Guilty Crown – 18

Who will win the epic battle for ultimate transportation!?

So it’s been a while, but I’m once again 100% caught up with GC and tagging with Fosh! Even better, Gai is back (which is really the only reason why I’m here) and he has the whole hair-over-one-eye-damn-straight-I’m-badass thing going on. And Shoe? Who really cares about Shoe?
Are you coming down from the high of all the OMG arm cutting and fabulous hair from last week? Damn just when I thought Guilty Crown had nothing left they surprised me… Sure the fail train keeps on chugging along, but boy is it a fun ride so far. Anyway this week Kara joins me for a tag team post! I hope you enjoy our thoughts on this strange episode.

Plot this week has OH MA SHOE running away to hide with Inori who has a bad case of mental issues, while Gai plays with rockets and massive laser cannons in space…

Gai-“Who dares block out the sun?! I WILL TORTURE YOU UNTIL YOU DIE HORRIBLY.”

We start right off week from where we left last week, after Gai sliced off Shu’s arm. So, do you remember that stealth bomber headed towards Japan? Well, Gai uses his super cool void power to combine the voids of Sudou, Nanba aka glasses-kun and some random girl to form a huge ass missile that blows up the stealth bomber killing the three students in process. Thank you, Gai, for killing those two dudes off… I think they were on every hate list. After that display of power, Ayase and Tsugumi freak out. Even Daryl flips out to defend Tsugumi from danger allowing them to escape; however, Daryl’s own team turns on him and shuts him down quickly. And Inori and Shu make their escape before they get kidnapped by the GHQ.


Gai-“I love rockets, what about you guys?”                  Pilot-“I don’t think that missile goes there.”

Gai-“Stealth bomber or lame bomber…”                Arisa-“I LOVE YOU!!”               Gai-“Quiet, you.”

Afterwards, Gai uses the giant space laser aka Leukocyte to destroy the incoming fleet headed for Japan. I guess it means STAY THE HELL OUT OF JAPAN seriously or Gai will fry your ass. It looked like Gai has at least two hundred and fifty six lasers under his command? He gives out an official warning to the entire world to leave Japan alone. Two weeks later after Gai sent out his threats, the whole world remains quiet, but Inori runs around taking care of Shu, while the GHQ search everywhere for her. Even Arisa joins Gai’s special team to search for his missing pink haired girlfriend.

Ayase-“I like his new hair, it looks so sexy!”                       Tsugumi-“…he is evil! Stop drooling…”

Being Daryl is suffering.

Inori-“I got an armful of free candy…”                          Shu-“I wish I could choke you right now…”

While Arisa plays army to win Gai’s love, her grandfather plans a trip to Japan to have a one on one chat with her… which was more like old man Gandalf swinging around a samurai sword. He actually attempts to kill her because she pretty much screwed up the family name forever. Before he can kill her off, Arisa shoots her grandfather, killing him… Damn it, old man, you should have brought a bigger gun to that fight! Anyway, Inori overhears the GHQ are searching for her and she runs off to hide with Shu, but she runs into a few dudes and turns on OH MA MANA mode and kills them. Sounds awesome, right? Not so much as it causes her to freak out and come crying to Shu.

Arisa-“Oh snap my bad! Let me get you a band aid.”                       Oldman-“I never…liked…you…anyway.”

Inori’s best evil grin of all time.jpg

Shu is confused at this point in the episode with no friends and power, but Inori stays by his side until she has a mind visit with Mana. Yep, she talks to herself and discovers she cannot keep up her fake self anymore and decides to sing a song, while Shu listens and cries his eyes out. After the song she hugs Shu and does some weird magical touch to his forhead knocking him out. When did she learn that magic trick?! It seems that Inori learned lots of new things because after she leaves Shu behind, she kind of hulks out and transforms into Wolverine and kicks some robot butt. The episode ends shortly after with Gai using a big ass bow to shoot Inori in the chest tying her up just to calm her monster side down! Sure, why not, that will totally calm anyone, right? Taking an arrow to your chest that is…

You need a missing hand app.

Inori and Shu, the perfect crazy couple.


Gai-“Ready…aim…catch a pink haired pop idol with my arrow.”

You tell her Gai, she is being really silly this week.

Extra crazy crown

Your weekly moe hacker love.

Dat side boob shower scene.

Shu-“Whoa! Not on the first date, Inori…”

Segai-“Oh my god this show is so sexual…when do I get my own shower scene?”

End thoughts

…Okay, fine. I kind of care about Shu now. That whole deal with Shu leading the school and having to make a ton of difficult decisions actually made me sympathise with his character (finally. After half a season.) and I just feel sorry for him now. As for Gai, I’m confused about this new organization that appeared out of the blue, but he’s still badass (lord knows what his motives are). …And so is Daryl (I so ship him with Tsugumi) for doing what he did. …And Arisa’s grandfather for his sword throwing skills. However, I’d have to say that the badass of the episode award goes to Inori of all people. I did NOT see that last fight scene coming, but wow why is this only happening now? Can we see this in every episode from now on? It’s not like the plot knows where it’s going anyways. Speaking of plot (okay, not really), Inori and Shu were adorable this episode. There were lyrics in the first OP that went something along the lines of:

“Even if someone calls you a liar and hurts you with heartless words,

If the whole world doesn’t believe in you and makes you wear a crown of thorns,

I’ll become your only ally since I know that pain and loneliness as well.”

Those lyrics really stuck with me for some reason and they were exactly what I thought about during that scene between the two this episode. Those words just described the moment so well since that’s pretty much what those two are going through. I can’t say that I’m fond of the fact that Shu has given up on everything once again (at least he has an excuse this time), but Inori is certainly becoming more of her own character recently. I’m glad that she’s been supporting Shu in all of his uselessness.

Honestly, this storyline has been all over the place. If I had to explain what the plotline was about to someone, all I would be able to tell them is “The world’s worst protagonist meets a girl with no soul, gets weird powers and then a ton of depressing stuff happens.” since that’s the only thing that has remained consistent. Oh well, despite my constant complaining, this anime has actually improved from how it was in the first half. This has 4 episodes left if I remember correctly…? I hope it continues improving from here.

Well damn, this was a great episode! I will say one of the best moments was easily zombie Gai destroying that stealth bomber with those three voids to form a missile?! So AMAZING! To add to the excitement, I was really happy to see those damn students go all void form and then disappear, namely Mr. Glasses-Kun and his jackass friend. I somewhat agree with Kara, I do give Shu a lot of crap for whining, crying and being a power hungry jerk, but this week I was like damn, being Shu is suffering in a big way. This week he has no friends or family to turn to and at least Inori was around to help for a bit.

Other strange developments follow Daryl protecting Tsugumi from danger. Just what is going on with him? Has he suddenly realized he is on the wrong team? Either way I hope we get to see more of him because he looked beat to hell…and just what kind of questions will Segai ask Gai? He was always interested in the void power or to openly confess his love for him? Anyway, it seems like a lot of characters are swapping sides like Arisa who owned her own grandpa, but like Kara said that old guy sure can fight… Too bad he can’t dodge bullets from point blank range or cut them in half.

Now for Inori’s character, she has gone through some changes too, like finally accepting her fate to become a monster. I was confused when she touched Shu’s forehead knocking him out? When did she learn such a strange skill? However, as cheesy as that move was, it was great to see her running around cutting everything up. Sure she did look horrible as in her wild hair, but that line Gai said about her teaming up with humans made me laugh…isn’t he doing the same thing right now?! Ah well, maybe he is right about being completely different and he has no issues killing people right now.

All hail zombie Gai!


Great artwork of Inori.

Shu’s mom sneaks around looking for her son and a huge beam of light fills the sky. Is she going to restore his king powers? Find out next time!


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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50 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 18”

  1. Tofu says:

    Inori can dodge bullets but can’t dodge an arrow, too bad she didn’t take an arrow to the knee 😛

    What can Shu do now? He really has no one and up against Gai who has the Kings power, I can’t really see Shu being victorious unless we see the famous Soul Eater FINAL PUNCH TO THE FACE scene in Guilty Crown, that’s probs one way you can do it….

    Oh yeah does anyone watch Fairy Tail or read it? Doesn’t Inori’s beast mode remind you of a certain ‘Mirajane’? I’m guessing Mana can animal shape shift then 😛

    • Kitty says:

      I don’t think it came to mind because Mira-chan is WAY and I mean like universe WAY better then Inori!

      • Tofu says:

        True… scratch that, I take back my comparison or else it’ll make Mirajane look bad and I don’t want that D:

    • Clone Gai says:

      No one can stop my giant penis arrow!

    • Foshizzel says:

      We can call Inori Neo!? She is so magical, ah yes arrows to da knees! I could have used that xD

      The only thing Shu can do is wait for his momma to come and give him power again, or he can magically grow his arm back again through “science” he still can’t beat Gai! EVER.

      I love fairy tail! I read the manga and watch the anime <3 Lucy because yeah she is the fan-service character, but Natsu is awesome.

  2. Snowley says:

    I’m confused, this post shows that Guilty Crown may be interesting! Where the hell this guy hand went? That terrorist boss is a bad guy?
    Is it less “Code Geass with boring main hero and no plottwists” after first 3 episodes? I’m asking if should I bother to watch Guilty Crown?

    • Tofu says:

      To put it simply, you’re not missing out much if you don’t watch it. It will go down in history amongst the aniblogsphere as a disappointing anime that could’ve shined

      People say it’s like Code Geass but personally, I don’t want to think of it as Code Geass at all comparing how good Code Geass was to Guilty Crown.

      To sum it all up: Watch if you have time to kill

      • Snowley says:

        I won’t watch it, than. I hate when a good idea gets totally spoiled. I thought it may actually get good at some point, it’s made by Production I.G. after all…but music is composed by Hiroyuki Sawano and I think the OST is superb.

        • akagami says:

          Unfortunately all the good things it had going for it (animation, designs, music) were horribly derailed by the kitchen sink plot (let’s just throw random stuff in and maybe it’ll work).

          I can’t honestly recommend this unless you have nothing better to do or watch (and you want to develop a Hulk-like rage to smash the main character).

    • Foshizzel says:

      Guilty Crown isn’t 100% amazing, but there are moments that make me go WHOAA!? This is cool! Sadly Guilty Crown has a poor story and yes it is ver Code Geass all over again.

      Sure it may not be original to most people and it does take a lot from several shows, but there is not a lot of “original” anime out lately.

      • Snowley says:

        That is true, imo 21st century culture is made from remakes and re-adaptations, but you still can make something good from old clishes (last year’s best animes prove me right). Sadly as you all say Guilty Crown doesn’t deliver. They made crap out of such a good idea, it’s such a shame it bothers me.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Friggin Hollywood! Always making remakes of old movies and now the anime world is doing this, or adding more seasons to shows or remaking them…

          Agreed thou Guilty Crown has a great idea and amazing music+Artwork, but something just does not work for story I guess T___T

  3. Kitty says:

    You need a missing hand app. <— I laughed for hours, omg Shizzel-kun you are brilliant! That was amazing. So can't wait for this show to be over and I agree with you Segai you clearly didn't read the fine print of your contact when you signed up for this show.

    All hail zombie Gai! *salute*

    • Foshizzel says:

      You are welcome! I struggled with that one for a while, but I liked that and I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off when Shu reached out with just his sleeve…


  4. geassed says:

    On the short list of reasons I still watch this show is DAT DarylxTsugumi ship. Take away the ost that numbs my ears every ep, and I’d still prolly watch GC solely for that pairing lol

    • Karakuri says:

      If Gai dies again, that will become my #1 reason as well.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Daryl and Tsugumi! For the win! At least there is one pairing worth saving for this series, but I am starting to feel Inori and Shu! Fingers crossed for them dying together in a epic death ;D

  5. amado says:

    truck-chan is now my fave character(sorry ayase and tsugumi, but both of you picked those guys instead of each other).

  6. Hime says:

    God Shu is annoying.

    • Kabitzin says:

      More like pretending you lost a chess match when you lost for real is annoying!

    • Foshizzel says:

      @ Hime- Oh yes very much so

      @Kabitzin- Ahahaha yes! He really wanted to talk to Gai that badly…isn’t Segai in the GHQ? Why does he need chess.

  7. Kyokai says:

    Will OH MA SHOE ever change? Na-uh.

  8. Alynn says:

    MM THIS EPISODE WAS FULL OF AWESOME. I was so happy Daryl was there *A*

    The scenes between Inori and Shoe were so touching! They tore at heartstrings that I didn’t know I had ;__;

    • Karakuri says:

      I never thought I’d be saying ‘awesome’ to anything that happened in GC, but yeah, this was pretty awesome. NOW IF ONLY THEY WOULD BRING BACK DARYL WITH GLASSES!!!

      Saaaame here. I never thought I would be interested in what happens to those two, but there I am.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Great episode this week! Things are getting so good right now, but soon it will end I will be both sad and happy. It was great to see Daryl appear and try to protect Tsugumi! D’awww yes yes I know he was really after Gai.

      Yeah for once I actually liked Shu and Inori together usually I throw them under the bus 90% of the time.

  9. BlackBriar says:

    Guilty Crown, returns inciting tears in its viewers – not out of touching story or happiness, but rather tragedy. It’s one of the top emotional animes I’ve ever watched.

    Naturally Arisa is all over Gai, ready to jump him at the slightest incentive. Does he seem to give even the slightest crap about her in response? …I don’t really need to say it, do I? And she brought shame to her grandfather who died a total badass. Old man, I salute you!!! But I’m glad the bastard with the glasses and his lackey finally got theirs in the end for their treason. What took so long?

    And Daryl. It’s about time he rebelled against GHQ. I’m sure he did it for Tsugumi and not just because he can’t stand following Gai’s orders since he’s always thought of him as the enemy.

    The best part was Inori. Shu and Inori still make the best couple. She stuck by his side after everything that’s happened. Her transformation completely surprised me. I thought see was awesome enough with guns but she pulls it off great with blades. I guess the reason they need her is because they’re going to try and revive Mana again. It’s possible since Gai is back even though he died with her.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Truth right there! Although it was not as emotional to me versus others, but I can really see why with Inori and Shu.

      Old man was awesome really sad to see him go, but I think Arisa will die soon! Gai will probably kill her or something else will happen without her void she is a easy target. YES!! Glasses-kun is deaaddd xD

      Yeah Daryl always hated Gai and part of him probably did it to protect Tsugumi, I wonder who he hates more Gai or Shu?

      Inori and Shu are perfect for each other right now, in the begining I hated both of them so much…but now I actually like them more and finally Inori showed her true colors? About damn time! And her hair is crazy…

      Yeah in the preview it does look like Gai is trying to bring Mana back.

  10. akagami says:

    Thanks Kara and Fosh, now I can get my daily fun facepalm material in 5 minutes rather than having to sit through 25 minutes of constant facepalming (without the fun)! ^^

    Daryl looks like he has mumps… poor Daryl. It appears sword schools are lacking in training… isn’t it standard for swordsmen to have *cut bullet* skill in their repertoire?

    And Wolverine Inori looks… just weird. And haha, when I saw the shower pic, I thought “Why does Lockon have breasts now?!?” I’ve used up my 5 minutes of daily allotment of facepalming, time to go watch some quality Gattai.

    • Foshizzel says:

      You are welcome! We do what we can for the readers, I wish Guilty Crown was more entertaining.

      LOL Well I imagine Daryl got his ass beat after going against orders or something like that even thou they did not show us what really happened.

      Lolol yes wolverine-Inori looks a bit crazy, but I am happy they finally revealed her true side. Yes shower scenes are required for plot progression <3

  11. FirstImpulse says:

    What would REALLY happen in the case of a huge network of laser-satellites killing an American Carrier Strike Group:

    Within an hour hundreds of electronic warfare planes scramble from bases around the world, shutting down the Sat’s communications and sensors.

    Within two hours ASAT missiles would be launched against the blinded and silenced laser satellites, and 15 minutes later pieces of the danged things would rain down into the oceans across the globe as they’re shot down.

    Nobody messes with the USA, especially some wannabe long-haired dude who makes a hobby of killing pilots stupid enough to fly at low altitude on a nuclear bombing run. Dang I hate unrealistic anime. Wait, why am I watching this?…

    • akagami says:

      Anime. Realistic.

      I believe, good friend, you are looking in the wrong place.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahaha that is nice! True they do stretch the whole idea of Gai being this super powerful “leader” and it is super unrealistic…Maybe you are watching for Inori? or Tsugumi? xD

      • FirstImpulse says:

        Tsugumi, cuz Inori’s got issues. XD

        Big lol at the Gundam reference!
        Of the recent action anime, probably the most “realistic” is Macross- seeing as they actually give physics some lip service.

        GC does have tons of issues though. The wrong characters are the mains (forget OH MA SHOE and Inori, Gai and Tsugumi should have their jobs!), a plot which constantly tries to make itself look dumb, and waaaaay too many WTFRICK moments. And, as you can see, I have a peeve for military stuff being portrayed unrealistically… which means I’m yelling at the screen like a madman every episode. X)

  12. Reaper says:

    Sees B2 bomber in the skies; DEAD END!
    Well, seems like SOMEONE, or SOME PEOPLE feel VERY BAD about turning TRAITOR against Pirate Shoe (Yargh! There has to be an arm hook Void somewhere in Japan, right?)

    On the other side of the fence though, UberGai has come in to show Shu ‘How to be a REAL Dictator’, and has already instilled fear in everyone around him without so much as a resistant blink (thank God those two guys are dead, had enough of their backstabbing acts). Daryl’s finally completed his Anti-Hero course and saves Tsugumi (Last Order! Actually, she’s kind of a super hacking girl too, sort off…) Arisa though needs to die, not that many people will care since RealGai loves Mana, UberGai loves Inori, and dead, manipulated guys stay dead. Arisa=Forever Alone…

    Finally get to see Inori’s BEAST MODE, and damn. She should have come up to play a long time ago, definitely would have made the series more interesting…

    Well, yeah, all we need now to complete this anime is to have a showdown between Truck-chan, Limo-kun and Trainwreck-dono; they seriously need to meet.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Damn that bomber! He was messing with Gai’s turn in the sun! He needs to work on that tan of his…Shu with a hook for a arm wold make me laugh <3

      Yeah Gai is doing a better job as the bad guy than Shu could ever do right now. Yes thank god those two jerks are dead forever...Daryl is getting there slowly and he did save Tsugumi LOL yeah I can see a possible Last order x Accelerator ship between them...

      Inori's beast mode was great! Yeah it did look a bit freaky and it did make things more fun.

      LOLOL I love Truck-chan and Limo-kun <3 LOL Tranwreck-dono? AWESOME xDD

  13. Rakuen says:

    I just can’t look away from this glorious trainwreck.

    Grandpa was cool. Too cool to live. I wish he could have been that cool through, oh, I dunno, the whole flippin’ series!? Wasted a perfectly awesome character on a perfectly useless action. 🙁

    • Myssa Rei says:

      Well that is the thing about trainwrecks (or real-life messy accidents actually); you can’t look away. You have a morbid attraction to see the accident happen, even if you KNOW it’s an inevitability.

      But hey, at least it’s a pretty trainwreck.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Maybe they will hit a wall eventually!

      True that grandpa was cool! I didn’t think he could fight, I would have loved if he managed to kill Arisa off at the same time! LOL

      RIP old man.

      • Rakuen says:

        See, you’d think it’d hit a wall, but then you realize it can just plow on through and keep going like nothing even happened. Mostly because it’s already done so several times. 😛

        • Foshizzel says:

          They would break through and keep going…just imagine a world where Guilty Crown got another season and a three movies?! IT IS TERRIFYING!

  14. Gecko says:

    This episode was definitely Inori’s best. We finally learn (as truth, not just speculation) that she’s a “monster” with a fake heart/emotions, and yet there’s a certain amount of irony to it all. Because this is the episode where she shows the most emotion- from mindless killer, to freaked out, to feeling powerful. She finally stands up for herself and fights for herself(/Shu). Every other episode, we haven’t seen any emotion at all. And those are, for the most part, the episodes where we think she’s human(ish), where we would think she should have emotions.

    Anyways, Daryl was amazing here too- protecting Tsugumi because he realizes that maybe he wants to protect someone instead of killing. He’s really starting to change. I really hope to see more of this from him.
    And Shu was doing okay this week. He was pretty nice to walk away and let that kid get some food. That’s probably the nicest he’s ever been.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Inori was great in this episode usually I give her a lot and I mean A LOT of hate every week for being slow, quiet and emotionless, however this episode showed a new side of her I guess you could say a darker side? Either way thumbs up for wild Inori.

      Daryl is interesting! I loved how he saved Tsugumi even thou he paid the price afterwards. Shu is doing alright besides crying and whining all the damn time! I bet that kid could have beaten Shu at this point…ahaha

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