Rinne no Lagrange – 05

Maru! Maru! Maru all over the place this episode.

Surprisingly enough, I think Lagrange has become the anime I look forward to the most every week and I can’t even explain why. Maybe because I can’t figure out what it’s about…? Ahaha anyways, your thoughts, Fosh?
Yes! I agree with you Kara, each week there seems to be something exciting happening with each passing episode of Rinne no Lagrange. I always get hyped up with each episode release, maybe it is all the aliens and giant robots? Anyway time to get this review up and running.

Plot follows Lan investigating Muginami’s background as she finally learns the truth of why she is on earth, but her mysterious brother arrives to stir up some drama among the three girls.


Starting things this week we take a trip to the past and visit loli-Lan as she talks to a strange redhead who looks like Takuto from Star Driver. Apparently he was a body guard of Lan, I think? During this flashback Lan says something about hating war after she sees a huge fleet of ships passing in the sky. After which, the normal sized Lan wakes up from her dream/nightmare and has breakfast with Madoka and Muginami, who cooked the food just to make her actually open up to them. Lan on the other hand really wants no part of Muginami’s kindness as she still has some trust issues to work out. After all she is trying to steal away her waifu.

Say it with me..loli-Lan! YOU ARE SO CUTEEEOOOO!!

Lan-“Whoa…that is the last time I watch Inception before bed time.”

After that awkward breakfast, the girls head to school and why doesn’t Muginami have a school uniform? I guess they don’t come in OH MY GOD Busty blond girl size? Anyway, Lan works with Moid to research more information on Muginami’s past, however they seem to be unable to dig up any dirt on her. They should call the MIB! Seriously they know everything about aliens…right?? After hanging up with Moid on her super cool computer, Lan tries to “play” baseball and she fails at using the bat correctly. Maybe on her planet that’s how you play baseball? Shortly after the sport fun, Lan tries to talk to Madoka just to warn her to stay away from Muginami because she is evil and dangerous. Madoka just shrugs it off thinking that Lan is just over acting about the new girl.

Lan will get the MVP for having the most Moe stats.

Madoka gets a new club room and she heads home leaving Lan and Muginami alone to clean up, but Lan uses their alone time to ask Muginami some serious questions. Though, Lan is stunned after she learns Muginami is working for the other team, as in Array, Izo and Kirius as a spy…and there is a strange man she calls brother on earth. Lan is left confused because Muginami is just on earth having a good old time and to steal the last Vox machine for her brother. In the meantime, Madoka spots her uncle knocking a few drinks back with Villagiulio aka Anti-Kotetsu and she spoils their fun chasing her uncle away… Awwwww Madoka doesn’t want her uncle to talk to strangers.

Girl world problems  are less important than Guy world problems this week.

Madoka-“Why did you start this drinking party without me?!”

Villagiulio-“Well hello there little girl…”                     Madoka-“Eww you are too old to pick me up…”

Muginami-“I just want to have fun with the humans.”          Lan-“No! You can’t take my waifu away.”

Madoka has a short chat with Villagiulio and he follows her to the restaurant to grab some food and he meets Muginami, who quickly shouts BROTHER and hugs him. The two of them are not blood related. He looks way too old to be a brother… Seriously he looked more like her father-type than a brother. Lan finally arrives and stares in shock because she knows Villagiulio. So, was he her bodyguard from long ago? I think so… This random encounter starts to get really strange after Madoka starts to ask Muginami a few questions and she learns that Lan was telling the truth all along about Muginami being evil.

Muginami loves her brother sooooooooooo much! Lucky guy…

Muginami-“Huh? Being a human is a piece of cake, seriously.”                      Madoka-“EHHHHHHHH!?”

While Madoka grills Muginami with question after question, she gets bored, grabs Villagiulio’s arm and asks him to take her home. However, Villagiulio starts to get annoyed by her constant rambling and he begins to get serious after he grabs Muginami by her face. Apparently she just assumed she was part of his team of alien bishes, but Villagiulio tells her she was never with them in the first place and she basically stole the Vox machine for herself. She quickly responds with a simple, “No, it was all for you, brother.” Villagiulio drops Muginami and prepares to leave after Madoka’s uncle orders him to leave.

Muginami-“These girls are boring! Let’s go home, brother.”          Villagiulio-“Not until I get some cake.”

Villagiulio-“What part of I DON’T LIKE YOU, do you not understand?”               Muginami-“……”

Before Villagiulio leaves in his giant robot, he tells Lan to pass a message along to Moid. Basically they must destroy the three Vox machines by morning or he will destroy the base and he quickly makes his exit with Madoka watching… Villagiulio did make a strange comment while he looked at Madoka, she reminds him of someone named Yurikano…I wonder if Madoka is a reincarnation of a past sibling or more like a long lost lover? Not really sure…


Extra alien adventures

Villagiulio-“Any second now the girls will come rushing to me…Yep…any second.”

Madoka-“Why are people worshiping me?”         Villagiulio-“I no think good right now.”

Don’t you just hate those invisible banana peels?

I love you, Muginami! Even though you are an evil alien…

Villagiulio’s mecha is powered by strawberry milk!

End thoughts

The lesson for this week? Baseball=friendship! PFFT AHAHAHAHAHA oh wow, Muginami. What a place to have your Memoria (plus I assume that’s where the robot ‘poked’ her, as she put it). Did the writers just put that there just to give an excuse to zoom in on her crotch? I have no words. I’m also confused by the events of the episode. So Muginami considered herself their enemy, Lan considered her an enemy, but Vegell… Vigell… Vigill- SCREW IT, Anti-Kotetsu doesn’t think that Muginami is part of his organization, Kiss (btw, I immediately thought of the rock band and lolled). What the hell is going on here? Well at least Madoka knows who Mugi really is now. I’m just surprised that Madoka is taking the matter seriously. I wasn’t even aware that the girl COULD get serious.

So until he picked up Mugi by the face, Anti-Kotetsu (yeah, that’s his name until I can figure out his real one) was actually an okay guy. I mean, you can’t go wrong with a fashion sense like that (plus he’s voiced by Nakamura Yuuichi). I didn’t like the fact that Madoka was a bitch to him for no real reason other than he was drinking with her uncle, but I guess her bad guy senses were tingling. Funny, because they didn’t go off for Mugi. Maybe she just doesn’t like ossans. Oh well. Personally, I’m still trying to figure out how the guy from Lan’s flashback grew up to look exactly like Wild Tiger.

Being Muginami is suffering. First the robot incident and now she’s been rejected by her onii-chan. …Am I supposed to be feeling sorry for her? We all knew from the start that Mugi wasn’t the nice girl she pretended to be and this episode, she basically said that “yeah, we’re going to kill each other eventually, but I’m having fun now so it’s alright.” Maybe she didn’t deserve to be abused like that, but someone needed to set the girl straight. I still like her character the most, but there’s a limit to how carefree one can be. Even Madoka was serious. Anyways, next episode looks like the one where the 3 unite and become friends and whatnot, so I’m looking forward to it!

Agreed, Kara, friendship is baseball… HOORAY FRIENDSHIP THROUGH SPORTS! Every anime needs– no wait they MUST have baseball… Anyway the truth behind Muginami was really interesting, but boy did I call it? SHE IS EVIL! However I sort of feel so strange about her now. When she had that chat with Lan it really made one thing perfectly clear just the fact that Muginami is there on earth to have fun. We really have no idea what type of childhood she really had…compared to Lan who we can now assume is of royality thanks to her flashback at the start of the episode. There are more questions based on those scenes too. Like, who was that redhead? What war was Lan talking about? And who owned those warships? I can only guess they are similar to Array, Izo and Kirirus?

Now for Villagiulio or as Kara said Anti-Kotetsu, watching that guy sort of made me remember some of Izaya from Durarara… Maybe the jacket? But he was sort of just hanging out with Madoka’s uncle. Maybe he is interested in humans as I was waiting for the Izaya quote about loving humans; sadly no such luck. One thing is clear though, DO NOT CALL HIM BROTHER! Seriously when he grabbed Muginami, half of me was like OH SNAP! SOMETHING IS GOING DOWN! And the other half started to feel bad for the girl…she had the face expression of someone learning their dog just died. Their short talk revealed a lot about Muginami as in her assuming she was doing the work of her brother and become one of Villagiulio friends? YEAH RIGHT…YOU GOT PLAYED GIRL!

Being Muginami is suffering…agreed there Kara, that poor girl… maybe she will get a special friendship hug from Madoka? After all, I just can’t picture Madoka staying mad at Muginami forever. Speaking of Madoka I did enjoy how she got emotional about Muginami’s short talk about how she had fun just going to school with them and doing all kinds of things and how it was so easy…Madoka had the right reaction towards Muginami. So what happens next? Will Madoka forgive Muginami for lying to her and will they become a team and take down Villagiulio?! BY GOD I HOPE SO! Someone needs to kick his ass.


Villagiulio-“With these giant USB ships I will upload tons of anime!”

Madoka and Lan prepare to take on Villagiulio! Will Muginami help out? Find out next week!


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42 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 05”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Villagiulio-”With these giant USB ships I will upload tons of anime!”

    LOL! Also, the Anti-Kotetsu wants me to catch up to Lagrange. Persuade me that this is a good idea…

    • Karakuri says:

      As anaaga states almost every episode, there are space bishies with homolust. Lol I think that’s a good enough reason to catch up.

    • Foshizzel says:

      HELL YA! Anti-Kotetsu is funnnnnn! DO IT KYO! <3

    • BlackBriar says:

      There’s a lot of stuff about this anime that’s likeable.

      Kyo, this is a good idea and I persuade you to follow Rinne no Lagrange. It’s totally worth it. Like Fosh said: DO IT!!

    • skylion says:

      If nothing else, think of this as some pretty good mecha that is bookended by some pretty awesome J-POP (the OP and ED).

      As you can see below, I was going to drop this show mid-way thru this episode. But I kept going, and had a suprising
      reward at the end.

  2. Bob from Accounting says:

    Madoka’s Memoria is on her rear. Lan’s is on her chest. Muginami’s is on her crotch. I guess slumbering super-weapons are perverts by default in this show.

    Anyway, there’s a lot of Villagiulio (or whatever) hate here? Have you not considered that the fact that only went into dick-mode after Muginami stated that wished that she could remain with Madoka and Lan and the only thing preventing that was her loyalty to her ‘brother’. He seemed pretty pleased to see her before that. Looking at things that way, perhaps he is a nice big brother after all, being willing to sacrifice the use of a powerful weapon for the sake of Muginami’s happiness and wellbeing? The slightly regretful look on his face as walked away pretty much clinches it for me. He is only play-acting at bastardness!

    Oh, and it’s always an old storeroom, isn’t it? ALWAYS.

    • skylion says:

      I heard they had to kick this karuta club out….

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahahaha right? I just hope that this doesn’t turn into an “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” type of thing.

      No! I don’t hate the guy at all! Hell, I would like him even if he was a complete asshat like he acted at the end of the episode. I considered that he was play-acting as well, but I wasn’t sure what the trigger for it was. Plus that seems like it would be cliche. Either way, he doesn’t seem like standard villain material (minus Madoka’s unearned antagonism) and that last part was really the only villainous thing he’s done thus far.

      Yep, the storeroom. Where else are they going to put in a last minute club that no one wants to join?

    • Foshizzel says:

      All three combine make one amazing girl! Woooo hoooo!!

      Hate for Villagiulio? NO WAY!! He is awesome, true he was rather harsh to Muginami! But I can see her getting some revenge soon…after all Villagiulio threw her under the bus and pretty much left her there.


  3. Ying says:

    I wish Muginami would have stayed a villain. It would have made the show more interesting if one of the three of them was bad. As it stands I’m going to drop this. I don’t like any of the characters except the bishies and Madoka’s sister, and they aren’t enough reason for me to keep watching this.

    Oh but I agree with Bob about Anti-kotetsu not wanting to have done what he did to Muginami. The way he looed at her as he was leaving clinched that for me

    • Karakuri says:

      Agreed that it would have been more interesting with Muginami as a villain. But I guess the three have to work together in order to get the whole destroying the world prophecy thing into play.

      If the whole thing was an act, I really want to know what his motives were behind it.

      • Bob from Accounting says:

        His motives were pretty obvious, I thought. He identified that Muginami could be happier amongst good friends her age (after all, didn’t Muginami state that she’s never been so happy and she wished she could stay with them forever?) than with his band space baddies. He didn’t want to hold her back from what’s best for her, even if it gives him a disadvantage in the war.

        That, or he’s planting her within the group so that he can turn into a REAL bastard later and emotionally manipulate her into betraying them. IT COULD GO EITHER WAY.

        • Foshizzel says:

          True! That is a good point, after he heard her say she wanted to stay with that way of life forever that probably sealed her fate…he can’t really have her feeling soft on the humans in a battle!

          Agreed, sort of keep her around as a possible mole/spy? Wait for the right moment to say something like on second thought…Muginami! I DO NEED YOU! Lolol

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I sort of liked that darker side to Muginami…that was a great reveal when she talked to Lan like that! Sadly I think she will become friends with Madoka and Lan. Maybe not right away! But she is in for some revenge next week?

      Awww dropping it? Ah well do stop by and check the reviews! Or wait for the final wrap up in a few seasons?

      Right! He did glance back to her before he escaped in his mecha…I wonder if that was all an act? If so dammmnn that is some impressive acting skills.

      • Ying says:

        I am planning on continuing to read the reviews, and if I like where things are going then I’ll probably pick it up again

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Lan needs to be out in the sun more often and work on a tan. She’s deathly pale skinned, especially with her flashback as a child.

    Muginami always wearing that cheerful smile was beginning to get creepy and it was reminding me of Mirai Nikki’s Yuno. I knew her kind and cute act was too good to be true but I suddenly felt sorry for her when she found out she was just used and betrayed. Someone needs to take Villagiulio down a few notches. Are we always that soft hearted whenever that happens to some of the “bad guys”?

    Nice. What were the animators and storyboard staff thinking when they decided where the Memorias for the girls were going to be placed? If that’s not perversion, then I don’t know what is.

    Space trends are in this season. First, Moretsu Pirates bring out sword-like space ships and now Rinne no Lagrange has giant USB ships. That’s why I love anime so much: There’s a lot of imagination and it serves as a temporary escape from reality.

    • Karakuri says:

      Holy crap, I never noticed that before. Ahaha she IS really pale. Then again, what anime character out there isn’t pale? -looks at Anti-Kotetsu- er, nevermind.

      Muginami had so much potential as a villain, but it looks like they won’t be going down that route (maybe she’ll betray them in later episodes?). I didn’t really feel remorse for her during that scene, but more shock towards the sudden attitude change in Villagiulio (YEAH! I GOT IT THIS TIME!) . He gave no indication that he could even act that way before.

      Ahahahahaha…ha. Fanservice.

      I’m sure Fosh is loving all of the spaaaaace. Plus aren’t Ano Natsu and Aquarion within this space theme too? (I’m not following either of them, so I’m not sure)

      • BlackBriar says:

        If you ask me about Lan, it’s either she’s always in an ice cold place or she abnormally has low body temperature to explain her pale white skin. And that’s saying something because she’s paler than any other anime I’ve seen.

        I see Muginami as more of a troublemaker rather than villain. I’d have a change of opinion if she turns out to be a vicious yandere. But I still feel sorry for her. She might become Madoka’s true friend once she gets her act together. By the way, congratulations on getting Villagiulio’s into memory. I, myself, sometimes have trouble pronouncing it.

        Hahahaha, true. That’s the fiercest fanservice I’ve seen. I was thinking “Since when did this become a hentai?”

        Oh yeah, I forgot about Ano Natsu having space themes. Space and yuri are ruling this season unchallenged. I don’t plan on following Aquarion though as I haven’t even seen the first season.

        • Karakuri says:

          Well, either that or it’s because she’s an alien princess. She is much paler than any other character… Maybe there’s an explanation for it?

          Yeah, I guess she’s more of a troublemaker, but I would have loved her even more as a vicious yandere. Who knows. Ahaha I’m just going to call him Villa. It’s much easier to remember/pronounce.

          Ahahaha this has huge potential to be a hentai with the placement of those Memoria. I wonder if they even serve a purpose other than fanservice and to state “yeah, I have a fabulous colour coordinated robot that’s going to destroy everything one day”.

          Neither have I (Aquarion). I plan on watching them eventually, but maybe I’ll space it out. I’m not really in the mood for a giant galactic yurifest xD.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! TAN LAN…awesome we made a great pun! Then again she is a princess xD

      Muginami’s grin = HOLY CRAP! SO AWESOME…yes much like Mairai Nikki or Fear from c3 when she goes yandere mode >.> Yes I knew all along that something was different about her, I hope Madoka knocks Villagiulio’s teeth out next week ahahaha

      Hmmmm lots of random things indeed…I have no idea what they were thinking…

      The power of imagination is powerful in Lagrange and Mouretsu…and those ships? The designs are so hilarious xD

      • BlackBriar says:

        LOL, TAN LAN! Nice pun there, Fosh. Since Lan is a alien princess, maybe she has ice in her blood. You never know what aliens have in their DNA. Her skin makes her look as cold as ice.

        Yeah, her grin. Everytime I see it, I think she was going to do something unpredictable. True, I forgot about Fear from C³. And the way she talks about things. A little more practice and she might become manipulative. Here’s to hoping Madoka beats the crap out of Villagiulio next week.

        I wonder if the girls don’t feel embarressed having their Memorias in such places. Though Muginami doesn’t seem to have a problem since she tried to show it off. She could be a big time M.

        For Moretsu and Lagrange, they probably have a lot of space ship designs left.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Now I want a Lan tan…seriously! And I live in Florida…

          YES! Yandere Muginami would work quite well if she got attached to Madoka like that…And yes! Madoka will wipe the floor with Villagiulio next week <3

          Yeah I can't really see Lan or Madoka getting to embarrassed about their mark locations, they seem to be a bit slow when it comes to that. LOLOL Muginami was totally like HEY LOOK BROTHER! I GOT THIS...Good thing they are not related! We don't need any heavy incest themes in Lagrange...If Lan and Madoka are sisters imma kill someone.

          HOORAY SPACE SHIPS!! This season is great for space travel <3 Hell even Ano Natsu has some space themes.

  5. skylion says:

    I was gonna ditch this show; and I came to the decision about half-way thru. Oh, this boring alien versus alien with us caught in the middle plot.

    But, thankfully Villa was such bad ass. And his actions gave us some real sympathy; didn’t expect him to turn on his own. Didn’t expect him to have a midly heroic reason to do so. Didn’t expect him to have regret. Thanks for giving us the extra dimension Rinne La Grange. You’ve kept me.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hooray! I am glad you decided to stick around for more Lagrange, yeah the whole alien versus alien vs earth seems cool! I like where things are going, sadly this will end with I thin 12? or 13? And take a break like good ole Fate/Zero.

      Villa is great! I can’t wait to see more of him…Oh yes! Same here I figured he would have gladly take Muginami in after she claimed one of the vox machines for herself. True he glanced back at Muginami like maybe I was to harsh? LOL…

  6. skylion says:

    Show of hands! Is Fosh ever gonna run out of opportunities to “I am lady”? I don’t think it could happen.

  7. Hawthorne says:


    lolol I was thinking the same thing. XD

    I’m just surprised that Madoka is taking the matter seriously. I wasn’t even aware that the girl COULD get serious.

    I loved serious Madoka, it was a nice break from all that maru. XD I’m glad the three are all together now though, I can’t wait to see them fight together against this new villain with the cool fashion sense.

    Seriously when he grabbed Muginami, half of me was like OH SNAP! SOMETHING IS GOING DOWN!

    I was like … “wth is going on!”, I felt really bad after it all happened though because 1. I thought her face looked funny with his hand around it and because 2. calling someone a leech is pretty mean.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I knew Takuto went to space instead of back to earth! So where is Sugata? WAIT…that blue haired space bishie is Sugata! IT ALL WORKS <3 Star Driver.

      Damn I know what you mean...Madoka really got serious on us, it seems every week means = Madoka shows her true colors.

      First episode = Happy carefree girl
      Second episode = Questions herself
      Third episode = NEVER GIVE UP FIGHTING SPIRIT!
      Fourth episode = Yuri side/Friendship?
      Fifth episode = RAGE MODE! RAWRRR

      We always need more MARU! spam, although she did that what? ten times in this single episode? I am waiting for her to develop the maru punch. Poor Muginami, when she got grabbed I thought the same thing! Like whooaaa what the hell is going on?! ALIEN ON ALIEN FIGHTING?

      Yep...that is pretty mean to call her a leech...T__T

  8. anaaga says:

    Anti-Kotetsu, you were CUTE. What the hell happened to you!? Not that I have any problem since anti-Kotetsu is hot imo

    I liked this episode, especially the part where Muginami is abused by anti-Kotetsu. I was like “Hah, take that loser!” I don’t like Muginami. Madoka was actually angry too, which is pretty refreshing to see. And as for Lan… I ship Lan with anti-Kotetsu now.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahaha I will fuel your love for anti-Kotetsu with every episode! Well as long as he is around to do so! I think he is in for a major ass kicking from Madoka, Lan and possibly Muginami next time.

      LOLOL Agreed! Honestly it was time someone stepped up to besides Lan to actually get her to start talking…yes anti-Kotetsu’s way is far more aggressive, but! SOMEONE HAD TO DO IT!

      LOLOL The SS LAN shipping with the SS Anti-Kotetsu? I can get behind that, so Madoka shipped with? Muginami? HOORAY Yuri! Wait…what about the three space bishies? I guess they get each other.

      • anaaga says:

        I ship Muginami with herself. She deserves that #foreveralone hashtag because of her attitude. Hpmh.

        Maybe… I can ship Madoka with the purple bishie? YEAH I CAN DO THAT. Then the orange bishie and blond bishie can have fun with themselves. Nishishishi

        Speaking about shipping, I actually ship Lan’s subordinate with Madoka’s earthling boss. You know, the one with the dark brown spiky hair. (^v^)

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