Guilty Crown – 17

Everyone is shocked that OH MA SHOE got his own character CD.

So are you counting down the days until Guilty Crown ends?! Five more episodes and even then we will keep making comments about this fail series. Anyway, that last episode really has set us up for more crazy adventures with EVIL OH MA SHOE and Kore wa zombie Gai. Plot this week follows Shu leading the students on their first raid, after which they turn on him as Arisa told them the truth about voids. Zombie Gai arrives shortly after to “talk” to Shu…

Shu-“STOP A VOIDING MY LOVE!”                       Student-“But…I don’t swing…that way!”

We start this episode off with Shu punishing a few students, who decide to finally say NO to Shu. Yep, say no to the guy, who can own you in a matter of minutes. After that Yahiro talks with Shu as he plans out his raid against the GHQ’s special machines. They chat about Arisa’s attack in the previous episode, while Inori listens she has a flashback and panics… YES SHOW SOME EMOTION! Never mind she is perfectly fine…just mentally unstable right now.

Shu-“These are sweet graphics, who made this?”                  Yahiro-“Shouta…”               Shu-“………”

Speaking of unstable minded people, Arisa is dealing with some stuff on her own. While she sits in her room shaking back and forth, her phone rings, but glasses-kun hears her talking and enters her room to investigate. He grabs her arm getting an eyeful of boobage… She grins and comes up with a plan and decides to use her special features to win glasses-kun over to keep her secret and spread the truth about voids. Oh hey! It looks like Arisa has joined the-I-AM-GOING-MENTAL-club; I guess that school makes you go completely crazy.

Glasses-kun-“Yeah…that’s a heartbeat.”                    Arisa-“Hey…I like you…can we become friends?!”

You mean the one I just ate? You need help Arisa.

In the meantime, the UN begin preparations to nuke Japan off the map… WHAT? NO! WHAT ABOUT ANIME?! Oh wait…this is fictional void cancer Japan… never mind, carry on you super cool military people. Back at school, Yahiro pays Arisa a visit and she talks about her recent attack thanks to Inori. This causes him to confront Shu about Inori and the two guys stop being best friends forever. OH NO! He lost another friend…not that Shu ever had many friends to begin with.

America-“Dude, Canada, let’s watch the super bowl on this cube TV.”                 Canada-“Sigh…fine…”

Arisa-“Hey Yahiro…wanna see my voids?”             Yahiro-“Ha! You mean your boobs, you are so funny.”

Shu-“We are no longer friends, Yahiro! I have Inori.”                        Yahiro-“If only I had pink hair…”

After the dramatic breakup, Shu leads the remaining students to attack the mindless mechs and blow up the Tokoyo tower, which is easy mode for OH MA SHOE as he successfully uses void after void to complete his mission. However, after helping the students they quickly turn their guns on Shu all thanks to Arisa’s plan. Even the cute Tsugumi changes sides and Shouta shoves Shu into a hole, but wait there is more as Gai arrives and uses his void gun (thanks to Daath) and knocks Inori out.

Glasses-kun-“Time to wake up, we have to raid today.”      Arisa-“Can’t I just A void raiding today?”

Shu-“Would you look at that? An off switch…”

Glasses-kun-“Hey, Shu, got a minute to hear a funny joke?”                  Shu-“Fineeeee what?”

Glasses-kun-“We have guns now.”            Shu-“Worst joke ever, wait…OHHHH I GET IT…damn, you got me.”

Shu, Inori, Arisa, Ayase and Tsugumi are shocked to see Gai again and his brand new look complete with white hair; however, this version of Gai is a bit different. He only says a few words before he cuts Shu’s arm off, absorbs his void powers and watches Shu bleed all over the place. Elsewhere the other countries gather enough votes and they give the green light to start a bombing run for Japan. The episode ends shortly after with Gai walking away from OH MA SHOE…Whoa! Gai, you didn’t even offer Shu a hug? You could have given him a high five… Oh wait…never mind.

Zombie Gai-“Knock, Knock, Shu…”                      Shu-“Uhhh who’s there?”

Zombie Gai-“Your arm, that’s who!”             Shu-“OUCH!? WHAT IS WITH ALL THESE TERRIBLE JOKES?”

Zombie Gai-“Just think about it for a few minutes, also thanks for the powers bro.”


Extra Guilty Crown fun

Arisa-“I heard you like to play with voids, I got some…”            Yahiro-“STOP I DON’T WANT TO DO THAT.”

Tsugumi-“Hours and hours of Kana Hanazawa songs coming right up!”

Seriously Shu, where are you running to?

Pilot-“So does anyone know where the map is? I think we’re lost.”

End thoughts

Whoa! This was such an interesting episode with lots of sneaky side things going on, but it was more about who is jumping on the I’M GOING MENTAL train. We all know Inori is going crazy, but Arisa as well!? Who would have thought she would change like that? I mean she was always the rich student council president. Then again Shu has taken everything away from her and Inori tried to kill her! So you can see where she is coming from, but yeah using her body to get what she wants seems a bit extreme or the best thing ever? We can tell glasses-kun really has nothing to complain about this new sex friend…

Who else is going crazy? OH MA SHOE! After Yahiro confronted him about Inori he quickly snapped at him. Of course he is going to defend Inori as he loves her so much, but really, does he love Inori or he’s just keeping her around for the void sword? At this point in the series I think he wants someone to be close to him even if it might only be for power. So was anyone else waiting for the students to turn on Shu? I know I sure did! After all the “evil”, Shu has been such an asshole. Seriously who would really want him as a leader? However, lying about the voids was crap even though Yahiro is to blame on that one.

And finally the grand arrival of Kore wa zombie Gai! I have to say HOLY CRAP he looked awesome. Some people might hate the new white hair versus his blonde hair, but I can really tell this Gai is only half of his old self and the rest is probably evil. I was expecting him to just punch Shu in the face and not slice off his arm…still I ended up laughing more than feeling bad for him. THANK YOU ZOMBIE GAI, you were awesome. So what will happen to Shu now? No king powers and missing an arm? I wonder if someone will give him a new arm, maybe his mother? I could see Tsugumi giving Shu some new mechanical arm…but honestly will she do that? I mean she did not look too sad after Gai took his arm…


Shu-“Man, you are so hot, Gai.”                Gai-“If you get any blood on my clothes, I will kill you.”

The GHQ steal back the OMG-FLYING-SPACE-LASER thanks to Gai. Inori and Shu take a walk while Tsugumi, Ayase and Arugo plan something special.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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24 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 17”

  1. Alynn says:

    This was actually a big wtf episode for me. I mean, suddenly whore Arisa, all that spurting of blood at the end, I swear a nicer placement for that blood would be Mirai Nikki or Another.

    And zombie Gai, what is he doing omg. My friend and I raged for hours after we watched this. At least Shu is going back to his old self.


    • Foshizzel says:

      100% Agreed! Lots and lots of WTF moments like Arisa…yes she is doing what she can with what she has, even if it means sleeping with glasses-kun! But I don’t think she will keep him around long cause she has eyes for GAAAIII! <3

      LOLOL I like this whole zombie Gai! It sure has kept my interest going, but honestly I think I know where things are headed ie Gai sacrifices himself to saaaveeee Japan! Shu will never be the same well maybe.

      I know right? Where has our Yandere-Daryl gone? Tsugumi needs you!!!

  2. Kitty says:

    Three cheers for Arisa and using that feminine charm to dominate everything! Hip Hip Horray!! No… am I the only one lol!

    Shu losing his arm (kinda feels like CLAMP is producing this somehow) was hilarious. However, Yahiro and Shu can’t be scarf buddies any more ;_; which makes me sad.

    I enjoyed Gai transformation, it turned him into a bad ass villian / hero instead of a pretty boy. I have the same questions, is this the end of Shu? Most likely not, and the craziness this anime has turned into leaves me to believe we haven’t. He’ll find some insane way to come back fighting. Hey I think CLAMP really is directing this, someone should check on that.

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOLOLOL Yes you go girl! Use those charms to win over…Glasses-kun…WHY HIM!? ARRGG Then again…he is a high “ranked” official in OH MA SHOES army.

      Ahahah yes! YOUR ARM IS MINE, how funny would it have been if Gai beat the hell out of Shu with his own arm? I would have died laughing <3

      Super Gai and his amazing white hair! I have a feeling he will betray his new friends and save Japan somehow. I just picture him sacrificing himself because he is meant to be dead and not walking around I blame something about blaw blaw destiny? I bet

      Clamp probably would have given us a better story? Then again...BloodC was terrible with story T___T Was that theirs? I have no idea.

  3. Rakuen says:

    Man, all I was going to do was kick the guy in the balls. Then Guy comes along and rips his whole fucking arm off. I’m kind of surprised he didn’t beat Shu to death with it for bonus points. I almost feel sorry for him… almost. He did become a misanthropic douchebag tyrant, after all.

    This show is getting dangerously close to the levels of crazy in Evangelion at this point. Everyone’s losing their minds. Even Ayase, who’s mind malfunction made her want to get out of the van and help Shu. Gotta subtract some coolness points for that offense.

    So just like always, the show manages to somehow punch its way out of the paper bag it trapped itself in. How they’re going to resolve the story with a powerless Shu and an evil Gai is completely beyond me. I just can’t look away at this point.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahahaha Gai should have showed up to kick Shu in the balls and walk off, but I sort of like this whole disarm Shu business +Stealing back his powers! They did originally belong to Gai so he is just taking them back. True I felt bad then I remembered how much I hate OH MA SHOE and it feels right…yes…hatin on Shu ftw.

      I know right? One giant mind screw for everyone! True I felt a bit bad for Ayase she is probably Shu’s only friend outside of his obsession over Inori. Hell even Tsugumi seemed to sell out Shu at this point, maybe she hated that maid uniform she had to wear? LOLOL

      I think Gai will become the main focus of the story now, either that or OH MA SHOE has a overpowered void that Gai can use? I can see something cheesy like “Reverse time” Void weapon…or would that be way to cheap? I would hate to see the ending where EVERYONE IS ALIVE AT THE END! I can imagine the rage.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Guilty Crown’s greatest sin of being vicious remains true, yet the series adds several iniquities to list of despicable deeds: sex in exchange for power, betrayal on many a level, deceit, dismemberment, and death.

    What goes around comes back around – Shu was quickly becoming a tyrannical usurper, however in the previous episodes, one at least still saw an ever slight hint of remorse, yet this episode shows how caught up in his own ego he becomes, leading to his demise. He no longer knows what his purpose is, nor anything else for that matter – he simply wants to save himself and Inori at the expense of all else, yet on that note, we’re sure he doesn’t even know why he’s so adamant to keep Inori safe. It seems as if he’s mainly feeling guilty for letting the girl he neglected last episode die in the gym for his cause – thereby using Inori as a sort of escape from reality.

    I’m in shock of Arisa’s choice of action. Arisa exchanges her voluptuous body’s virginity to some loser for assistance, information, and aide to formulate a coup d’état against Shu. Something obviously drove her over the edge to the point she wanted nothing more than merely to overthrow Shu’s oppressive reign – and it’s not merely her either, everyone swiftly becomes involved in a grand-scale conspiracy to eliminate Shu.

    Boy, was Shu unsuspecting in his arrogance, ignorant to the fact that essentially everyone, even Tsumugi, has sided with a massive uprising against him led by Arisa. Everyone turns on him, even his “friend” Souta, the inconsiderate annoying kid who speaks far too much. These are the most realistic human emotions I’ve ever seen at play here.

    Guilty Crown is getting more intense after we’ve seen Shu’s arm getting cut off by the new, evil Gai. Dismembering always makes things interesting. Shu’s freaking out, Inori’s freaking out, Arisa’s become a total bitch now, and Gai’s trying to sport a Wolf’s Rain look with that white hair of his. Everything’s just gone freaking nuts. It’s awesome!!!

    It is obvious that the theme of this anime is that no one should wield that kind of power if they will inevitably become corrupted by it.

    • Foshizzel says:

      JUST THINK OF THE BLUERAYS MAN! Just kidding…I don’t think they will release those “special” Arisa scenes unless they hit rock bottom on DVD sales? In that case there is always manga form lolol

      Right Shu pretty much screwed himself big time! After all thanks to Yahiro’s list it did not put Shu in superhero mode…those students are lucky to have Arisa to back them up. Yeah Shu at this point probably has no will to keep going! But Inori will think of something…if she can give Shu his powers back I will seriously facepalm.

      Hahaha yep I was shocked too! And with Glasses-kun? Ewwww! Then again we all know who she really wants…Mr. Gai! She started to smile after he showed up xD True she did it for her own reasons to get back at Shu. After all he knocked her off her student council throne! And totally lied to everyone about the voids.

      Yep even Tsugumi was like seriously screw Shu! And joined Arisa’s master plan, I assume it was Gai on the phone with her right? Yeah Gai probably was like you know what? I want MY powers back. I sort of like this “evil” Arisa! True she only used her body to gain what she wanted, but whatever she fangirl over white haired Gai <3

      YEP! Spider-man quote anyone? Shu so screwed up every responsibly he had with those powers.

  5. Gecko says:

    Thank goodness I’m not the only one thinking Arisa was on the mental train. When she started acting funny, I kind of got the idea that she was not really for Shu anymore. I mean, she had quite a bit of power, and then Shu took it all away and did quite a bit more than she had. So obviously she wasn’t going to be happy. But honestly, ditching him like that was not cool. Especially because zombie Gai came out right then.
    As for Gai, last week kind of made me get the idea that he was not going to be too good anymore. (Why wasn’t he a villain this entire time?!?!?!?! Gosh he’s awesome like with that white hair!) But that (rather brief) speech he gave to Shu was definitely worth it. Although in some ways he is a usurper as well, seeing as he got a level up after the whole Mana/Lost Christmas deal, and grew into leader Gai.
    As for cutting Shu’s arm off, goodness I never saw that coming. But it works. It also makes me think Shu will be doing some arm-cutting later, if he is to come out a winner. My first thought was Fullmetal Alchemist, though, with the whole last episode where Ed loses his metal arm and gets back the real one. But Shu sure won’t be getting his back any time soon…
    I’m hoping for more zombie Gai next week! It would be a waste to reincarnate him just for that. He’s finally gotten the void genome, and hey, maybe we’ll get to see Shu’s void now that he’s lost the power.

    • Foshizzel says:

      CHOOO CHOOO! All aboard the mental express! With Inori as your leader followed by Arisa and probably OH MA SHOE! After all he was totally like Gai? DUDE WTF ARE YOU DOING? AH ZOMBIE!!! Anyway yes Arisa you need to get your mind looked at soon and by a professional.

      Well imagine this, you have some punk kid running around with YOUR power that was meant for you! And he kills you? I would say Gai has every right to be angry…I was expecting a punch to Shu’s face honestly and not Gai cutting his arm off.

      Yeah I bet there is some cheesy ending with Gai using Shu’s void to reverse time or save Japan? I would die laughing if that really did happen…

      • Gecko says:

        Oh gosh… if that kind of ending happened, I would only be able to think that someone had really, really, really like [C] last year. That was basically what what’s-his-face had done. Come to think of it, Shu and that guy are pretty similar… except with different circumstances, of course.

  6. Reaper says:

    I think the train wreck just struck…Crazy Arisa seducing the other male students? Zombie Gai with white hair coming back as the Anti-Christ? (We all know he will be with the PEW PEW SWORD) OH MA SHOE is now ARRRGH SHOE?

    Yes, the Black Rebellion! Expected to see this after the ‘system’ put in place by Shu and Yahiro, the pair no longer being BFFs, leaving Shu FOREVER ALONE with a potentially psychopathic/incestuous Inori (Yuno said hi!) Not gonna lie, the whole scene where the students turned on him was pretty good, especially since I’ve never seen sequences like that (most anime these days like to be fluffy and innocent…someone forgot to remind the studio for Guilty Crown about this). Then Shu went and lost his arm to GODLY GAI (yeah, I thought about Fullmetal too but expecting something more from Rebuild of Evangelion with a replacement arm…or he could just put a hook on the end…\(‘.’)/ Now, we just have to wait for the pretty fireworks…oh wait, those aren’t fireworks…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Crazy girls just gotta do what crazy girls can! Arisa might have made the wrong choice with Glasses-kun, but I don’t think she had a lot of options to work with…either that or get thrown in school jail? Yep Zombie Gai coming back to take HIS original powers back from Shu was great! I wanted Gai to say thanks for my powers…bitch.

      Poor Yahiro! I wonder where he went? Maybe he will come back to give Shu a hand? Yes pun intended <3 Inori will stick to Shu forever and ever until Japan gets nuked >.>

      Gai will probably
      A) Sacrifice himself and save Japan.
      B) Find Shu and use his void!
      C) Stay until Japan gets nuked.
      D) Shoot Shu the bird and say “DUDE GO DIE IN A FIRE.”

      DA END! Either that or time warp void to reverse time going back before Mana got infected? Killing her before she can start the chain of Lost Christmas events.

  7. Toori-chan says:

    Guilty Crown is does such a good job in turning a good guy into a real tyrant. First Shu, although he was still half wimpy, now Gai. How much better could this get? Gai’s new look is so cool. DAT WHITE HAIR! I thought his void is a gun. How did he slice Shu’s arm off? Anyway, welcome back the wimpy Shu…

    Gai now has the void genome. Shu lost his arm (powers) and is now back to a plain OH MA SHOE (without an arm). Even the school and Undertakers are against Shu. Plus the nuke coming their way. I can’t imagine what’s gonna happen in the next episode. Not to forget Inori is still mental unstable.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I kind of like the thought of a evil Gai destroying the GHQ from the inside and taking over as the true KING of Japan! Where Shu is forced to shine Gai’s boots forever… I think he stole the sword from Inori while she ways laying on the ground? Yeah OH MA SHOE back to his emo way of life.

      Everybody hates Shu basically! He screwed himself so hard and made a lot of enemies along the way! Even Tsugumi hates him and went along with Arisa’s master plan.

      No arm and no power for OH MA SHOE! Being Shoe is suffering at least he has Inori by his side…I hope she doesn’t kiss him and BAM! Powers+arm return. I would seriously die laughing my ass off.

  8. tatsuya says:

    nice episode ~~
    what am i talking ?? GREAT EPISODE !!!

  9. akagami says:

    A shame really, this had so much going for it, but it still managed to turn into a un-savable train-wreck, and not really the good kind either, imo.

    The new arc turned out to be a flop for me, so I powered through 14-16 and it just re-affirmed my initial impression… guess this goes to the dropped bucket for me. Random plot line that jumps in a new direction every episode and unlikable characters… oh well. SHOE was never leading man material, and without Gai the whole Funeral Parlors just fell short. And solving the SHOE-the-evil-dictator with a deus ex machina leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

    But the OP scene + music when Inori reaches her hand out to SHOE (omg why OH MA SHOE you silly girl, why?!?) is pretty awesome… can’t wait for the new single!

    In an unrelated note, Radiant Historia is pretty fun (with a storyline that is +++ > the random days of OH MA SHOE). Actually, if you like good stories in your games, give Ghost Trick a whirl! I don’t normally play adventure games, but I gave this a try on a whim and it turned out to be really good!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yeah sad but true! Guilty Crown had lots of chances to be awesome and “cool”…ah well for a train wreck series I have had a blast reviewing it <3

      Yeah plot has picked up some! However it is still laughable just how far things have gone, Shu goes mad with power! Inori is going back to her Mana ways...and Arisa is using her body to gain power and followers?! CRAZY. Evil Shu could have worked if I actually liked him.

      LOLOL yeah that OP so lies to us! At least Shu has Inori I suppose even if she might kill him? I wonder what happens when they kiss...will Shu magically gain his powers again? I would die laughing.

      Ohhh nice! Sounds like a great game xD

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