Guilty Crown – 16

Truck-chan’s adventures come to an end this week! It is such a tragic tale.

Woooo! Things are finally starting to get really good for the plot…I know what you are thinking! Did he just say “good” and “plot” in the same sentence about Guilty Crown? I know those two words do not fit at all for Guilty Crown… So in other news, I was up really early one morning and I decided to do a random parody video on Guilty Crown. Thanks in advance if you check it out.Plot this week follows Arugo arriving in the new crystallized Tokyo to retrieve Arisa, but he discovers later that Shu has gone mad with power over the students. Meanwhile the GHQ play god and bring someone special back from the dead…

Arugo-“What kind of quest did I take?”        Okina-“An escort quest.”       Arugo-“Damn…I HATE THOSE!!”

Starting things this week with Arugo, you remember him, right? The guy with the tuning fork weapon. I guess he survived that massive void explosion with his big friend Oogumo. The two of them are recruited by Okina Kuhouin to retrieve Arisa from the school, because she is going to marry the leader of the Ming Hua Group, the leader of the largest conglomerate in Shanghai. This person could help deal with all this void business if they can get Arisa out safely. With a new mission ahead of him, Arugo skydives into the city; all Metal Gear Solid like to find Arisa.

Oogumo-“Bring me back some food…I’m starving.”         Arugo-“Sure? Maybe Subway’s still standing?”

After landing in the area, Arugo’s learns his simple escort mission might become harder after he hears few students on the streets refer to Shu as “the president.” Arugo is not very pleased with what has become of Shu recently and his turning the school into his own personal kingdom where the students have been divided into two sets of camps of void users. All S rank void users become basic slave labor for the mighty OH MA SHOE, while if you have a powerful void weapon you are placed into the special A rank list and you get to serve in the elite team; in other words, become personal bodyguards of the president.

Arugo-“Oh my god…these girls are so cute! Wait I have to focus on the mission…hnnnngggg.”

Girl-“WHAT THE HELL DID I SIGN UP FOR?”                    Too-busy-being-totally-awesome-to-care.jpeg

Shu walks with Arugo showing him around and they take a trip to their newest operation. Shu has assigned several S ranks to retrieve antivirus cases from a sunken battleship, but things get crazy after Shouta nearly dies from lack of air, forcing Arugo to save the kid’s life… However, OH MA SHOE gets really angry which lands Arugo in a cell locked up in the school…If you did not have that huge scythe weapon Shu, I would place some money on Arugo kicking your evil ass up and down the street!

Yahiro-“Where are my crates of goldfish?”              Student-“Sorry, Sir, we ate them! Don’t hurt me…”

Arugo-“Sweet back massager you got here.”                   Shu-“Dude, this is totally a bad ass scythe!” 

While locked up Arugo has a short chat with Tsugumi after she gives him the rundown about the new rules of the “void world”, which sounds like a special level in some Super Mario game. Arugo breaks out of jail thanks to Tsugumi, which causes school to enter high alert mode and they start the search for the escaped prisoner. While the students begin their school wide man hunt, Arisa also makes her escape. I guess now is the time to run from the school.

Tsugumi-“Why am I the only girl wearing a maid uniform?…damn that creepy OH MA SHOE.”

Inori-“We should kill everyone in the school.”

Shu-“Huh? What were you where saying, Inori?”

Inori-“Oh! We should throw another KILLER festival…”          Shu-“Hah! That sounds like a great plan.”

Shortly after the students track Arugo down in the gym, Shu has a final showdown with his old friend. Were they ever friends? I have no idea… During the fight, OH MA SHOE saves a random girl before she gets crushed, but the falling objects smashes her void crossbow into pieces and it triggers the void cancer, killing her instantly. Shu freak out because Yahiro told him that Hare was killed by some special GHQ weapon; however, Shu learns voids are actually connected to the users. Arugo tries to convince Shu to stop this new crazy way of life. Shu just grins and pulls the weapon from Arugo’s chest and stands there laughing like a madman.

Arugo-“WHOA!? WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HAND?”                         Shu-“……..”

Shu-“Stick a fork in Arugo…he is done.”                     Yahiro-“Impressive pun sir! Good one.”

Arisa in the meantime saw everything about the voids and runs off to try and warn the students, but Inori follows her and is forced to knock her out. Welcome back to the story OH MA MANA. Thanks to Inori possibly “killing” off Arisa and causing Arugo’s mission to fail, Okina’s deal starts to fall apart forcing a massive fleet of aircraft carriers in the Atlantic to head to Japan with one goal in mind: BLOWING STUFF UP! The episode ends shortly after with the GHQ President and Haruka watching as a resurrected Gai stands up before them wearing his trademark silver cross… Can anyone say KORE WA ZOMBIE DESU GAI?

Arisa-“SON OF A B…I hate playing hide and seek with you.”            Inori-“I found you, now I will hide your body.”

Gai-“I woke up for this crap?! Can I go back to sleep again?”

Extra crown

Jun-“Screw being in the light music club! I WANT TO SHOOT GUNS!”

Shu-“My scarf is black like my soul…”                           Yahiro-“You need a nap don’t you?”

Good luck on your long quest.

Words with friends is amazing.

Inori-“Good night…”

End thoughts

OH MY GOD! What is happening? Where did this amazing story come from in this episode? I was excited to see the new EVIL OH MA SHOE! Well Shu wasn’t really that evil, he was more like an emotionless robot just following Yahiro’s orders… So, who really is in charge? I got the impression that Yahiro was just using Shu and leading him around by a leash, but what does Yahiro gain from doing so? I guess he stays on Shu’s good side while playing the role of a sidekick. I couldn’t help but laugh when the students started to bow when KING OH MA SHOE walked down the hall and some of the girls actually looked up to him? WHY? Because he has a big sword! Yes pun very intended…

It was nice to see Arugo again, even though he is a minor character; it was still great to see that he lived. So did anyone else get some Metal Gear Solid vibes with that skydiving scene? I sure did! I think it was in the second Metal Gear game with Raiden jumping out of the plane? Gamers! Correct me if I got that wrong…his mission sounded really easy: sneak in, save Arisa and get the hell out of there. However, I think everyone watching this episode sort of knew it wouldn’t be that easy for him, because of those damn students worshiping their new king. And now they have those aircraft carriers headed to Japan? THANKS A LOT, EVIL INORI or OH MA MANA? You have started another freaking disaster for the world to clean up…Oh and speaking of more evil characters? Daath returned to gather the shards of Mana… Whoa, that sounds like a quest in World of Warcraft…

Speaking of evil Inori, how awesome was her takedown of Arisa? Holy crap that evil grin…we got to see it twice in one episode! I bet she wipes Arisa’s blood all over her lips next week. Really though, was there really ever an “Inori” in the first place? I think not! Either that or Mana is waiting to come out and play again with Shu? And on top of that development the GHQ resurrected Gai again? Just what purpose does that even hold? Just to make the fans scream with anger? Then again I know there are fans of Gai, who are probably screaming with joy that he has returned. The only purpose I can really see might be Haruka asking him to put a stop Shu from causing another lost Christmas to happen! I still will laugh if this new Gai is just like Mana as far as personality goes…So you better watch out OH MA SHOE! Gai is going to be looking for you and he could use his jacket…being well naked and all! I am sure the girls out there want some uncensored shots of Gai coming out from his zombie bath.


Ayase and Inori train together.

Next week on Guilty Crown, students versus giant robots and Arisa managed to live.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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29 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 16”

  1. skylion says:

    Thank you for bring up The Jun. I thought I would be the only one to see that. I guess the rest of the Hakago Tea Time is all gone. Shame that, I would have loved a team up of Azunyan and Tsugumi. If only add to the fetish rack.

    Yeah, this show did lots of cool stuff. Lots of cool stuff. But lets get down to the thing that really matter, shall we? The Tsugumi Screen Time Index. This is a very constructive thing that I just made up. It calculates your total enjoyment ratio of Guilty Crown. In this episode, I counted (a total anecdotal, by the way) less than a minute to a 24 minute episode.

    Not a complete failure, mind you. But in respect to the past two episodes, a complete and utter abject failure.

    Look: I’m not making this up. Well, I am, but that just the way the cookie crumbles.

    Stuff happened. None of it concerning the greatest character that redjuice evah made. We can only hope for the future.

    • Rakuen says:

      Sir, I think you might be on to something. I’m curious if there is any bonus for an episode featuring “MISSILE KICK!”?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Jun4life! Indeed…maybe Guilty Crown takes place during the K-ON Movie?! Jun is left behind…while the other girls escape the void outbreak? Azunyan/Tsugumi together is pure awesome xDD

      Right, Tsugumi peeling potatoes and talking for a tiny bit? YEAAAHH LAAMEEE, she could use her void and hide out somewhere else.

      LOLOL True.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    OH MY GOD! What’s going on here?! The story’s become so twisted and it’s so close to the end. Both Shu and Inori have gone crazy. Inori is going “Mana”, Shu’s mind is screwed up, Gai is probably alive again, people are dying one by one. Let me guess, this is going from a “weak kid trying to be strong” anime to an anime with tons of killing and tragic ending. Funny thing is that Argo kept thinking that Shu was STILL the same kid that everyone at Funeral Parlor used to look down at and push around…maybe he got the memo now.

    I should have known Yahiro would turn out like this. The whole void ranking system reeks of emotionless military tactics. Too bad everyone has to be dragged down into this. It’s true what they say: The true seat of power lies behind the throne.

    I also wanted to say what in the world is Shu’s mom up to?! I can’t believe she’s helping the GHQ, the very people who locked her son up behind a quarantine wall. Shu definitely won’t forgive her if he finds that out.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know right? What is really going on around here?! True Shu and Inori have become quite mental, but in Shu’s case it seems Yahiro is pulling the strings! Because he is stuck by Shu’s side the entire time telling him what he “should” do.

      YES! Yahiro could be the one to blame in the end.

      Shu’s mom is probably looking out for herself? I mean the GHQ could kill her off, but she is lucky to have the skills they need. Either that or she has no more emotions for Shu? Whatever the case she might have a backup plan, perhaps with the new Gai?

  3. Reaper says:

    TRUCK-CHAN! Noo!!!!!!! Reminds me of when Assassin throws himself after his Aibo-Truck in Carnival Phantasm…such a dramatic moment of sadness…

    Anyway, Guilty Crown. What do I think after watching this ep? Hm…Oh hey dictatorship facsimile of the Black Knights, nice to meet you. Lelouch, I mean, Zero, would like to speak to your leader about how to REALLY run a large body of people. He would like to congratulate ANGRY SHOE’s physical capability of swinging around swords and whatnot that Zero himself cannot do, but would like to point out ANGRY SHOE is just copying his private conversations with Inori (Whom seems to have turned into Yuno) as he does with CC. As for taking all the sin/responsibility onto himself, here is Zero’s response. ‘Bitch please, I died for world peace. What are you going to die for that can beat that?’

    Honestly, I liked how the episode turned into a darker road, since the title of Guilty Crown is a pretty big hint for the ending scenario (for me anyway 😀 ), but there’s definitely the interesting bits like what ANGRY SHOE will do since he ‘knows’ the truth of Hare’s death, Inori’s Yuno moment, and the mysterious chest of muscle at the end! (Now who could that be…Orange-kun?)

    Guilty Crown can stand on its own; its just the similarities are too eerily clear to me 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:


      LOLOL yes yes yes I know I know this episode is basically turning into more Geass lately, especially with Gai coming back from the dead like Orange! While all those points are true I like this version of Shu. Sure he isn’t excatly killing people left and right, but I honestly think Yahiro is far more evil than Shu is right now.

      Yep! Then again is any anime lately 100% original? Honestly they have to pull ideas from somewhere 😉

      • Reaper says:

        True, nothing is 100% original anymore. Depends on how the story/characterisation is done for successful. But if you want something original…
        Zero: “Your sister is like a incestuous Yuno? Fuck this, I’m out of here…”

  4. Gecko says:

    Oh my gosh. That random crown! was so funny. I had to retype every word in “oh my gosh” because I was laughing. My only thought would to be to speak a little louder, and not mumble as much. Other than that, hilarious. When Yahiro and Souta are like “let’s just go do some guy stuff” my ears took it as “gai stuff.” XD
    As for Inori, this “evil-souless” stuff is great. She’s finally developing her own character.
    And Shu…oh Shu… well, at least he still has some emotions. Maybe not.
    As for Gai… I’m guessing he comes out 18 years old, so Shu can’t crush his Void. I seem to recall that Voids are only for people under 18 years old. Maybe this show could just end during the last episode with everyone turning 18 at the same time, and their voids will stop working.
    And I don’t really want uncensored shots of Gai. No way. I’d much rather not have a reverse-ecchi show or something. He is an awesome character, but no.

    • Foshizzel says:

      buahahaha yes! Maybe next time I will try to change up some voices? Dunno…yep the guy stuff can totally be used as Gai stuff xD

      Yep! I have a feeling Mana is coming back to stay, Inori probably was never a real person! Maybe she was a container for Mana just waiting for the right moment to come out?

      Right…I am sure Gai will have some super weapon to use on Shu! I can’t really picture him using his void weapon without Shu there to help summon it.

      LOL Gai gets a harem ending.

  5. Rakuen says:

    This show, just… ugh… The writers are now paying out the nose for all the plodding they did in the first half of the series. There was probably more plot in the past two episodes than there was in the other 14 combined. Doing it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, because they’re trying to cram a bunch of stuff into a small space. It feels like all this thrashing about with the characters and plot is trying to cover for poor planning decisions.

    Not to mention Gai coming back from the dead partially invalidates Hare’s death, for the viewer anyway. It’s a damn shame too, because losing her did move me a bit.

    Maybe I’m alone in that thought? I dunno. What I do know is I wanted to punch Shu in the face when he was a wimp. Now I want to kick him in the balls as a tyrant. I don’t care if he’d just break my Void afterwards, it’d be so worth it.

    • amado says:

      your not the only one. I have had this feeling as well.

      the only episode that was really “good” was episode 14, when everything flowed smoothly and properly even though shoe became the president in that. still was, and now this happens…

      • Rakuen says:

        I agree, episode 14 was good, and 13 before it was pretty okay as I recall. Both of them together got me thinking that this show might have finally pulled itself together and picked a direction. Then the end of 15 and now 16 have me back to wondering what the writers are even thinking.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Things are down to the final wire with only a few more episodes left, this is probably the time when EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART! And it is very true. I wish this stuff happened earlier like episode 10 or so? Right now I feel things are slowing down or dragging on? Either way things need to end soon.

      YEP! Gai returns from the dead! Who will they bring back next? Hare? I hope not…I miss her already T____T

      Hahaha nope you are not alone in that at all! Shu lately has become this emotionless jerk…but really I think Yahiro shares in this! After all it was his original plan to have a void rank system. Still Shu needs a good punch to the face! Maybe Gai will do that for us? I sure hope so.

  6. tatsuya says:

    nice trainning

  7. Alynn says:

    Shu bothers me so much ughhhhhhhhhhh. His whole tyrant thing is just gross that I spent most of the episode going WHERE IS DARYLLLLLLLLLL.
    But omg, Gai’s back.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I dunno I sort of like this emotionless Shu over whiny wimpy Shu…but evil Shu needs to get punched in the face! LOL Yes where are you Daryl? Zombie Gai will save us from EVIL OH MA SHOE <3

    • Gecko says:

      Good point, I WANT DARYLLLLLL TOO.

  8. Samantha Zan says:

    WHoooooooooa chracter developments here! XD

    Okay, I don’t really like this new “Shu” because he’s not really “evil”, he kind of just reminds me of the other Shu from before, following everyone’s orders (aka Yahiro’s), but just having no second opinion about anything. Which I don’t really like. I mean I thought I could at least see Shu turn into a evil bad-ass antihero. But then again, this is Shu we’re talking about. Honestly he’s just following Yahiro’s orders, >.>. Even with that evil Lelouch type laugh at the end (Like WUT Really?), it doesn’t really seem that sinister. Well, maybe next week, now that we know that you die once your Void is destroyed, maybe we can see some eventful things happen.

    Onto Inori, WHOOOOOAAAA YANDERE SMILE MUCHH!!!! I really want to believe that’s just Inori saying her mind, but I have a feeling that due to the whole event in episode 13, it might just be Mana slowly taking her over. After all, isn’t Inori like a clone of Mana or something?

    Anyway, I don’t like Gai coming back just all this suddenly, it just seems to soon to me. After Hare died, Gai coming back is just… weird >.>

    I think there are just way to many plot developments in one time, so this episode had a lot of surprises, but nothing really flowed that well for me >.>

    Favorite parts in the episode: Shu getting slapped by Ayase, and Shu getting punched by Arugo 😀

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! Lots of character developments! Some more than others.

      Agreed we can tell Yahiro is clearly in charge, he has Shu wrapped around his finger calling all the shots! After all he has stuck to Shu like glue…and the final scenes where Shu is laughing? Yeah…I bet Yahiro is like well…this is not good.

      Yandere Inori? YES PLEASE! That was the best ever and her line of “found you” Oh wow! SO GOOD <3 Yes I think Mana is slowly taking over, but really was Inori ever there in the first place? I think not.

      Ohhhh Gai why are you coming back? I guess the GHQ really wants his help! I just want to see Shu's face when Gai comes walking into the school.

      Ayase is awesome <3 Shu needs more than a slap to snap out of his funk...try a few punches to the face from zombie Gai.

  9. Kitty says:

    Hey Shu you and Inori should meet Yuno and Yukki. I think you’d all be great friends!! You can be weak willed men and bat shit crazy girls together!!! Do I have to watch any more of this? Gai is going to come back (if that even is Gai and not some Mana / Gai hybrid) and be like where did my uke Shu go? Who is this crazy nut you die now mwhahahaha!

    • Foshizzel says:

      OH YES! Shu and Inori meeting Yuno and Yukki? They would become friends so fast…

      ZOMBIE GAI…Returns to eat some braaaainsssss or beat the snot out of OH MA SHOE? I sure hope so <3 Inori becomes Mana and Shu is left alone forever.

  10. anaaga says:

    Duuddee I’ll just start watching from episode 17. GAI GAI GAI GAI I LIKE YOUR GUN BETTER THAN SHU’S SWORD. Why is he all buffed up now he was so damn skinny when he was properly alive

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