Guilty Crown – 13

I know right Ayase? Where is the other OH MA SHOE?!

You know you’ve hit the halfway point when the OP and ED songs change. I’m really liking the new OP – it’s hectic, but it’s a bit more my style than “My Dearest” was. The new OP animation is an improvement too! As for the ED…yeah, I’m not really the patient type so I just close the video player at that point. But, uh, I’m sure it’s good!
So has everyone had enough time to cope with Gai’s death?! I wonder if there will be any dramatic changes to the story!? I wouldn’t hold my breath too much…But I already know half of the fans will tune in this week just to see the brand new opening! Hopefully you decide to stay for the rest of the series, but if you don’t that is perfectly fine…anyway time to knock out another review of Guilty Crown.Two weeks have passed since Gai’s death. Shu, Inori, Ayase and Tsugumi return to school to throw a random festival to cheer people up. However a random group of terrorists decide to crash the festival leaving Shu to team up with Ayase to save the day. So prepare yourself for super school festival, complete with neko maids.

Ayase-“It’s not like I want to crash my chair into you or anything…”

So two weeks have passed since Gai died and Shu blew everything up. The city residents are in depressed mode thanks to the second attempt at starting another Lost Christmas. That has left people scattered all over and a few of them have no idea where their loved ones are, even Shu has problems reaching his mother. Thankfully the school opened their doors to take a few people in, even Ayase and Tsugumi start going to Shu’s school because they really have no place to go since the funeral parlor members have all gone missing.


Since everyone is back at school, what will they do now? Wait for it…THROW A CULTURAL FESTIVAL! HOORAY GUYS! Yes it is festival time in the world of Guilty Crown complete with animal themed cafés with Tsugumi cosplaying as an adorable neko maid. There were no haunted houses in this episode but they did manage to get Inori to sing one of her amazing songs…err… the same SONG SHE ALWAYS SINGS after every battle. Sadly Ayase has not been in a joyful mood lately, because Gai’s death has hit her the hardest; after all she was in love with him. Ayase just feels terrible about Gai and ultimately blames herself for not saving his life; she does snap at Shu after she saw how happy he was…

Hare-“Dude…we should draw each other!.”                 Kanon-“This is a horrible drawing of me!”

Tsugumi-“I will sell you this girl for three hundred dollars an hour.”         Kanon-“I am worth more than that…!”

Meanwhile Segai is still around plotting and doing evil science stuff and this time he sent his very own spy aka Daryl to infiltrate the school and keep a close eye on Shu. Clearly wearing just glasses can confuse everyone, right? Daryl has a short run in with Tsugumi after she makes him carry some boxes. New ship guys Tsugumi and Daryl; I fully support them. Anyway Segai hired some special terrorists after giving them a new hummer and a shiney new mecha to play with; these special people decide to attack the festival.

Tsugumi and Daryl? Next best Guilty Crown couple?! I THINK SO.

Shu-“Oh look I see my other shoe over there. Thanks, Ayase.”

This surprise attack forces Shu to push Ayase to safety, but she would rather stay and fight the good fight. Shu decides to help her out and manages to pull out her void weapon. Her void is somewhat similar to a striker unit from Strike Witches because it attaches to her legs and allows her to fly. While Ayase distracts the other attackers, Shu pulls out his I-win-all-with-my-void-sword-of-awesome, saving the day. After the random battle, Inori sings her song and Tsugumi finds a random news broadcast about the recent “attacks” on the city. Shu stares in shock as he sees Shuuichirou standing on screen as he talks about sealing off the area with a massive wall. The episode ends with OH MA SHOE’s shocked expression as the walls surround the area.

Ayase’s strike witch cosplay needs work! You got to lose that skirt.

Ayase-“Dude…this is so cheesy…”                    Shu-“Mmmmm I like cheese…wait what?”



Hare-“Soooooo, can I do something cool next time?”       Shu-“…”        Ayase-“….”         Tsugumi-“….”

Extra Crowns


Dat neko maid service

Daryl-“Next time I will stab you with that candy apple.”

A smile fits you so much better Ayase.

Fosh’s first waifu! Ayase why are you so awesome?!

End thoughts

Anything is good after what happened last week u.u But seriously, I really enjoyed this episode. It focused more on character’s emotions than trying to work on the story, which is one of the domains that GC seems to be able to handle for the most part. It was specifically good because it wasn’t Shu whining as per usual. I was actually quite taken aback by how well he handled Gai’s death. No tears, no PTSD, no screaming and rocking back and forth…he suddenly regained all of his clarity. It was nice! Maybe he really is undergoing development! I really can’t tell sometimes…But forget Shu, because this is my chance to finally get to talk about someone other than a man who is named after footwear. I’m talking about Ayase.

Ayase loved Gai, so of course she’s going to be distraught by his death. The way she reacted to it wasn’t just by breaking down like Shu usually does. Instead, it brought out her deepest insecurities about herself. It didn’t just make her sad, it made her reflect upon her life and what type of meaning she had without Gai to guide her. Her pride wasn’t just pure tsundere-ish either – it was much more complex than that. I do find it a bit odd that Tsugumi just left her once she started talking about sad things. Is Tsugumi unable to deal with tragedy? Is she just covering everything up with a smile? In my experiences with people, it’s always the super genki ones that are hiding some deep issues…But I won’t read too much into things for now, since she IS just a cute cat-ear girl. Back to Ayase, within the episode she went from feeling useless to finally finding a purpose. I find it a little bit convenient that her Void was a pair of SHINY NEW LEGS, and it might have been nice if they showed she still had a purpose…while still being wheelchair-bound. I know they’re not TRYING to say that “hey, you can’t ever make a difference unless you’re out of a wheelchair and in some sort of mecha” but it seemed like a bit of a cheap way to make her realize her own self-worth. Your self-worth isn’t always determined by specific, concrete actions like saving people – it’s much more abstract than that. Then again, a badass wheelchair chick is certainly a step forward. And mannn, she is bad. ass. I loved that action scene! Finally, some good fights!

I have no comment on that ridiculous last episode, but GC seems like it’s been put on a good path now. They could still screw things up, but I like the lock-down set-up. After playing Devil Survivor over the winter break, I really got a feel for being a desperate survivor stuck in quarantine for unfair reasons. It’s a tense situation – much more so than just a pure evil organization who is evil for the sake of being evil. Now they have to escape and deal with all the rebel groups (such as the Philantrophists…who may or may not have been completely wiped out as of this episode…). The citizens will start to panic, things will get chaotic…there’s a lot of room for interesting development. Furthermore, Shu’s power is better now. I guess he’s awakening to being a “King” now, which is kind of…CONVENIENT…but it’s good overall. I mean, having people pass out all the time was so troublesome. Having limp fleshbags on the battlefield is a horrible liability. It’s amazing no one got destroyed while waiting for Shu to finish using their Voids to do whatever. This also means some of the minor characters can also look cool and do flashy things, not just Shu! Well, minus Inori, who can’t seem to muster up enough energy to even speak above a whisper. =_= Useless vessel girl…Why is she still here, again?

Well…that was certainly an odd trip after the dramatic events in episode twelve. I knew they were going back to school eventually, but seriously, two weeks after Lost Christmas part two? Honestly, I was not shocked or surprised to see that happen…it could have been a lot worse. Just imagine them doing an entire beach complete with fan service after episode twelve? I can bet people would stop the video and delete it right there. I almost forgot, they threw that festival to cheer up the students and other people taking refuge at the school. Most of us have seen our fair share of festival themed episodes in every anime, hell even Sacred Seven managed to throw one at us complete with a monster running around the school…

Even if the story in this episode failed, at least the Tsugumi fans will be pleased. I hope you enjoyed this episode Skylion, I think the producers heard your comments with the lack of Tsugumi service as we got an adorable neko maid cosplay. Now for Ayase’s character you could say this was her episode, we saw her mope around depressed after Gai’s death. I really felt so bad for her because she just felt like killing herself… Poor Ayase, I think she needed a hug. I loved her line about Gai giving her legs again after her accident; even though I know she gained her new legs through piloting a mecha. After she got her new legs I was like WHOA THIS IS AWESOME and man was it ever cool to see her flying around! I wouldn’t mind a pair of those myself…I probably would crash into trees and buildings.

So, there are a few odd questions for me. So, Shu leveled up his void powers and this allows him to actually let people use their own voids? Yahiro got to hold his sword thing and Ayase used her new robot legs. So does this mean anyone with a strong willpower can call upon their inner void? I would think so. Ayase seemed really desperate to help her friends and it triggered her desire and boom we have fresh new void weapons for everyone to use. And finally the wall-of-death, which screams Darker than Black, I guess old man Shuuichirou was only knocked out by Daath? Well, it looks like Segai might have a job again unless he switches sides? Either way we have a key villain again.

New opening!


New Ending!



Shu-“Whoa! I LOOK FABULIOUS.”                      Inori-“I hope this top stays on….”

Next week, panic sets in as the wall comes up trapping everyone and Shuuichirou begins to form a new plan to take over the world.


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42 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 13”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    New OP and epic episode. That’s an awesome combination. The city is in shambles and Shu is becoming tougher hence the OP. He looks great in that Funeral Parlor uniform and scarf alongside Inori and her dress. What is it about a scarf that makes a character 10 times badass?

    Shu’s powers have changed since he rescued Inori. The voids he takes out doesn’t leave the subject unconscious anymore. Moreover, they, themselves can use it now. Ayase was kick ass with her leg extention void. And that battle pose between her and Shu wasn’t all that cheesy, it was pretty good.

    I thought that GHQ treasonous bastard died last episode and now he’s the leader of Japan itself? What the hell is this? As if two weeks after an incident and riots wasn’t bad enough, the city has locked down. 4th wall boss nothing, that’s an all out quarentine zone. Resident Evil or Doomsday, he we go.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahaha yeah I guess adding a scarf to a character makes them better? And Shu is wearing Gai’s jacket? Hooray! Now you can dress like him…and ya Inori’s new dress <3 I like that new op and the ED <3

      You could say his powers evolved? I still like to say he "leveled" up because Daath in episode 12 said something about the true kings power? I assume that means he can help people with voids inside of them...however they use it I like it! Hell it made Ayase do something amazing. fufufuf ya that pose was hilarious xDD

      YES! That is sooooo from like the second RE movie! The wall and the new quarantine zone. Yeah the GHQ live once more! Buhahahaha time for Shu to assemble his team of students.

  2. Karakuri says:

    LMAO they really did go back to school. XDDD

  3. Cely_belly says:

    Good incite! I can’t wait for next weeks episode. XD

  4. skylion says:

    Well, the OP and ED have yet to grow on me. I think OP2 lacks the dynamic the first one had (2 just sounds like soup can rock to me), and this ED lacks the first ones heart and soul in Celly’s vocal qualities.

    Lots of stuff happened. Fosh pointed out the Strike Witches ref that I totally lost out on, and InfoB points out that a genki girl may be hiding something. I will look at that in future, you may be on to something. I’m informed that Oh Ma Shoe’s power did indeed level up, and he is starting to show a bad-ass side.

    All of these points are drivel. Trivia. Dead issues.

    Did you all realize that this episode had nearly FIVE WHOLE MINUTES of TSUMUGI TIME? That is like, EPIC. Total Win, gang. And she only had like, 40 seconds that she wasn’t in neko ears. And about maybe a minute when she wasn’t going all meido. This is the future of Guilty Crown.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Soooon! Just watch them a few times like I did, ya agreed on the ED. Basically they went from Inori walking to Shu and Inori running! SO DYNAMIC YO! xD

      Oooooh no problem most people choose to avoid Strike Witches due to all the pantsu shots all over, Hmmm you might be onto something with Tsugumi! But not sure she seems to sweet to be hiding anything dangerous then again we never know.

      Hooray for Tsugumi! About time I say…about damn time! She was great in this episode, even thou she was having a mini fight with Ayase haha I loved the moment with her and Daryl! Her laugh was hilarious xD

      • skylion says:

        Oh, I love Strike Witches. The Pantsu is where it’s at. I mean, they made an entire setting around the Pantsu. I failed to catch the ref while watch GC 13 because, there was no Aya pantsu.

        So why not wear dat void all the time? Have we got rules for that yet?

        I don’t see the Daryl x Tsgumi ship. One, because dat girl is mine. And Two, because I think Aya will squish him into paste.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ooooh! Ahahah nice! high five for another Strike Witch fan! Where is that movie? DO WANT…I was shocked we didn’t see a Ayase pantsu shot lol xD

          I have no idea about the new void rules with Shu’s power…maybe we will find out next time?

          LOLOL True! You can steal Tsugumi away from Daryl, yeah if Ayase knew he was around and near Tsugumi she would run him over so fast! LOLL

  5. Kitty says:

    I have to admit I liked the new OP. Shu looks rather fetching in that new scarf of his. Really playing to his uke strengths with that one XD Just when I thought this show couldn’t get an worse FESTIVAL EPISODE!! Thou it was really amusing and I didn’t enjoy that Ayase got an awesome void with the use of her legs. Bout time something good happened to that girl.

    Daryl showing up killed me! That outfit those glasses, the show should just revolve around him. It would contain WAY more blood and explosions.

    Questions: When exactly did Shu level up? I saw nothing in episode 12 that proposed he leveled up? Are we just to fill in the blanks 0.o

    • Toori-chan says:

      It seems his willpower caused him to level up when Gai dramatically died.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Scarf adds + 100 to I AM SO MATURE MR OH MA SHOE, but true I am sure that was all for the girls to drool over. Yeah festival time after two weeks of hell? I suppose I can see the reasoning behind such things. Hooray for Ayase! I loved that huge smile on her face rather than being down and depressed.

      Yep! Daryl rocking that glasses mode quite well.

      Last episode when he remembered his past with Mana and Gai, Daath mentioned Shu gaining the true power of the “king” thus it gives him the power let others use their own voids like Ayase and Gai in episode 12.

  6. akagami says:

    I finally decided to bite the bullet and watched 11+. After 10 I was going around (ノ `Д´)ノ ~┻━┻
    After 11/12 I feel better.

    Kind of reminds me of TTGL but Kamina went out fabulous style. Gai… not so much. He got penetratedkilled by SHOE. This show is reminding me more of CG and TTGL without the awesomeness. Arisa is Milly without the spunkiness. Haru is like Shirley. SHOE is the evolved form of the slug Lelouch stepped on while heading to class.

    At least 11/12 upgraded it from being borderline drop to watchable. Guess we’ll see how the second half goes.

    (And Daryl with glasses! The glasses were an isntant power-up – speaking of glasses, I got Rise on my team now!!! And Teddie, omg, haha. I was half expecting to see some wiring or something… >.<)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Great! I am glad you went back and gave it a shot <3

      Yeah GC reminds me of a lot of other anime like some TTGL, Code Geass, Eureka7, Evangelion and so on and so on. Shu is a well "different" character but shares soooo much with the mains in my list and yours.

      Ahahaha yes! I say you should finish the series and see how you feel at the end, sure GC is nothing AMAZING! While it sucks that the quality of art and music suffer from a lack of story...GC is "fun" for me and a few others.

      Yep! Daryl with glasses is the talk of this episode! LOL Teddie xDD

  7. Jrow says:

    Fosh’s waifu is a babe!

  8. Deyndor says:

    I like the new OP and ED, but not as much as the old ones. At least in terms of the songs themselves. The video for the new OP I prefer over the first one. Even if Shu did raid Gai’s wardrobe for it.

    And looking at the pictures of Tsugumi and Daryl up there with the candied apple, how small is Daryl’s head for it to look that huge next to him, but that small in Tsugumi’s hand? I mean, ignoring perspective and everything.

    • Foshizzel says:

      New op = Everyone got new clothes! Woooo Hoooo! And scarfs…and Gai’s jacket.

      LOL Yeah that was strange wasn’t it? I have to check it out again and see, but that scene was really quick and short I want more Daryl and Tsugumi! <3

  9. Reaper says:

    Woooh, new OP for the win! And the new ED isn’t bad either, 🙂 Now, the aftermath of Gai’s death leaves the younger crew of the Undertakers in a lurch, stuck inside the school to lie low. Two weeks of boredom, what do they do? Culture Festival! Bit impromptu but I enjoyed it nonetheless, more so with Ayase’s awesome moves with her Void, which kicked terrorist ass 🙂 (The song during that scene also kicked ass too, Soundtrack-kun, where are you?!?!) Glad that Ayase has her unrequited love problems out of the way, so that she can just focus on being awesome with Tsugumi (though Tsugumi probs will be distracted teaching Daryl a few lessons…speaking of Daryl, hasn’t he become like Accelerator? Feels like he’s becoming an anti-hero, which would be interesting considering what he did earlier with that woman, as well as his father and his mistress…hmm)
    And, lol wut? That Mad Scientist came back as President of Japan? I thought Eyebrows kind of, you know, killed him by dissolving him into blood but, oh well, he brought us the plot of Loop 7 being completely sealed off.

    I’m on the fence with this one; sealed off inside the fighting should start with only the high school accomplices of OH MA SHOE’s faction, who definitely leveled up in manliness in the OP animation. They could start a kind of struggle for survival within the sealed section or try to break out to link up with the rest of the Undertakers and keep fighting…oooh, things are definitely becoming a bit more interesting, though does anyone else feel like its being just a tad rushed?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yay! New OP and ED ftw! Lolol ya festival time after two weeks of hell? Sure why not! Right? Gotta keep the people happy I suppose.

      I liked Ayase’s new robo legs! Really cool to see her zip around like that, but I wish they had missiles or laser weapons! Maybe she just needs a few guns of her own to use? THAT song in her background? HOLY CRAP DO WANT! Really amazing and reminds me of Ben-TO OST.

      Daryl is a interesting character…true he may become the next Accelerator type but we shall see how things go. Tsugumi got more screen time I was really happy to see her get more than five seconds to actually talk.

      I want to see who takes over as leader! I don’t see Shu stepping up to assume command but we never know, yeah things do seem rushed but what can you do? That is how GC rolls lately…

  10. Gecko says:

    I’m much happier with the new OP and ED… the other two were just boring to me. Although Inori’s dress looks dumb.
    TsugumixDaryl forever! I was thinking the same thing when they had the scenes together. Not to mention Daryl was too cute with glasses on.
    As for Shu, looks like seeing those memories or whatever really helped him out. Not to mention that scarf which needs to show up already. I’m glad he can pull out a void for Ayase and still go get Inori’s sword (who still kind of gets knocked out). If it was limited to one void at a time, I would be facepalming so hard.
    I get the feeling that maybe willpower is involved, but I’m hesitant to think that there’s a possibility for anyone with a strong willpower to pull up their void. It might just be Shu with his level up and crazy new leadership skills. Cause someone has to fill in the Gai gap. (Although Gai is still in the OP…so I’d love to think he’ll come back.)

    • Toori-chan says:

      If there’s a poll to vote how Gai comes back, I will vote him to be Shu’s next enemy. Lol.

    • Foshizzel says:

      After the fifth or sixth time hearing the first two opening and ending songs I usually skip them…but ya! New OP and ED are great for now <3 LOL Hooray Tsugumi and Daryl! Those two look funny together.

      Agreed it is nice to see something new with Shu's void powers, I guess he got himself a nice upgrade? I was surprised to see Ayase using her own void! Then again Shu would look pretty random with mecha legs...

      Yep strong willpower or desire to do something good? So much cheese with that set up but all the popular jump shows do this. Gai coming back? I dunno about that I would be kind of annoyed if Gai returns as a clone or he managed to survive the explosion...I like it better with Gai gone.

      • Gecko says:

        I agree I would be annoyed as well if Gai showed back up, just because it’s so “oh death doesn’t really exist hurr durr” but gahh I can’t help that I’m a closet fangirl. Not to mention he’s still in the OP.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ahahah yes! Gai would be like I A-VOIDED death… muhahahah

          True Gai is in the Opening maybe something will happen? Either way I am waiting to see what they planned on doing.

  11. Toori-chan says:

    Yay new OP means Supercell’s new album!!! This is good~

    Shu’s new powers really kick ass. Two voids at the same time? This is awesome! Ayase looks pretty when she smiles and cool when she’s angry. Fosh, good job choosing your first waifu~ Tsugumi continues being the moe of the series. She and Daryl? Probably. Still, the end of the episode is a real turn of events. Why is that old man still alive?!!!

    • Foshizzel says:

      I want that album and Guilty Crown OST! Soooooon!

      I have to agree I like this new power up for Shu! Even thou it is so cheesy how he can help people use their own voids… Seems to be a bit crazy but hey why no! LOL yeah Ayase is a great character I like her smiling a lot more than being emo…Thanks! I shall take care of her lololol

      Tsugumi and Daryl are a odd pair, not sure what will happen between them or if Daryl switches sides. Yeah old man lived! Unless Daath is controlling him? I could see that.

  12. Shinmaru says:

    brb dying laughing at the shooting screenshots

  13. Alynn says:

    YES DARYL <3
    I'm shipping.
    There's lots of shipping…
    Ignore me while I ship…

  14. Samantha Zan says:

    SO EVERYTHING THAT MAKES ME- Oh wait, new opening XD.

    Well this episode wasn’t too bad, I like how it was more focused on Ayase. Though I feel bad for her too with Gai’s death >.>. Though her Lenalee void looks pretty sweet though.

    Even with that, I’m still a tiny bit confused on the whole new power thing with the Void. So can he just take Void’s out of anybody and they won’t faint? I don’t know XP maybe it’s just something I need to accept.

    Anyway, a WHOLE ton better episode than last week. Maybe we can she Shu develop more with the next oncoming episodes.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Something something something! Hahaha yep! Brand new shiny opening for us to enjoy <3

      Yeah almost a whole episode featuring Ayase! True I feel bad she never got to say good bye to Gai in the end, I loved those leg weapons of hers! And correct they are like Lenalee's from Dgray man.

      Hopefully Shu develops more into a leader role, or he can give people access to their own voids to fight the GHQ! I can see that.

  15. anaaga says:


  16. lvlln says:

    Guilty Crown has been almost complete crap, but I have to admit that it does have its moments when it shines, and the first scene with Ayase’s legs was one of them. The confluence of events that lead to that, not so much, but how can you not smile when a Strike Witch appears out of nowhere to save the day?

    Liking the new OP and ED. The OP didn’t catch me at first, but I warmed up to it as the song went on. The ED is pretty good, definitely a Supercell song proper. But Koeda’s voice sounds somewhat strained at times – Nagi’s softer vocals could’ve made it even better. Both songs have excellent melodies, but I don’t think either stands up to the raw emotion and energy of My Dearest.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah sad but soooo true! The animation and music is fantastic and fun. I just wish the actual story was just as good…I loved those bits with Ayase, because she really hasn’t had much time to develop as much as Inori and Shu have. LOL I know right? Hooray Strike witch mode Ayase! I am now waiting on the fan art.

      ED was good yep! OP took a few listens and I like it now hahah I really want that new supercell album and Guilty Crown OST! Some good music through the whole series <3 Yeah My Dearest and this new one are fun.

  17. animeducky says:

    So Production IG ups the animation quality after the death of Gai and 100,000 Tokyoites. I’ve heard of dropping cast members and extras to ssave on budget… but this is a little extreme.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Pretty much how it goes right now, IG does great work, hmm well they only killed Gai and Dan…not sure who else they have offed in the past 13 episodes.

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