Guilty Crown – 21

Gai is throwing a huge party, sadly no one got invited.

Well since GC only has 2 episodes left (er, one I guess not including this one), I figure that I might as well stick around to the end. It’s been on hell of a ride (not always in a good way), but let’s see how they wrap things up. Your thoughts, Fosh?
Oh man the ending! I can see it now and it makes me laugh and feel sad at the same time, but I think most of us are just ready for the end to come and the end of OH MA SHOE’S Adventures. I agree Kara it has been a hell of a ride up to this point. Anyway I am ready for Guilty Crown to finally end at last maybe I will draw something? We shall see…

Plot this week has Shu and the remaining Undertakers start their mission to save Inori.

Yuu-“Looking good there, Gai…”                     Gai-“Dude, you are seriously creepy.”

Hooray, no flashback this time! Instead we continue with Shu and the other Undertaker members gearing up to save their pink haired friend. Even Ayase gets a brand new mecha to play around with, but it looks more like a cross between Daryl’s mecha and Ayase’s older one. I can support an Ayase X Daryl mecha relationship… Anyway, while the Undertakers starts the rescue operation, Gai uses his super void crossbow combined with three voids from Yuu, Kenji, and Arisa. His new crossbow pretty much wipes out eighty seven percent of the army with a billion void arrows; someone needs to seriously nerf Gai’s powers…

Tsugumi-“Stop resisting already! Damn little robot.”                Robot-“Ouch…don’t force it! Damn moe hacker girl.”

Gai-“Time to send my feelings to the army.”                      Captain-“Oh you better not shoot at me…”


While Gai plays with his new toys, Daryl prepares to fight as well! I assume he is using void powers to run that giant mecha of his, right? I noticed that box and ring on his chest had a purple color to it. After this Gai begins the process to change Inori back into OH MA MANA, but Inori shares  her feelings about Shu to Gai before she starts to lose her memories of their time together. Sure why not give us another flashback before you wrap up the series, but hey fanservice, right? Anyway she starts to sing her “something bad is going down theme song” and Shu zooms off on his fancy new floating scooter that Tsugumi made. Damn I want something cool made by Tsugumi.

Manservice shot for the Daryl fangirls.


Inori-“Why you do this, Gai?”                             Gai-“‘Cause I love being the bad guy and I have issues.”

Before Shu can become the hero he has to fight Yuu, remember him? Well, it appears he is finally ready to actually fight Shu instead of standing around cracking jokes. Yuu chats about Adam and Eve and even summons an apple… Seriously, Guilty Crown? Have you been watching Mawaru Penguindrum again?! While the two guys have their void battle, it ends after Shu creates an omg-cannon-that-shoots-giant-red-balls and “defeats” Yuu…just kidding that guy is perfectly fine. The episode ends with Shu and Gai watching Inori transform into OH MA MANA and they stare as she “grows” a new outfit made of void crystals.

Yuu-“We have a-void-ed this fight for far too long.”                    Shu-“I hope I can a-void another season.”


Gai-“What kept you so long, OH MA SHOE?”                 Shu-“I had to tie my shoe laces so I can kick your ass.”

Oh sure, now you decide to make your grand entrance in the end?

Extra Guilty Crown fun

Ayase has been watching a lot of Rinne no Lagrange with Tsugumi.

Everyone needs some moe hackers in their lives.

Ayase is fully prepared to smash Daryl’s face! Sorry, Tsugumi…

Inori looking sexy this week…that or the void plants are messing with her mind again.

Yuu’s helpful tip of the week.

Daryl-“I am not just crazy! I AM FREAKING INSANE WUHAHAHA!”

End thoughts

…There is nothing more awe inspiring or intimidating than a man riding off to battle on a hover scooter. Shu might have lost some respect points from me, but at least we got a 5 second flashback on how Inori and Gai met. Maybe it’s not quite the in depth flashback I was hoping for (so did they just grow Inori in a test tube or…?), but at least they didn’t forget about it completely. So, uh, is anyone else confused about Gai’s motives? …Does the guy even have motives at this point other than to serve Mana just because? I don’t even know. Unless they can manage to make the final episode pull ALLLLLLL of those half assed plot strings together, it looks like episode 20 was the most coherent of them all.

Speaking of being confused about motives, Yu just kind of… gave up. All he really needed to do was delay Shu for a couple more minutes and the entire thing would have been over and done with. I don’t know what I’m more pissed about. The fact that they just kind of threw his character into this series to have a deus ex machina connecting point, or the fact that he just said “Yeah, screw it. Even though I’m the embodiment of the will of human evolution, I’m just going to let you do your thing now. Good luck with that.” Nothing about his part in this series flows right with me. …At least his major part looks like it’s over. The next episode will more than likely be Shu vs. Gai (and possible vs. Mana as well. Or at least I hope so. I want to see Inori kick ass again and it looks like Mana is the closest we’ll be getting to that).

Last episode = last minute wardrobe change for Inori? Well, whatever. I have to say that the whole memories into …crystal …flower …things was a great visual and a nice reminder of how human Inori became. This episode also served as a reminder that Inori was supposed to be a personality devoid person like she was at the beginning of the series and it was Shu that changed her. I liked her little speech about how she loved Shu because he was humanas well since it justified Shu’s many, many flaws. It’s kind of clever of the too have added this near the end since it makes one forget about all of the rage I went through with the character’s choices throught the anime… Or at least that’s how it works with me. Anyways, next week should prove to be… something.

About time we got a real episode and by real I mean less of a flashback of things we don’t care about, but like Kara said there was a short five second flashback of how Gai found Inori. I died laughing when I saw his expression in that shot! He was probably thinking OH MY GOD…Why is she naked?! Maybe not that exactly, more like, damn she is way too young for me? Speaking of Gai, I loved that whole scene where he combined those voids to create that super crossbow that shot void arrows? I will say that was easily a great moment this week, but why did Gai tell Inori after she lost her memories of Shu that he was the man she once loved? I have a feeling Gai is up to something, either that or he felt sorry for her after he pushed the transformation along.

And now Yuu, just what the hell is he? I am pretty much sold on him being an alien character or is he more of a Kyuubey type? I suppose he is the “devil” or “snake” in the whole Adam and Eve themed story that creators of Guilty Crown decided to randomly shove into the plot. I mean Yuu does rock some interesting twin fangs, perfect for a snake themed character, but maybe he is just extremely over powered? However, I shall stick to my guns with him as an alien. At least the fight between Yuu and Shu was a lot of fun to watch, but those soldiers just stood there the entire time! WHY DIDN’T THEY RUN?! I guess they were zombies or had nothing better to do.

Finally all the new tech toys this week with Ayase’s new robot, Shu’s fancy robot scooter and Daryl with his super mecha aka Megatron…Seriously it looks just like a Decepticon from Transformers! Out of those three the most random one has to be Shu’s flying scooter. However, I can’t hate on something Tsugumi created, but at least she got to wear that familiar flight suit of hers and Ayase got to wear hers again. So did anyone else think she was goin to kiss Shu after he carried her? I mean she was leaning towards his face! Thankfully she didn’t do such a thing because the fans might have raged. So, Mana is back? I bet we will get a mental fight inside Inori/Mana’s mind to fight for control over her body next time.


Yuu, why you be trolling?



Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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31 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 21”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    This episode was actually pretty good. The animation was much better than it had been in the last several episodes, evident in the fight between Shu and Yuu in the climax of the episode. I also liked the character relationships in this episode as well; the conversation between Gai and Inori was a surprise. With Gai being our “bad guy” and capturing Inori, it can be difficult to remember that these two had a history; Gai found Inori and gave her a name and a life, which is why she’d been loyal to him in Funeral Parlor and why she is grateful to him rather than resentful when he erases her feelings and memories.

    The fight between Shu and Yuu was great and shows that Yuu can do more than stay on the sidelines and plot to further Mana’s rebirth. He looks like he has fangs. What is he? I guess the people who were supplying him with voids were so loyal they’d put their lives on the line. Shu kicks some major ass! He’s grown to be an exceptional fighter for someone who was wimpy at the beginning. Mana is smoking hot. I wonder how she’ll greet Shu in this little reunion.

    I think the series can go in many different directions. Shu can die, pulling a heroic sacrifice to be the messiah of the world (he is already Virus-infected, and with Inori “gone,” it makes finding a cure difficult). He can become the next “Adam” with Mana (or Inori, I guess, if she hasn’t completely disappeared). Gai could be the next “Adam” for Mana, or he could die (since it seems like he actually wants to given his alternative of living forever without death). Shu could kill Mana again (and thus possibly Inori) to rid the plans of pulling the whole Adam and Eve thing.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Great episode! I was happy to see some decent action and a fight between Yuu and Shu? Amazing! Although it wasn’t one of the best scenes of all time in Guilty Crown it was nice to see Shu fighting back. Yeah that chat between Inori and Gai was a big surprise! I wonder what he has planned? Maybe planting a “key” for some cheesy way to block Mana…Right she was practically a zombie when Gai found her giving her a live, name and purpose and she even got to fall in love xD

      Yuu is insane and probably immortal or some alien…yeah I noticed the fangs! Perfect for a “snake” in the whole Adam and Even theme. Yeah he could just be around giving voids away to the army? Agreed Mana/Inori suddenly got hot? LOL Good work Guilty Crown.

      Yeah Shu dying to save us from the voids? Yeah that can work because of the sudden quick! Use bible ref to save our asses theme…

      People who I think die in episode 22:

      Daryl- Void heart thing in his chest? If Gai dies he dies anyway.

      Gai- Feels he shouldn’t be alive? Tricks Shu and he kills Inori/Mana…

      Mana/Inori- mentally unstable and wants to kill people.

      Shu- He has void cancer and is the “savior” character.

  2. skylion says:

    Hey, you got your Penguindrum in my Guilty Crown. Hey you got your Guilty Crown in my Penguindrum. Two tastes that taste great together? Not in this lifetime…

    Again, the Tsugumi Time Index shot up like a rocket. But with every awesome there is a not at all awesome. Like this show would be better with our Moe Hacker as the lead…Fosh and I still have hopes for that OVA.

    This was actually a good episode as far as this show goes. But true to it’s nature, it undercuts just about everything. Short mini-boss battle with Daath, no clear motivation about what any of the bad guys want, and far to little Tsugumi Time…..

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOLOLOL Yes those are to series that do not need any type of cross over…ever…

      Tsugumi! Always the highlight of any Guilty Crown episode and of course Ayase as well! Thank god she did not make out with OH MA SHOE! I think I would have joined in on the rage…right Tsugumi needs some OVA after this series! I am with you Skylion <3

      Yep short boss battle and Gai starting to mess with Inori's mind? I think he planted some key word of LOVEEEEE inside her head...yes...maybe? I just want to see who dies and who survives this fail train of a series.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yes, little to no clear motivation on the bad guy’s part at all! I think that’s what has me pissed off the most right now….

  3. Gecko says:

    Man, now I wish Yuu hadn’t been so minor. He would have made a really interesting main character, if Guilty Crown had tried to keep his motive hidden until the end, when the viewers would find out “OH, he’s a bad guy? SHOOT.” I get the feeling he’s just a personification thingy and somewhere up on a god-level status. But oh well, WE’LL NEVER FIND OUT. Seeing as Mana is more important.
    As for the last episode, since Mana has come out, it looks like it’ll become Shu fighting to get Inori back (I was hoping she would die, but knowing this show, she’ll come back) and Gai fighting to start the Apocalypse.
    If it doesn’t go in that direction, it’ll be Mana destroying everyone except for a mysterious shadow, leaving the viewers to have no idea what happens. Shu could die heroically to kill Mana and Gai; Gai could do the same; ect ect ect.
    But someone’s going to have to die. I would prefer if Inori/Mana dies, and we leave Shu is a big tragedy situation. But no matter what this show does, it’s not ever going to pull off a Code Geass or Penguindrum. This entire time, it’s been a troll version of Code Geass (coughMadokaGeasscough) but right now it threw in some Penguindrum. Actually, it’s been trying hard to be a Penguindrum. But it’s too bad, because Shouma and Kanba are too busy going off to play soccer to help this show out. /cries again over the end…
    I guess we’ll just have to see what’s going to happen…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yuu!? Why are you so crazy?! I swear he comes from the same family tree as Kyubey…Yeah out of all the “bad guys” they handled Yuu’s character quite well, but I think most of us had a feeling about Gai becoming a villain one day.

      Gai, Shu and Inori/Mana are probably destined to all die together even if Shu managed to live he has the whole void cancer thing, however if Inori regains control over her body she can always sing and cure Shu…either way like yous said someone has to die in the next episode.

      LOLOL Geass penquindrum madoka crown!? What a insane combination of anime! Maybe Shouma and Kanba arrive to beat up Yuu, Shu and Gai? I would love it.

      • Gecko says:

        No, I think Lelouch will come over, and command them all to stop this mess! And Mana will go fangirl over Lelouch, leaving Shu and Gai to have Lelouch become Adam.
        And then Shouma and Kanba will come make obscure comments about the universe and how they just want Himari to stay alive.

  4. Shey says:

    I only check GC posts for the extra pic-comments. They are always so funny, especially in this post :p :

    Robot-”Ouch…don’t force it! Damn moe hacker girl.”

    Inori-”Why you do this, Gai?” Gai-”‘Cause I love being the bad guy and I have issues.”

    Shu-”I hope I can a-void another season.”

    Priceless xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thanks! I always have fun with the caps xD

      Tsugumi is so rough with that robot! Poor thing it was not happy being transformed into Shu’s lame ass hover scooter.

      LOLOL Hopefully the producers a-void making another season, but hell they slap supercell in a Guilty Crown movie and watch the money fly at them.

  5. Da5id says:





  6. H2frost says:

    Yuu =Sanetoshi (mawaru penguindrum)

    Since Yuu is still alive (I don’t think it is even possible to kill him). There might be a season 2.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep Yuu comes from the family tree of both Kyubey and Sanetoshi as “ghost immortal with fantastic hair” family tree or the troll tree! All they do is trick people into doing stuffs xD

      Damn Yuu!!! WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME!? Anyway yeah I can see a Guilty Crown season two set in a distant future with Yuu giving a human the void powers again.

      LE SIGH I really don’t want a season two or movies or ova series, but as I said all they need to do is slap Supercell in those projects and wait for the money to rain on them.

  7. Dan-go says:

    SO PUMPED FOR NEXT EPISODE!!!! pretty sure yuu just disintegrated into nothing. I’d be kinda dissapointed if they try to drag this on though for multiple seasons, it would ruin the effect of this pretty big climax

    • Foshizzel says:

      SAME HERE DAN-GO! SAME HERE! The end is just around the corner, but I hope we have some epic deaths and a true ending to the series…I don’t want it to end with Yuu like walking down a street or him vanishing while giving a evil laugh! LOLOL for some reason I can see that happening at the ending credits.

      THEY BETTER NOT! I don’t want a season two with something like the children of Mana/Shu going to high school with void powers xDDD

    • H2frost says:

      It’s more likely that Yuu disapeared to another area(probably back to wherever he came from) since that is in his range of abilities.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yuu disappears and finds new suckers to become his new and improved Adam and Eve in his strange game.

        • H2frost says:

          Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t want another season of this anime and I pray the story finishes at episode 22.

          • Foshizzel says:

            Agreed I don’t want a cliffhanger episode for 22 leaving us asking what happened? I think a few fans might range…

  8. tatsuya says:

    wait ..!! i see iron man

  9. Rakuen says:

    Episode 22 is entitled: Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies: The End.

  10. H2frost says:

    @Redjuice end card

    Pretty sad that they didn’t add Souta lmfao they even added the bad guys but not him.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I noticed that! What is up with the missing Souta? Maybe he dies in episode 22 ahahaha

  11. anaaga says:

    YUU, Y YUU EVEN THERE!? You are not necessary to make this any better. Seriously, what the hell.
    Does anybody know why Gai is being a dick? I’m sure he has a reason for his action… Right? Or does this whole resurrection shit makes him mentally unstable?
    God, I don’t even know anymore. I just want Daryl to be alive

    • Karakuri says:

      ….I think Gai’s whole reason for doing things is for Mana at this point… He kind of lost all character motivation after he died.

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