Ano Natsu de Matteru – 10

Obligatory Rinon, d’awww.

Yay, it’s time for my weekly dose of teenage dorama! Last week’s kiss was probably the biggest development so far for our star crossed lovers, but there’re still two episodes left and there’s definitely enough time for more drama.

Sleeping outside his house Kaito has a dream of last week’s lovey-dovey moments between Ichika and him, but when he awakes he finds himself swooning to Rinon. Ichika comes out soon after with a blanket which she wraps around Kaito and herself after getting a close seat next to him. She cuddles up close and tells her new boyfriend that they have Kanna to thank for their new relationship, however Kaito still worries that she’s depressed.

Kanna peeks into her panda mirror (she must really like pandas) and tells Tetsurou, who is sitting nearby, that she can’t let the others see her like that. Tetsurou comforts her nerves by telling her that he’s called everyone and told them she’s had a cold the last couple days, which she warmly thanks him for. That warmness doesn’t last much longer as she sends him out of the house. (Poor guy couldn’t even get some breakfast!) Outside he remembers the day he held her close as she cried and realizes she’s probably back to that state even now. Back in her room, Kanna cries as she tightly hugs her pillow.

In her kitchen Mio bakes a delicious looking cake as she thinks back to the day she first met Tetsurou and Kanna three years ago in school, and from the look in her younger-self’s eyes you can tell her admiration probably started from that day on. She bumps into Tetsurou on her way to deliver the cake to Kanna and he tells her that she has a cold and shouldn’t go. As to not waste the cake, she asks Tetsurou if he’d like to have some. Meanwhile at Kaito’s place the new couple snuggle up again to watch some film and are about to kiss when they realize Remon-sempai is filming from across the table. She congratulates them and pushes over a “gift” to Kaito … and by gift I mean a condom ufufufu~

I see, the love polygon has been forming for three years. -_-


Tetsurou thanks Mio for the delicious cake, but the conversation quickly gets more serious when she asks him why he ever asked Ichika to help out with the film even though he knew Kanna’s feelings towards Kaito. He tells her he did it as a favor for Kaito and didn’t think anything would actually happened between them, but instead it would bring him closer to Kanna. Then Mio asks him about his feelings for Kanna, and with wisdom behind it tells him that he shouldn’t wait around thinking something will happen between them. Lastly, she asks him about his feelings towards her and he only replies saying he doesn’t DISlike her, but that’s obviously not what she was hoping to hear. She says goodbye and heads home.

Mio stare down.

After getting out of the bath Kaito asks Ichika if she’d like to take a walk and Rinon teleports them both to a hill. He tells her he’d like to help find the special place she’s been looking for, but she tells him not to worry about it because it was mostly an excuse so that she could travel. Kaito says he wants to grant her wish, but Ichika says that being with him has already fulfilled it. In her bed, Kanna wonders if what she said to Ichika was the right thing to do and comes to the conclusion that is was because he’s happy.

Manami is curious about what’s bothering her little bro and tries to pry some information out of him, to no avail. He then mocks her for living with her parents when she runs away from her husband, but she takes it with a grain of salt and mocks his love life. After she leaves Kaito calls and says he wants to film with everyone again. Tetsurou gets angry and mentions Kanna, but Kaito thinks the film will be the best way to clear things up.

Kanna and Tetsurou meet up at a place from their youth and talk about their childhood, when they played together and even fought. As she begins to leave Tetsurou shouts out in embarrassment. He begins to reveal his true intentions behind getting Ichika into the film. He secretly hopes that if Ichika and Kaito got together Kanna would be “unbound”. In his own roundabout way he confesses to her, but she gets angry for making her emotions even more mixed up. She says she still loves Kaito and he replies that his confession shouldn’t change that. Kanna runs off and Tetsurou falls to his knees in tears. From behind Mio latches on to him and thanks him for making her want to be stronger.

It’s about time he confessed!


Kanna sprints to Kaito’s house and she relives the happiest times she’s had with him and when she arrives to his house she happily confesses her love with a grin on her face. He apologizes and says he’s in love with Ichika, but that doesn’t deter Kanna. She says she knows and thanks him for hearing her out. Ichika hears the entire thing hidden behind the wall.

They continues their filming with Remon back on her seat as director. On their way home Ichika and Kaito witness a supernatural event as a strange woman appears dressed in a similar glittering space outfit as Ichika’s. The red haired woman runs forward and hugs Ichika in despair. As it turns out, they’re sisters.

Kanna is so unpredictable sometimes …

I predict Kaito is in for some trouble.

Preview: Seems like we’ll be getting more of the mysterious alien sister! Speaking of sisters … I wonder if Nanami will ever come back?

After yet another exciting, emotionally packed episode I’m starting to feel like Ano Natsu just can’t go wrong. This week’s episode finally addressed a lot of the personal, secretive aspects of the characters and we got plenty of development for the supporting cast. While Ichika and Kaito mostly floated through in their newly romantic state, Tetsurou, Kanna, and Mio all faced some of the troubling parts of their lives and it’s only made me love them more.

Kanna was all over the place this week, at first bawling into her pillow and not too long after cheerfully confessing her love without worry and it really makes me wonder what goes on inside her head. Confessing to Kaito felt like a way for her to confront her own emotions, if she hadn’t who knows how much longer she would have spent cooped up in her room crying. Sure, Kaito can’t accept those feelings, but at least he acknowledges them … though it must make things pretty awkward.

Mio was a star this week for sure. Honestly I’m wondering why she mentioned that she wants to get stronger to Tetsurou as if she hasn’t already. Looking back at the old Mio and comparing her to the new Mio, they seem like almost completely different people. The beach episodes showed a slow transformation for her and now she can talk so confidently about her feelings and act on them rather then sitting back and waiting for things to happen, like a certain blue haired boy I’ve yet to talk about. I’m still unsure what approach she’s taking after all this new information though. She clearly hasn’t given up, but I wonder if she will take a similar approach to Kanna and support her love’s interest, or rather continue to fighting for his affection. I’m thinking she’ll go with the latter, the hug at the end was pretty forward. (Not as forward as Remon’s “gift” though …)

Tetsurou impressed me this week, FINALLY admitting to his true intentions for recruiting Ichika. I’m glad he confessed and I’m happy that his feelings are now known, but at the same time I feel bad for Mio because she must not feel like she’s good enough for him even though she has so much love to offer. Teen romances get me so worked up! (╥﹏╥)

A new character! Woo!~ Last week hinted at a new supernatural being possibly showing up, and whaddya’ know, it’s Ichika’s sister. I’m glad they’ll be putting some more conflict into their relationship because undramatic love grosses me out. (Not really though. xD) I can kind of see where it’ll be going and I’m predicting that Ichika will have to decide whether or not she’s to leave Earth. I still feel more invested in the shows other relationships, but I can’t say I’m not curious as to what she’ll decide is more important, her relationship with Kaito or her family.

And then there is the demon-loli … at least she was looking out for their health … right? -_-

Also, a quick question for anyone who’d like to answer, what do you think of my writing style? I’ve been wondering for a while now what an outside perspective thinks of it. I’ve kind of struggled over the years trying to form my own unique perspective. I’m honestly a pretty emotional person so my writing tends to reflect that, but I’m not sure if I’m heading more towards redundancy, or even generic-ness … I guess my biggest priority is trying to be informative without being boring. Anyway, goodbye for now! ;D


I enjoy watching anime, when I'm not burning toast or sleeping through college.
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17 Responses to “Ano Natsu de Matteru – 10”

  1. FirstImpulse says:

    Where did Mio spring from after Tet confessed? This anime loves to randomly spring characters out of nowhere…

    But yes, very good episode overall. Tetsuro’s koukuhaku scene was one of the best Childhood Friend Confession scenes I’ve ever witnessed. Something about how it was so roundabout and it took a second for Kanna to realise what he was saying… it seemed realistic.

    Kanna’s confession was quite energetic… but rather awkward. After she told him it seemed like a full thirty seconds before he replied just because her running up and confessing her love like that was so random to him (although I kinda saw it coming…).

    Kaito/Ichika (whenever I hear her name I think of IS!) had some very cute moments in this ep, but they didn’t seem to go anywhere… as in, they didn’t develop the characters. It just seemed like Ichika was glompin on Kaito the entire time and he wasn’t used to it. ENJOY IT ALREADY!! lol
    And then, of course, they added in one more character to stir things up. The second alien. Ichika’s peer. Probably her older sister. This had ought to be good.

    • Hawthorne says:

      I was thinking the same thing! Then again, Mio somehow ends up always being around Tetsurou, like last week when he was comforting Kanna … maybe she has a stalker side? xD

      I agree, it did feel really realistic, especially Kanna’s reaction. I’m glad he finally came out with everything he wanted to say.

      Yeah Kaito was put in a pretty awkward situation there, I was worried she might get depressed again when he denied her, but it’s nice to see she came out of it with a smile.

      Haha! Kaito probably isn’t used to all that attention … and personal contact. xD Next week will probably be better on the development side of things.

  2. skylion says:

    Mio is made of win! I had a feeling her arc would lead in this direction, the timid at first ones usually get stronger; which has the dangers of becoming cliche, if not for the strong casting and great pacing that Ano Natsu has as it’s stongest element. Well, it’s Moe is powerful no doubt.

    Kanna displays a lovely quality to to her that I always knew she had. Still my favorite character of the show. Neko Meido will always be on my mind.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Mio certainly has developped since she gave Tetsuro her confession a few episodes. She had one of her best parts in this episode. Mio proves to be the strongest individual of the group – confronting Tetsurou with her feelings once again and imploring him to do likewise with Kanna.

    • Hawthorne says:

      The moe is very strong in Ano Natsu, I just started to realize that this week. Especially with Mio. xD

      Same here! Kanna might come off a little tsundere sometimes, but she’s sweet and finally starting to be honest with her feelings, which I respect.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Normally one would call such situations a love triangle but this is a love circle!! Everyone is in love with someone else, there’s no back and forth. It just passes on to the next person like a circle.

    So many things to say about this episode!! Omg, it was soo good! So many emotions!! I laughed especially hard when Lemon handed Kaito the condom.. That came outta nowhere! I was like “Where the hell did that come from?”. And then Ichika’s sister came back to Earth at the very end… I wonder what’s in store for next week.

    This is getting serious. Kaito and Ichika are so into each other, they’re rubbing it in our faces. Thank goodness Lemon was there to interrupt the showing-off. Though how she presented them with the condom and she has a camera, I’m almost certain to say Lemon is breaking into peoples homes in hopes of getting some footage to push her movie up to that “XXX” rating.

    The way the characters appear randomly out of nowhere is kinda disturbing… It’s like they are all stalkers, friendly stalkers but stalkers nonetheless.

    Mio is the ultimate ninja stalker and she’s being very straightforward. And this week it was Tetsuro’s turn to have a crisis. Is Mio being “aggressive” to get the guy that she wants? she hints that it was a good way to get someone to feel for you , so I’m wondering if she was actually being manipulative here when she is hugging Tetsuro and trying to comfort him.

    It was about time Tetsuro stopped lying to himself and told Kanna his feelings because he looked like he was ready to pop from keeping his emotions bottled up. This is such an awesome emotional show.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Haha! Love circle is a good way to put it! (And I’m guessing Remon is right in the middle watching everyone run around. xD)

      I was laughing hard at that too, completely surprised me because I didn’t think the show would get, uhhh, “dirty”. >_< It was hilarious though.

      Remon … making pron … oh man, that could be bad! xD

      I was thinking the same, Mio has especially been stalkerish lately. I guess it just shows how concerned they are for each other, even if it's a little creepy. I see your point with Mio being manipulative, but I don't blame her! It's a pretty messy situation they're dealing with and she's just going after what she wants. Plus, I think it's a different kind of manipulative compared to Tetsurou. She's kind of upfront about it while Tetsurou was pretty secretive.

      Ah I hope there are even more emotional episodes to come!

  4. Reaper says:

    Ah, probably the best episode so far (apart from the shenanigans in Okinawa), particularly with how everyone is actually trying to deal with their feelings. Ichika and Kaito finally recognise their feelings for each other, Kanna accepts her defeat graciously and reveals her feelings in the process, whilst Tetsurou has finally revealed the true side of his feelings as Mio proceeds to glomp in for the kill… 😀 Lemon-senpai takes the cake though, ufufufufu…

    Next week, new harem member! Ichika faces her greatest challenge to keep Kaito’s heart for herself coming from her older sister from space!

    • Hawthorne says:

      Agreed! This week’s episode was awesome! “Glomp in for the kill” ahaha that’s good, and accurate! xD

      I didn’t think of her like that when I first saw her, but that would be a pretty big twist! Imagine the two sisters fighting over him? That could get dangerous.

  5. tatsuya says:

    i’m I seeing right that a condom !!
    well at least the quality was good 650×365.png LOL~~

    • Hawthorne says:

      Haha! I was worried that if I made it a smaller image people would mistake it for something else. xD

  6. Joojoobees says:

    Remon is the best. She can’t be in a scene for longer than 1 second without the win factor going off the charts!

  7. Rakuen says:

    Since no one else answered your question, this old warhorse will.

    If you have a definite opinion, you’re not generic. If you’re writing your own thoughts, you’re not redundant. People may share your perspective or sentiments at times. It happens just as much in the real world as the aniblogosphere. Don’t get bogged down in details or second-guessing yourself like me. Just keep doing your best and push to become a better writer. If you can do that, have nothing to worry about. 🙂

    • Hawthorne says:

      Ah thanks for the answer Rakuen! I get what you’re saying and from now on I won’t worry about it as much, second-guessing has always been a flaw of mine. xD I’ll keep doing my best and hopefully with some effort I’ll improve over time!

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