot that actually makes sense? Where’s the fabulous-here’s-some-plot-pulled-out-of-the-scriptwriter’s-ass?

    I actually enjoyed the episode, but it really felt out of place. I agree with Gecko in that this should have happened early on. The people who are still following the show just don’t care at this point, and for the people who did, probably already dropped it or all their expectations.

    Where did everything go wrong? Awesome brilliant scientist dad (who somehow gets the girls) and smart mother gave birth to the genetic failure that is SHOE.

    When I saw the end card, for half a second I thought that was Gai and was about to do some head bang > desk. Then I realized it was Daryl, and everything was good.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep this is still the same old guilty crown everyone loves or hates every week, but this week FLASH BACKS OF DOOM! Seriously why? It was so damn annoying T____T

      Yeah there were parts that worked and a few that were out of place I mean they could have done this earlier! WAY EARLIER! Ah well…seems like a wasted episode to me. Right do we honestly care how Mana gained her powers? I sure as hell don’t really care.

      LOLOL Yeah what is up with that? Nerdy scientist gets the girl? Yep pretty much SHOE was a terrible kid at least he isn’t crying or whining anymore.

      Hooray for Daryl x Tsugumi! They are gooooood <3

  7. FirstImpulse says:

    Well, the whole “holding the world hostage” thing still annoys me with its un-realness… But this final battle should be pretty sweet considering its the finale and the animation/soundtrack of the fight scenes of GC are its claim to fame.

    Great events chart! And personally, I think OH MAH SHOE’s dad might be the coolest character in the series behind Tsugumi. No real issues, a fun guy, very nerdy yet smart… I liked the dude. Way more than his fail of a son at least. Some of the characters (Shu, Gai, and Shuuichirou some to mind) aren’t nearly as cool as they try and portray them. Sure, Gai was cool before, but now he’s just an overconfident tyrant with a superweapon (which, in real life, a few USN SEALs could handle quite easily). Shu has had moments of coolness, but was generally a crybaby wimp. Now he’s being portrayed as a Japanese Jesus… This plays off his crybaby nature, but still seems rather hollow and cheesy. Shuuichirou is well rounded (compared to other characters in GC, that is), but comes off as a wannabe.
    **end rant**

    Enh, I hope they show Ayase and Tsugumi kickin’ but in the last battle. And I hope Shu and Gai have a true slugfest instead of an Index style moral debate. I hope, but don’t have too much hope.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Truth that is quite annoying isn’t it? I really hope the final battle between Shu and Gai ends in a amazing fight! Seriously I need some action next week. Right GC still wins on that for me great animation and a winning OST <3

      Ahahah yeah I guess Shu's dad is kind of cool to bad he had to get owned by Shuuichirou cause he was super jealous! Damn I wonder how different the series would have been if Shu's dad managed to live? LOL Yep OH MA SHOE went from hitler mode to jesus in a matter of three/four episodes. I just want someone to die! Gai or Shuuichirou please...

      I hope Ayase and Tsugumi get some screen time next week as well, but I picture it being more about Shu and Gai's dramatic battle.

      • FirstImpulse says:

        Yep, it’ll be SHOE vs GUY. But will they fight with mostly words (like SHOE having that casual conversation with Segai before he took im’ out), or with voids? Voids is what it should be, and we haven’t seen a void vs void fight yet have we?

        I’m just trying not to get my hopes too high up, since this IS Guilty Crown… XD

  8. Rakuen says:

    You know, I’ve seen some comments saying this episode wasn’t totally pulled out of the writer’s ass…

    Was I the only person that caught that almost every piece of OH MA NANA somehow ended up in students who were all attending the same school? The entire show literally rests on this happening.


    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL! I guess even Guilty Crown can’t possibly screw up a flash back huh?

      OH MA NANA? That is awesome…LOLOLOL Yeah what is with that? I guess they got lucky or something like that.


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