First Impression – Papa no lukoto wo Kikinasai!

Listen to me girls, I am your father!

Oh look, incest porn. Well, that’s what it sounds like. Anyway, let’s give it a try. I hope I won’t die in the middle of watching this. Wish me luck!
It’s been a while, Feel. I enjoyed your Yosuga no Sora series, so I’m looking forward to this new series. There are lolis here? Hmmm… I can’t respond publicly whether do want or avoid, but let’s see what you got for this adaptation of Tomohiro Matsu’s story.

Our main guy Yuuta Segawa is attending Tama University. Walking around the school, he gets a flier from a lovely lady for the Sightseeing Club. He’s having drinks at a restaurant and after one too many drinks, he passes out and wakes up later in some back room. Sako-senpai shines a light in his face and turns it to Raika, who he claims Yuuta did some lewd stuff to him. I’d buy it if the girl wasn’t so fake in her crying. Drink all the root beer you want, but other people drinking can get you drunk enough to run around town naked. Raika doesn’t like Sako being so crude, so she spanks him with a paper fan. Welcome to Sight Seeing club, I suppose. Can’t disagree with Nimura; she is attractive, and voiced by the attractive Yui Horie.

Segawa Yuuta. Seems like a good guy, but an even better partier!

The 3 girls and their step/mom are going to surprise their dad for Father’s Day. Miu has to go pee, but luckily he arrives home in time and they surprise him with a polo shirt.

Man, I bet they all have hot… moms

Yuuta is talking with his sister about the college life. He may not have a girl with him, but he does have a buddy doing the cooking and crashing at his place. Nee-san married Shingo, who already had two daughters from two different marriages. Damn good lawyering if he got to keep them both in the divorces, and there’s also the fact that his semen produces adorable children. Sorry… but they are cute, are they not? So I went about it in that way. Anyways…

Yuuta – “Can’t talk now nee-san, experimenting with men.”

Yuuta goes to class and happens to sit next to Raika, noticing her sensational rack. She’s a liberal arts major, and afterwards they talk. She would prefer he call her Raika and she call him Yuuta. Sora is at school with her friends while they check out cute boys. Sora’s interest? Her stepmom’s brother. Awwwwwrightttttt…

Yui Horie + super hot chick. My face is literally beaming  with joy right now.

It’s revealed that the girls’ parents are going away for a while and are leaving them in Yuuta’s care. A girl must cleanse herself so she can attract this older college man she’s got the hots for.

Nimura tries to convince Yuuta that Raika’s a weirdo. What weirdos do is they be the stars of their sports team and get good grades. She’s sooooo weird, yet soooo hot. Yuuta ignores this and runs to the Sightseeing Club. Later, they are asked by Raika to visit her. When they arrive, she’s standing in a dark room holding two bags of different sizes. Nimura bails quickly, and she asks Yuuta which bag he dropped. Knowing he didn’t drop any of them, she gives him a yellow bag and asks Yuuta to hold her dress so she can twirl out of it.

Raika – “You’ve won the game, Yuuta. Now strip me as a reward.”

After that, he meets up with his sister and they go by his apartment where she finds some porn mags of loli girls. Oh god, abort! abort! abort! Find new babysitter! abort!

The consensus is that Uncle Yuuta is a pretty cool guy. However, he didn’t like the idea of his sister marrying someone with 2 kids of his own. Miu welcomes him to their home and drags him inside. While he’s waiting around, he grabs a toy trumpet and gets his finger stuck in it. Youngest daughter Hina starts to cry, but he blows in it and it makes her laugh. He asks where the bathrooms is, but in traditional comedic situations, he opens the door to Sora’s bedroom, who is in her panties. You should close the door instead of stare, bro.

And with this pic, your head has just exploded from the hnnnnng

Pic Spam

Hirano got even bigger since his stint on HotD

She didn’t feel like sob-sob-sobbing anymore, so she’ll spank-spank-spank

Nice wallpaper, Yuuta

Dear the crew of this anime, I’M SO SORRY. I’m sorry I called this anime porn. I’m sorry for saying that this anime sounds disgusting. I WAS WRONG. I ended up enjoying every second of this, and not in Seikon no Qwaser way. But you can’t blame me! The synopsis sounds pornographic! Thank god it only sounds pornographic. This anime actually made me feel warm and fuzzy, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

No, seriously, it did. It looks simple at first, but it definitely touches some common family issues that lots of people are struggling with. The first one is the relationship between the protagonist and his sister. Sure, our protagonist looks like the common type of a pervert, but he actually cares about his sister. It can be seen at how he rarely goes to her sister’s house for the sake of giving her time with her new family. Well, you can’t really call that an issue, but how about the sister’s relationship with her husband’s daughters? It’s not that easy to accept bunch of kids you’re not related to as your own kids. In fact, I actually know more people who don’t really treat their stepchildren as their own children. Yeah, I know some problematic people. I love how this anime portrays the closeness between the stepmother and her stepchildren. Even now when I think about that scene where they surprised the father/husband, my chest feels warm and content. It’s so…cute! So far the anime managed to express the family relation really well without adding ecchi in it. Well, one of the stepdaughter likes her uncle, but I don’t see any ecchi in it. Actually, except some legs and panty shots (and our typical “accidentally entering while the girl is changing room” scene), I don’t really see the ecchi in this anime. Or maybe my standard for ecchi is too high *coughcoughSeikonNoQwasercoughcough*

I’m really glad I actually watched this instead of dropping it right away (I actually considered of doing that). It was enjoyable and heart-warming. The animation meets the standard so it didn’t give me any eye cancer whatsoever. The characters are, surprisingly, likeable. Especially the youngest daughter OMG SHE’S SO MOE SO CUTE. Seriously, I WANT HER AS MY DAUGHTER (I gotta talk wo Zabo about adopting her. So far she’s my favorite). Ahem, anyhow, I really should stop judging anime by their synopsis. I made fun of this weeks ago, and look at me now; I ended up enjoying it more than I thought.

Anaaga thought it was gonna be porn, but I barely even noticed this anime in the preview. I’m kinda pro Feel, but I just didn’t think to take a look at this on every preview since people just go, “lolis, do not want, avoid, show ranks at bottom, blah blah.” Unfair really when I think about how the first episode plays out and what the show can do. There’s likely going to be hijinx of Yuuta hanging out with the girls and getting into all kinds of trouble and a panty shot of Miu once in a while, but I think there’s an interesting story here with the family dynamic that anaaga mentions. Shingo seems like a good guy, but having 3 different children from 3 other women raises a flag instantly, as it did for Yuuta. And in terms of Sora’s crush on Yuuta, it’s not sooo crazy since she’s only 5 years younger. All the little relationship elements of the show are intriguing me so far.

I really like Yuuta’s character. First, he’s a new college student instead of stuck in high school hell or, like Minato from Sekirei, a failure at getting into school. He did kind of keep the door open on Sora too long, but besides that, I’m really expecting him to be a likable lead character. And it also helps that the kids think nicely of him instead of trying to hate him right away. I also really like Feel’s style and the overall production. The voice cast is solid with Yui Horie, Eri Kitamura and Ono Daisuke and the art is really clean. The art isn’t a challenging style, but whether you’re admiring the simply backdrops of flower pedals falling, the sister’s high cute levels or Raika being the attractive weirdo, it all comes together nicely.

There’s a spin-off manga for this series called Papa No Iukoto O Kikinasai! – Rojou Kansatsu Kenkyuu Nisshi. It focuses primarily on college life and goes to show that Raika is kind of an airhead. It’s a pretty funny read, so just do a google search and read the 5 chapters that have been translated so far.

Episode 2 Preview:

Hope they like their anime so far. I do.


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17 Responses to “First Impression – Papa no lukoto wo Kikinasai!”

  1. skylion says:

    It’s kind like Usagi Drop. The Usagi Drop that a very very small percentage wanted to see.

    OK. Guilty.

    Good pacing, good character development, leaves you wanting to see more. Typical tsndere response almost had me write it off. But Hina is just to darn cute to ignore. Our main character is hooked. But then, anyone would do anything to make a toddler stop crying. It’s kinda like an instinct.

    • Tofu says:

      O_O This was like Usagi Drop? Seriously?

      • skylion says:

        Did you fail to see the joke?

        • Tofu says:

          …you’re guilty you’re one of the small percentage that wanted to see Usagi Drop in that way? Oo? I’m not good with sarcasm over net ahahahah xD I’m a bit nieave (however that is spelt..)

          • skylion says:

            I had honestly thought my sarcasm there was biting enough to be seen on the moon. My bad.

    • anaaga says:

      I want my kid to be like her SO MOE NGGGHHH. Except with the whole liking her uncle thing

  2. Amutofan123 says:

    *jaw drops* You guys actually enjoyed this? It made you feel warm and fuzzy? Not much ecchi? I guess you really can’t judge an anime by it’s sypnosis. I’ll consider checking this out. Especially since the little one is so damn adorable.

    • anaaga says:

      I’m not into extreme loli like this, but this one is an exception. SHE’S SO CUTE.
      And yeah, even I was surprised that I enjoyed it.

  3. Gecko says:

    I watched this on a whim, and I have to say that Yuuta is a likeable character, but I don’t want to watch him struggling with these girls. That spinoff sounds much better.

    • anaaga says:

      Really? I’m actually curious about how he’s going to survive with those three girls. It’s nice to see someone adjusting with his new role, you’ll be able to see the character development because he has to develop in some way in order to be a good father.

  4. akagami says:

    This didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would be. I was half expecting it to be Kodomo no Jikan… glad to see that’s not the case, though still a little too much fanservice at the wrong spots (imo).

    Nothing special jumped out at me, but I’ll probably stick with it for a few more and see where it goes.

  5. Kyokai says:

    Dude, Hatano Wataru. I’m sold.

  6. gecd says:

    second blog that not bashing this anime
    waiting your review for eps 2

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