Brave 10 – 03


Not really excited for the redhead bishie since he’s such an asshole in the preview. Oh well, as long as Saizou is there, I’m all good.

Nothing much happened in this episode, really. Yukimura sent Saizou, Isanami, and Kakei back to search for what Ieyasu was searching for in the ruin of Izumo. A quarter of this episode is spent on the silliness among the three of them, especially on Kakei’s conservative view at how women should be. Obviously, he can’t stand it when Isanami clings to Saizou all the time when she’s not Saizou’s wife. But Kakei raised the question that some have been asking for: why did Yukimura hire Isanami as one of the Brave 10? Gee Kakei, that’s what happens when you’re not in the first two episodes.

That arrow is telling the viewers to look at Isanami’s OPPAI. Will do.

Before crossing the bridge, the group meets a not-so-elderly woman who twisted her ankle in the middle of a bridge. Suddenly the woman turned into a man (not really; he just took off his cloak) and starts attacking Saizou with wind. lolwut. At first he just wanted to steal Isanami’s hair ornament, but seeing how important Isanami is to Saizou, Yuri the redhead changed his mind. He destroys the bridge and kidnaps Isanami, expecting Saizou to rescue her. Yuri is the type of guy who “gets off” at seeing people’s miserable faces. That sounds nasty.

I think Metanorn has been over this topic about talking to strangers in Natsume posts

Using wind power to save the earth’s energy


Saizou did survive from the fall and did catch up with Yuri of course. At first he was losing, but seeing how Yuri was abusive towards Isanami, Saizou went berserk (again) and gave Yuri serious wounds. Since Yuri activated Saizou’s Killer Mode, he was about to kill Yuri until Isanami stopped him. Saizou spares Yuri’s life, and the group leaves Yuri all alone, continuing their journey to Izumo.

The last panel is epic

Damsel in distress, saving someone in distress

Meanwhile, it seems that Yukimura received a letter from Ishida Mitsunari (Tokugawa Ieyasu’s rival). The content of the letter is not revealed since Rokurou literally absorbs the context into his right eye. The rivalry between Mitsunari and Ieyasu is not the priority right now since Yukimura claims that Izumo needs to be cleaned up first. Oh Yukimura, you’re so sneaky.

Seriously, I want this ability


More Damsel in Distress:

Hedwig! What are you doing here?


Yaoi is official in this anime now

Sengoku light saber

This is what the Sengoku era people do when they feel like bungee jumping

Death Glare

This episode isn’t as epic as the previous two episodes, but it wasn’t that bad either. I was surprised with the OP since it sounds different, but then I realized that the OP has different tone and singer. THANK GOD the OP changed, I was kind of sick with the opening of the first two episodes. The first OP somehow didn’t fit the mood of the animation, probably because the singer sounds like a teenager in his puberty. The second OP fits the mood of the animation more. Deep voices are such a turn on. Yum. C’mon, deep voices ARE sexy. At least I don’t think that people’s miserable faces are sexy, unlike our weirdo Yuri. I really really don’t like his character. Yaoi bait or not, I’ve never been fond of characters who are abusive to women. What’s worse, he was rough on Isanami because he feels like doing it. Though I am curious why Yuri doesn’t like women that are “weak.” I hope there’s a reason behind his hatred of “weak” women. My guess is that he saw his mother being abused by his father. Now this is a crazier idea. What if Yuri is actually a girl, and she was like Isanami before? Saizou did mention something about “leaving a bad taste if he kills a girl” right? Though I suspect that’s just an indirect insult of Yuri’s abusive and cowardly personality (wanting to be killed instead of accepting the defeat). Either way, I do hope that there’s a backstory behind Yuri’s abusive personality, or else I’ll just hate him. And his voice is so weird. I don’t think that voice fits his personality at all. Ugh, Yuri Samanosuke.

Except with our annoying new character, so far the old characters are still likable. Sasuke is getting more adorable day by day, especially when he ran away out of embarrassment. The Shy Boy personality of his somehow makes him more appealing from a girl’s perspective. It is nice knowing that Sasuke finally admits that he trusts Saizou even though they’re natural enemy. Yukimura and Rokurou are still gay with each other, but that’s fine. Though I do like how the hidden cunning personality of Yukimura’s is being shown. I’m tired with how the fandom sees Yukimura thanks to Sengoku Basara, naïve and hot-blooded? I don’t think so. C’mon, he’s a military tactician! He’s not as stupid as how he’s portrayed in Sengoku Basara! I’m so glad the mangaka of Brave 10 decided to keep it up with the history by showing the tactician side of Yukimura. It’s about time the fandom sees how Yukimura truly was. And if there’s Yukimura, there’s Rokurou. My god, his power is AWESOME! Not only his breath can attack you, his eyes can absorb writings! ASDFGHJKL now I understand why Yukimura always keep Rokurou by his side. Better to make someone dangerous your friend.… Anyway, any other old character? Ah, Anastasia. Instead of being nicer, she’s somehow being more evil now. The whole “betrayal” thingy is really suspicious. My theories so far are these: 1) She’s a spy working for Tokugawa (highly unlikely), 2) She knows something about Saizou’s past that’s somehow involved with Sasuke. Maybe the reason why Saizou was called as one of the most powerful Iga ninjas?

Although the fighting scene was disappointing (too much wind), the progress of the plot was able to balanced it out. With conspiracies everywhere, the story’s mood is getting more serious now. The highlight for me is the relationship between Isanami and Saizou though. Don’t tell me that they don’t make a great couple. They do! It was cute seeing Isanami clinging to Saizou, and it was touching seeing Saizou secretly smiling at Isanami’s behavior. Slowly, Saizou is opening himself thanks to Isanami. He was really grumpy in the first episode. Not even halfway throughout the series, and Saizou doesn’t have that much crease between his eyebrows now. Heck, he was able to laugh at Kakei’s acrophobia! Not to mention how Isanami was able to calm down the bloodlust of Saizou. I really like the relationship between the two of them, and I hope it will grow more.

Preview: ASDFGHJKL… A bishie with an eye patch… YOU KNOW WHO THAT IS.


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8 Responses to “Brave 10 – 03”

  1. Kitty says:

    Come on we all knew Sasuke had it bad for Yukimura and is really jealous of Rokuro. Hopefully he doesn’t put those ninja skills to use 0.o That red guy was epic! This anime is good for enjoyment but Sengoku kinda leaves it in the dust XD

    • anaaga says:

      Is that a fact or you’re just trying to see the yaoi in everything? 😉 Btw, Team Rokurou here!

      • Kitty says:

        *permanent yaoi vision* But yes Team Rokuro agreed!! Thou I’m routing for Isanami, she is rather adorable. Yaoi makes things more fun XD Especially since most anime girls highly annoy me. Even thou I love them XD Anyone else feel like this?

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Oooooooh snap! This episode! soooo good I died laughing with the first ten minutes watching the hilarious character interaction with Saizou, Isanami, and Kakei SO GOOD! And Izanami’s lines about wanting to do dirty things to Saizou LOLOLOL I died xD

    Best part as always Saizou fighting random badguy X who is has a huge S side to him and a bit of an M side? Either way that fight was epic! I wanted to see Saizou finish him off but…ah well I know Isanami likkkessss him when he isn’t violent.

    Isanami so moe…always <3

    • obladi05 says:

      I completely agree with you! The show begins with some funny moments, then we get the action and fighting, and it ends in such a way that makes me want to rush to the following episode right away! I just love how Isanami shouts in a loud voice how she feels about Saizou and everyone takes it so casually. Even Saizou XD

      About the villain, his voice sounded so weird to me, I couldn’t really say if he was a he or actually a she. Either way, I found him chatty and weak. At least for Saizou.

      I want a Sasuke-centered episode. His blushing can’t be that cute!

      • anaaga says:

        It’s kind of hard to know whether he’s a she or vice versa. Yuri makes a good trap. I still don’t like him though

        I do hope that we’ll get the some back stories of all the Brave 10 characters, especially Sasuke. And for some character development too of course, but that doesn’t really matter right now

    • anaaga says:

      I didn’t like the fights that much but I enjoyed the convos that were exchanged between the three, especially Kakei and Isanami. Isanami is love

  3. Saya says:

    Saizou cute boy

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