Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 10

The literature girl reads a confession from Foshizzel! And she is unable to respond…

Hooray! Time for my favorite time of the week besides my weekly mecha shows like Lagrange, Aquarion Evol and of course Gundam AGE… Anyway the past few episodes of nichibros have been rather dull, but hopefully this week is better for more comedy. Stories this week follow a few winter themes and barrage of Literature girl.

Hidenori-“Why is she here?! Screw this, I will take my chances in the woods against the bears!”

Starting this week, we join Hidenori suffering from some stomach related issues as he tries to look for a bathroom…why didn’t he just go home!? I did laugh when he saw the Literature girl and suddenly decided to turn and walk away? That probably was a great idea. Next up we join Mitsuo as he deals with a long string of bad luck from using his text book as toilet paper, slipping on a banana peel, pouring a lot of pepper into his ramen, and finally jumping into the river to “save” a kitten in a box…only to find it was a toy! Damn poor guy, had no luck at all! I guess he was somewhat right about his life being straight out of some manga, but everyone loves that Accelerator scream.

Mistsuo-“Screw this series! I rather have super powers or my demon tail.”

After that bit of funny stuff with Mitsuo, we follow Hidenori again and he notices everyone wearing jackets and realizes he never got his jacket from the strange Literature girl. He manages to find her one day and leaves her a note to return his jacket, but the following day Hidenori spots her with a classmate and she starts to chase him! Wow this girl needs to calm down…they practically run until they pass out. She does grab him by his shirt and screams at him just to tell him not to guess that she was on a date? Wow, she is cute, but seriously mentally insane.

You better run, Hidenori! SHE IS GOING TO KILL YOU!

Literature girl-“BITCH YOU CAN NOT HIDE FROM ME!”    Hidenori-“Damn your breath is bad..”

Next up Hidenori, Yoshitake and Tadakumi almost die from eating some Mochi soup. I guess they ate too much at once and nearly choked on it. So, the texture is close to a marshmellow? I haven’t had any so I have no idea. After that Hidenori goes to school and slips on some ice water, not only did he slip but Tadakuni’s little sister and the return of no luck whatsoever Mistsuo…maybe he should just stay home from now on?

Mitsuo can be really awesome when he tries…

Our next set of stories follow Motoharu learning how to ride a bike after his wallet was stolen, but it takes him all day just to learn how to ride thanks to Yoshitake and a random student. The next day Motoharu cooks food for his older sister and she finds out her little brother is a great cook! Home economics sure came in handy… His sister did punch him in the face for making such amazing food. Wow those two have a very special relationship, huh? Oh and Yoshitake and Hidenori accidently go to school on an off day, because they apparently do not own a freaking calendar… so good job, you two.

Motoharu-“I SO GOT THIS! WATCH OUT EVIL PEOPLE!”   Yoshitake-“Nope, you sir, have failed.”

Confirmed Motoharu as Hei’s twin brother from Darker Than Black.

Sister-“Why does his food taste so amazing!?”    Motoharu-“I cook with love? Maybe some drugs…but who cares.”

And finally, High school girls are funky with special guest star Toshiyuki! This time Yanagi tries to apologize for a scar he got when they were children? However he only has one request…to test Kinniku Buster on her which involves jumping from his balcony. Naturally the maneuver does not work and it knocks him out instead of Yanagi…maybe he should have practiced first?

Yanagi-“Ha! You have failed to take me out.”     Toshiyuki-“Don’t worry, I will challenge you again next week.”

Is Ikushima practicing her cat pose for next week?!

Extra daily lives of awesome.

Little sister angry! Little sister will kill anyone who looks up her skirt.

Motoharu is fueled with magical friendship powers.

Sister-“THANKS FOR THE FOOD!”          Motoharu-“You…a…are..w..welcome.”

Mission accomplished!

Oh man this was a hilarious episode! Finally I can laugh again with the cast of characters. That first bit with Hidenori suffering from some stomach problems was kind of funny or was it? I mean coming from the minds of Gintama they use a lot of freaking bathroom humor and boy do I really mean a lot…anyway I don’t really like that kind of joke in anime; however, it doesn’t really bother me much. What do you think about that sort of thing? Or would you rather they leave things like that out of this series? After that, we had freaking Mitsuo failing with a bad streak of luck! I will admit I laughed listening to him shout after saving that fake kitten.

What else happened? Oh right the best girl in the whole series! The famous Literature girl, of course! Who else could it have been? Alright, maybe Ringo! Anyway that whole scene following her chasing Hidenori around the town was very hilarious. What makes her so much fun? I guess how she overreacts to everything around her and then you hear her scream over and over again!? She does have a unique scream just like Mitsuo. At least she actually said something to Hidenori, but it was more like she was stuck in caps lock…I LOVE YOU, LITERATURE GIRL, but I might have to fight Tofu for her.

There was an actual theme this week with the whole winter season and it really worked. I think everyone watching could have guessed the whole slipping on frozen water stuffs, I think they did the same thing in Kill me baby and last year with Nichijou? Maybe…I might be off on one of those shows. Was there anything else? Not really but those bits with the winter stuff were good enough for me.


Come on an epic quest with the Literature boy.

Hidenori plays catch with his father and other crazy side adventures.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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11 Responses to “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 10”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    Literature Girl is great. She’s probably my favorite thing about this series. Let this be a lesson folks: Don’t read books; they fuel the imagination, and you never know where that could take you.

    • Foshizzel says:

      YES! I always grin like a crazy person when the Literature girl shows up in any episode! Seriously she is the best girl next to my personal fav of Ringo <3

      LOLOL Books make you crazy! Good point ;D

  2. Bob from Accounting says:

    My god, this was such a return to form. Loads of Literature Girl, the unmitigated hilarity of people fallling over (it reminded me of that bit in Nichijou with the glue), epic bike skills, epic cooking skills. The works. I couldn’t stop cracking up. Just keep this up for the last two eps, Nichibros! You can do it!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hooray! The Literature girl has lots of fans out there, you know what? That sounds perfect! I laughed at that whole glue thing on Nichijou. Fingers crossed for two episodes of amazing comedy! I can’t wait to see how things wrap up.

  3. The_Magus_Killer says:

    We finally learned Literature Girl’s name: Yassan. That’s more of a nickname rather than a real first name among Japanese girls, right?

    I thought Yassan was going to confess to/kiss Hidenori or something like that after catching him on the bridge. Instead she opted for an over-the-top “this-isn’t-what-it- looks-like/he-is-not-my-boyfriend/we-are-not-dating” rant on Hidenori. How come he has the most success out of all the NichiBros? Teach me, Master! XD

    Yanagin in a sweater and pants. She does have nice curves after all. Thank you Karasawa, for restoring my faith in the megane-ko. XD

    On Yanagin and Karasawa: besides ArchDemon!Habara, Yanagin also bullied Karasawa in their childhood days, and both Yanagin and Habara “liked” Karasawa (but Habara was the bigger bully).

    When ArchDemon!Habara gave Karasawa the scar, Yanagin joined the “ArchDemon-Pacification-Squad” so she could get revenge, and hopefully Karasawa’s forgiveness for Yanagin’s bullying of him.

    ^ I think that’s what happened

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oooooh right! Yassan I think that guy called her that? Yeah that sort of sounds more like a nickname than a real name, but hey it can work right?

      Ahahahahha yes! I would have loved that if Yassan actually did something like that. I know what you mean! Hidenori is such a boss all those girls falling for him, but one of them was his cousin lmao.

      LOL! Poor Yanagin she is great even if she is a bit mental at times. Yeah it does look like Yanagin bullied Karasawa back in the day I guess he wanted some payback xD

      Probably correct.

  4. Zyl says:

    The most cruel moment for Mitsuo-kun was when he missed the opportunity to collide with the moe moe late-for-school bread-in-mouth school girl and, thus, missed his chance for an anime character-like romance. Oh how cruel fate is haha!

    Also when Hidenori threw the shoe, I was half expecting it to land on the top of a passing truck and be lost thereafter – like Osaka’s shoe when she tried to do a divination for the next day’s weather.

    Lots of people may ship Hidenori x Literature Girl/Yassan but, from this episode, he’d rather avoid her even though he desperately needed the toilet AND after that long chase, he probably thinks she’s nuts lol

  5. tatsuya says:

    OH damn DEJAVU !!! Hei’s twin brother from Darker Than Black is back to haunt me .

  6. Kyokai says:

    They so reused the first few minutes from that Harry Potter gag episode! Anyways, finally a funny episode and this time my niece and nephew were in stitches seeing everyone either falling on their face or just plain being humiliated like on Mitsuo. xD

  7. Rakuen says:

    People slipping on ice never gets old. Once upon a time, we had it as a party quirk during a Whose Line show. It got rave reviews, right up there with people being run over by a steamroller!

    Literature Girl spoke screamed. Instant A+ material right there!

    Now if only Tadakuni could get some more screen time. Poor guy.

  8. kirayume says:

    slipping on ice is epic….xD

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