Persona 4 – 14

There is no age limit for Yu’s “Harem Magnet” secret technique

Ahhh, it’s not fair…Yu gets a summer vacation while we just had our first, real snowfall a few days ago. It really makes commuting to my campus so much more troublesom. Hmm, maybe I should just stay inside with a warm cup of tea and watch anime? The perfect plan!
Ahaha I looked up the lyrics to the new OP. “I will strip search if I have to.”…? Oh, Persona. You and your Engrish. Anyways, this episode looks like it will be pretty crammed full of plot.

Velvet room. So on to Yu’s side of the story. While Yu reads a book called “Men are Forever”, Nanako comes home without her umbrella (since she gave it to the fox). However, Yu finds that he doesn’t have enough money to buy Nanako a replacement umbrella. His solution? Pimp himself out.  Around then, he meets the fox that Nanako saw and the fox gives him an ema (a wooden plaque in shrines that people write wishes on) asking that someone look at them. Yu is totally okay with wild animals approaching him at random and following the fox’s directions, Yu finds a job as the ema writer’s tutor.

That awkward moment when you spend more time with feral animals than your friends.

However, after Yu meets the kid, he’s quickly roped into working at a day care centre by one of his friends. There, he meets a kid who’s parents probably hated him based on what he wears and another shota named Yuuta. In trying to stop the two from fighting, a toy breaks and Yu offers to pay for it (he also meet’s Yuuta’s mother in the process). Yu works hard over the next few days, but he’s still broke after buying the toy. Yu runs into trouble again at the daycare since the kids can’t stop fighting, so he busts out the Kuma costume. Where the hell did he pull it from? Who knows. It works though and the kids are too busy abusing Yu to fight anymore. Of course, after, he runs into his friends, acts suspicious and then runs away.

You know the rules! Bears and old people at the back of the bus!

Later, he runs into an old woman who was mugged/knocked unconcious and he takes her to the hospital. There, he meets a nurse who immediately begins hitting on him. He runs into her again some time later and she drags him to go drinking. There, she complains that she hates her job and everyone leaves her as soon as they get better. After that, he runs into Yuuta’ mother, where he learns that she’s not actually his mother, but his step mother instead. …And then when that’s finished, he finally meets up with the old woman. She tells him her life story about how she’s going to be moving because her husband died, she didn’t love him towards the end and blah, blah, Yu looks like her dead husband. She also throws a comb into the river and after she leaves, a HUGE ASS fish jumps out of the water. Of course, it has the comb.

Suddenly, TANAKA APPEARS ON TV selling an extreme fishing kit. Yu buys it and his EXPLOSIVE FISHING ADVENTURE begins. At the festival, Yu has massive bags under his eyes. However, he quickly ditches his friends to go talk to the old woman. After flashing back to catching the bigass fish (wearing his glasses for whatever reason), Yu gives the woman back her comb saying that it’s important. She then flashes back to her husband giving her the comb during another festival and cries realising that she DID love her husband.

Conveniently, Yu sees Shu (the kid he tutors) running around with explosive materials in his arms, so he runs after him. The kid explains that he doesn’t want fireworks because nobody asked if he wanted to see them and so he was the only one left out. Shu then says that everyone is just jealous of him, but before he can go on much of a rant, Yu pulls out a game (that he can’t play alone) and wishes Shu happy birthday. Shu agrees to return the fireworks and everything is awwwright.

Here, take this box of matches to go with the bomb. Have fun, kid!

Around that time, Yuuta is with his mother and it turns out that the bowl cut kid’s mother doesn’t just hate him, but hates everyone and starts bitching that Yuuta is bad because his father remarried. Yuuta then bodychecks the woman, but then his mother is seriously injured due to the woman’s retaliation. Yu calls up the nurse, the tasks Nanako helped everyone with conveniently falls into place and Yu saves Yuuta’s mother. So skip to Yu returning the fireworks and watching them with Nanako. Everyone’s problems are solved, Nanako gets a yukata from Yukiko and Yu has fun with his friends. Also, Yu buys Nanako a new umbrella, but the fox gets all of the credit for returning it. Yu doesn’t mind though.

Bonus Screncaps:

Awww, everyone’s yukata is so cute! …Except for Chie’s. It looks like algae floating on a scummy pond.

Yu ending up with Rise, Yukiko, or Chie? Pffft, naw. Adult nurse ending all the way!


“if my courage isn’t maxed out after this, I give up.”

End Thoughts:

Somehow, they did it. Five social links were covered in one episode without much trouble. The social links don’t overlap in the games very much if at all, so the fusion of all these into one coherent narrative was pretty clever. Even social links where you need one to unlock the other like the nurse and the old lady (which are the Devil and Death arcana respectively) were tackled from an entirely new angle. I appreciate the creativity here, and it all paid off. Even the fox’s social link was well-done, although vastly simplified (his social link is a biiiittttch to complete). It was also interesting to see how Yu’s various part time jobs and such overlapped with Nanako’s “investigation.”

The only caveat here is that the social links have no emotional impact, because most of the development and information about the characters has been completely cut out. They’re all great fun to watch, but good luck actually making me feel empathy for a characters who get maybe a couple of minutes of screentime each. Players of the game may feel a bit more melancholy because they actually have gotten to know these characters and have learned to relate to them, but anyone who hasn’t played the game was probably just sitting there poker-faced. At least, that’s my take on it…it will be interesting to see what the comment section has to say about that. For me, this was just an episode to show off what an amazing guy Yu is with some humour sprinkled in. The other characters were just tools used to show how much Yu has flourished and become the ultimate human being. He’s practically a saint at this point.

My favourite social link this time around has to be the kid Yu tutored…ironically, it’s the only one I never even touched in the game. It may sound like I’m being hypocritical since I just said you’re more likely to feel something for a character you’re more accustomed to, but this is because I felt more of a personal link to him. As a kid, I was the same. I refused to make friends because I thought everyone was stupid, and not worth my time or the effort. Old Lady Death comes a close second, although the lead-up was pretty lacking. The other social links were kind of dumb in the anime, but eh, they filled the time and weren’t bad to watch. I’ll always prefer those deep, in-game conversations getting to the route of their problems and talking them through it though. Err, well, talking them through it when I’m not having kinky, hospital room sex. I…I accidentally chose the wrong dialogue option, okay?!

I absolutely love things like this. Arguably, one of my favourite things about Drrr! and Baccano was how there were like, 10 different stories to every event and those anime actually took the time to explain every side to form one larger picture. While what Persona did wasn’t nearly as complex, it was pretty much the same idea. I LOVE how Yu and Nanako’s stories overlapped constantly and despite everything conveniently falling into place in the end, it was pretty well executed. Well done, Persona. Well done. I absolutely did not cry during this episode! Don’t give me that look!

That being said, Yu was hilarious this episode. Just watching the kids beat him up while wearing the Kuma suit (what is with children and having the urge to beat up people in mascot costumes?) and then seeing him on the bus made me lol extremely hard. Same goes for some of his comments this episode “…I’m looking at you.” or “Damn you Featherman R!” were hilarious as well. Plus there was the EXTREME FISHING and the zombie eyes. There’s just too many things to mention. Was he always this funny, or is my lack of sleep finally kicking in? Either way, I really enjoyed this episode.

I wasn’t sure if pushing 5 Social Links into one episode would be successful or not, but I’d say it was. They explained the important parts to each of them, and then resolved them in a way that made sense for the anime. Sure, in the process, they made Yu look like some sort of selfless saint, but the same goes for pretty much every Persona protagonist out there when it comes to Social Links. There wasn’t really any need for further details or an explanation as to why everyone is perfectly okay with telling Yu their life story after only just meeting him. So yeah, if I haven’t said it enough, I really liked this episode. Props to the writers for making this work.

Preview: It’s the school trip and you know what that means? PERSONA 3 CROSSOVER TIME, BABY! I hope they go farther with this than they did the game… If they really wanted to earn points with me, they’d add in a certain character with a hat.

We’re going on a field trip! DID YOU SEE THAT SHINJI?!


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15 Responses to “Persona 4 – 14”

  1. Snowley says:

    “We’re going on a field trip! DID YOU SEE THAT SHINJI?!”
    I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m officially dead. But I died from laughter. It was a good death.
    ~~Snow’s ghost.

    PS I don’t mind bein dead tho cause P4:The Derp Animation is boring and dissapionting. I’m a very, very sad bear ;____; it’s almost unbearable, but fortunatelly I have Devil Survivor to cure my grief. (playing games instead for learning for the upcoming exams – hell yeah I SHALL NOT PASS )

    • Overcooled says:

      Haha, as soon as Karakuri reminded me that field trip = Persona 3 references, I couldn’t resist putting that in. I’m glad someone else played P3 to get the joke :3

      You really don’t like it? The animation is derp, but I find the anime interesting to watch overall.

      By the way, I’m playing Devil Survivor as well! Or, rather, I’m on the last day and am grinding so I can beat the last boss. I hope it’s fun, otherwise you’re missing studying for nothing~

      • Karakuri says:


      • Snowley says:

        Oh yeah, they went to Gekkoukan High, didn’t they?

        I don’t know why I hate it. Maybe I had unresonable expectations from it. Or simply I rage beacuse it’s not P3:The Animation.

        I have 4 days to go in DS ^___^ it’s a really cool game and I’m really curious what is going on – it looks like some sort of conspiracy on the government level? I love such things.

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Best feel good episode for Persona! And also lots of laughs for me like Yu using his persona power to help him go fishing? Ahahahaha so good! Reminded me of Angel Beats with their random fishing episode.

    So many D’awwww moments! xDD

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, I was wondering how the hell that actually helped..if it did at all. Maybe his glasses are like a security blanket now and he needs them for confidence.

  3. Reaper says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Only thing that could be said about the second half of this hilarity :D. Not only did he cool them bitches out at the daycare, or draw the fox in with his animal magnetism, but he also knows how to please the older ladies and lead his harem down the aisle at the festival XD Oh, and what did he say when he saw the Guardian? Challenge accepted. 😀 (Never expected to see the actual Tanaka’s Shopping Channel, actually dropped from my seat when I saw the chibi Tanaka’s dancing to the tune)
    Yep, that’s right, he pimped out them Arcanas, and now the Investigation Team are on their way to Iwatodai!

    “We’re going on a field trip! DID YOU SEE THAT SHINJI?” Oh god, I’m with Snowley, I died and went to Heaven the moment I read this. But yes, P3 CROSSOVER!!! I too really wish they go a lot further than they did in the game; at the very least a certain female robot or a certain redhead who owns Gekkoukan High…she could just be inspecting the school when the Investigation Team comes along…
    Seriously, I really want to see them, ALL of them! P3xP4 FTW!

    • Karakuri says:

      Screw those two. I want to see the trenchcoated character that would probably cause continuity problems. YES! ALL OF THEM!!! I don’t care if they’re in the background, just give me a cameo.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    Nice! This is like a behind the scenes episode to last week’s episode. I don’t know how Yu can stand doing such things. I would have eventually snapped between dealing with those kids and financial setbacks. Who ever thought Yu was able to fit in Teddie’s suit?

    That was a huge fish that jumped out of the river. It can either end up as dinner or one badass fishing trophy. I need to get myself a fox, apparently they’re very useful.

    The scene where Yu was comforting the old lady and returning her comb was really sweet. He certainly has developped since the beginning of the show, especially with helping everyone in his path. And Teddie’s pimping out the ladies. Stop making the other guys look bad!!

    • Overcooled says:

      I used to do volunteer work at a daycare and I still teach kids at my dojo, so I know the pains of having kids crawl all over you and hit you XD It can be pretty rough…At least I didn’t have to squeeze into a Teddie suit though. I don’t know how he fit either, now that you mention it o.o

      Yu is like the ideal guy now, helping everyone who needs it and making girls swoon for him. Maybe Teddie is being influence by Yu’s skills? XD

  5. Eri says:

    Am I the only one who hates Social Link abuse in this anime. And what’s with that messed up storyline?! I wouldn’t mind it the bit least if it was a carbon copy of the game itself. I’m still crying over some skipped scenes ;u;

    • Karakuri says:

      At first I wished that they would go more into the social links too, but I’m okay with this as long as they go more into the main cast’s links.

      Personally, I like it better this way rather then copying the game 100% because I get bored easily watching things twice it takes a new perspective on events and helps people new to Persona understand more since they can’t include every wall of text that the game had without losing viewers/ confusing people.

      • Eri says:

        Well I can’t say I don’t understand you point… They better show MargaretxYu kiss >3<

  6. Jrow says:

    Wow, Chie looks really cute in her yukata.

    Sorry I’m not commenting on your thoughts girls, I just took a bit of a vacation from Persona and am gonna get back on track this Friday.

    • Karakuri says:

      Psh, opinions.

      Ahaha since the investigation is over, it’s really just slice of life at the moment. You’re not missing much plot-wise (depending how far back you are.If you’re back at episode 12 or less, there’s significantly more plot.)

      Have fun catching up!

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