Rinne no Lagrange – 07

Kneecaps yo! Where is Junichi? I am sure he would enjoy this.

Lagrange~ Lagrange~! Something big happened last episode, so will we get explanations this week? I don’t know, but I’m excited that things are actually happening!
Lagrange, why you went serious mode last week?! I was so used to the happy go lucky ways with Madoka charging in swinging her fists? Still Muginami coming off as a bad guy was interesting and seeing an emotional side to Madoka? Also a shocker! Anyway what does this episode have in store for us this week? Time to find out. Plot follows Muginami flashbacks and friendship building through bath time!

Don’t you want to visit this planet? You can make snowmen on the beach…

Starting off this week, we take a time machine trip to Muginami’s past when she first met up with Villagiulio washed up on a beach. Muginami’s past is not as cute as Lan’s because she was basically dirt poor living on the streets and pretty much starving. Not to mention her home planet was stuck in winter mode forever, but when she met Villagiulio they become very close and quite attached to each other.

Villagiulio-“Oh yes, feed please me, loli girl…”                   Muginami-“At least I wasn’t a zombie…”

Muginami-“We meet again, my greatest rival, apple-chan…prepare to be turned into a cute bunny.”

Back to the present, Muginami wanders around the area after leaving the hospital. She’s stuck in I AM SO DEPRESSED RIGHT NOW MODE so much that she just can’t help but feel sorry for herself. Meanwhile, Madoka and Lan do some awesome school stuff, like catching eels in the school swimming pool?! Yes, the cooking club used their pool for the eels to swim around in. Oh cooking club, you just helped make a great fan-service scene that everyone wanted! Or did they? At least it wasn’t a giant space squid. Wait they probably have something like that saved somewhere.

Madoka-“EEhhh!? I have to do WHAT with this… Damn you, nasty teacher!”            Lan-“Your mind is scary, Madoka.”

Eel-“Excuse me! I must check for something, de geso!”               Student-“I squidding feel so violated!”

After clearing the pool of nasty eels, Madoka runs back to the jersey club room to change her clothes. There, she runs into Muginami sitting in the room and before she can say sorry, she sneezes and we enter into the required bath scene where the girls share a skin-ship hug; sadly without Lan. D’awww, naked hug, while taking a bath together…. Shortly after that yuri filled bath scene, Muginami packs her stuff and tries to leave during the night; however, Lan spots and convinces her to stay because Madoka and Lan think of her as family. After calming Muginami down, the three girls strip and decide to take a swim in the ocean naked together aka “bath time” for all of them. Looks like Madoka is going to need a bigger bathroom soon…

Friendship is so powerful and dramatic.

Muginami-“I just got something in my eye.”     Lan-“Well, maybe I can cheer you up…”      Madoka-“Oh? How Lan?!”

Lan-“Use me, Muginami!”                   Muginami-“Where have I heard that line before…”

Lan-“What are you pointing at?”                       Madoka-“The cameras that will photograph our bath.”

Muginami tries to become a whale this week.

The episode ends with Muginami, Lan and Madoka wearing new waitress uniforms. The three girls quickly run off to school with toast in their mouths. Yes, triple running late to school with toast in mouth… at last my life is complete.

All the toast in the universe.jpeg

Extra Madoka Action!

Madoka-“This is the bread that will pierce the heavens! or my stomach!”

Apples in SPACE!!!

Lots of eel service this week…

Muginami and Lan are bonding! Isn’t that cute?

End thoughts

Aaaaaa! Was Muginami ever cute as a child! I mean, she’s adorable now too, but maybe what OC said about things being cuter when they’re suffering has more truth to it than I thought… ANYWAYS, yeah! Backstory! If I didn’t love Villa before, I definitely love him now. That backstory is just so adorable. Now if only we knew why he’s suddenly acting like an asshat to Mugi now since he obviously cared about her before. AND WHERE WERE MY SPACE BISHIES? I miss them… Plus we still have next to no idea what happened to the blonde one.

Madoka got back on her feet fairly quickly, but I guess that’s what makes her moe. I’m rather glad that Muginami and Lan are on better terms now. I had no doubts that Madoka and Muginami would make up, but I don’t think I could have watched Lan watch the two of the painfully from the sidelines for much more. On a side note, I noticed last episode that those 3 chairs represent the 3 girls. While it’s not as cute or noticeable as penguins, I appreciate the symbolism. What I REALLY wish was that they had gone into wtf happened last episode with the flowers and the flashing lights, but it doesn’t look like the writers want to reveal too much about that yet. They’re too busy having the characters take spontaneous baths.

…Yeah, it’s official. The writers of this show are perverts. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anime characters that okay with swimming in the ocean naked before. Not to say that I’m not happy that the girls are finally getting along, but couldn’t they have taken a normal bath with normal fanservice? Why the ocean? In public. For the world to see. Hell, a couple of episodes ago, the ocean base or wherever they work for obviously has cameras everywhere. WHY DOES NOBODY THINK THESE THINGS THROUGH? I don’t know if this fanservice is original or just strange. As for the whole eel thing, I don’t think I’ve seen that since Koihime Mousou and that’s not exactly a show I want to remember watching. In any case, the chairs are upright and I have no idea where the storyline will go from here! Yay?

Interesting episode this week, following that depressing backstory for Muginami. Damn that was really sad to see, but just like Kara said she was really cute back then. From her first meeting with Villagiulio, I can see why she is so attached to him and why they share a sibling relationship. It is also interesting to learn he was a prince?! That time Madoka had the best EHHHHH reaction ever. I almost did the same thing… And sorry, Kara, space bishies are away fixing their fantastic hair along with Array who is still mysteriously missing? WHERE ARE YOU BLONDIE?! Maybe he went back to his planet because he is too good for this anime right now?

I know I forgot to mention Moid’s little talk with the commander, but first just what the hell was he eating? I saw fruit, ice cream and coffee. I wonder if his race craves lots and lots of sweet things to eat, I mean Villagiulio did love that energy drink. Then again Lan got really sick from it. Anyway I guess they can’t really keep Muginami captive forever because of some space treaty. Ah well, I want Muginami to join the other two girls and have giant robot fights. Sadly I think it might be a while before the girls fight those alien bishies again.

Now for the fan service bits, like the eels in the swimming pool? The last time I saw something like that was in the second season of Mai Hime…well that was more like invisible slime creatures… Next up, the bath scene between Madoka and Muginami sharing a hug together…that was kind of random, but wait there is more! Stripping and running into the ocean together? I guess they were lucky, it was dark outside. Anyway those fanservice moments weren’t that bad, at least they were not murdered by sunbeam-chan or in this case moon beam-chan. Plot wise I can see where things are going as in war between Le Garite and De Metrio. I can’t wait to see the progress because I know they are going to stop around episode twelve and take a break before continuing the series. I bet we have some space travel in the future for Rinne no Lagrange. Fun side note, Mouretsu Pirates just ended episode seven with a princess arriving and now there is one arriving in Lagrange as well? Hooray, for random princess characters.


Muginami-“Wow! Do I get my own figure too?”                   Lan-“Do want.”

A trip to Sea World and who is this mystery princess character? Find out next week!


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5 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 07”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    More love to Muginami thanks to seeing her tragic past. A flashback showing us the extent and origin of her relationship with a young Villagiulio. Now I’m more confused about Villagiulio. What made him turn out to be so cold? Even Lan was disappointed in his personality change.

    Someone doesn’t have their head on their shoulders. What idiot would possibly think dumping eels into a school’s pool would preserve them. Once again, Lan seems to be the oddball when it comes to school tasks. Seeing her covered in eels provokes perverted thoughts (tentacle rape-like display).

    LOL. Rinne no Langrange Public Indecency. The writers are trying a new idea – delivering an indecent display of public bishoujo bathing to keep viewers intrigued. And it seems to be working. I’ve never seen anime characters that okay with swimming in the ocean naked before either. I guess they thought it was okay because they had the beach to themselves and they did it to prove their relationship now holds no animosity. And three of them are girls. If that’s not yuri, then I don’t know what is. Then again, there was the Kore wa Zombie bath scene with Yuu, Sera and Haruna that had similar fanservice.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! More love for Muginami this week! Her past is soooo sad and depressing and it shows why she is so attached to Villagiulio and looks towards him as a “brother” type. Yeah I want to figure out why he changed! I have a feeling it is some war related thing.

      Ahahahah yea dropping eels in the pool seems like a terrible idea! Poor Lan she does not fit in well at school…she is like these earthlings are strange people LOL Yeahhhh I was waiting for a giant squid or something to appear.

      Hooray swimming in the nude! I still laughed at that whole scene like seriously girls? Ah well they are just having fun. Yeah Kore wa zombie had a few scenes like that! Season two should have moarrrr.

      • BlackBriar says:

        What I like about this anime the most is that all three girls are likeable in their own way. Madoka’s upbeat and optimistic; Lan is shy, reserved, straightlaced and is particularly jealous towards Muginami; And Muginami, she is actually sharp and perceptive, particularly concerning the memoria on Madoka and Lan’s bodies.

        Yeah, poor Lan. She is not used to earth culture and often picks up terms from the strangest sources. I bet a lot of people were imagining things with all those eels on her.

        LOL. They all went into the ocean so casually. I guess they didn’t stop and consider someone with a camera might walk along. I would have been bad if it did or worse, the perverted OH MA SHOE, Issei Hyōudō could have been watching. Anyway, what harm can a little beach bath between girls cause?

        Yeah, I can wait for season 2. Speaking of which, you’re not going to believe the title: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Of the Dead. LOL. When I saw that, I was thinking “Is this some kind of parody for HoTD?”.

  2. HannoX says:

    Possible spoiler alert!

    I suspect Villagiullio is not the heel he seems. I think he believes he’s on a path that will end badly and doesn’t want to drag Muginami down with him. He also wants her to have a chance to be friends with Madoka and Lan and knows that can never happen as long as she stays with him. Thus, he pushes her away and says the cruel things he did in order to break her emotional attachment to him.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I can see that happening Villagiulio leaving Muginami behind so she can enjoy life! And make friends, even thou it was quite harsh he did it out of love xD

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