First impressions – Kill me baby!

Sonya-“I swear you better stop that before I strangle you with the cord..”

I can’t say that I’m looking forward to this as much after that somewhat annoying PV that came out before this aired, but maybe it gets better? I hope it’s not that annoying. The manga was so cute… Anyways, yeah. Time to see Sonya kick some ass. Or at least time to see her kick Yasuna’s ass.
WHOO~ My first impression tag-along of the new season! I decided to tag along for this seeing as I’ve read the 4-koma and it just didn’t impress me. With the anime out, I thought; why not give it a second chance? I mean, J.C has been having a good run after all, right?
I read the first chapter of Kill Me Baby and it was alright, but kind of slow. I’m not really sure what to expect though, but I’m almost positive whatever it is I’ll constantly want to compare it to Nichijou.
At first glance at this series it has me thinking about Nichijou or could you say its a clone of that series? Kill me baby character designs really do look very similar, but who knows maybe this will be another great series that will cause me to laugh as much as Ika Musume, Yuru yuri and the king of all Monday night comedy: Gintama!Plot follows two friends dealing with everyday life. Following the Yasuna Oribe and the undercover assassin Sonya, together they experience some random adventures involving a wild dog, bugs, a ghost hunt and a rival ninja named Agiri Goshiki.

Sonya-“OH FUUUUU!! Where is my machine gun?!”

Our adventure begins with some short introductions for Yasuna and Sonya, but the intros are turned into a few scenes of Yasuna getting abused by her twintail assassin friend. Damn, I really wonder how long Yasuna can last around Sonya; of course you can’t just hug or touch an assassin and not expect to get owned.  After watching the abuse between the two girls, we join them for lunch right as a random dog walks right into the classroom. Yasuna tries to use her food to lure the dog away after Sonya failed to “defeat” this dog. I think someone might be afraid of animals? I can tell Sonya hates bugs…

Yasuna- “Dude…stars…dude….I love you.”         Sonya is currently thinking of ways to kill you right now.

Sonya and Yasuna are the best pair ever, minus the passing out due to lack of air.

Moe girls and cute puppy dogs! What more could you want or need?!

Sonya- “This damn dog is level one hundred! I am only a level two…”         Yasuna- “Damn bro, you suck…”

The very next day Yasuna talks to Sonya about a rumor of a ghost sighting at school, but Sonya doesn’t really believe this but decides to check things out with her. Ghosts in an anime no way! I just think of the ghost girl from To-love-ru and a few others out there. The two girls enter the room searching for this mystery ghost and they discover a girl with long purple hair named Agirai. This girl is no ghost, but she is in fact a ninja. After meeting this strange ninja Yasuna suddenly wants to become a ninja just like her.

Yasuna- “The only thing I need is LOVE AND PEACE!!”

Agiri! The best ninja girl ever, or the most lazy?

Yasuna- “Oh yeah…work it baby…I am so into upside down girls.”

Agiri- “Read that and you shall become a true ninja master.”        Yasuna- “I wonder if I can get high off this…”

This following day Yasuna ends up getting some private ninja training from Agirai, so Yasuna ends up buying some fake ninja scrolls. Thankfully Sonya was around to save the day! Because one of the scrolls was a bomb! I think Sonya is the in more danger thanks to Yasuna…the episode ends with our two girls sitting under a sakura tree enjoying the sunset together.

Yasuna-“I HAVE FIRE I AM AWESOME!!”                          Sonya-“Hey look at my new shoes for a second please.”

Yasuna-“Today sure was interesting…”       Sonya-“hmmm? You said something? I was thinking of attacking a dog.”

Extra laughs

Poor little sandwich-chan you will be missed.

Sonya-“Curses! ill get you next time!”                Yasuna-“Dude…who are you talking to?”

Afro Sonya is shocked at her new years photos! Just what did these two girls do??

Yes very awesome, just don’t catch your hair on fire.

end thoughts

…I somehow remember the manga being funnier. Or maybe my sense of humour has changed. Overall though, not a bad first episode. The comedy had very few funny bits here and there, but what really got me was the animation. So bright! I absolutely LOOOOVE the colour palette in this. The animation was pretty cute as well. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t 100% chibi 100% of the time. It fits in quite well though since this isn’t that serious of an anime. Hell, Sonya isn’t even that good at her job since Yasuna practically announces to the world every 5 minutes that Sonya is an assassin and she’s still living.

Dear lord, Sonya has such a manly voice. It works for her character though, so whatever. Plus I’m sure her seiyuu is glad to be actually voicing a female for once instead of every single shota ever (shota Kakashi, shota Kotetsu, etc. No really, it’s the same woman). Ignoring the unlikelihood of this ever happening in real life, someone should really tell the characters that drinking from cut glass like that is dangerous. I had to cut the stuff for school. Those edges= HOLY SHIT SHARP. That is just one thing from this episode that I could not get over. …It’s probably best to move on. Oh man, was Agiri always that awesome? She kind of flew under the radar for me in the manga, but she’s hilarious. Her seiyuu fit pretty well too. In fact, all of the seiyuu did (Fosh probably already mentioned this, but hell yes for Arai Satomi playing the narrator). Even Sonya, the manliest loli around.

The OP for this can go die in a fire (I probably have no right to say this because I actually liked OS Uchujin, but it’s worse than the Denpa Onna OP). I don’t think I’ll ever like the OP to this. It’s just so… obnoxious. I don’t even know. I have no words. I liked the ED though (those are some kickass dance moves). Long story short, there are things that worked for this and things that didn’t. I don’t know if I’ll watch this weekly, but I do plan on watching the entire series. Eventually.

As I said in my intro, I wasn’t really impressed with the 4-koma and ditched it after the first chapter, so I began the show thinking it’d be just as boring. However it turned out to be pretty entertaining. First half was definitely a bit of a snooze-fest with focusing mainly on Sonya, her assassin skills, and how she’s (of course) a scaredy-cat for bugs and ghosts. I can understand though seeing as it’s her character introduction. I was actually afraid they’d only rely on those jokes about her, but I was proven wrong! Hopefully they’ll continue to only use those jokes occasionally, like they did in the second half of the episode. The comedy overall wasn’t exactly laugh-out-loud, fall-out-of-your-seat kind of comedy, but I enjoyed some of the wacky moments and Agiri’s scenes when showing off her ‘ninjutsu’ techniques. In fact, the show started to grow on me once Agiri came in. She’s already my favorite character for this, heh~ (Her voiceee is so awesome nehhhhh? Sorry, I just love the way she talks~).

As for the opening and ending, I LOVED THEM BOTH. They were so quirky and weird and that dance for the ending animation was great. The opening song was little annoying for me, but the ending song definitely got addictive. Anyway, overall, this was a very…in-the-middle show for me. I liked it, but I’m not sure if I like it enough to follow it diligently. I think I might because I really liked Agiri, and if there’s more of her, I’ll probably be able to stand watching it a bit more. I want to say that it might fizz out once all the characters are introduced, but then we have this curious UFO and red-haired person bopping around that might give us a cool twist to the story. But why aliens though? I mean, isn’t this supposed to be about assassins? WILL THERE BE ALIEN ASSASSINS NOW? No idea, but I may stick around to find out~.

Let’s see, it’s neither as funny nor as animated as Nichijou was, but it was still pretty entertaining, and I’m clearly setting my standards too high. It feels super simplified, much like the manga, but the jokes came across nicely and I found myself laughing a lot at really simple things, like a sign or something in the background. Then again … I laugh at lots of things most people don’t find funny …

My favorite character without contest is the ninja girl, well so far at least. I see and read about plenty of people poking fun at ninjas and ninjintsu and whatnot, but never anything as funny as the technique scrolls she gave Yasuna. I showed my brother the scroll skits and he stared at the screen blankly, but I found it hilarious. I feel like that kind of explains how others will react, much like any comedy I guess, some people will love it, others will find it lame. The other segments weren’t bad either, but the ones including the ninja were my favorite, particularly the one where she injects some kind of drug into Yasuna … clone techniques make a lot more sense to me now.

Anyway, I’ll be watching the rest of the show since it makes me laugh, and I love laughing so it all works out in the end. I’m not really expecting it to get much funnier than it was this episode, but as long as it can maintain the same level of entertainment it should be a fun ride. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I was also in love with the OP and ED, especially the ED.

Soooo what was that!? I will say right at the start I absolutely loved the character designs! During the gag moments you can really see some Nichijou style pop right out at you as in no arms and just a head attached to a body. However is that really Nichijou? Hasegawa, Shinya handled the character designs for this series and another great comedy series with Azumanga Daioh. I would say his style is something I would love try with my own drawings in the future.

Voice work was great and yeah I am so with Kara on Sonya’s voice it was very manly, but it was just so hilarious to listen to especially when she started to feed that dog? Whoa, she was channeling some deep voices with that scene. Next up Yasuna’s voice work, which made me scratch my head that she was Tiger from Tiger and Bunny?? Yeah I am sure it was related to the shota version, just imagine a moe Tiger running around? And last of the mains, Agirai, man I have to say such a unique way of talking I can’t wait to hear more of her. PSSHH Yes! Arai, Satomi (aka Kuroko from Railgun), she really is the best freaking narrator. I wanted her to scream ONEE-SAMAAA during the episode at least once…oh yes…please make it happen.

And last thing to mention is the odd opening, while I have heard mixed reviews over it, mostly lots of love and a few that really hated it. I don’t know where I stand on that, but one thing that was quite addictive was the Ending…. Wow, I had to replay that a few times just to burn it into my mind! And that dance number? Awesome and so cute…damn I have to listen more! So what did you think of this first episode? Did you love it? Or maybe you hated it? Let us know! Thanks for reading.


Yasuna looks ready to fight anyone right now.

Expect more wacky and crazy adventures with Yasuna, Agiri and Sonya!


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23 Responses to “First impressions – Kill me baby!”

  1. Reaper says:

    Heh, heh, when I first saw the PV, I thought, wait, what? I imagined a story about high school assassins would work nicely, but this is great too, with the comedy and slip ups of assassins in a high school setting…
    Yes, the colours are VERY bright! And when I saw JC Staff’s logo on this, my jaw just detached itself from my head; JC Staff owes me a few bucks for the operation to reattach it, but seriously, I didn’t expect them to be animating this, but then Kuroko’s voice came for the narrating; only then did I believe it was JC Staff.
    One thing about Kill Me Baby gets me though; the ED. The lyrics might be a teeny bit disturbing with the desire to kill the person you love the most (Shiki!) but I liked the bouncy step in it, as well as the animation for it, 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      Loved the colors…and character designs…oh lord the character designs <3 I am going to try my best to "mimic" them in the future thanks to this series!

      Ending video is fantastic! I swear I watched it over and over and over again...the dancing was wacky, insane and cute for me! Yes very "bouncy" indeed.


  2. skylion says:

    Trolling ninja trolls.

    DAT ED!

  3. akagami says:

    The OP was soo wtf. It’s so hilariously bad that it starts to get into your head. The ED reminds me of an old dance song, or at least the beginning does.

    Agirai is pretty funny. Well, funny in a sad sort of way. I’ve never seen such a lazy ninja. Unfortunately she’s not enough to carry the show for me, since I found the two MCs really boring. The main highlight was watching the “ninja” scrolls in action.

    So dropped, that’s 1 watching 1 dropped so far. Next up is:
    High School DxD (it looks bad but I’ve committed to watching the first episode at least)
    Nisemonogatari (omg more Senjougahara and Arararagi)
    Amagami SS+ (I really want to finish all the first season drama cds first, so this’ll be watched later)

    • akagami says:

      Forgot Moretsu Uchuu Kaizoku in that list of already aired shows. Space and Pirates, yay!

      Kill me baby~ Come On Come On Come On Come On!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah opening it was horrible…but I have a feeling I will eventually get used to it…somehow…or maybe never? oh well it was catch with the whole Kill me baby said over and over…

      I love the way Agirai talks! Not sure what you call that? Lazy talk? I dunno Sonya’s deep “manly” voice was kind of hilarious to hear coming from a cute looking girl xD

      DxD beware of directors cut! Unless you don’t mind topless girls? If that is your thing if not DL the other versions..

      Nisemonogatari! SO GOOOD Animation FTW <3

  4. Toori-chan says:

    That was such good laugh. Last had it since Nichijou I think. Still, I find the OP totally off-tuned and annoying. Even more annoying than Denpa Onna’s OP (Still lovable in a way :P)

    • Foshizzel says:

      I laughed but it took a while after the first five minutes or so, I really hope things pick up for the laughs because it was quite dull..however I shall continue to watch.

      LOL Yes the OP was fail for me not as epic as I wanted, but the ED? HOLY CRAP = Fantastic <3

  5. Samantha Zan says:

    Well I started watching this after watching Nichijou episodes, so I think the comedy was a just a little bit bland for me agh. But I really liked Sonya and Agiri, I loved both of there voices, especially Agiri’s =w=. Not everything in this episode made me laugh, I mean when they introduce Sonya being afraid of cockroaches and ghosts, that’s where it kind of fell down for me.

    I also have to agree the opening was horrendous 0-0, but the ending was cute and even a little bit funny. So overall I think it was decent, but I’m just waiting for the High school Boys series or whatever to come out, cause I think that looked a lot funnier than this. Though I think this is one of those series I’ll watch every now and then

    • Foshizzel says:

      Kill me baby has a lot of Nichijou feelings, they are just missing more characters and a robot girl like Nano! Sonya and Agiri were the best. Voice work was great! Epecially Agiri’s you are right on that, LOLL Sonya and her bug and ghost fears were good xD

      OP sucks ED was mind blowing and fun for me, ya high school boys is going to make me laugh so much more than Kill me baby.

  6. Joojoobees says:

    I wasn’t impressed. The comedy just wasn’t amusing enough to make up for the annoying bits — or maybe those were the jokes I didn’t get.

    About the cut glass: that was bothering me as well. Every time they showed one of them drinking from a cut glass bottle I cringed.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I am with you there the jokes were meh…and weak…compared to last seasons big comedy hit Nichijou! Kill me baby has to get more hyper and crazy to even come close..

      Hahaha ya that was a crazy way to drink xD

  7. Gecko says:

    I watched this on a whim and was not super impressed. It felt like the same jokes over and over. For sure, it took a page from Nichijou, but something went wrong. I had been hoping to see Sonya do some assassin stuff, but alas, nothing…
    Karakuri- I agree completely with you about the opening. It’s so terrible.
    The ending is a little better, but in reality, there isn’t much holding me onto this show. Unless I get insanely bored, I probably won’t watch anymore.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I have no idea! Maybe they should have hired the cast and crew from Nichijou to help out? Sonya is a great character but yes I want to see more assassin related fun xD


      Yeah I will give this two more episodes…

  8. anaaga says:

    I didn’t laugh. I don’t know why. It seems that I don’t have any sense of humor

    • Foshizzel says:

      I laughed some, but we have to wait for High school boys to laugh our asses off with <3 SOON! Hang in there Anaaga <3

  9. Kyokai says:

    The characters were funnier than the situation. Also, I saw kyuuubeeeeeeeyyyy.

  10. Bob from Accounting says:

    Hm, this was a lot funnier than I expected it to be. I’m dubious as to whether it can maintain the entertainment levels over the course of a full series, but I will hope.

    • Foshizzel says:

      True I am waiting for more episodes, if anything I will just watch for the sake of watching! And art inspiration of course <3

  11. skyhack says:

    Loved it all. J.C.Staff does random comedy (see: Excel Saga) best.

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