Ano Natsu de Matteru – 11

Of course she can expertly drive futuristic vans. What CAN’T she do?

The alien sister has arrived! She’s sure to bring lots of new surprises this week, and hopefully she’ll take the side of our red-haired heroine!

Emika is not amused.

Emika, Ichika’s alien sister, cries over seeing her loved one after such a long time of being apart. Emika tells her how worried she was about her safety, especially after she activated the emergency transmition … accidentally. Kaito butts into their conversation and to Emika’s surprise Ichika reveals that they’re dating.

Outside a nearby shop Remon arrives to find Tetsurou, Kanna, and Mio all waiting with their filming equipment. The group wonders what’s keeping Ichika and Kaito so long, so Remon instinctively sends Kanna to find out what’s going on.

“I wonder what mischief I’ll cause today …”

Back at Kaito’s place the lovebirds and the alien sister find a proper place to chat. Emika formally introduces herself and they then go on to talk about their future as a couple. She says she must bring Ichika home because she’s no longer just a castaway, but missing too. According to Federation law Ichika was never allowed to make contact with Kaito in the first place because he is a native of a Level-F planet, basically meaning they’re not developed as far as other planets, but as soon as it is Earth could join the Federation and make contact as they wish. As a result of staying, both Ichika and Kaito would be at risk, which is why Emika came to stop things before they get bad. Ichika grabs Rinon and teleports away in tears.

Walking down the street Ichika runs into Kanna, who notices she’s not wearing shoes. Ichika begins to tell Kanna that she has to leave, but Kanna isn’t having any of it. She gets angry and questions why she would ever want to leave the person she loves. Kanna runs off crying.

It’s nice to see Kaito putting his foot down, or I guess hand in this case.

Kanna, always there for her rival. <3

Emika and Kaito have a little chat, now outside, about their planets and Ichika. Emika says that nature doesn’t really exist any longer on their planet because of the advances in technology. The vision Ichika has of the lake might just be a picture planted in her mind, just like Emika, but it may still exist. Kaito eventually leaves saddened, but later on Remon approaches Emika already knowing who she is.

Back in front of the store Mio and Tetsurou do a bit of flirting until Kanna arrives to tell them to go home. Their conversation soon comes back to Ichika and that she’ll soon have to leave. They all worry over Kaito, especially Kanna.

Ichika and Kaito have a cute supportive talk outside his house when suddenly Ichika tries to leave for good by teleporting. Thankfully Mio and Tetsurou arrive and manage to stop Rinon by covering his mouth. Kanna then shows up and uses the excuse that Ichika can’t leave because they have to finish the movie. Altogether the group shows their support for Ichika, and Kaito even tells her he loves her. A little hesitant Ichika smiles, and they all decide to fight against the “enemy” so that she can stay. Remon then appears with good news.

Remon tells the group there’s a slim chance Ichika could stay, and then asks her if it’s possible aliens have visited Earth in the past. Rinon teleports Tetsurou and Kaito to do some snooping around some official looking place where they grab some files. The special location inside Emika’s and Ichika’s mind might be hold a mechanism that prevents them from detecting it with their own technologies. They decide to compare Ichika’s notes with the notes of humans from Earth. This is all thanks, of course, to Emika who is now floating above Earth in a spacecraft.

The group works together piecing together the information they have to find the location before the search teams arrive. Tetsurou and Kaito take the night shift, and during this time Tetsurou tells him all about his confession and Mio’s confession. Later on the girls pick up the work as the boys go to sleep and in the end Mio finds the hidden location. Emika suddenly alerts them of approaching search teams, so Rinon attempts to teleport the group to the location. Unfortunately the search teams have deactivated the use of the linkage fields.

THAT is a “rental”?

Mio’s win face. :3

Remon arrives at the perfect time with a … van and tells them all to get in. On the road Remon gives Ichika a special blanket from Emika to hide her signal, and also shows the group some devices that give off a fake signal that appears like Ichika when activated. A pod appears over head and tries to attack the van, however Tetsurou agrees to take the initiative along with Mio. Together they ride out of the van on a scooter and activate one of the signals. Tetsurou also subtly asks Mio on a date, he has his ways.

Another pod appears and this time Kanna goes out on foot. She manages to distract the pod while running. Remon hands Kaito a camera to film everything when once again a pod attacked the van. Remon activates a special mechanical device on the van the throws the pod off into the distance. Unfortunately they hit a hidden pod on the road, causing the van to tip over.

OTP forever. <3

Even though she crashed, I’m proud of her. T-T

Preview: The conclusion to the unforgettable Summer is on its way!

I regret ever thinking many weeks back that Ano Natsu was a bit disappointing, episodes like this are what make watching anime so worth it. I’ve had a bit of a busy week so finding time to watch was hard, but when I did eventually get the chance I was amazed at how different this episode felt to the others. That’s mostly thanks to the bigger focus on the “alien” aspect of the show with Emika’s arrival. It felt much faster paced then previous episodes with a lot less focus on the side cast and some great moments for Ichika and Kai.

Yui Horie was perfect as Emika, I’m completely bias though because I love her voice work, she can fit so many different personalities so well from the soft spoken Tsubasa to the energetic Minorin, okay I’ll cool it down on the fanboying now! Emika is a wonderful addition to the cast bringing a lot of new conflict into the story regarding Ichika’s home planet and the “Federation”. I’ve always been hoping for a bit more development on that side of things since the whole “alien” concept interests me and thankfully Emika’s explanations didn’t feel like a bunch of pointless/boring exposition, though I guess that depends on how much you like that aspect of the story. xD I for one was very attentive, I love when space and other worlds are involved in anime.

My opinion of Ichika sort of fluctuated this week between happiness and pity, sometimes I just wish she would open her eyes more and see how much of an affect she has on everybody. She did this week towards the end thanks to her friends, and that made me smile. Kanna seems to be Ichika’s major support, heck without her Kaito and Ichika might not have even gotten together. Supportive rivals are the best! (Even though I still feel a bit upset for Kanna.) Even though they didn’t have as much screen time as usual, Mio and Tetsurou finally seem to be solidifying their relationship. Tetsurou asking Mio on a “date” was the first step, now all that we can hope for is that they bring each other happiness.

Remon was an oddball this week, as usual. Just from reading forums a lot of people seem to think Remon is actually a character from Onegai Teacher who didn’t age, or something. I actually plan on watching the show and making a follow-up post, so for now I can’t agree/disagree, but it’s an interesting proposal. She knew who Emika was right away which is alarming, and she can manage all those futuristic devices with ease. She just throws me off all the time and I wonder if we’ll get a proper explanation in the finale.

I’m both really excited and somewhat sad that next will be the end of the show, it’s been a great experience blogging it and a wonder to watch! ^^


I enjoy watching anime, when I'm not burning toast or sleeping through college.
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14 Responses to “Ano Natsu de Matteru – 11”

  1. skylion says:

    Good review Hawt, thank you for posting it. Being busy can sometimes suck, be I appreciate your efforts.

    You’ve pretty much covered all my thoughts very well. All I can add, or over add in this case: Remon, you hot hot hot character, you. I vocally and physically cheered every single moment she had in the show. I want to grow up and marry her (I have a feeling she might be older than me, and I’m pretty old).

    Also, why oh why must this show end so soon. Ah well, the best ones do this sort of thing. They tell the story they set out to tell, and then bow gracefully.

    • Hawthorne says:

      That it can, but that’s mostly out of the way now thankfully!

      Remon as a wife? Haha that sounds dangerous, what with all the alien technology and spiked lemonade she has power over! XD

      Ah I feel the same, it seems like only yesterday that I watched the first episode. It’s gone by fast, but I have plans for some extra Meta stuff once it’s over!

  2. Joojoobees says:

    I have no idea who or what Remon is, but she gave every episode some special Remon moment. One of the greatest characters of the season.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Completely agree! It’s been a blast watching her move the story along with her “film”, I’m going to miss her once it’s all over. D:

  3. Reaper says:

    That van came straight out of Railgun; I swear, only they would have that much tech hidden inside such a deceptive vehicle…now, if only it could fly…
    Nothing gets the job done than your sister pinching cheeks and Lemon’s mischief to get the ball rolling (I swear, Lemon must always say something like ‘Mischief Managed’ at the end of each day…)
    And yes, that ship…if I had an interstellar spacecraft like that, I wouldn’t call it a rental…though, their lifeboats do look like Pokemon…argh, next ep get here already! You may be the last but you’ll be the damned most wanted! 😀

    • Hawthorne says:

      Flying really would have helped them! XD One things for sure, she’s a scary driver!

      Knowing Lemon I wouldn’t doubt that! She probably gets so much joy from causing all that trouble … but at least it usually helps people in some way. ^^

      When they first appeared a couple weeks back I thought the same! They remind me of the Regi- Pokemon for some reason. -_-

  4. Bob from Accounting says:

    Having ignored it for so long, I started watching and then caught up on this show this week. And I must declare that it is bloody great. I’m glad I caught up in time to watch the finale when it comes out. After that I guess it’s just a matter of sitting down and waiting for Remon to take over the world…

    • Hawthorne says:

      I’m glad you decided to pick it back up, and also that you’re enjoying it! A world ruled by Remon would never get boring. XD

  5. Rakuen says:

    Remon can predict and react to everything flawlessly, but can she see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch!?

    So the Federation is supposed to be an advanced culture, eh? Then why do their rescue bots react with such violence against a race who couldn’t challenge them in a hundred years? I’m not sure I’d want to be leave the Earth either.

    • Hawthorne says:

      I don’t think anyone will ever be able to solve that mystery. 😀

      Good point, Ichika must be pretty important back on her planet for them to go to such lengths! The whole Federation thing does sound kind of sketchy anyway, or maybe I’m just mad we’re only Level F. -_-

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Warning: This episode contains sequences of tension, emotion, heartbreak, humor and random car chases.

    No matter how much it hurts, no matter how much it lessens the chance of them being with their beloved, these six friends always do what is best for one another. If nothing else, I think that’s why this show is amazing. Friendship, through thick and thin, no matter how weak or hopeless each of them are alone.

    Poor Kanna. It’s always rough to see her encourage eveyone and she’s suffering for it while putting up a front. I just can’t help but feel a little heartache for her.

    Props to Tetsuro for finally deciding to go out with Mio. Is Tetsuro turning towards Mio?

    Who is Lemon? She convinced Ichika’s sister where others couldn’t, she somehow obtained alien technology, she suddenly has a driver’s license and her van is tricked out. A total mystery.

    • Rakuen says:

      Lemon doesn’t have just a driver’s license. She has most licenses. Of course it only adds to the mystery. For all we know most could mean most in the universe.

  7. anaaga says:


    Tetsurou x Mio FTW!

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